Here’s Why I’m Buying This Toyota RAV4

Here’s Why I’m Buying This Toyota RAV4

rev up your engines now Toyota’s been
selling the rav4 since 1996 in the United States and so far they’ve sold over 4
million of these things there’s a lot of reasons for that but the main reason
it’s here under the hood this particular one has a venerable 2.5 liter
four-cylinder engine and in this case it’s the redesign 2 AR engine it’s not
like the earlier one the burn oil from worn piston rings and worn Pistons these
I haven’t seen any problems in as long as you change the oil and this
particular one is made in to a six-speed automatic transmission perhaps the best
transmission Toyota ever made sure the early four-speed on max they were fine
these six speeds get much better gas mileage and have much better power
characteristics and today the rav4s come in various configurations two-wheel
drive four-wheel drive even have a hybrid version they’re really one of the
most popular semi compact us you really might call them compact but got a lot of
room inside just check it out nice sporty interior in the front lots of
room in the back all kinds of room in this case they put the back seats
forward so there’s all kinds of room they carry their dogs around to here
lots of room for the dogs didn’t have that ugly spare hiding on the back like
they used to they got the spare in a normal place it’s hiding under here where
it belongs the stylistic looks a lot better than those old ones at that ugly
tire on the back the nice and turret you told sorry but it’s got everything you
need air conditioning digital readout steering wheel control for phone and for
stereo and for what mode you can have displayed on a dash and this is a normal
stock rav4 they also make them with third row seating yeah they can fit
third row seating in somebody’s thinks it’s amazing but the engineers figured out how to do it these newer ones you handle a lot better
than the old the ones that got disc brake in the front also disc brake on
the back they stop a lot better no SUVs are generally pretty much gas
hockey because they’re up in here their size their speed but for an SUV a
customer gets 30 miles a gallon on a highway in this thing it’s about 24
in town pretty good for an SUV and of course if you don’t mind the complexity
and expense of a hybrid the hybrid drivers are even better you take a 2019
rav4 hybrid that thing gets 41 miles a gallon in the city because it’s got
regenerative braking which is really good gas mileage for an SUV and since
it’s a Toyota and other hybrid stuff is pretty much all based on the Prius
hybrids a pretty reliable and I don’t advise somebody to buy one that’s got a
hundred and fifty thousand miles or something some 10 years old when it
comes to hybrids but if you buy a new one you’re not generally gonna have problems till you get higher mileage like that on
any Toyota now as you can see with this 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine light of
working room now it is a Toyota so generally you don’t have to do much work
but whenever you do hey it’s easy changing the oil for instance it’s high
enough you don’t have to jack it up you can reach the oil pan drain it out it’s
got one of those dumb filters where you got to take the plastic container off
and change the inside filter but that too can be done without jacking it up as
long as you have the special wrench that fits on it now I do have to say honestly
the newer ones that have CVT transmissions or the eight-speed
automatics not a big fan of yet because the eight-speed automatics have had
problems and I don’t really trust CVT’s of any sort yet now that said my son
recently brought a new one last year so we’ll see how it goes over the years if
his CVT holds up he loves it so far he says it’s got plenty of acceleration
and gets better gas much then even the rating is but I don’t trust that stuff until
it’s been out for five six years or more because when they put two eight speeds
in these the eight-speed automatics were okay for the first year or two but then
they showed they had problems as they aged so I’d wait on that this six-speed
pretty much bulletproof they’re great automatic transmissions so somebody
asked me what would you have a 2015 rav4 like this with a 6-speed automatic
or 2019 with an 8-speed automatic I take the older car an 8-speed automatic
problematical this thing if you had no problems whatsoever I rarely ever see a
problem in the 6-speed automatic but I see eight speeds all the time they’ll
slip they won’t shift right they just didn’t and for what it’s worth the CVT and the rav4s that’s only available in the
hybrid version so that’s CVT transmission it’s pretty close for the
Toyota Prius because when you have the hybrid you got to have a CVT
transmission with the Toyota design because the engine has an input to run
it so does the electric motor and the CVT transmissions can transfer easily
that way so if you’re buying a rare for the CVT it’s gonna be a hybrid now it’s
time is gone by the rav4s have evolved they’re much bigger vehicles
than it used to be if you look at the early ones from 1996 they were a lot
smaller stubbier inside they did ride as well there were a lot slower than these
they’ve really evolved quite well with the whole line of ramp force and aside
from somewhat weak 8-speed automatic transmissions that they use now they
have a pretty reputable history of not having problems going high mileage I’ve
got customers these things 350 400 thousand miles regularly and
compare this front end with a 96 don’t even look like the same vehicle they got
a lot of style now I like it that they have it in 2015 put that horrible
scowling grille they kept a classic grille on it and I agree with it now
they have put a somewhat bigger grille on a 2019 but nothing like that big
scowling insane one they put on the Lexus and on some of the Corollas they
still kept it relatively conservatively to make the look stay and not just copy
what everybody else is doing so really it’s reliability that’s kept
these things being sold people want an SUV they want one that doesn’t break
down that lasts a long time has a nice ride is not rageous ly bumping all the
old ones were getting a 96 you can find one they a real bumpy rides but these if
a decent smooth ride to them plenty enough pickup pretty good gas mileage
for an SUV so now you know why Toyota sold millions of these things give
people what you want as times change it changed the rav4 to make it bigger
more powerful but still getting decent gas mileage and one like this 2015 rav4
of course nothing lasts forever but this 2015 they can last
about as close to ever as any car made these days, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I Have a 2019 Rav 4 XLE premium package since January with all the bells and whistles and not had not one issue. I'm getting 25 to 27 mpg in NYC, 325 to 345 miles in between full ups. This vehicle is beyond my expectation, has all the latest technology. Toyota did a great job with this new Generation of Rav 4's.

