Here’s Why New Toyotas are Exploding

Here’s Why New Toyotas are Exploding

rev up your engines it turns out that more and more Sun
roofs are exploding the ones that are made out of glass
now since 1995 in the US and Canada there’s over 1,200 reports of exploding
Sun roofs but 70% of this is since 2011 they’ve been the Toyota’s Honda’s you
name it all kinds of cars are having is exploding sunroof
so one advantages when they do explode they explode out and not in what the
engineers have come up with the conclusion is that when I make the glass
sort of sunroof it turns out that the inside part cools before the outside
part where they’re making a glass so the outside part is more brittle than the
inside part so when it breaks it breaks out instead of breaking in which is a
good thing but it can still scare the heck out of you when you’re going on a
road and I’ve said your Big Bang a lot of people look they turn the steering
wheel happen to one of my customers she’s such heard a big bang but she used her head and felt the steering that she said well
it’s still going straight it’s not wobbling or anything so she figured she
didn’t blow out a tire and then her daughter said look the Sunroof has blown
up luckily the glass blows out and not in in most cases might be a good idea
that if you do have a sunroof when you’re not using it
close the top the Sun roofs on all the good cars up top over your head there’s
a sliding piece so you don’t get the light in so you can close it when you
don’t want the light open when you do do like my wife does she hates sunroofs
anyways even though our Lexus has one she just leaves that closed the whole
time so the light doesn’t come in because she doesn’t like the light
coming from the top anyway so there might not be a bad idea for all you
people out there that have sunroofs if you’re not using them but that partition
time to close it so if anything does happen none of the pieces will come
down on your head , ice says Scotty I got an 01
GMC truck Sierra 1500 4-wheel Drive I had to disconnect the battery so I could
replace the windshield squirter assembly when I put it back together it won’t
start health you know unfortunately modern
cars are getting more and more and more complex sometimes a simple thing like
disconnecting the battery cable and then when you put it back on
the car won’t start my advice is don’t ever do that again get one of those
memory saver devices you can get an autozone Amazon eBay all over the place
basically they plug into the OBD port and then out of them there’s two clips
that you hook up to a small 12-volt battery that keeps the voltage there it
keeps you from losing computer memory and that won’t happen what you do that
so now you’re stuck from my experience with those things
because it is an old Ford GMC in the dash called the body control module that has
a lot to do with the car starting the last time somebody told one of those
over I thought ok I’ve done this before I’m gonna try it again I went in the dash I
unplugged the body control module and I waited about five minutes then I plugged
the stupid thing back in and it started up and ran perfectly fine a lot of times
that’ll reset it now if it doesn’t reset it you probably have to find a guy like
me with your giant scan tool and sometimes you have to reset other things
to make it start but from my experience with those a lot of times it’s just
unplugging the body control module clip waiting about five minutes plugging it
in it can start right back up again like I say the next time you work on you
got a disconnect the battery hook up a memory saver and you know to deal with
any of that crap from now on Jerome from Philly says I got a 2000 Chevy 1500 v8
it cranks it won’t start and it says check engine oil pressure let’s hope
it’s a simple problem the way they designed those vehicles the oil pressure
sending unit if it’s low oil pressure it won’t send power to the fuel
pump you know crank but it won’t start cuz you’re not getting any fuel to the
engine it’s basically a safety feature so if you’re driving on your own you
lose oil pressure instead of the engine running until it blows up it shuts fuel
off and the engine doesn’t run anymore you want to pray that it’s just a bad
oil pressure sending unit and often is by one put it in a not that big of a
deal it just bolts out and bolts and you can like an autozone if you don’t have
the tool they’ll sell you the socket that goes on it for 10 bucks too and
replace it if that fixes is great if not then odds are you actually have low oil
pressure and your engine’s on the verge of wearing out to check that you just
put a gauge on where those oil pressure sending there goes you check the
pressure and if the pressure is zero or really low then that they’re gonna have
to rebuild the engine it’s mm you and 70 miles probably got a lot
of miles and if an engine wears out it’ll do that play it’s just oil
pressure sending you a lot of times it is because like I said if you don’t have
oil pressure it shuts the fuel pump off and if the sending unit is broken and it
tells you it’s got no pressure even though it does it won’t send any fuel
pressure lilies says I got a 2011 bmw x3 X Drive it cranks but
it doesn’t start and it’s got the code p016 crankshaft position correlation
errors those things are endless money pits as they age and I’ve seen it on
