Here’s Why New Car Engines are Burning Oil

Here’s Why New Car Engines are Burning Oil

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk
about a problem with modern cars that have engines that burn oil, and I’m doing
this because lately some of my customers have told me that, they have a car engine
and it’s burning oil on a car that’s new or year old, two years old, they change
the oil all the time, but they go to the dealer and they say, why is my car
burning a quart of oil every thousand miles or less, to be told by the
dealership, well that’s normal for that car, well it may be their definition of
normality, but it’s not right and I’m going to show you the history of
car engines to explain why it’s not right, now here’s a cool model of a
four-stroke engine, on the intake stroke the piston goes down, the intake valves
opens, air & fuel mixture goes inside the cylinder, then on the compression stroke,
the valve closes, the mixture is compressed, and at the top the spark plug
just fires, then it pushes down the compression to give you a power, and then
the last stroke, the exhaust stroke, it pushes up, the exhaust valve opens and
the spent fuel goes out the exhaust, it’s called the four-stroke motor, because it has
four strokes it has intake, it has compression, it has
power, and it has exhaust, so every time the engine fires, there’s four parts to
that firing, now two-stroke engine only has two strokes, they pollute a lot more
it’s a total loss oil system, you have to mix the oil with the gas and it just
burns it out to lubricate it they pollute so much that in most cases
they’re illegal, they do have some more modern versions that work better, but for
all intents and purposes, the engines we are driving are four-stroke motors, and
being for 4-stroke motors they should not burn oil at all, if they do there’s a
problem and here’s where the problems are, the oil control ring on the piston
keeps the oil from the crank from getting by the piston and burning inside,
if these oil control rings are bad or if the inside of the cylinder itself is
worn, it will burn oil, and a classic example this was the old Chevy Vega, the
engineers came up with this idea to have an aluminum block engine, aluminum is a
lot softer than iron but it weighs less but they
coated it with Teflon and they thought, well that’ll keep the aluminum from wearing
and it won’t burn oil, but that’s what that Teflon coating wore off real fast,
I had a friend with a Chevy Vega back in the 70s, he was burning a quart of
oil every sixty miles in that stupid thing, so if the oil control ring is worn
or the cylinder is worn, you’re going to burn oil, here’s a piston I took out of an old
motorcycle engine, it didn’t burn any oil as you can see, the oil control ring, hey
they’re chrome-plated they’re really well built, if you build them right they
won’t burn oil, and the other way they can burn oil is. the intake valves
suck the fuel and air in, well they can also suck in oil if the seals on the
valves here are bad, the oil gets stuck from the top of the engine by the seal
and be sucked inside and then burned, now my grandfather who was also a mechanic
he was born in the late 1800s and the early cars, they didn’t even have valve
seals in them, they just sucked oil in and burnt like mad, it was expected that they
burnt oil and every winter you’d have to take the engine apart, you’d have to
clean off all the carbon from the burn oil and rebuild the engine, but modern
cars should not be that way, here’s my 25 year old Celica,
it’s got 240 thousand miles, it still doesn’t burn any oil,
my wife 17 year old Lexus, it doesn’t burn any oil, and here’s your previous
car an 11 year old matrix it doesn’t burn oil either, but there are quite a
few modern cars that are now burning oil that shouldn’t, as an example, the 2010 to
2017 Chevy Equinox with the 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine, many of them burn
more than a quart every thousand miles and there’s a class-action suit against
that one, again the dealership might tell you, oh that’s normal for those cars and
maybe normal for that car, but it’s wrong you don’t want to buy a car like that,
because if you change your oil and filter regularly like your suppose to and
use the oil they ask, in this case it’s a 5w30 oil, your engine should not burn
oil, as the engine fires, the oil should remain in the crankcase, it shouldn’t get
inside the cylinder and burn, that’s just bad engineering or bad manufacturing
processes, and with many cars these days going to GDI
gasoline direct injection and turbo charging, there’s higher and higher
pressures inside the engine, higher pressures inside the fuel injection
systems, so quality control and engineering has to be top-notch,
or you’ll end up with an engine that burns oil, and let’s face it, nobody wants
to buy a car and then get in a class-action suit, what a hassle, so we
still live in a free society, you can vote with your money, nobody’s holding a
gun to your head and says you got to buy this particular car, do a little research
online, you find out one manufacturer has problems with engines burning oil, don’t
buy that manufacturers car, it’s that simple,
don’t listen to any nonsense that they might tell you that, oh it’s normal for
these engines to burn oil, because as the old joke goes, what’s the difference
between a lawyer and a liar, just a couple of letters, and what’s the
difference between a salesman and a liar nothing they’re exactly the same, and for
you, there’s nothing worse than putting out your hard-earned money to buy an
expensive new car, only to find that in a short period of time, the things burning
oil and from this perspective, do what I always do, never ever buy a brand-new
engine design that just came out, no one knows what the history is, like with that
old Vega people thought, oh great an aluminum block will put Teflon in it, only
to find that a few thousand miles later the engines are burning oil like mad
because the Teflon all came off, so before you buy another car, do some serious
research and you can always ask me online, I’ll tell you which ones burn oil
which ones don’t, because we may live in a complex society, but when it comes to
four-stroke gasoline engines, one thing is simple, they should not burn engine oil,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to
ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty you could make a video on top 10 best old cars for project cars video.
    Clearly the Vega is not on the list 🙂

