Here’s Why the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is Worth $47,000

Here’s Why the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is Worth $47,000

it’s time for show-off Sundaym where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner
hey scotty this is my 2019 bullitt edition mustang
the exhaust on the bullitt was tuned to sound exactly like the 68 Mustang from
the movie, great sounding for a stock exhaust, the premium 401 a package also
comes with the digital dash, we’re in normal mode right now but if you change
into sport mode the dash changes rearranges the tach, but also in track mode
and drag strip mode, track and drag mode the tach is the main focus so it’s
put at the top, there is also a snow and wet mode, the bullitts are numbered and I
wanted to get a low build number within the top 50, luckily this one’s number 23
that’s pretty cool if you’re Michael Jordan fan, visual modifications
for the car are the radiator cover painted to match, I also installed RTR
hood vents and painted them to match, they are functional and they do remove
more heat from under the hood than the factory hood vents, also the window
switch covers were colored matched, another amazing fact about the car is
it’s supposed to be 480 horsepower at the flywheel, I believe Ford underrated
them, we dyno tests at the car and got 446 horsepower at the wheels with
drivetrain loss, that’s over 510 horsepower at the flywheel, maybe because
that’s a little close to the Shelby gt350 which is about $10,000 more
446 and torque is 387, another interesting fact about the car is it was
used in the testing and development of the tuning by james tune which is going
into the limited-edition steve mcqueen mustang bullitt, they’re
building only 300 of these for 2019, and 300 these for 2020, the bullitt uses the
Shelby GT 350s cold air intake, 87 millimeter throttle
body and upper intake manifold to make 480 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of
torque that’s 20 over the standard GT, some of the hidden interior upgrades are
green stitching on the dash center console and the seats, so the car is fun
to drive, it’s not a daily driver it’s not driven in the rain, but when we have
good weather like this I try to get out as much as possible
the car has the magnetic shocks from the Shelby gt350
it’s called Magna ride and it handles like a dream
and it can easily get you in trouble also
the performance package one comes with the Brembo brakes and they
work very well, it also has stiffer springs and sway bars, it does come with
the Ford Racing radiator to cool things off, it’s definitely worth the price of
the package just the brakes and Mustangs do handle now,
also the Rev matching is amazing I think some people might
find it annoying, but you can turn it off in the settings, I just keep it on
no ticket so far but hey when you’re driving this car sometimes
you just go into a daze and look down and you’re doing a whole lot faster than
you want to be it moves when it has to
you can definitely feel that extra 20 horsepower, but in the upper rpms this
car really pulls hard it does have the active exhaust and I
have never put it in quiet mode so there you have it there’s only three
options for the bullitt, the Recaro seats electromagnetic shocks, and the
electronics package with the bno sound system, 12 speakers and a thousand watts,
now the bullitt starts at 47,000, if you package a GT with the same options, it
comes up over 52,000 dollars, now remember the bullet is a premium Mustang
401 a package, performance package one navigation, enhance security a lot of
packages go with this and it starts at 47 K, so it turns out the bullitt is more
than just a green GT, because after optioning for $52,000 similarly, you
still wouldn’t have the performance parts from the Shelby gt350 or the
tuning, and there is that issue about the 480 horsepower being underrated, I’m
Desmond thanks Scotty Kilmer and this is my 2019 bullitt Edition Mustang
well that was this week’s video and remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel check this out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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  2. Must say this is one car I could get used to! 😉 Thanks, Desmond for an informative video on your toy. Now I want one!

  3. Awesome car, however, I can't get past the plastic oil pans and drain plugs Ford now puts on their Mustang GT's.  They did the same on the Raptor, however, they're going back to metal.

  4. You are fools if you think any car is worth that kind of money !  They have BRAIN washed you ! ALL of them ! DON"T BUY THEIR PRODUCT SEE HOW THE PRICE DROPS !!!!!!!!!!

  5. It sounds like it has a manual transmission but I also saw an "N" on the dashboard near the beginning of the video. I tend to associate "N" (and "D" and "R") with automatic transmissions. It would be an abomination to get this car with an automatic transmission, so I certainly hope every last one of them is a manual. Extremely good-looking and great-sounding car. In terms of performance, I'd probably get the RTR instead. It would be ideal to combine the looks of this one with the performance of the RTR.

  6. Scotty I need help. Looking to spend around 15,000 and want a fast reliable car. Was thinking Ford Focus st. Or a mustang gt. But I need room and want something fun. I can’t find problems in either car that happen overtime

  7. Sad part is that the 2003-2004 svt terminators beat these new mustangs. The best mustang besides the COBRA JET is the TERMINATOR.

  8. Who could afford to fix anything that breaks on that techno bomb? Sounds great, but I think there's way too much stuff there to go wrong.
    I mean, I can't even get a Pertronix to work on my '63 Chevy. "Points Only", says the old car. So, no technical upgrades for this old geezer!
    And it runs like sweet cream butter ensconced in velvet with the points in it anyway. Why fix what ain't broke?

  9. Rev up your engines, heres another Bullitt Mustang video of it mowing over a crowd when leaving a car show !!!!!!

  10. Let's be honest, mustangs aren't really mustangs anymore. Everything's slowly fading into 1. I see nothing unique about these cars anymore. Shame.

  11. Dude, you should be doing this for a living, car reviews that is.I enjoyed this a lot better than some so called experts.

  12. That car is not worth a penny more than 34,000 dollars not a penny what does it do so well to justify 50,000 dollars it's a V8 Mustang it amazes me people pay these outrageous prices after 5 or 6 years you'd be lucky to get 20,000 for it even if you bought it and parked it and never used it because in 5 or 6 years the new one will be better and most people won't want it unless they get a hell of a deal these new cars do not hold there value at all

  13. Nice!! I was somewhat annoyed that he kept standing in front of the car, lol. Am I alone here!?! LOL good review. Thanks

  14. My Uncle had Mustang Bullitt 2008, but passed away in 2009.. he would of loved this new bullitt and I'm sure hes watching from heaven with a big smile on his face 🙂

  15. I bought a base 17 gt and stuck a Phase 2 Roush supercharger on it. 727 HP, still below the price of a Bullit. But I want power and we are all looking for something different

  16. I saw a used Bullitt at a small dealership in the early 2000s. I still wish I could have bought that car.

  17. Gt350 is only about 10k more, but gives you a better looking, handing, Tremec transmission, and a different engine that sounds exotic. I think it’s worth the money.

  18. Only 400will be made in 2 years? Why 4 digits then. Why won’t I have one. Oh right bang up a pos first !

  19. Unless you plan to daily drive a Mustang such as this, it's easier to get your power kicks with a motorcycle and drive something more "camouflaged" in common traffic to avoid the police.

  20. It's an awesome car, but too many electronics now. It won't have that raw feel that make the Bullitt a Bullitt. 47K can buy you a sweet 1968 Mustang Fastback, or you could buy a 07-12 GT500 for 7-20k cheaper. But sweet car

  21. They are not limited and no way are they only building 300 a year. There are at least 5 at different Ford garages nesr me.

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