Here’s Why the 2011 Ford F-150 was Worth $48,000

Here’s Why the 2011 Ford F-150 was Worth $48,000

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
this here is a 2011 Ford f-150 limited edition, now looking at the VIN badge and
inside that they have, they only made 1100 of these trucks, I was looking
around at this vehicle and me personally I never liked white trucks, and I liked
this one for some reason I think it’s the way it reflects on this truck,
so let’s actually look at it right now so this is like a pearl white color and
I really liked it on the rims I thought it looked really good with the rims, I
take it out for a test drive and after that it was pretty much over,
this vehicle actually spent a lot of its time in
Canada, it somehow came down here in an auction my buddy at his car lot ended up
buying it and now it’s with me, now first thing that you really notice when you
open this door, so unfortunately the last owner took off the running boards, they
were power running boards, so they are no longer there, I’m not sure if they were
some electrical issue with it or they just didn’t like it, but I am not putting
a new one on, one feature I really like is this limited badge right here it
really sticks out when you first walk into the cabin, I also have this really
cool two-tone leather steering wheel, leather wrapped of course, now one thing
I really like I didn’t have in my last f150 was that beautiful sunroof, another thing
I like is the Sony speakers and they actually I am impressed is a big step up
from my last vehicle, another thing I like about this truck is not only do you have
front heated seats, but they are also cooled seats, so not only are they
available in the front seats, these back seats that I’m not 100% sure
if it comes on the Lariat model, but this is a Larry limited it has like I was
saying heated and cooled back seats as well as vents in the back, so that’s I
thought that was pretty interesting, I didn’t even know that was there until afer I bought
the vehicle I wasn’t even paying much
attention to the back seats, but very roomy fully leather,
I really really like the way they set up this truck, I mean look at
this thing the rims just really, 20 inch rims really
look good with the truck, so this being a 2011 which it’s a little dated yes, but
still serves it’s purpose well, it has the GPS
map inside, which works very well I’ve noticed some of the roads aren’t quite
updated, but it shows me live traffic which I was like oh well that’s pretty cool
I don’t use it that much just because to be honest it’s a lot easier to use Google
Maps, but I really like this feature for climate control on the touch screen
instead of you know if you don’t want to use these buttons, well hey you got a
touchscreen, then you got your satellite radio and all that good stuff, so it’s a
really nice system I like how they put that in there it’s a nice big screen
it works really well, so let’s go ahead and start this up this is a 6.2 v8
engine, the same engine they use in the Raptor actually, they decided to
discontinue this engine and now they’re using the high output v6 I believe in
the limited versions, which puts out more horsepower but you can’t beat the v8, so
here is that nice 6.2 v8 that to be honest with you, you cannot beat
the sound of a v8 engine, I had my last f150 was the v6 ecoboost, I loved the
thing it was zippy and it was quick, got good gas
mileage, but it does not replace the sound of a v8 engine, you know a lot of
trucks these days have kind of went away from the v8, but they’re now starting to
come back to it which i think is a good option, so this is still pretty stock, I
put a K&N dropped the air filter in the airbox, my old truck had a
cold air intake and some other things done to it, I haven’t quite got to it
with this truck, I am thinking about doing a nice catback exhaust system, I’m
not sure if I’m going to do a cold air intake on this one though just because
it’s a naturally aspirated engine, it doesn’t benefit from a cold air intake
like a turbo charged GDI engine would alright let’s go ahead and rev up this
engine man that v8 sounds mean, another
thing about this truck that I personally like is the way it rides, it rides very
very smooth, the combination of the tires with the suspension, it doesn’t feel like
a truck that much, it is a truck but when you’re driving it down the road you know
it is so smooth, you know some trucks like to go
with a chrome, chrome bumpers, a lot of chrome, I
like chrome but this white actually looks really good with it matching the
bumper, it even has a lovely backup camera stock backup camera which works really
well, these license plate lights were actually halogen, I replaced them and put
LED lights just because I think they look
better this is a short bed five and a half foot bed, my last truck was a six
and a half foot bed, I actually like the style of this shorter bed, it actually
makes it easier to park too I’m not gonna lie,
so feature wise this thing is just about fully loaded, I didn’t realize how many
features this vehicle had until I started driving it and kind of exploring around,
down here we have the ambient lighting very cool it’s not super bright so it’s
not annoying, it’s there at night to where you can see it
one of my favorite all-time features of this truck, I know it’s pretty simple but
it’s really convenient, is the power sliding mirrors and the reason I say
that is when you go park somewhere, I am very careful about where I park, I don’t want
people hitting my vehicle, just being able to fold the mirrors with a button
makes it a lot easier than getting out and folding each mirror on each side, so
that’s a really cool feature that I like, as long as it works
you know electronics these days are not always the most reliable, I’ve driven a lot
of Ford trucks and this one’s probably my
favorite, it’s very smooth it’s full of features that you don’t see in every
truck and it’s still a truck, so if you want a
tow hey you can still tow like a normal truck, it’s useful like a truck
but it’s also luxury like a luxury car, I would like to thank everyone for viewing
my video, Thank You Scotty for showing me on your channel, and I’m gonna
go and have some more fun with this truck
well that was this week’s video and remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel check this out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring
that bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Beautiful truck, good choice not to put the running boards on it it looks better without them. That's a keeper will one day be a classic.