  3. Scotty,
    What do you know about the 5.3 Gm engines that go into v4 and use excessive amounts of oil ? GM refuses to do anything about the problem . The state of Minnesota has a class action lawsuit against GM

  4. Hey Scotty. Love your channel. I just got a 2012 Toyota RAV4 4-cylinder, 86K miles, checked out. It was 1 qt low on Fully Synthetic oil. The owner says he changed the oil once a year. Is 1 qt low after 10,000 miles normal?

  5. Scotty, you disappointed me on this one. I expected some specific problem to be pointed out and instead you gave us general quality issues. You can frame that around any industry, including Duke energy (power outages without storms) and AT&T service outages (total of seven weeks this past year) here in Florida.

  6. Scotty, I've been considering an F150 with the 5.0 engine. But it seems in 2018, these tried and true 5.0 engines, are burning oil. Do you have an knowledge of what Ford has done different in 2018 to make this suddenly be an oil burning engine? People all over are having oil burning issues before they even reach 5000 miles on them. What changed?

  7. I have this issue with my 2013 equinox. I’m the second owner. How can I join this class action against GM?

    GM recommends using expensive synthetic oil which gives owner the false presumption of long mileage. So I never suspected there was engine burning problem. Because this went on for quite some time, the timing chain was running without enough lubrication. Now chain brackets are broken and they produce annoying knocking and rattling noise.

    Not to mention the ecotec engine is a GDI engine that builds up carbon deposits on the back of intake valves.

    Man , never ever that I shall buy a GM product.

    I know that Scotty might not agree, but I feel even fiat Chrysler is better built than a GM product.

  8. My 02 Toyota camry 2.4 has 139,000 miles on it and it now has the oil cosumption issue. The car is in great shape other wise. Guess I'm screwed because Toyota won't repair it at this point . Guess I just keep putting oil in it. It was my mom's car and I wanted to see it go to 300,000.

  9. Scotty a relative has a 2010 Camry with the 2.5 engine it sounds like marbles rattling in a can on start up and it uses oil like crazy tho it doesn't smoke at all. The PCV was changed what a nightmare and it still uses oil like crazy. Any suggestions short of a engine rebuild or selling the car?

  10. My coworker has an 06 Rav 4 that has a replacement engine because it burned oil and the previous owner likely ran it out of oil. All manufacturers have certain engines that were prone to this problem.

  11. My 2001Audi TT Quattro turbo 1.8L ran great even though I beat it like all hell and abused it beyond belief – all the way to 197,000 miles to when the gas tank cracked. Never burned a drop of oil between regular changes, ever. On the other hand, my wife's 2014 Audi A3 Wagon 2.0L turbo used at least a quart of oil every 1000 miles!!!!! Plus it had 4 individual coils which had a 3-year lifespan!!!! At 94K miles, I got her a Volvo, which has been great!!! Greg S.

  12. My '15 VW Sportwagen goes through 1/2 qt in 10k miles. 1.8L tsi turbo. Best car I have owned. About to do my first oil change after the dealer did it for first 30k miles. Full synth oil every 10k

  13. Had a 2016 Kia Optima with a 2.4 GDI. It burned 2.5 quarts every 3-4000 miles. Only had 50,000 miles when it got that bad. Kia refused to do anything about it. I’m a mechanic so I changed my own oil every time. Never missed an oil change and only used the right oil. They refused to do anything about it because I couldn’t provide service records. Let’s say I’m a proud new owner of a Toyota now!

  14. No. Vegas’ engines weren’t coated with Teflon! Same erroneous info, over and over. They had hard, silicon-treated cylinder walls.

