Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy a BMW

Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy a BMW

rev up your engines today I’m gonna
answer the question why do people buy these BMWs even knowing that they become endless money pits okay the sharp looking cars no doubt in
that to handle really well and this particular one it’s 2008 335i
puts out over 300 horsepower cuz it’s got twin turbos two turbochargers on
check this out underneath the hood underneath all this plastic crap there’s
a six cylinder engine with two turbochargers that puts out 301
horsepower they really go there’s no argument they drive fast they
handle really well they’re also endless money pits okay
we’ll start out with this car the first owner paid forty four thousand five
hundred dollars for it and then it’s forty five thousand miles of owning a
car spent over ten thousand dollars on maintenance if you notice this baby no
longer has that run flat tires it came with run-flat tires guess what
every time you hit a big bump in a pothole and there’s tons of out here you
spent it would end up cracking the very expensive aluminum wheels if that had to
be replaced it road like crap now the handle perfectly fine but you bought a
car like this for handling speed and ride comfort the owner now you put on these
normal tires not to run flat and truth be told it rides a lot better but then
again that was after the original dollar spent a ton of money on wheels as they
cracked and broke you don’t pay that kind of money for a car and expect the
wheels to crack I just look at the original wheels of 1994 Celica now I
have hit stuff and sometimes they bent some but I’d bend them back again I
never bought a rim for any of my cars now getting 301 horsepower out of this
straight six-cylinder engine turbochargers are on it it’s got a very
fancy fuel injection system but unfortunately on BMWs that stuff breaks all the time look at the working room or should I say lack of working room there’s very
little working room on these vehicles and everything is plastic not just the
covers all these plastic hoses going to the radiator and to the
turbochargers that stuff cracks as they age so you might think oh
it’s just plastic a plastic is cheap well in this case it may be cheaply
built but it’s not cheaply priced plus some of the stuff if it breaks on the
bottom side of the engine you got to take half the car off to get to it if
you can even see where the leak is in the first place these things become
endless repair nightmares as they age no my customer here is the second owner the original owner paid forty four thousand five hundred dollars for the car that spent
ten grand in repairs maintenance the first forty five thousand miles and
ownership well my customer bought it with forty five thousand dollars on it
for $13,500 look at the money the original guy lost oh I’d be sweating
bullets losing that kind of money in a stupid car even he said he’s thinking
about getting rid of it because he’s had to spend thousands on
repairs in the twenty thousand miles of these driven the car so why do people
buy well it’s the lure of the BMW that’s why they’re beautiful looking
they’re fast they drive really nice when they are
working well there’s another reason people buy and watch this looks like a
hardtop but voila it magically hides itself away takes a few seconds but it’s
rather ingenious I must give them that look at that not what do you have a
beautiful convertible you know they’ve all that nonsense of the ride top
blowing in the wind when it’s up and leakin you got a full metal roof and
then when you get bored with that guess what what’s your other button it puts
yourself back up as you can see it doesn’t take all that much time it is a
good idea that the car stopped when you do it though
you know what the wind blow and it packed all the ingenious Germans now of
course all that technology comes at a price and the price is where it breaks
where you start throwing out thousand-dollar bills left right insider
to fix the thing and being modern German technology yes they do break I guess
their theory is if you gotta ask how much it costs to fix the roof no it does
have a good transmission six-speed german-made automatic same
over seven million variants of it for various cars it is a good transmission I
unfortunately can’t get in any modern cars because they stopped making that
unit in 2014 six years ago they stopped making those
units but those six-speed ZF transmissions were pretty good units as
much economy as you’re gonna get out of a 301 horsepower dual turbo engines most people aren’t gonna get that great gas mileage driving it soon cuz they’re
gonna be driving it fast this one is rated at 17 miles a gallon in the city
but you’re not gonna get that when I had one for a week I averaged about seven
miles a gallon anything I would drive it at hard mind you but hey with those dual
turbos and 301 horsepower if you like putting your pedal to the metal you can
get horrible gas mileage so I can understand why people buy them at least
emotionally kind of like the apple in the Garden of Eden tempting but if you
take a bite of this BMW Apple odds are your universe is going to turn into an
endless money pit universe in a relatively short period of time if not
right away assuming you’re buying a used one with
some mileage on it so in the case of this beautiful BMW hardtop yet
convertible be careful what you wish for you might get it, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. It's so tempting to buy one used! You can find so many on Facebook Marketplace! Cheap! But… Scotty's " Endless Money Pitts" keeps my wallet closed!😂😂😂