many of them that has a variable valve timing system in BMWs case it’s called
the vanos system VANOS and it’s probably the most complex variable valve
timing and I have seen many of those things where they use timing chains not
a belt where the chain goes on the sprocket with all those teeth that vanos
thing often strips and moves it was kind of a design flaw they didn’t build them all
that right so the first thing you want to do is have somebody take a valve
cover off and if they see that timing chain has ripped it off and a stupid
vanos thing is shredded to the side odds are you’re gonna need another engine
because when it does that Pistons at the valves bent the valves those are very
complex engines the last time I had a customer like that they junked the car
they said I’m not gonna fix that and the time before that I sent it to a friend
of mine who does nothing but BMWs and even he said you’re not gonna fix this
thing and he found a used engine from Germany and had that installed then it
ran fine but it costs a small fortune by the time it was all done those are not
cheap cars to fix they do break down they’re not bulletproof
they were bulletproof 30 40 years ago but they’re not anymore my advice stay away
from them Joey the Lucas says got an 2011 Kia Sorento I hear a grinding noise
check engine light comes on so did the track lights and it’s got the code C
1264 steering angle sensor circuit signal modern cars are so complicated
you got traction control you got abs brakes there’s a part called the
steering angle sensor and that measures where your steering is so it knows how
to adjust things for your traction controls so if you slam on the brakes
and it sees the cars pulling to one side then it’ll change the brakes so to go
back straight instead of pulling to one side you got a problem in that system
now you do say you have any grinding noise well my experience with those
Kia’s are whenever you get that code and you’re a grinding noise
it means the sensor is broken and it’s grinding cuz when you turn instead of it
being smooth it’s broken inside and it makes a grinding noise so if that
grinding sounds coming from your steering column odds are you’re gonna
need a steering angle sensor now you can’t do this yourself you got to take
the airbag off take it all apart but even if you did all that put it it won’t
work cuz it’s got to be reprogrammed by a guy like me with the programmer call
around and see what mechanics charge to change the steering angle sensor for
that vehicle and have them do it for you Ryan says I got an 08 chevy
Silverado my seat belts won’t retract a more modern vehicle like that is a bit
more complex than the old ones the old ones were strictly mechanical and when
they didn’t retract there’s a spring inside the retractor and it’s got a
gear and that system would break down sometimes you get lucky take it apart a
little bit with some wd-40 and getting to work again but yours is electronic so
that’s not gonna cut the mustard there is a module I would check that module
the module is very low a lot of times especially if you’ve been in any kind of
flood water or rain got in the car they get filled with water and I don’t work
so you might want to check that let’s say it’s full of water then you just
gotta replace it go to the dealer and buy it a seat belt module you might try
though if it isn’t wet open the door close the door put the can try to get it
to retract hit it with a hammer if you hit it with hammering and it starts to
retract been you know the modules bed says like you got an old toaster and you
hit it with a hammer it works you know something’s wrong inside you just
replace it because with the modules you can’t fix them you have to replace the
whole thing as a unit all these computer module systems I think there’s something
you make money fixing the cogs on a break Jerry the first says
got a 09 Ford Fusion 2.3 automatic I’ve got the code p0660 for intake manifold tuning valve control brother that is a known flaw knows the intake manifolds on those are tunable manifold so they have a little assembly that can open
close to change how much flow is inside one is for better acceleration one is
for better gas mileage and those systems just break because they were cheaply
made sad but true all that plastic junk the heat of the engine gets to it and
they stick and the only really way to fix that plastic junk is by replacing
the entire intake manifold itself you really want to try taking it apart and
trying to lubricate it but it’s all plastic and then they end up sticking
again or if you see it’s grabbing somewhere and you file it down while
you’re changing the flow of the air and the computer doesn’t know that so really
the only sure fix that I’ve ever found on those is replacing the whole intake
manifold assembly with the new one now if you could find an aftermarket one
from a company like dorm and go right ahead they’re generally well made
because they’re redesigned to work right in the first place, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. My advise for these Chevy n GMC problems is a
    "Global Reset" Disconnect both cables n touch them together. You Chevy n GMC you better contact me not Scotty. No Disrespect intended. The second one with low oil pressure message. Prob a fuel pump..seriously