  3. Scotty, so your advising people stay away from Toyota Aisin 8 speed transmissions. What about Lexus with the 8 speed Aisin transmissions? They have been run for 6 years in Lexus cars. I can't seem to find any complaints on a Lexus vehicle.

  4. Hi Scotty would you recommend buying a car that when your inner tie rods wear out your only option is to buy a steering rack?

  5. Scotty you’re a big wise mechanic reviewer but really i think that you overstate about your “Toyota’s planet” 😂!!! Maybe because of your old Toyota car still work,,, there is no doubt about the reliability of this company’s vehicles but they are suck in terms of safety and are far of luxurious features besides that they aren’t the best reliable and best built quality among japanese cars actually there are many other manufacturers in japan which conquer it within the same price like honda and subaru ❤️❤️❤️ do you know that all subaru’s vehicles come out with standard 7 air bags!!!! In which you have to pay more in order to get that nr. In toyota’s cheap vehicles and don’t forget about the legendary symmetrical awd of subaru which beats in different road conditions!!! Honda also has superior engine engineering than toyota has !!! Sorry for my elongation but please stop overstating about your toyota’s planet people aren’t stupid to believe all of your exaggerations about this so standard company at least don’t talk about their nice looking in your eyes because they are all suck squared vehicles…!!! Please be more neutral towards manufacturers and forget your old fashion standard engineered toyota!!!! 😞🤔

  6. What about the model before this one, like model year 2012 facelift? it was way better looking.. like a mini land cruiser

  7. Hey Scotty, I was about to scoff you for being an old-timer lol.. But a lot of what you said makes sense.. New doesnt mean better long-term performance or value. Anyways, Im driving an old Honda City 2004 version, what should I look out for? So far she is driving and behaving like a dream.. I hardly use it though, like 2000kms a year. Any suggestions would be appreciated cos I havent serviced my car in 2 years

  8. What years had this configuration with the redesigned 2.5 L and the 6 speed auto transmission? Also, how are the 6 cylinder equipped models?

  9. Hey Scotty I found a 1984 Mercedes se380 with 212,127 miles on it and a 1988 300sel with 146, 336 on it… how reliable are they and are they the money pits you talk about???

  10. The good thing about Toyota Hybrids is that they don't use a belt based CVT but an e-CVT that is really just an electric motor running a planetary gear together with the combustion engine. Also there are no clutches to go bad.

  11. Aloha Scotty – The only consideration about the 2013 to 2018 RAV4 models is the poor IIHS crash worthiness safety rating for the small overlap front passenger side. Since it's where my wife sits, that was a deal breaker!

  12. I have a silver 2014 limited awd rav4 with 70k miles. It’s slow. But this car is GREAT. It has everything, all the features that even luxury cars dont have. And it’s never given me a single trouble. My parents bought it new and I never plan on selling it

  13. My ‘07 4 cyl burns a quart of oil every 1500 miles. It’s got 160k on it. No other problems since new, but it sucks having to keep topping it off.

