Here’s Why I Don’t Give a Crap (Ending the Scotty Kilmer Channel?)

Here’s Why I Don’t Give a Crap (Ending the Scotty Kilmer Channel?)

rev up your engines blackbirds wrath says what are the
biggest pros and cons of being a mechanic and an older age what while as
you get old you’re less a fanatic about things you let water roll off you’re
like water off a duck’s back so you don’t worry about absolutely everything
and you’ve learned so much that you know what to look at right away but the cons
are your old you can get carpal tunnel syndrome your back can be sorry from
bending over all the time when it gets to be a hundred degrees like it does all
the time here in Houston you can get heat stroke apparently guy if your weeks
ago it was 103 3 days in a row I’ll tell you I was sweating when I came back four
o’clock in the afternoon from working in the afternoon even with my big fan
blowing on it so yeah there’s pluses and minuses of it but since I worked by
myself I like that that I have to deal with anybody and I’m in my own little
karmic state of enlightenment me and the machines away from all the trouble of
the world and all the hassles of crazy people just concentrating fixing a car
and Doris says Scotty can high altitudes affect the running of a car they
certainly can but not as much as they used to because nowadays cars have so
many computer controls in them that they’re able to compensate for the high
altitude now when I was younger and cars and carburetors and stuff if you lived
saying Houston and you moved to Denver Colorado the Mile High City you’d have
to actually read out the carburetor to make it run correctly because it would
be getting the wrong amount of fuel there’s so much less oxygen at that
level then there is a sea level that you’d have to make it so your car got
more air to the fuel or it wouldn’t run correctly but modern cars they got
computers to do all that same thing with people say to me Scotty my new car says
that I’m supposed to use premium fuel well yeah if you do and it’s rated at
350 horsepower you get through interesting or spark but if you run it
on a regular the brand new cars then it just makes them get less Horsepower maybe it would only have 260 horsepower then instead of 350 it would run perfectly
fine but you’d have less power the ought to do does affects better than the older
cars with two minor cars it doesn’t bother as much because they can
generally compensate but most of them we’ll lose some amount of power because
there’s less oxygen there it’s like you you go there and start running around
you’re gonna feel a little faint lightheaded especially if you had a
couple of drinks that’s how they say don’t drink when you go to a high
altitude place for the first day like mad and you’re gonna get tipsy and I
know that cuz I’ve been to things in Whistler and Vancouver and boy those
guys are drinking like man at night I flew in the next day I’m drinking
without a night boy you feel it the next day I’ll tell you that,
moonshine fuel says scotty your garage is a garbage can
no it isn’t because garbage cans are emptied out and all the stuff is thrown
away I don’t empty out my garage I keep
putting more things in it’s the exact opposite of a garbage can in there hey
it’s fun cuz every once in a while I go through and hey look what I found if you
are a collector like me you’d be surprised sometimes twenty years later
somebody brings in a car and you got something right there that you wouldn’t
have had before so don’t put down people have messy garages because there’s a lot
of secret things hiding in there and you never know what you’re gonna come up on
plus what do they say a clean garage is a sign of a dirty mind you know I’m not
excessive compulsive that’s for sure I had mechanic friends that are tops of
compulsive and they actually have the pictures of their tools painted on the
wall so they know which tool goes where some of those guys hey they aren’t so
chat mechanics I’ve seen them really bang-up jobs but there we got really
neat garage I creation says I got a Benz g-wagen you probably got a lot of money
too you better put a lot of it a way to fix it when the thing breaks I remember
when they had to port those things cuz they didn’t even sell them the United
States they do now and of course there were oil millionaires here and used on
that page you know one hundred and fifty two hundred thousand dollars to special
import I mean bring them in you like it have
fun driving that thing around I mean it’s an awful expensive vehicle looking
out for driving around but if you got that kind of money
and you don’t mind spending it have fun riding around but really you should go
out get that six wheel drive one that they make if you really want something
it’s got a pickup bed and you can really impress people with that if you got you
know they started four hundred seventy $5,000 for the six wheel drive one that
AMG makes for Mercedes Dale jr. fan 62 says is the 1995 mx-5 a good daily