  3. My sunroof exploded…. 2015 Rav4… scared the hell out of me…. Scotty, you didn't explain why they explode in the first place.

  4. If you do some research on the exploding sunroofs, you'll see that a majority of them are the really large sunroofs that are mainly in newer model cars. That is the reason why this has increased in recent years. If you have a small sunroof, like the one in our RAV4, the chances of them failing is far lower. They haven't quite figured out why sunroofs are failing but it must have something to do with them being a really large piece of glass.

  5. These “explosive” sunroof stories seem to center around models that have panoramic sunroofs, which are a complete joke. They rob the vehicle of its structural integrity and the body of the car flexing over dips and undulations in the road is what causes the sunroof to shatter. People: if you want a convertible, just buy one. Stay away from panoramic sunroofs.

  6. Tempered glass can break spontaneously if it is manufactured with contaminants (nickel sulfide inclusions) or edge defects. It can also be due to framing or thermal stress after installation. This occasionally happens with balcony glass and the glass in the doors of microwave ovens too.

  7. Yay, Scotty! You said "PARTITION", not petition, like so many people who are trying to describe a division between two spaces! Thank you for being correct!

  8. Scotty I want to buy a new, or late model truck that does not have all those sensors, modules, computers, or plastic crap. What are my options?

  9. VANOS is one of the worst systems ever made. The pumps are insanely expensive and have a super high failure rate. VVT isn’t a tremendously difficult system. It’s been around for ages. BMW needs to go lower tech in some respects

  10. Yeah more like Toyota is using lowest bidder on the sunroof glass. Why did this start happening all of a sudden? Cars 20+ years seem to be fine, its the cheap glass they put in.

  11. Hey @Scotty
    My car feels more powerful after fuel refill. By the time fuel tank becomes half, the car feels sluggish. What do you think the problem is. Toyota Corolla 2014 188k (KM)

  12. I keep it closed because i think well… i never know when it's going to Hail…and i don't want broken glass all over the inside of my car or what have you.. well i never thought of my sunroof ever exploding but hey maybee.. ok..yes it's a 2015 Nissan Altima…It runs so far…90 thousand miles on it mostly highway miles..i hope that Transmission don't go out. and.. I hope it don't blow a head gasket.. maybe i should get rid of it and get a used 2004 lexus or something.. Hell i dunno..

  13. I have a 2013 charger I disconnected the battery to changed out the windshield wiper switch on the steering column and after I was done I got a traction control light but with no abs light and don’t know what’s wrong

  14. Scotty my relatives in Cozumel deal with some hurricanes, and they can see their bedroom windows flexing and bulging out when the wind speeds are high…

  15. Love this format of reporting stuff. Scotty Kilmer inspired me to shoot my own "news" video, after you're done getting your daily Scotty fix go check it out! Tell me what you think.

  16. Toyota figures that their consumers are too stupid to do research on cars, just buy on brand name only….and they're right!😂

  17. A part from Dorman is alright? Dorman?!?! The discount made in China aftermarket company that can somehow screw up cast iron exhaust manifolds? That Dorman?

  18. I bought an 07 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Coupe and the reverse lights don't work I tested the circuit and found that I have no ground what Is the best course of action to fixing it without going to the dealer or taking off the tire due to the lug nuts being wired

  19. I once had a 1979 Toyota Celica with a manual crank sunroof, but there was so much rust around it, I could only get it closed halfway, so I screwed and caulked a piece of plexiglass over it.

