Here’s Why I’m Buying a $500 Jaguar

rev up your engines, demon asks
scotty I’m looking at getting a 2003 Jaguar x-type
six-cylinder hundred and fifty five thousand miles
getting at an online auction for 500 bucks any thoughts you want an endless money
pit go right ahead now you’re breaking the two cardinal rules of buying used
car once everybody’s Jaguar and to never buy an online auction car you know what
you’re getting for that thing now if you’re a restorer and you want to make a
toy and you want to play with it for the next 52 weekends 500 bucks is nothing if
it’s still got an engine and a body and everything on it all right
a 2003 x-type Jaguars never gonna be all worth all that much money if you want to
tie on something to play around with what the heck and let’s say you want to
go to a derby the demolition derbies right let’s say you’re gonna go there
the derby would be hilarious to have a Jag in a derby a lot of them have a
rule where you can only pay 500 bucks for the car that you put in them, I
mean that would be absolutely hilarious if you want to go that route, see us work
says scotty my girlfriend got a car totaled I was look at another car
Subaru stone in 2019 Forester with 10,000 miles on it 5,000 below KBB
value the catcher is it was used as a loaner car don’t buy it you don’t want to
get a loaner car when people get loaner cars
they beat the heck out of them a lot of times they’re mad because they’ve got
their car in under warranty doesn’t fix right and then they’re getting revenge
by beating the heck out of a loaner car do not buy a loaner car see those old
movies they said give him the loaner car do you want the loaner car just like
I’ve got videos out that say don’t buy a rental car cuz people rent cars they
beat the heck out of them so I mean if you ever seen that old Seinfeld episode
where he’s right in the car and they don’t have the one he wants and they
give him a subcompact and the woman says what do you want the insurance he says
yeah give me the insurance I’m gonna drive that heck out of this car and most
people do with loaners too so I’d walk away from that one Jason Takes Manhattan well
what does he do when he takes it, asks Scotty my stepfather’s gonna buy a
2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse with the CVT transmission is plan on keeping a car
should I stop them well it depends do you like your stepfather do you hate him
if you tell them to buy it cuz those are terrible vehicles to begin with with the
CVT transmission those are extremely unreliable now it’s a new model who
knows maybe they miraculously solved all the problems but I kind of doubt it
knowing Mitsubishi they always seem to make problem at the problem that’s their
problem they’re cheaper made vehicles people buying because it cost less but
they never last like a Toyota or Honda or even afford for that matter
oh you really depends on you like your stepfather or can you not stand the guy
but it was me I wouldn’t touch that thing with a 10-foot pole, toby
1989 says I got a 2007 armada five point six I drove the store and started
home it gave me a little bit of a hard time starting and no acceleration stop
the car and it’ll crank but won’t start it has fuel and no spark
okay you don’t have any spark that’s a modern computerized vehicle generally
when you lose spark on those you’ve got some kind of an electronic problem
pray it something simple like your crankshaft position sensor if that goes
out it won’t tell the engine when to fire the spark pray it something simple
like that it is a Nissan Armada and it’s 13 years old I’ve seen the computers go
out and do that too but the first thing to check would be
the crankshaft position sensor to see if it’s sending out data and of course do
simple things like look around for it and if you see a wires gotta unplug yeah
they unplug they won’t give any bad bad data either so check the simple
things first but if you have fuel and no spark pray it’s just the crank sensor that’s
gone bad and not the computer cuz Nissan’s they get computer
problems when they get old and of course if you’ve recently gone through a bunch
of water or something look for water intrusion that corrodes the connectors
and then they don’t work either when you pull the connectors apart you’ll see
green stuff then clean it with some spray electrical cleaner put it back
together again Barnard 2020 says Scotty I have a
2017 honda civic lx the battery has already been replaced do you think it
could have been junk or is the car junk the batteries that they put in Honda’s a lot
of them are junk they use the smallest battery they can put in it saves some
money when they build the car it’s kind of a deal they also make a very small space
that you can’t fit a bigger battery there’s only one real reason they put
really small batteries and cars that’s because it’s cheaper to make them now
technically it’s lighter than a bigger battery so you get better gas mileage for
like one one thousandth of a mile a gallon maybe I think stupid thing only
weighs maybe a couple pounds less or something and a bigger one it’s kind of
a joke but you can put a bigger batter in and I have seen that with Honda
batteries all the time they’re small little crappy things and they just don’t
last long some of them I’ve actually seen big motorcycles that had bigger
batteries than the ones that they put in some of those Honda Civics it’s just
that they’re putting cheap batteries which is kind of a stinker that you paid all
that money for a car you think they could put a decent battery that’s
reliable but in that case they’re really don’t I wouldn’t worry about the car per
se they’re decent make cars but battery gone out that fast just because it’s too
small the battery and they’re not such hot batteries to begin with, batches
says should I get an F150 or a Toyota Tacoma well it depends what you
want the Toyota Tacomas reliable they run forever but that’s a smaller truck
an F150 is a full-size pickup truck when you get into that kind of a
discussion you really got to go inside your own head and decide what do you
want are you gonna carry a lot of weight are you gonna tow heavy vehicles are
heavy loads or go long distances pulling heavy loads get an f-150 with a v8
engine I mean you’re gonna need a big engine it’s gonna be able to if you want
a truck to drive around as a runaround truck to go everywhere and last for 30
or 40 years get the Toyota Tacoma but they’re kind of different birds now if
you’re talking used versus new you’re probably better off getting f-150 cuz
you can get them used a lot cheaper Toyota resale values on a Toyota
toyota the resale values are insanely high you’re never gonna get a
very good deal on an excellent one cuz there just worth too much money with
a used F150 s you can get decent use deals so it also depends when you’re
talking about use or new, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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