driver if it’s been taken care of yes because those were simple as Mazda Miata with such simple vehicles especially if it’s a standard transmissions their
automatic transmissions were garbage they didn’t have much acceleration they broke
as they age they weren’t any fun anyway if it’s a standard transmission it was
taken care of you can drive those things for ever I get people buy those things
used for 600 bucks that were standard transmission and sometimes driving for
four or five years and yeah they didn’t paint them there well some of them the
paint peels off and the rag tops ripping shreds so make sure you got at least the
hardtop top for it so you can leave that on it’s the rag top shreds on it cuz
you’re gonna pay more for the rig top probably you pay for a little car but
they can be very fun cars they can last quite some time Michael Marge Scott I
got an 2017 corolla 53,000 miles with the CVT and he
advice to keep it running as long as possible yeah don’t listen to that
garbage that they tell you about a lifetime fluid change the fluid in that
thing like every fifty sixty thousand miles you can learn how to do it
yourself it’s not all that complicated you could easily do it yourself
regardless of what any of these companies tell you fluid gets dirty
dirty fluid is banned and ask him what the warranty is I believe in I think the
warranty is only sixty thousand miles anyways so after 60,000 miles any
problems it’s on your dollar not on their so I changed it every fifty sixty
thousand miles and use the fluid that’s made for it the CVT fluid there’s
different types of fluids you gotta use the CVT floor you can’t use the regular
automatic transmission fluid because it’s completely different setup Stephen
says hybrid versus gasoline cars hybrid cars don’t make much sense for most
people they cost so much money to make and there’s such high technology when
they age they cost so much money to fix that you never recoup your investment
unless you have some type of business let’s say you’re an uber driver and see
all right in town well things get fantastic as much if you drive you know
150 200 thousand miles with one yeah you know recoup its investment because
driving and stop and go traffic those things can get like 50 miles a gallon in
a regular crowd give me like 20 tops so you’ll save the money in gasoline over
all that period of time but for a regular driver you generally never
recoup your investment on highway speeds they only get us a little bit better gas
mileage than a regular non hybrid car cuz they’re only running on gasoline
Atkinson cycle engine in it when they’re on the highway then the electric motors
just a boost you’re not regenerating any power when you’re going down a highway
you’re just going down an hour the hybrid doesn’t make sense and they do
cost so much more money to make you got to pay a lot more form and if you keep
them forever like meat when they do break and you find out it’s a $5,000
battery $6,000 generator you’re gonna wish you never bought one, caroll says I
got an 06 camry that has 18-inch wheels can I use 17 inch rims and tires
for winter it’s gonna ride a little bit rougher because it was designed for the
bigger wheels but so when you’re talking about putting snow tires on that’s not
gonna kill anything you know it’ll just handle slightly different just penomet
I’ll give you the wrong reading but it’ll run okay oh if you’re just doing
it for the winter and that some are going back to the regular tires winter
tires with snow tires if you live in a real snow year yeah and you want big
snow tires I’m with aggressive tread go ahead I mean at least like I saved mine
armor is gonna be off it’ll ride a little bit different but don’t do it
it’s the general thing to switch all your tires to that all the time because
ah you know it’s not gonna ride as well it’s not gonna corner quite as well
the engineers spent a lot of times designing those things when they build them new that you shouldn’t be going and changing that full-time to a different
size, Sylvia Frank’s says we have nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and
submarines went out nuclear automobiles did you ever see an aircraft carrier or
submarine those are huge things they are humongous
and they’ve got plenty of room for a reactor and then generally they’re just
boiling water with it and then making steam or electricity run the motors that
they have they’re just big giant thing our cars are small strangely enough I
just want you to program the other day the United States government at one
point in time in the Air Force they were even attempting to make a nuclear
powered airplane well when it was dumb enough that what if something happens
you get all that radiation thrown all over the place if it blows up and there
are four crashes and the other s they’re extremely heavy and they found that
putting it in a plane it made it so heavy that it was just going against the
trying to get enough power to make a takeoff but adding all that extra weight
