Here’s Why Mercedes is the Most Reliable Luxury Car

Here’s Why Mercedes is the Most Reliable Luxury Car

rev up your engines, the goal game
says my parents just got a 2019 mercedes-benz GLC 350 4 Matic what’s
your opinion do you think it’s reliable I think it’s reliable that if they keep
it for 10 years they’ll spend an awful lot of money either maintaining or
fixing it and as it breaks down, those things are endless money pits as they
age, but if they could afford to buy that I’m assuming I can afford to fix the
thing too, but even my rich customers most of them wised up and they went got
Lexus’s instead of Mercedes cuz they said, ooh you know our Lexus hardly
needed any repairs over the 10 years we owned it and the Mercedes they look at
their receipts and say, you know we spent like 15 grand fixing that thing and the lexus
we spent like five hundred dollars, so people get rich not by being
stupid a lot of time, so there’s a lot of people driving Lexus these days,
American truck highway said what do you think of Tesla’s full self-driving
computer they put out, the problem with self-driving stuff is, it’s fine if
everything on the road is self-driving and they all communicate with each other,
now you know they’re all talking about this 5g stuff about your phones and
everything being able to talk to each other well that’s one of the reasons
they’re building that stuff, so then all the cars could talk to each other well
if every car in the road had self-driving technology that was tied in
with every other car it would be a pretty decent system, but you can’t have
self-driving cars on the road with human driven cars cuz humans aren’t sane and
you never know what they’re gonna do so you’re gonna get wrecks involving the
both of them, and unless they’re gonna make it a law that you can’t drive your
own car I doubt that self-driving cars are gonna be on the road for quite some
time, unless they have lanes only for self-driving cars that nobody else can going
Krishna Prasad says Scotty what do you think about hyundai compared to Toyota
in terms of reliability well I said many times I’m not a Korean car fan, but that
said they used to be rolling piles of junk and now they are much better made
than they used to be, I have customers buy them and they get
100,000 miles pretty much trouble-free out of them, they cost a lot less and
you know if you don’t mind the way they look and run if you’re the type of
person that keeps a car for a hundred thousand miles and gets rid of it you
might be happy with this, but if you’re cheap like me I want to drive them
forever you won’t be happy, Corvette geek says Cummings, powerstroke, or
Duramax, you’re talking about engines and here’s the thing the cummins are great
engines, unfortunately you’re probably talking about when they put them in
Dodge products, well the Dodge products aren’t that good
but those are very good engines, now the powerstroke are okay engines ford uses
I mean the Duramax on the GM ones it’s probably the weakest of all three but
overall vehicle wise, if you were talking about what you want to buy I’d buy the
ford because they’re overall so much better truck then to dodge or of the GM
but the cummins engines are very good engines, in the bubble and Scotty what do
you think about electric motorcycles, well you know electric motors are cool
because electric motors put out a hundred percent power automatically as
soon as you turn them on and away they go, a gasoline engines got to rev up
to a certain rpm to get maximum horsepower and torque, not an electric
motor so they are actually super fast, they have electric drag motorcycles out
there that are super fast, the only limitation is the batteries weigh a lot
and so you got to figure out what kind of heavy weight battery can you put the
what engine to make it so it’ll go fast enough, how long are they gonna go, what’s
their range it will all depend on that basically what kind of range, and I’ll
tell you one thing though about motorcycles and I’ve driven it my whole
life since I was a teenager, one way you stay safe on a motorcycle is you get a
big one like me and when it makes a lot of noise, I had a BSA, I had a norton and
now I have a triumph, their loud and people hear you
and they notice you, if you have an electric motorcycle that’s totally silent
they won’t hear you and then they’ll pull over and probably kill you, so
they would be inherently dangerous, if I had an electric motorcycle I probably
put a speaker system and something to make zoom zoom noises so people would
hear me, r2 says Scotty whenever I turned my steering wheel to the right or
left it makes a squeaking noise why is it, okay well if your squeak I’m assuming
that’s coming from inside the vehicle, I got a Toyota Camry the other day and they
almost all do it, and it did the squeaking and what it is, is that the steering was
has plastic stuff in it, and as they aged this was a 16 year old Camry, the rubber
and plastic creaks and squeaks, it doesn’t mean anything, now if it’s not coming
from inside the car but coming from under the car, then jack it up and see if
you got worn tire rods ball joints bushings or the control arms they can
squeak, but it’s coming from the inside it’s normally the plastic creaking and
it doesn’t really mean anything, but if you could spray some wd-40 because that
doesn’t hurt electronics and a lot of times it’ll go away for a while,
typical southerners says should i spray paint my 93 GMC truck, i spray painted a car
once, the first car I owned a opel and in the rain it didn’t look bad,
but you know it had orange peel and everything, spray painting is an art and
one you got to do it in a sealed atmosphere, you can’t do it in a driveway
here, dust is gonna on it and it’s gonna look bad, so you gotta find a
garage somewhere there’s a ventilation system it’ll suck the fumes out or you
will die, that’s why the factory paint jobs look the best they’re in a sealed
environment and they’re done by robots not even humans, and the robots know when
there’s so many microns thick of paint then they stop, so it can be done great
by robots humans no it’s a lot harder to do it, but if you got an old beat-up truck
and you want it to be one color be my guest, just realized probably not
gonna look perfect mans says is a 2000 manual
Miata a good first car, yeah if you want a small little sporty car they they are
fun, never buy one of those with an automatic their piles of junk they can’t get
out of their way, the automatic transmissions break down they’re
terrible, but the standard transmission ones are quite dependable, I got
customers have to 250 hundred thousand miles on it and still driving and they’re
having fun with them, and they made so many of them then you can get them
pretty cheap, that’s a 2000 so it’s a 20 year old vehicle you’d want to check it
out to make sure we’re still running good and didn’t have any real serious
problems, but yeah they can be fun little cars to drive around in, I’ve got
customers with them and have fun with them, mohand says what do you
think about Corvair well Ralph Nader called them on safe at any speed but I
think he went a little bit too far in that one, they were interesting vehicles
they had 6-cylinder boxer engines like a Porsche 911 and they were air-cooled,
Americans and air-cooled engines the problem is Americans especially back in
a 60s when they start making those things Americans didn’t take care of their cars and
well if you got an air-cooled engine you got to take care of it
because if you run low on oil, the oil not only lubricates the engine but it
cools it because it doesn’t have water cooling, so if you ran those things out
of oil the engines would burn up pretty fast, they were kind of weird-looking cars as
far as I’m concerned but today a lot of people collect them there’s a guy in
Pennsylvania that bought all the old parts and he makes new parts for them
and a lot of people like them you can get them cheap
enough and fix one up they’re kind of a little collectible cars and they’re
kind of cute you know, gm’s 6-cylinder air-cooled engine in
the back you, can get them cheap maybe have some fun with them, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. For everyone that doesn't get the title and video link, it's the most reliable because you can always rely on them to break

