Here’s Why Old Cars Suck

rev up your engines, now if you’ve been
following me for any time you’ll know I tell people to buy used cars so they can
save a bunch of money lose depreciation but sometimes you can go to old in a
used car really all cars a lot more maintenance of modern cars to do you
can’t just put gas and oil in them and drive them forever,
their maintenance heavy check out this go to the we go to the engine hiding under here ok this
four-cylinder Volkswagen engine has two carburetors one carburetor here and one
carburetor there you got to keep them clean you got to adjust them and you
have to sync them you get a special gauge measures the vacuum pressure and
you have to keep adjusting them so they both run exactly the same so when you
take off one side of the engine doesn’t get more fuel than the other side this
is a heavy maintenance thing that has to be done quite often on these things and
to know electronic ignition it has a distributor which has points and
condensers in it you pop the sides off get a screwdriver there’s the other side
there’s the condenser on the side and the rotor that spins around to send
spark to the spark plug through the wires now the points are mechanical they
open and close to fire that just wears out over time then you got to replace
the points and the condenser is the electrical part you’re good to replace that because that can short out over time these things can wear out as little
as fifteen thousand miles once you replace the points you have to set them
but then you have to set the ignition timing because they’re not all made
exactly same seeing the timing light warm up the engine you got to turn to
distribute to get the timing right it’s a lot of work we’re a minor car
everything’s done by computers you don’t adjust anything and it’s all electronic
it either works or it doesn’t work take this 13 year old matrix the ignition
system has never been touched now it’s only got 65,000 miles and the
spark plugs are still good the ignition systems coil on plug so it’s all done by
computers and nor justing anything I’ve never been touched it still runs
like a clock so there’s a lot more maintenance on these cars you do look at
an old car like this you notice something’s missing what’s missing is no
air conditioner it may be seven o’clock in the morning here in Houston but I’m
already profusely sweating because it’s July summers here but ever gonna sweat
most people are not gonna drive a car like this without air conditioning in
Houston and let’s say you buy a more modern older car that has air
conditioning in it you got a car that’s 20 years old or older and it’s still got
an air conditioning system on it odds are it’s gonna need some very
expensive work overtime I’ve had customers buy cars that hey you couldn’t
even buy a new compressor for him anymore you got only buy rebuilt ones
which often stink and don’t last long I put floor compressors on that was a
Honda and each one went out because they were just cheaply rebuilt once finally
we found an old stock new one and it’s still working to the stay of that one
but all systems of course have worn out and let’s say you got when it’s got it
really hard to get evaporator inside the dash where you got to tear the whole dash apart
to replace it you can spend thousands of dollars working on these air
conditioning systems and still just have an old car with a patched-up ac
system, realize if you live in a hot climate a really old car
with a really old air conditioner may not be such a smart idea and while we
are talking about all cars you’re looking at one first thing you want to
look at it scroll under the car look at the frame now as you can see on this old
boat wagon its pristine this thing’s been baby through its whole life it’s lived in
garages sheltered when it lived up north it didn’t go out in the winter so this
is an excellent shape it’s a good car for that if you’re looking a really old
car and you find the frames all right bring a little hammer if you hit it
crunches in when you hit it don’t buy it once the frames rotten a car would need
what’s called a frame-off restoration they’ve taken the entire car apart to
the bare frame and either buy a new frame have parts built have it welded
back together and then put it all together it’s so much hassle it’s not
something you want to get involved in if it’s a rust bucket
let it be somebody else’s bucket not yours no when you look inside these
folks are you see it’s interiors actually
it’s been done over by Pro who really know what he was doing and this
particular one has a four speed standard transmission they’re really dependable
but let’s say you’re looking at an older automatic you get something that’s 40-50
years old with the automatic transmission odds are it’s gonna need
some serious expensive work if you can’t even find anybody old enough who knows
how to fix those things not as once where I can be in a 67 and it’s time it