  3. hey scotty, what is the best scantool for home DIY work. foxwell NT650 or NT644pro or autel mk808.
    brands work on mercedes, audi, bmw n skoda.
    service interval reset , brake pads replacement and clearing DTC codes etc.

  4. Damned that is one gorgeous Truck! Ford cannot be touched when it comes to its Truck line! You didn't say what you paid, or the mileage… But it loaded with options, everything works, and it's in immaculate condition! Enjoy that baby!👍👍❤️❤️

  5. He likes the short bed because it's easier to park? He's never going to haul anything, he should have bought a lexus or caddy but he thinks "a truck" will make him look macho or something.

  6. Most of those power running boards from that time broke and were commonly ripped off because of the high cost to fix them.

  7. The previous owner discarded the running boards cuz running boards suck mansack…the truck looks much, much better with them removed….

  8. I live in snow country and remove running boards. When you get stuck in a drift running boards inhibit shoveling snow from underneath the vehicle.

  9. Nice truck man I have a 2011 Ford F150 with a 5.0L Coyote V8 in it and it's a beast and it also has 126,000 miles on it and still going strong.

  10. Hey Scotty, I am in highschool and I'm about to get my license. I have been fixing my family's cars for a couple years now and I run a small engine repair business (mostly buying, repairing and selling mowers) I want a car with a carburetor that I can work on and do my own repairs and modifications on. I'm not looking to build a drag car but I would not mind something a little more sporty like maybe a Cutlass or a Chevy Nova, maybe a Malibu. Would it be practical and possible for me to daily drive a car like this or would I be stupid for trying?
    Thanks– Jack

  11. The rear seats are only heated. Sweet lookin truck though. Wish they still make em with the 6.2 although I’m a die hard ford fan, I’m not a fan of the eco boost. Nothing sounds better than a rumblin V8

  12. Nice truck, change that screen with an aftermarket android powered, got it in my expedition and it works great

  13. I'm sorry but trucks are insanely priced. All of them. It's complete robbery. Some people just want simple, plain Jane trucks. Reasonably priced!

  14. CAI dosen't benefit N/A car as well as Turbo car ?!? LMAO
    Turbo car as built-in intercooler so CAI doesn't do much.
    N/A WILL benifit from colder air

  15. How much did you pay? And, how many miles did it have when you purchased? I’m in the market and would love to know, thank you!

  16. If you want real trucks Chevy/GMC and Dodge make them,ford sucks,the two worst trucks I've ever owned.

  17. the only thing worse than running boards are power running boards. Nothing says I should be driving my wifes prius like running boards.