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  2. If you are going to spray paint your car or truck try to find some epoxy paint, it is very easy to work with out of doors.

  3. Their not that bad i know many mercedes lasting 15 years plus with their engines and transmissions its only the little electrics that can brake but who cares about that id rather a strong motor and better quality drive

  4. We disagree about Corvairs, Scotty. I had a 1960 Corvair, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, especially those living in a cool/cold climate. Since they're air cooled, their heater generally suck. Some generated heat buy burning gasoline., That should stand out as an obvious danger. All in all, they were crappy cars best avoided.

  5. My Mercedes CLK 55 AMG has never been in a shop for anything other than normal maintenance or wear items replacement (brakes, spark plugs,..) in his 16 years life pretty reliable to me

  6. Their reliable till years 5 thereafter. Our ML350 trans would stay in 7th gear as you came to a red light then would kill the engine. It also on take off stay in 2nd gear. That creates a serious problem when pulling out into traffic going 50mph. That trans was in cars as well 2003-2009. Numerous law suits filed as people got killed over it. MB never did a recall and the shops answer is “new trans” needed. Great cars if you can afford to buy one new and get a new one every three years.

  7. My sister had a Mercedes. HAD!!! It was always in the shop.
    They changed the computer 3 or 4 times and it was always
    the same thing.

  8. Psych!
    It's actually Toyota.
    BTW generally those who drive BMW's or Mercedes are the cheapest people on the planet.
    "That's too expensive!" Yes your tastes are too expensive.