  14. Scotty:
    I am SOOO glad I found your channel – I can not describe!
    This is an exception for many years – to meet such interesting, cheerful and sarcastic person !
    Thank you a lot!!!
    Best regards,

  15. Check IIHS ratings for Small overlap front: passenger-side, it is the worst score possible for RAV4 in 2018 and for most of the 10 years before that. It was fixed in 2019. So in an accident, your passenger dies or is severely injured in a RAV4. They scored the worst possible score, Poor, but the drivers side gets the best possible score. Weird, like that for a decade.

  16. Hey Scotty, you have justified the existence of so many Toyotas, I'm going to buy a new GM! Thanks for putting me off anything Toyota.

  17. Scotty's not buying one of these lol. Number 1 , hed never spend that much money on any vehicle. Number 2 , says he drives less than 3000 miles a year. He doesn't need a new car. Barely needs a car, AT ALL LOL.

  18. Scotty, I don't know about other Toyota vehicles, but my Prius, and I believe all the generations don't really have a CVT in the conventional sense. Basically, there aren't cones or anything like that and no gear shifting at all. What they do have is TWO electric motors, hooked to planetary gearsets. Depending on speed, throttle, battery charge, rpms, and probably a whole lot more, the effective gear ratio is dependent on both the direction, and speed of each of the electric motors. FAR more reliable, and IMO, more responsive than a conventional CVT. Please research this before berating all CVTs since this is very different. Thanks.

    RichE San Diego, CA

  19. Me: buys a Toyota RAV4

    Scotty 3 weeks later: makes video about how good Toyota RAV4

    Me: Is it coincidence or fate?

  20. A minute after Scotty uploaded the video….2015 ones are selling at the same price as 2019s..that's what I call…Scotty effect

  21. These transmissions are not bulletproof Scotty Kilmer,Toyota U660E shift problems traced

    back to case wear and damage; the
    fix requires replacing the case. The bearing turns to dust which sends metal particles into the fluid eventually damaging the valve body. A know issue with this trans in many vehicles: Camry,Lexus es350,rav etc.. Toyota has a service department too. they all breakdown eventually.

  22. I got a 2012 Toyota Prius C. I got a few dents but she runs great. Only thing I had to do is change fluids and tires. It has a CVT! 111,111 miles.

  23. Prius is a quiet and comfy ride. I got 66mpg on the hwy. But that's what the car said probably not realistic, but I will update on how many miles does a full tank provide

  24. If the 8 speed automatic transmission is the same as the one in my 2017 Sienna… run away. Worst experience I’ve had with any vehicle I’ve owned, let alone a Toyota.

  25. I have a Dodge Challenger with a 5.7l hemi. I drove a rav4 as a courtesy car while having paint work done. What a piece of crap!!! No power, it's not a truck, it's not cool at all. You can keep your rav4. I'll have a blast in my challenger

  26. This car is AWESOME! Mine came equipped with an all new, personally handcrafted, best in class, fully functioning, scrotum massaging apperatus BUILT INTO THE SEAT!! Yes, with adjustable heat.

  27. Two things: I LOVE the styling on the original Rav4. I think it looks way cooler than then new ones. They had a rugged, adventure vehicle look to them. I also prefer the tire on the outside, but I am an old school SUV fan and the tire on the outside is OG. Rav4's are great vehicles so we definitely agree there.

  28. I have never EVER seen a RAV4 with plastic hubcaps! In Australia they have the stylized steel rims or alloy. These are crazily popular here. I'd have one, but that 'SUV tax' – (the extra you pay for the privilege of driving an elevated hatchback), I'd just go a Camry, get more car and pay wayyyy less.

  29. Our work had two 4 cylinder Toyota RAV4s 2015 models. They were used and abused AND driven daily almost 24 hours a day. The transmission and engine never failed on them. They ended up with over 200,000km before getting new vehicles. If you want a reliable RAV, I'd recommend them.

  30. how is the Rav 4 2012 model compared to a highlander/kluger of the same year or 2013 .. which is heavier? and better , price wise?

  31. my mom has the 2012 v6 AWD rav4 limited, it goes from 0-60 MPH in like 5.9 seconds.
    although the water pump did go out around 80K miles…
    it is a beast of a vehicle and has plenty of space for a "compact" suv!

  32. I love that 6-speed automatic mated to that 2.5L I-4 engine… I've got it in my 2010 Camry….bulletproof combination… 80,000 trouble-free miles and counting…

  33. Scotty love toyota so much and talking good about toyota for 50+ years. Toyota just gave scotty a brand new rav4 with 1 million miles warranty.

  34. yup.. I have the 19' highlander with 8 speed.. hate it.. takes forever to downshift when you step on it. can't make up its mind.

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