  3. These endless money pit type of cars have their own devotees. They are called Richtards who is the 1 % and have easy money(not by working by breaking their back like ordinary people)to spend on brand new one. It's always has been for show off purposes and is not meant for daily driving. Haha

  4. Hey Scotty i have a question , mabe you can use this,in a video but is it better to drive with the air circulation vets open, closed or does it matter I drive a 350 z 2005 De Manuel

  5. My neighbor has this car. I feel bad for the car everytime I see it. The front bumper has chunks bitten and cracks. looks like it's about to fall off completely.

  6. I own A 2008 335i best car ive ever owned. Perfect tuner car pushing 500+hp with just full bolt ons , jb4/mhd and e85 mix. n54 is a truly amazing engine.

  7. I've spent less in this car than others…just buy off ecs tuning. If you shop stupidly like at the dealer or Auto zone you're just stupid.

  8. Lol, now compare this 335i with something similar (RWD, coupe or convertible, 220+ kW with tune potential) – you will get this BMW is actually awesome.
    Of course i would not expect cheap maintenance but it is still one of few!! 200+ kw affordable sports car…. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT RELIABILITY!!!

  9. smart rich people don't buy these types of cars, they lease them through a company. The rubes are the ones who come along and buy a 2 year old $120k BMW for $80k then piss endless amounts of money down the drain that in fact exceeds the cost of leasing a new one.

  10. Kind of stupid and a complete over exaggeration. No difference than any other car. Just Properly take care of it

    My 2001 325i has 218k on it original everything and I’ve had it for the last 60k. Water pump changed twice (which by the way is run by the drive belt not timing…easy job), trans fluid changed 4 times, multiple plugs + coil packs, full suspension work, etc, etc.

    If you don’t know anything about cars and will rely on other people to do the work of course a older bmw out of warranty is not the best idea but for someone who’s mechanical inclined and knows about cars a BMW doesn’t magically become a ‘money pit’ A real money pit is a Acura or Honda that has trans fail every 80k Miles and requires a full timing job for the water pump every 80-100k….but no everyone loves Hondas right lol

  11. I own a BMW now, and I'm glad I'm over it. Once you get through your BMW stage you realize you could have bought a small house somewhere and you are ready for Toyota and to save some money for once.

  12. BMW is not a good car, but they had from beginning been clever too build pretty cars, I dont know, have own 2 BMW, one 320 essence and one 523 diesel, both not better than a Ford , Toyota, Hyundai, etc., but nice look- and is a BMW! WOW😁 But no more BMW for me, Volvo in diffrent model is much much better and they also " pretty" too.
    I love Volvo S60 D5! But D4, D3 is enough .

  13. I’m on my 4th BMW and haven’t had many problems with any of them. One needed a new exhaust back box after only 3 years at £1,000 but BMW paid for it even though it was out of warranty. No complaints from me.

  14. I wouldn't be caught dead in a BMW. There is a dealer down the road from my house, and all I see is a sea of endless money pits.

  15. 10k In maintenance?? I guess the water pump breaks every 5k miles 😂 [obviously joking] N54’s are great cars and single turbo worthy

  16. i live in Iraq . and here toyota is the king of the road. it can with stand the harsh roads , extreme heat and shitty gas.
    no one buys a BMW here . because if it breaks down (which it would for sure) it will be just a PAIN IN THE BUTT beside there are no spare parts for BMW

  17. I believe those are the last ones with forged internals also. The new 30/35i variants are single turbo and cheaper internals and the 40i varients are twin turbos

  18. believe it or not this engine is one of BMW's best engines .. pair it with a manual and you are golden
    you can easily tune it for 500+ hp

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