  18. LOL Your truck dated as you said. Mine is from the stone age then LOL. I keep them till I have to shoot them. Dated……………..

  19. Nice truck but nowhere near $48 thou. I mean some dummy paid 48 new and then didn't want to repair the step ups?..It might have been one of many problems as it aged.

  20. Thank you Tariq for showing off your truck . Extremely impressive vehicle. That v8 sound is orgasmic , even through the phone speakers . I hope you get a good run with the truck . I’m jealous. Go the Fords.

  21. Leave it stock. Save your money for when you need to replace it and for gas. It would really surprise me if it was worth more than $20k…. but it is very nice…. enjoy

  22. Ford chevy everyone has there opinions. do your research before buying any vehicle i learned my leason with the Hyundai motor recall wish i would've did a recall check😶

  23. Compared to the 2006 Ford F-150 5.4L V-8 engine compartment, the engine compartment on that truck is so much more tidy.

  24. Ya, but School-Of-Rock dude, it’s a 2011.

    Jack, the 2011 Ford is kinda homosexual with non-chrome bumper or 2/3 “ Girthy ball.

  25. i live in hawaii having a big truck is no good, i wish i lived in the mainland with giant roads and space everywhere 🙁

  26. You do have a great looking truck, love it's still V8 like the wheels as with you and love all the blue gauge indicators in the dash , I'll bet it kind of gives a cool blue glow at night. I used to have a 1980 Ford two tone blue and white, first year independent suspension front diff. four wheel drive pickup. I took the dome light out of my wrecked 1970 Camaro and mounted up in the top of my glove box with a piece of blue spot light lens material and put it under the cover of it. You could drive around with the glove box open and it glowed blue all through the cab at night and made it along with all the other stuff I did to into a really cool truck. They didn't come with all the stuff they have now days. You had to do stuff yourself back then.

  27. i have a camry car 2003 …i have problem in my car..i show my car lot of mechanic but no body understand tha problem of car…so plz if you can help me…my car what whan take self soft it is very well no problem…but some time its slef start little heavy thet time its not runing well…

  28. Who gives a crap how many they made. It looks similar to the millions other generic ones made and similar engine, similar, trans, similar differential and similar interior.

  29. There is nothing special about that truck this is a video he made for his wife to justify the price!

  30. I bought a 2011 Lariat Limited last year. I love my truck. I put a lot of mods on it, big tires, exhaust, Raptor grille, etc. Looks great and the 6.2L is a BEAST!

  31. "I take it out for a test drive and…after that it was pretty much over." Famous last words of every Ford owner since the beginning of time.

  32. Big friggin' deal. $48k for a mere F150 is taking it in the chute. Think about it- $48k!!! "Limited"? So what?

  33. …hey Scotty, great videos my friend… but my question to you is…. why is your garage/workshop/storage so clustered and unorganized? … you might get hurt going in and out of that thing…. why don't you clean and organize it my friend, I'm sure you've tripped and and fall many times ….. just saying.

  34. I can not believe so many people drive full size p/u’s as daily drivers with nothing to pull or nothing to haul.

  35. I have the same truck, they're awesome trucks for sure! But they have 22" wheels and the back seats are only heated. Also Canada made 1100 limiteds in 11' and US made 3700

  36. Hi Scotty love your channel. I would like to show you my 1988 Toyota with 400,000 miles on it I'm trying to get it on the Guinness world record for the most miles on a facyory clutch. I would like you to be the mechanic to verify it's the original clutch to Guinness world records.

  37. My moms 2011 is currently in the shop getting the transmission rebuilt. She bought it brand new, never towed anything and she's a Grandma who uses it to drive back and forth to work as a teacher and to shop. All maintenance has been done by the mileage suggested by Ford, which I think is pretty early, but it got done. I know it's older but I'm not sure the transmission should be out.

  38. Just got a black 2011 platinum. Only has 70k miles and got it for 19k. Amazing vehicle. The one gripe I have is the sun roof is really small, the smallest one I've ever seen on a car or truck

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