Here’s Why Mechanics Hate BMW

rev up your engines here we got a 12 year
old BMW that isn’t running right no surprise there it’s running like crap
the check engine light is on so let’s scan it hook the scanner up to the data port and what does it say P0306 cylinder #6 misfire detected now a misfiring in any one cylinder can be whole bunch of things can be the ignition system the fuel system
blowing head gasket a bad valve all kinds of stuff but all we start
basically we’re gonna go to number six let’s see what’s going on they’ll be
able to BMW you can’t even see the spark plug so we’re gonna take this plastic crap off
in this case it’s a five millimeter hex head touch these stupid things off oh it
makes them look so great doesn’t it just makes it a pain to work on plain
stupidity some of these designs you got to take half of this stuff apart to access
it to get it off another brilliant German design yeah we’ll take these
clips off tomorrow over here get this out of the way so we can slide to cover
up they get to the spark plugs up here the number six is hiding way back here
so we’ll check that first and now you can see why I think so little of BMWs
modern ones look all plastic crap this is all plastic crap you gotta pull a
little line off the coil and then it’s theoretically just pulls out but these
are stuck cuz they’re twelve years old and they’re gonna be cows to get out
plastic old aged heat on the engine and then the stupid cover on top of it to
hold the he didn’t even more so the plastic retains heat and cracks even
more let’s hope nothing breaks when we take it off but don’t be surprised if a
bunch of this plastic crap start snapping off in your hands you’ll just
have to replace it then you got a pool of coils up not an easy thing to do it’s
all plastic and it may crack and you just gonna have to buy a new ignition
coil if it does my trick is to get a big pry bar start to pry them out cuz
they’re sitting in there there’s no bolt holding them in like a batter made
Toyota where the coils are bolted on these are just placed in butt and rubber
and plastic hey it spun on it for 12 years so it’s often real
be hard to get off and you’ll often break stuff but here goes nothing we try
some prying and pray pray and prying no won’t come out though now it is easy to
work on the front one so I got the front one out and there’s a point to this if I
ever do get the back number six one off without breaking it what I’m gonna do is
check the spark plug see the spark plugs okay and then I’m gonna put the number
two coil here on number six and number six on number two and if the misfire
moves to number two then we’ll know it’s just an ignition coil it’s as simple
as that when you only have one misfire for one cylinder can finally get the
spark plug ignition coil off you’ll see they have weird spark plugs typical BMW
crap you see they’re not regular hex heads they got these translations but
fortunately if you have a fourteen millimeter socket it does fit over it
you do not have to go to BMW to buy a fancy socket a plain old fourteen
millimeter socket will work to get it off course the crenulated one works
better but here’s a plain old regular hex one you wiggle it it goes right on
it’ll hold it to take it off you don’t have to buy that special tool but you
got to have a fourteen millimeter thin wall deep socket do you’ll never get the
stupid thing out it’s not a regular sized spark plug now with a ton of
wiggling and prying and then waiting to get it off because of course there’s no
working room in the back of the engine out comes the stupid number six ignition
coil there it is now of course it could be a bad spark look so I’m gonna take
that spark plug out and put a new one in just in case now even that’s bad cuz theirs not much working room and oh man I had to put three different
sized extensions in and get it deep enough but it seems to be coming loose
and yes I can turn it with my bare hands now a lot of work voila finally and as
you can see here I had to have various wiggling extensions so I put it in with
just short one then when that falls in you put this on top so you can get the
socket and get your ratchet to take it off but then when you pull it off it
won’t come out so you got to pull it off partway then take off that and then get
the rest with the spark plug now it doesn’t look horrendous but all the work
on this I’m not taking a chance maybe it’s bad electrically
inside so I’m just gonna replace it with a new one just be sure to replace it
with the same plug these are both bosch plugs well tighten the new spark plug in
no working room of course and this case I’m using the stubby ratchet because
there’s more room for tightening up where it still takes a while but you can
see the stubby one you can turn fast then for the final part use the peg one
and now comes the logical part this is the number six ignition club I’m gonna
put that on number two to put number two on number six then when we drive it if
the cold goes to number two you’ll know it was the coil that caused a problem in
the whole place you don’t want to guess with these things they’re pretty
expensive on BMWs so before I forget I’m gonna put the number six on a number two right now and it goes they go in a lot easier than they come out they’re just
plugging hole in the connector just snaps in and you lock it with the top
then we got to do it in the back I can’t film that there’s no room but it’s the
same process then we use a scan tool to erase the
codes you can see codes remaining zero and start it up just don’t forget to
put the air filter back on make sure that’s all tight well here goes nothing
well hopefully something now we’ll take it for a spin and see what
happens well that didn’t take long the check and you I had already come
back on so let’s see what the magic computer says magical enough it now says code P0302 cylinder number two misfire alright we didn’t fix it yet but now we
know it’s the ignition coil cuz we put the number six ignition coil on a number
two and the misfire removed from number six the number two so we know that coil is bad we’ll put a coil in it so we get the brand new coil and swap out number two
again so this time we’ll just move this out of the way a little unplug it
out it comes and there goes the new one back in the hole plug it in make sure it’s
lined up right on snap it in place there we go
but the stupid bolts back on ridiculous covers I don’t know why they didn’t
bother and this time we should have better lock sounds a lot better already
no more of that backfiring well we gotta check it for a road test
anyway and as you can see now it’s idling smooth but watch when you step on the gas it goes no more hesitation so the next time your BMW or any other car
starts misfiring now you know how you can fix it yourself, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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