Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus

Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna tell
you why the gs350 are really good cars though most people say these are very
good-looking cars with an exception here great candy apple red but they painted
the aluminum car here and it’s coming off on head side and on that side I mean
that’s kind of crazy he’s my wife’s Lexus that’s eight years older and the rubber molding is still in pretty good shape and looks fine they shouldn’t have
done that really curse has the chrome plated sure it’s plastic but it’s
chrome-plated plastic handles it still look good where this has the painted
hand also as you can see they’re ready getting a little bit chipped here hey I
like the chrome ones myself now as you can see as we go over to the car there’s
the rear differential this baby is rear wheel drive a classic
car as you can see inside the front wheel there’s no dry shaft here this
isn’t front-wheel drive this is rear-wheel drive only it has a legendary
Toyota v6 engines that are known for lasting forever but at the same time it
puts out 305 horsepower really reliable horsepower it’s a quick fun car to drive
around in an ad respect for my many years experience of working on cars with
these you’re better with the v6 305 a lot of horsepower you buy a Lexus with
the v8 engine they cost more to fix they’re harder to work on especially if
they’re all-wheel drive versions as an example I could change the starter and
this thing out in about 45 minutes if it had been a v8 Toyota Lexus engine I
would have to pull the intake manifold off it would have taken me hours and
hours and cost the customer a small fortune because of the design
the engine not my little cramped in here buy really that’s just a bunch of plastic
beauty covers bunch of nonsense as far as I’m concerned you can see nobody ever
even put this on tight the clips are all gone it’s just sitting there, we’ll even
take this stupid beauty cover off now that that stuff is taken off you can see it’s
relatively easy to work on too, not that they need work very often there’s 3 spark plugs are just on the top very easy to get to on the other side they’re
in the same position all you got to do is take off the rubber intake duct
that’s all then you can get to all those three spark plugs it’s a real easy
engine to work on putting in here like I worn on the back they painted it and
the paint came off why didn’t they just leave it nice and silver I think it
looked better with the silver against the red then all red and then the pink
comes off she just loved it silver it looks perfectly fine silver you’re
really you kind of wonder if you look at the door
it’s got the chrome going around it they should’ve just after the chrome up here instead of painting that stupid piece, now this baby’s got 139,000
miles on it it still runs like a top she’s got all the bells and whistles
that modern luxury cars have really comfortable seats lots of room in the
back the obligatory sunroof of course they’re totally useless here in Houston
because it’s so hot you never want to open the things now I do have to say it
as the usual Lexus faded plastic headlamps they do tend to make them too
cheap but you can get aftermarket ones but the overall look and power and a
ride and a four-door sedan you really can’t beat it at the price that these
things go for especially use not some guys like the Acura is better some guys
like the infinitis better but not a little hold up like these Lexus is doing
the infinities their money pits when they get to be 10 years old 11 years old
over a hundred thousand miles the acuras are somewhat better but they still won’t
hold up as long and break down as little as one of these Lexus’s with a v6 engine
one and of course it’s got a decent sized trunk that goes in deep too, these
things were well thought out of course the lexuses they’re known for quality this
thing has the six-speed Automatic transmission one of the best they ever made and it’s
v6 engine same thing they can just run I’ve seen these things with four hundred
thousand miles on a the original engine original transjmission still drove and
shifted like a dream they’re not like anything of those crazy
German luxury cars here’s the air filter one two three four, that’ how easy you can change
it the battery is even easy to get to it’s right there you know does it take
half the car on like some another Porsche SUV you got to take the driver’s
seat out to change the battery this thing whoop in and out it goes
easy to change and me I love the old style grills I can’t stand those new why
wide-open scowling mouth ones I think they’re ridiculous but everybody’s use
them I would rather have this car than a brand new one to tell you the truth for
how it looks now these cars do have one big problem is if you buy a new they’re
really expensive and good use one still go for quite a bit of money you can save
quite a bit buying them use but you’re still gonna pay quite a bit because
they’re popular they’re rear-wheel drive and they’re Lexus’s that can run forever
really the truth of the matter with its being rear-wheel drive v6 customer wants
to sell this car Scotty’s gonna buy it because I miss driving a rear-wheel
drive car I like my wife’s Lexus it’s an ES 300 but it’s front-wheel drive it
does tend to oversteer sure it rides great but this thing is a lot more fun
to drive yes just as dependable as a rolled one is you can’t go wrong with
one of these GS 350, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I have this exact model,except it was called a GS 300 until 07…At 47 years old I have own 33 cars…over the years I have went through absolute hell trying to make it to work with unreliable cars in a city like Chicago…Although I've heard about the reliability of Toyota's since the late 80s,I've always refused to consider one because the resale value is typically higher, which means you would have to buy an older model which is less appealing than a newer GM,Ford or Chrysler…It wasn't until 3 years ago when the trans went out on my 05 Nissan pathfinder, I had to humble myself and purchase an 01 Toyota Solara just to make it to work.I was so impressed that I will never consider another car company…And by default I've become a bootleg mechanic lol…like Scotty said the grill on the newer models are less appealing…Note:The only issue you may encounter is the oil burning issue on many of the early 2000s V6 Toyota…but you should check your oil at least once a week anyway!

  3. I like Lexus but here in winter I’ll Alberta Canada, rear wheel sucks in the winter. What is the best all wheel vehicle in your opinion for us northerners?