it same thing with your car I mean it’d be kind of a silly thing to make
something that expensive and that having to put in a car that’s okay you’re never
gonna see my car unless somewhere far in the future they make little bitty
reactors that are you know the size of a cigarette pack or something who knows
maybe I’ll do that what I think we’d be beyond cars at that time though Nana
says I got an 07 Jeep Patriot every time I turn right there’s a
grinding noise coming from the right rear any idea what it could be I love
your show the first you look at obvious stuff take the wheel and the puffs look
at the brakes it could just easily be that your brakes
are wearing out and then as you corner hard the little bit that’s left grinds
against them so check that that’s the most common thing then of course check
the wheel bearing if it’s got plenty when you jack it up grab the wheel goes
clunk clunk that means the wheel bearing that could make grinding
noises to pray that it’s not your rear end going out cuz jeeps and notorious
for having weak differentials in the rear end there and they cost a small
fortune to rebuild correctly, nicholas samuel says what’s the world’s best
motor oil back in the day somewhere else were just naturally better than others
that’s one of the big thing that Pennzoil did it was made from
Pennsylvania crude and that crude oil was a pure oil now they’re all purified
and they go through all kinds of chemical reactions and additives put into
them so there’s a ton of really good oils out there I like Castro Mobil one’s
good don’t make decent oil because it’s all
changed by the engineers the chemists to make it do what it’s supposed to do and
may at 20:20 they’re coming out with the new oil that’s made for the GDI ones
this could be like a 0w 16 oil it’s gonna have its own special
and that will be the best oil that’s out there it’s more how it was built and
what answers they put in it then the stock oil that they put them in anymore
and once they come out with that hey they all have to meet to certain
specifications if any oil that’ll have that new 2020 certificate will
be a perfectly good oil to buy, Bluffs says Scotty can a cat chew through a
brake cable if you’re talking about the emergency brake cable no way that stuff
has the sheath and then there’s a stainless steel cable in there whenever
I caught them it’s even hard to cut them with my big old wire cutters I generally
use my ear grinder that’s got an air compressor on when I turn it spins it
like 30,000 rpms and has a carbide a haze of wheel that just cuts through it
and even out it takes a little while to cut all the way through those cables
those are thick cables have anybody ever told you that there cat chewed threw their
emergency brake cable there’s no way and a cat would have no reason to chew on
that anyway it’s just still it wouldn’t taste good to the cat anytime Scotty how
do you adjust where the wiper I’m sitting the down position all right
genreally that means that they slipped so what you do is there’s usually a cover
on the wiper and you pull that off you see there’s a big nut there you unscrew
the nut and then you pry the wipers off then what you do is turn your wipers on
and turn them off without the blades on it and then when you turn them off
they’re in the park position then you can reset where you put them on and
tighten them up cuz those are all ridged and you can put them on the right Ridge
then once it’s shut off and then they’ll work correctly this is a real simple
thing I’ve done that so many times in the past and if you got wires that are
working at all a lot of times the nuts just loosened you just turn on turn them
off and when it’s off just tighten the nuts often usually go back to work it’s
a very simple thing that anybody can do now you pray that works cuz it doesn’t
that means that the linkage inside is bent then you got to buy the linkage and
they’re expensive and it’s a pain in the butt you got to take all that dash apart it
can be a real mess an old car when you start breaking when you start
taking that old metal and plastic stuff apart,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty is right about the cost situation of owning a hybrid. For the first 100K miles, you'll be happy. However, he has the MPG reversed. I owned a 2012 Toyota Prius for five years. It definitely got much better gas mileage on the highway. In stop and go driving, the gasoline engine needs to turn on often. When cruising on the highway, especially on rolling hills, the hybrid system is at it's best and the gasoline engine is used MUCH less. Bottom line is if you drive a Prius, you will use half the amount of gas than a similar non-hybrid car. You are basically going twice as far on the same amount of gas. I had to get rid of it because it suddenly started to have weird electronic issues. It was VERY costly to repair. My mechanic charged 10 hours labor just to open up the dash and search for the wiring fault.