was a really well handling vehicle it still handles decently but it’s nothing
compared to a modern vehicle that has state-of-the-art suspension tires that
have wider grip to them braking systems that really can stop on a dime and all
this thing it doesn’t even have power brakes now this is a more modern VW look
here you see the front brakes our disc brakes
it has disc brakes in the front they’re really old ones had drum brakes in the
front and the back but even on the back with the drum brakes here these drum
brakes aren’t even automatically adjustable you have to manually adjust
the drum brakes now take this matrix it has disc in the front and drums in the
back but the back drums have automatic adjusters on them so you never have to
do anything they adjust themselves so when you drive but not on this old
Volkswagen you have to jack up the car bend the wheel and if it spins free go
to the back and there’s an adjusting bolt and you turn up little bits at a
time until it just starts to rub it’s kind of a pain in the butt to do that
stage especially I really almost up and those bolts start to rust on and you
either get them too tight or too loose all the time
and if you get a really old car like this vw generally the
suspension system start to sag when they get that old kind of like people that
founders up pretty high but the back wheel you can see it’s much lower the
tire is almost touching the fender they often sang as they age and that’s it
back you can see the back is really slanted down because it’s just sad from
old age unless it’s perfectly restored you’re gonna see that a lot of old cars
seem going on a road and they’re either sitting this way or this way or sideways
one way or the other because Springs just naturally wear over time and
they’ll start sagging like people Sagan as they age, all the rubber gets old a lot of this has been done over but generally in
a big rain or if you go through car wash water starts coming even this one’s got
some water that comes in at when it’s raining now at least here in taxes and
some other states when there’s old is this they don’t have to go through any
emissions tusky when you get inspected just a safety
inspection so you don’t have to worry about getting really expensive bills
when it comes time to get your car inspected as long as the brake lights
and everything works on it you don’t have to worry about that pollution
control stuff that you can end up spending thousands on if catalytic
converters or other parts go bad and that’s one being basically a Volkswagen
Beetle design parts are still readily available all over the world form it’s
not like you can’t get parts form but be prepared to do some serious maintenance
on a vehicle like this as you’re driving around especially if you’re crazy enough
to buy one and use it as an everyday driver non stop and go traffic
especially in place like Houston where it’s hot and humid the engines can have
a tendency of overheating and number three piston but at least with modern
oils full synthetic oils they dissipate heat better and on this they call it an
air-cooled engine but it’s really an air / oil cooled engine the oil serves a lot
of the coolant so use a good synthetic oil in one of these things hey it’s
going to run cooler than it will with just a conventional like a straight
thirty that they originally were made for and that’s particularly as you’ve
done by a pro you can see there’s no oil drips under the engine the engine was
rebuilt by a pro really know what he was doing it runs great it doesn’t really go
oil but if you’re thinking about buying a classic where the engine and
transmission wasn’t taken apart and rebuilt correctly you’re gonna find
every single oil seal any rubber parts they’re gonna be rotten they’re gonna
leak power steering hoses are gonna leave generally the power steering rack
will start leaking to from old age and the rubber just deteriorates now realize
that the electrical systems on these older cars are pretty simple if you’re
planning on putting fancy stereo or stuff in you’re gonna have to upgrade
the stuff because if you look at the charging system this thing only creates
30 amps of power that’s it 30 amps many minor cars have well over 100 amp
alternator so if you’re gonna try to soup one of these things up with a fancy
stereo system or any kind of electronic devices
you’re gonna have to upgrade the alternators now it can be done there’s
kits and stuff like that but just realize you’re not gonna be able to buy
some old car and just whip in some giant stereo entertainment system I think it’s
going to work without draining the battery and straining the electrical
system so if you’re the buyer really all car hey maybe not a bad idea for a
Knockaround toy that you can fool around with but don’t think you’re gonna buy it
and drive the thing 15,000 20,000 miles a year without spending a whole bunch of
time and money fixing it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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