  9. Absolutes are pretty easy to dispel. I have a 99 ML320 that I purchased in 1999 with 3k. 198k on odometer…Wife drives a GLC300. Zero issues through 30k other than squeaky brakes. Fixed under warranty with new pads. You slam as moneypits, but that has NOT been my experience. I change my own oil and filter. Your Japanese love is working for you. I have owned Hondas and Toyotas. They are good cars, but the Mercs are great cars. (In my personal experience)…YMMV.

  10. Lexus IS a cheap version of a Mercedes-Benz. This guy obviously works for Lexus marketing department. MERCEDES ARE AMAZING CARS AND EXTREMELY RELIABLE.

    Edit: I’ve had my Mercedes c350 coup from 0 miles to 73k miles so far and I have had a whopping 0 problems with it.

  11. Literally the formula for a reliable car (excluding recalls, because every manufacturer faces those of course) couldn't be simpler. Effort in=reliability out. Mercedes vehicles are indeed reliable, granted you dont maintain them like absolute garbage, and that is sort of a rule with anything that requires routine maintenance. There are people out there who legitimately believe that the phrase "hondas are reliable" means that they are reliable no matter how you take care of them

  12. My mom owns a 2001 Mercedes kompressor c class with over 130000 miles on it and it still runs good. I don't think it ever had any major problems as she has never mentioned to me about it having problems. I drove it around for a week last year when she went out of town and I gotta say I'm quite impressed that it still runs well for a 17 year old car.

  13. FYI, Uber has been testing its self-driving cars on Pittsburgh's streets for over a year. One followed me and several hundred other bicyclists out for a ride on a Sunday last year up a street crowded with bikers briefly and unpredictably switching lanes to pass and avoid each other. The Uber car managed the situation just fine. (It could have mowed down dozens of people but didn't.) I agree that it may be a while before they're allowed to run around on their own (there's a human at the wheel at all times in the Uber test vehicles) but they're definitely coming.

  14. Guys I think he was held gunpoint in this video by a Mercedes representative

  15. I'm looking into 2013 Lexus models. I really don't like what they did to the grill on the new ones. Will the 2013 lexus models still be a good by in terms of reliability and durability?

  16. Is the most reliable car because if you can afford it I’m pretty sure you can afford dealership maintenance lol 😆

  17. Exactly, Scotty – some kid is sitting at his desk writing software NOW that may be driving your car in 5 years time. Are you ready to turn your keys over to him?

  18. If everyone has to ride in a self driving car, then why bother with owning one? Might as well have mass transit systems to take everyone everywhere. I'd predict that individuals able to afford a personal vehicle may be a rich man's game only. Im all for those stupid city dwelling libs to be forced by law to take public transportation if they live and work around Chicago, LA, New York, etc. That way guys like me can travel for my job or vacation, etc without traffic. Get in, do your business, then home, or on to the next place. City dwelling libs don't like freedom anyway.

  19. Electric anything is a pipe dream and a full lib wet dream that, if even 5% of the country had electric cars, especially in places like California, the electricity grid would not keep up. Although California is limited home water use, so maybe eventually the communists their will tell the lib zombies they're killing their electric after a certain amount of use.

  20. "Sindelfingen. Mercedes-Benz is opening the world's most sophisticated crash test centre with the new technology centre for vehicle safety (TFS) in Sindelfingen. The new building with its numerous test facilities opens up completely new possibilities, e.g. for vehicle-to-vehicle tests, the configuration of assistance systems and PRE-SAFE®, and for the verification of vehicle concepts using alternative drive systems. The technology centre will also play its part in ensuring that Mercedes-Benz remains the pacemaker for the global car industry in the future. The investment amounts to a three-digit million euro sum. " LOOKS LIKE IT'S TIME AGAIN FOR TOYOTA & HONDA TO PUT OUT PEN AND PAPER AND START COPYING REAL CARS!

  21. Here's why Scottys video titles are so misleading, I was gonna buy a Mer cause of the title thank god I watched the video.

  22. I had a '64 Airvair. It wasn't the oil, it was the seals, which were made for a water-cooled engine. Once the heat deteriorated them, the oil was going to be all over the back of the car. I wound up using recycled oil, about a quart a day, at $.17 per quart. Also, the generator ran backwards.