  3. The shop next to my home was a old stud baker dealership that closed in the sixties and the owner was my neighbor and that shop was just full to the top with old items sadly he died 2000 and was sold out and tore down
    The owner had the Patent for starting gates and make a killing making them R. I. P. Walter Geisel

  4. I am a disabled mechanic here. Bad back and arthritis in the hips. It has been some years now and to this day I get phone calls asking how to fix things. To this day People come and use my tools and garage and I just kinda stand there and point. You can make some money turning wrench, just BE CAREFUL and watch yourself and back.

  5. A cluttered work space is a sign of genius! Mr. Kilmer your advice got my seized engine freed up, thank you again Mr. Kilmer.

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  7. Thanks for the Video…. As long as your enjoying what your doing….Keep Doing It. When it stops being fun….Stop Doing It….. Its just that simple….So please keep doing it.

  8. Hi Scotty,
    Just wanna thank you for what you've been doing man ,for making these videos and help others regarding their cars.
    I have a question and I'd really appreciate if you could help me out:
    What car do you recommend for uber?, and you should know that I live in Toronto and we have a lot of snow!!, also the car is required to be 7 years old or newer.
    Thank you.

  9. Scotty , I'm set on keeping the engine covers off these cars that are close to 150,000 miles. Even on the coil covers,,, off instead of trapping the extra heat. What do you think?

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  11. Im starting to lose interest in cars and repairing them. My back is sore, my knuckles in agony, and i pulled my neck a year ago a cant sleep very well since. I repair cars at home mainly for the elderly but i get a variety. I dont have a garage i work out on the street. I charge very little money for the repairs. The last biggest job i did was a clutch for £50 plus £60 for the part. But its now getting too much for me even at 31 years of age. Out in the rain and snow from 9.30 til as late as 9 at night.

  12. Your shoulders & wrist are sore & arthritic from front end work. Being a mechanic sucks. Lol Fumes, gas…
    Being a mechanic sucks. I do not know one that enjoys doing it

  13. Back in the day when all cars were carbureted, the rule of thumb was high actual altitude or high density altitude (hot & humid)=lean out the mixture. It does work.

  14. After ending the channel ?? what will you do … scotty !!!! you can't stop ..'' here's why this rocket is a crap '' 😂😂😂 NASA will charge ya

  15. While I was only born in 1975, I've been a professional mech/tech since 1996. I worked for one shop, FDD-A for 23 years doing everything from mech to electronic repairs on Detroits and Allisons, meaning I was responsible for repairing 4 million dollar pieces of equipment and test driving them.
    However, being a mech, you end up working on everyone else's vehicles on the side. I now work for the county and I repair everything they own.
    Anyways, I agree with about 90 percent of what Scotty says, however some of this is anecdotal becuase I could say that I only found Toyotas to be junk where I live. I believe that certain cars can be good if they were not abused by their owners.
    That's all I wanted to say.

  16. Scotty, I'm 60 years old. I still work on cars. WHY? because I love it, I love my customers, because that is what I did out of high school 40-50-60 years ago (I lose track)…. yeah, I get sick of it now and then. that is when I take off on my bad motor scooter and ride.

    Take a ride with me. I'm not that far away… just right here in Arkansas, right next door to your state…. get on your bad motor scooter…. and, ride, ride, ride.

    Take a vacation dude. Come back with a better attitude. You have been so ugly these past months. What is REALLY going on?