  15. We love you here in Canada. Could you please do a segment on the worst to the best air and oil filters. Cheers Leigh

  16. '
    any brand new vehicles are always cheap low quality engines oils without oil supplement and shorter running…
    less than 2000 miles then time to change best high quality engines oils with oil supplement or STP oil…
    engine can longer running as well

  17. I had a Vespa Scooter with a two stroke. It was peppy for a little old 123 CC engine. Small engines like that are hard to build as efficiently in four stroke.

  18. I have a 2005 Mustang V8 with 155k miles, uses a little oil between 5k changes and it calls for 5w-20. I switched to 10w-30 and no more consumption. No noticeable fuel consumption issues, so no big deal for me.

  19. Replace the engine with a dilithium photon generator and it wont leak oil even during warp speed ! Live long and prosper Scotty !

  20. It’s already hard for GM/Chevy trying to sell crappy cars that nobody is buying and now Scotty is single handedly taking them out of business with sedans and SUVs… they’ll end up like Ford only selling Sports cars and pick up trucks. lol

  21. They are putting too thin oil on 20/50,000 miles engines. Thin oil is for brand new engines only. The higher the miles, the higher the oil weigh to use. Simple..

  22. They are putting too thin oil on 20/50,000 miles engines. Thin oil is for brand new engines only. The higher the miles, the higher the oil weigh to use. Simple..

  23. My 2015 silverado burns 3 quarts every 2000 miles. I run Mobil 1 synthetic and have only 25k miles. I used to be a huge Chevy fan but this will be my last!

  24. Scotty: what do you think about a 2011 lincoln mks 3.5l twin turbo with 80 thousand miles? For 10 grand? Im looking into gettting a new car

  25. Audi and Toyota both had 4 cylinder engines with faulty piston rings. People got warrantied engines after a leakdown test

  26. Hyundai & Kia are all looks but no substance. Kind of like an extremely attractive woman who's rotten on the inside.

  27. I have had a 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor AWD that has always burned oil since bought 2 years old. It says in handbook, normal to use 1 quart for every 3000 miles, lol . I been pouring oil in it every since.

  28. They can't make cars worth a crap anymore. Unions demanding unreasonable pay and benefits keeping quality way down, Along with diversity quota hiring causing lower IQ employment.

  29. What's funny is that Scotty mentions turbo engines. However it is the naturally aspirated V8 with the F150 that has been having oil consumption issues and not the EcoBoost engines.

  30. Our niece's chevy suv engine just blew, now she's still making payments on a car she can't even drive. chevy just lost another customer for life

  31. My 2007 Mitsubishi Colt uses a litre of oil every thousand miles but it has done 100 thousand miles so I think this is normal oil use for the mileage.

  32. Ive got a 12 year old hyundai accent..150k mi….no smoke, no leaks, but burns a quart every month….even good quality synthetic. Where the hell is it all going???

  33. i had a 1998 crown victoria v 8 engine burnt oil when it was brand new now 120000 miles later must check the oil all the time or the engine would blow sold the car never buy a ford again endless money pit.

  34. I heard that newer BMWs and AUDIs are burning oil because they get better fuel economy that way . Many years ago it was said that uk fords burnt little to no oil but were thirsty and Leland cars were economical but burnt some oil . If it’s true it’s not a bad trade off- a few pints of oil for saving tens of gallons of fuel . Can’t believe it’s just crappy engineering in this day and age .

  35. Hey Scotty! I have a bizarre thing happening in my 2004 Scion XB. It started about a year ago and was just random but now is constant. My speedometer/ tachometer nacelle and my odometer (separate units) are flashing. The odometer seems to be working correctly, but nothing else! Speedo, tach, fuel gauge are dead. Trip meter won’t reset. Any thoughts? Anyone?

  36. Yeah I had a 2013 equinox I checked oil in that thing every few days and it had a lot of other problems new Chevy's are garbage

  37. You said to ask so I'm asking. I need to purchase a new suv/4wd/awd. I've been looking at the Escape Equinox Trax. That's my budget & insurance range. I really don't want a new one but my 1999 Blazer is just too rusted & needs too much done (not through neglect just bad winters). What would you recommend

  38. The new F-150 Coyote engine 5.0 are using oil Ford's fix is to change the engine on my second engine and it's burning oil to

  39. Car companies have learned you can't make a car too reliable or they will lose money. Chevrolet cars are one example, they make some of the worst cheap crap oil burning cars.

  40. This video is awesome! I have a 2011 chevy equinox and it burns a ton of oil. When we drove it off the lot it started to make noise and we found it was dangerously low on oil. I filled it up and it still burns it all the time. Didn't know about the recall/class action suit. I will have to take the car to the dealer and get it fixed.

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