  4. I had a 2005 BMW 325ci and I swapped it out for a 2008 Lexus GS350 in January I LOVE IT!!! And it’s so much more reliable!!!!

  5. I have a 98 gs 400 and godamn, gas is killing me. I'm looking for this model but with black interior. Good too hear it makes about the same hp as my gs4 but v6 version. This is my next buy. My 98 Lexus gs400 have not given me any big problem but just wear and tear things like breaks, alternator and battery/ serpentine belt . That's it, its very reliable since owning it. 2011 with 220kms till now, 290kms no major problems. Timing belt/ water soon for sure

  6. I had the gs300 with 150,000 miles, still run like a champ! The only issue i had was the sunroof stopped working! Estimated at 1600.00 repair, i just went without having a sunroof!

  7. I had this car. My 2009 GS350 has a timing cover oil leak. Dealer want 5000 usd to fix them by remove the engine and seal them again.

  8. hi Scotty, u forgot to mention the legendary 4.7L V8 in some lexus and Toyota models. 1 million miles sounds within reach

  9. The Lexus 3gs are great vehicles. I have the 2006 GS430 with the 3uzfe V8 engine. I love the torque! These cars are way ahead of its time! And the reliability is amazing!

  10. I have this EXACT car, color and everything with the exception of RWD. Coming from up North I needed the AWD. Now that I live in Georgia I don’t have to worry about the snow. Mine is an 08 with only 105K. I love this car and will be keeping it for a very long time. Thanks Scotty! 👏🏽👏🏽

  11. Looks like it had bodywork on left front. Driver's headlight looks newer and all the clips were missing from the upper sight shield. That's not a good sign for a quality repair.

    Those clips are easy to remove. You just press the centers down and they come right out. They can still break but a good tech would replace them

  12. Scotty Kilmer is annoying he always has something to complain about . A 1uzfe intake manifold takes 30 mins to remove

  13. Lexus is not a driver's automoblie like audi porsche & bmw, although acura is not a driver's automobile i say that acura is more lively to drive than a lexus.

  14. Yes you can say that again!
    I Own a 2008 Lexus Gs350 AWD and far the best for any season during the year 💯🤙

  15. I am in the market to pick up a use Lexus IS350 from 2006-2013 year and a lots of them have like 130k to 150k plus miles on them. How reliable is this Lexus Engine or the Lexus IS350.

    If you own a Lexus IS350 from 2006-2013 please post your miles you currently have? and what maintenance you made so for etc.

    Thank you so much in advance : )

  16. I agree with you Scotty. Lexus is very reliable and easy to work on. I drive a 2002 Lexus es300 and I love it. I don’t like the brand new Lexus cause the great big grills are ugly and I don’t know why they did that to the car cause it made it look stupid. I’d much rather have the older body style like this gs that you are showing. I also agree they shouldn’t have painted the windshield trim and they should have put chrome door handles. It’s a shame they are starting to take all the luxury wood grain and chrome off the new cars and replace it with plastic.

  17. Scotty you should sell Lexus cars. You know more about the cars than the salesmen at the dealership I’ve encountered. You could make a bundle.

  18. Scotty this car needs premium fuel doesn't it? Other than that that I imagine you're are probably right that it is a good car to have. I like my 2016 Honda accord touring the v6 is designed to run on regular unleaded fuel!

  19. 2:55 "Totally useless here in Houston" say what?! I didn't know your in Houston 😳 That's awesome scotty so am I…anywho, my wife has a '08 350. Purchased it in 2017 w/110k miles & I just had the most costly repair on it yesterday….the alternator went out! (180k miles) Bill was $900!😫😭. That was the 1rst job I couldn't do myself! The damn thing was buried . In your opinion was it as hard as it looked for a novice DIY guy? & did I over pay? Thanks scotty! I appreciate your videos keep em coming!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. I have a Lexus gs300 2006 AWD I recently got in a accident I got hit on my right side, car still turns on but very very hard to steer the wheel, what can this possibly be?? Any help would truly appreciate it!

  21. Which of the lexus SUV have very good engine /transmission that goes over the 400,000 Miles like the Honda Crv and toyota highlander?
    I really like the Lexus but don't wanna throw my money in a car that doesn't have long engine life.
    Anybody ?

  22. Hi Scotty- I have a 2000 Camry v6 with 86k miles on it. I inheireted it from my mother-in-law. The car has always had a problem in that the gas cap loosens up and results in a check engine light (p0446). I have replaced the gas cap with a new Toyota gas cap which didn't correct the problem. The cap always seems overly tight when i pit the cap back on after a fill up. Usually after a 1/4 tank of city driving the check engine light comes on, when I check the gas cap its loose bu tightens up easily. If I wasn't an pretty good home auto mechanic i'd write it off to not putting the cap on properly but that's not the case and i am very frustrated in trouble shooting this problem. Any ideas?

    John a loyal viewer

  23. It's not painted, it's an adhesive tape. I have LS 460 and I am experiencing that trim coming off. I can get both trims replaced for about $390 to replace both trims. I do have the V8 though, so that worries me a little bit if something goes wrong. But a 2008 with 130k miles should last me a long time. Got it for under $12k, so the value is there.

  24. Ugh. Not looking forward to replacing the starter on my 99 GS400. It’s been sitting in my driveway for a year because I refuse to pay someone to do it because it would cost a fortune but I also don’t want to do it myself lol but I’m gonna have to soon. What a stupid stupid place to put the starter on the v8’s.

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