    Stop attacking the people that love you, and talk to us… what is really going on? We have all been there. We all love you… We CAN relate.

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  25. When I was doing powertrain development in the early days, we were on the road calibrating the system during the winter months. We'd travel to Canada, Minnesota, or Alaska for "cold" calibrations (we sought temperatures below -20 F), then we'd go to Denver for "altitude" calibrations, and then we'd move on to the southwest for "hot" calibrations. Those road trips were fun…

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  27. In mid- fifties, Ford actually fiddled with the idea of nuclear powered car.
    Google for Ford Nucleon concept car
    Luckily it never went to production- look at our road traffic culture and imagine that every bigger crash would turn them to dirty bombs. Not cool, buddy, not cool.

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  29. Hey Scotty I have a question hopefully you can answer on your next q&a: If Honda makes the best engines, why are Toyotas the most reliable?

  30. Scotty you are as much a fixture of Houston as Mattress Max or anybody and it saddens me to see you signing off! I am getting old myself but lost my job in 2014 when price of oil dropped, and I guess they don't want to hire a 52 year old. Anyway I been meaning to ask you my first and only question regarding my ride. I have 120 miles on my 07' Dodge Ram 15000 Flex STL 1500 with no AC clutch relay or any relays I can see. Yes I checked the fuse box and underneath. Anyway I figure I have a leak and that it is under pressure so the clutch will not engage on the compressor so for 120 bucks I got a refurbished clutch/compressor, but I am still hesitant to start on the work or have a mechanic do it because I feel if I can figure out how to force the clutch to engage I can put the R134 in seal the leak and see how long that will last. My question is how do ya'll get the system to allow you after discharge into appropriate EPA container then vacuum the system how do you if different get the recharge into a system that is just low but the clutch will not engage? I would over ride via a relay but as I mentioned do not have one I don't have a fancy doohickey to send electricity to the compressor to make sure the clutch electro magnetically engages the clutch and I am not 100% how to do it from my 12 volt truck battery. Yes I have figured out the two wires coming from the compressor which is ground and which is hot but not for sure how to get leads small enough to touch them and if the ground goes to neg terminal or to the body of truck for ground???

    Anyway the real reason to write is to say wow! We will miss you greatly and even if you did not become a billionaire like Mattress Max you are every bit if not more important to Houston and us born and raised here. God bless
    PS My brother just loved you bless his heart though he doesn't have a mechanical bone in his body he still raved about you. He was the one that turned me onto your show and he has been to your garage and all. So I guess farewell!

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  32. Hey scotty, I see some businesses convert right hand to left hand steering and sell it in other countries, are these cars more prone to problems in future because of the conversion?

  33. Dear Scotty, i know you're an oldman and probably a grandpa too, eventually you'll get fed up with us stooges and completely shut off your channel. But at the very least let us know if your still "among us". Cheers man, and please keep them videos coming.

  34. I bet you were a good tech when working on cars in your own space. That's a great job and the stress is a lot easier to manage than dealing one on one with people. I miss it myself as there's always a degree of urgency with live interaction with customers that causes too much tension for me. Enjoy your show Scotty.

  35. "Working alone, in your own karmic state, with just myself and my tools, away from the crazy people." I feel exactly the same way.

  36. Hi Scotty I have a 2017 f150 3.5 v6 EcoBoost 4×4 supercrew. My 2nd and last new truck I still have my 02 Ford ranger 4.0 v6 4×4 265.000 miles 👍 ok back to my EcoBoost engine I read I will need to drill a 1/8" hole in the bottom of the air cooler because it build up condensation and ford found out that caused the engine to miss . Scotty do I need to do this & if so exactly where to put the hole ? I have stop using gas with ethanol in it and i am getting at least 4miles more to the gal what your thoughts on that Scotty ? Thanks

  37. You are older now and still repair cars for money in an area where 100 degrees is common. Why dont you get an air conditioned space? I want you to live forever. There arent many like you…

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