  23. We already have "self driven" cars that have computers which will slow down, stop or yank you back into your lane if a collision is detected.If they were also communicating other cars there would be even more collision avoidance. Stop fighting the inevitable Scotty. One day very soon your car will ignore your pedal and steering inputs to keep idiots from killing themselves.

  24. THEY AR MONEY PITS.I WONT OUN NAT 1…i wood rather by a ford truck.f 350..V10. They ar Good on Gas i gat 55.mpG..on 1 Galon of GAS..55.mpG.on my f350.4×4..

  25. Relying on something means you can only depend on it to do good things, never bad things. Totally misused the word reliable.

  26. My buddy had a Covair as a teenager. He never flipped despite driving like a maniac. I admire Nader, but I think he overstated "Unsafe at Any Speed."

  27. My flashy Dominican friend likes luxury brand names for status. Over the years Has had 2 Mercedes and 2 Lexus he bough used with over 70,000miles to get cheaper. The MBs made him constantly angry with expensive repairs. He kept the 2nd Lexus no issues ever.

  28. “Lexus hardly needed repairs over THE 10 YEARS that we owned it” – there’s your problem. Most people don’t want to be driving the same car for 10 years. Advances in tech and safety happen so fast that most people want a newer car every 3-4 years

  29. Mr. Kilmer, why do you harsh on Hyundai so much? I bought a used '95 accent back in '06 for $300 needed a clutch $60 on ebay and still own it. It has been a great car and I beat the livin' crap out of it and it eagerly fires up everyday beggin' for more with almost 200k miles. I constantly see them with much higher miles than mine and still going strong, granted they are all standard transmissions but that's pretty much with everything else out there. I changed the t-belt w-pump @ 185k but before I did I wanted to see if it was even worth doing it, so I ran a comp. test and got 190 psi in all cylinders. That was higher comp than in my Harley with only 5k miles! I thought, "that which does not die gets an upgrade" so I did the much needed bodywork and painted it, and it turned out pretty sweet regardless of the fact I rattle canned it, lol! Wish I could show you a picture of it, I think you would be quite impressed with the work I did and on the cheap too.

  30. Scotty why do you bash the crap out of Mercedes Benz? Carl Benz 1886 the inventory of the car. A full 17 years before Henry Ford. Yes I would agree with you that anything made from 1998 and newer are over engineered, and even unnecessary. That being said I have personally owned several Mercedes w124's and w201's w210's and yes all cars will break down, but if you know how to service them, and take care of them they are very reliable.

  31. I've had 4 Mercedes over the years. (all bought used) Not counting maintenance, (oil, tires, etc.), I've had zero problems. And the doors go "thump",…not "clunk". So, I don't know what this guy is talking about. I use to admire him before the false Mercedes Rants, and WD-40 fiasco. (don't ever use WD-40 on rubber) You want a quality car, easy to change out blinkers, etc.,…get a Mercedes. (I've only had 6 cyclinder Mercedes. So maybe he's right about 8 and 12 cylinders,…don't know) As a counterpoint, owned a new Mini Cooper S, and engine blew within on year! Seriously? BMW sucks!

  32. This guys just a cheap old man, he’s the type of guy if he doesn’t have it it’s not a good car my AMG is the best car I’ve ever had and no it doesn’t break down all the time keep talking and moving your hands for no reason old man

  33. whoa!!! we went from cost of repairs of mercedes vs lexus and the BOOM… teslas self driving computer…..scotty is scatterbrained, but entertaining but did you know all bananas are actually clones? the bananas you buy at the store have no seeds in them!! they are a complete money pit! so buy a toyota or honda

  34. Mercedes is still the ultimate performance luxury car. Far better then BMW.
    Reason I say this is Mercedes gives you the performance you pay for. BMW misses the mark yet you pay the same price as a Mercedes.
    Mercedes has several cars that BMW can't even come close. AMG GTR blows away any BMW. If we're talking performance

  35. 4months before this comment. Also Scotty:why Mercedes is the most reliable luxury car.
    Also scotty 4years before this comment:why Mercedes is the least reliable luxury car

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