  20. Hey Scotty, I have a 2014 toyota tacoma 4 cylinder 4 speed auto. The user manual recommendeds using the 0W-20 engine oil but since they don't import it to my country I have been using a 5W-30 engine oil for the last year. The car works fine but the fuel economy has dropped to less than 10 MPG. Are there any other downsides, and what do you recommended?

  21. You keep saying " find a guy like me" is an idea , start a network of mechanics that you can approve and recommend in the top 25 city's in America. Group together and make it like a co-op. Finding a guy like you is hard. Because a good honest mechanic is hard to find. You could be the CEO of the co-op and really help people without getting monetarily compensated. The return would-be that people are getting honest, sincere, repairs and advice. Just a thought……

  22. I keep my sunroof closed almost all the time. I find that having it open distracts me when I'm driving. I've never owned a convertible so I haven't gotten used to a sunroof. Like your wife, my 1997 Lexus came with a sunroof.

  23. Scotty I want to buy a reliable new truck. Which one is recommendable? I am thinking about new mitsubishi l200 manual, diesel

  24. Scotty, I bought a used 2015 Mazda 6 with a manual tranny, like you suggest. Notice that the black slats on the lower part of the front bumper are cracked. The slat is connected to the bumper with some kind of clips. Where should I look for a replacement slat assembly and can I install it myself with basic tools?

  25. My son in law has a AMG C class sunroof explode. It costed him $6100 Australian dollars. His car is 3 month old with under 4000km on the odometer. It is not a warranty claim according to Mercedes Benz Australia and nothing we can do about it. I feel we got bullied.

  26. So how do you feel about the explosion no one is talking about called COPPA? You know it means the death of your channel and YouTube all together

  27. I owned a Dodge Neon with a sunroof in it from the factory. When it broke, (would not close) the Dodge mechanics kept telling me the manufacture never put sun roofs in their cars. An old crusty mechanic looked at it and said it was a factory sunroof (The production of these ran for less than a year). All the mechanics gathered around as he talked about it. He pulled two clips and it closed manually. So few were made, it was replace with an aftermarket or seal the roof. We just sealed the roof. Never had a problem again.

  28. Hey Scotty, I have a 1996 nissan maxima 3.0L automatic. In summer it starts fine. In winter you have to give it a little gas to start from cold but once the engine warms up, it starts every time until engine is dead cold again. I cleaned the throttle body & intake manifold. The fuel filter was changed 2 years ago. What am I missing? Thanks

  29. Never met a sunroof that I liked. Noisy, leaky, cranky stupid excuse for "fresh" air. And now they explode? No more sunroof for me!

  30. I refuse to buy cars with sunroofs. They leak, break, the mechanisms and motors break, and they reduce the headroom in the interior. A sunroof in a car is a dealbreaker for me.

  31. Hey Scotty, I just purchased a 2010 Scion xB with a 4 Speed Automatic, any thoughts on the reliability of the car?

  32. hey whoever has the 04 sierra here's your answer. They ALL do this its a common problem. The negative battery terminal is corroded under the rubber. You had an OK connection, until you disturbed it. Just cut the rubber off, clean the corrosion out with baking soda and water, reassemble, and no problems. Like I said, every gmt-800 I own has done this at some point. It's always the negative terminal. Don't know what GM did on the negative side but its a common problem for sure.

  33. SCOTTY! I would love to consider your opinion on my car purchase. I’m 18 have been saving for a while, want a good reliable, stylish car that will last at least 7 years. 2019 impala premier or 2017-18 camaro 2ss

  34. Typical overrated, overhyped, BMW. That VANOS garbage. I never buy any of that German garbage. VANOS is junk. Pure and simple. As for sunroofs, don't have them in any car, they're just more 'stuff' to break. Simple is superior, simple is cost effective. The best there is in any stretch of the imagination.

  35. On the GM sidepost terminal batteries sometimes when disconnected the bolts get dirty and it won't start. Make sure they are clean!

  36. Wife's oldest boy bought one of these new oooo so great Toyota Rav 4s fully loaded transmission started jerking will driving and TOYOTA told him they couldn't and wouldn't fix it with just a few thousand miles on it yeah sounds like Toyota ain't so great neither he got rid of it and bought a Honda

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