Here’s Why the Car Community is Toxic

Here’s Why the Car Community is Toxic

rev up your engines
welcome to Scotty Kilmer live car talk podcast where you get my 51 years experience
of fixing cars and your car questions not often you’re gonna get a guy like
me who knows about cars answering your questions for nothing honestly there’s a
lot of guys out there giving advice that don’t know what the heck they’re talking about
and then there’s some that may have at one point in time known but the sponsors
got to them and now they’ll do whatever their sponsors to them to tell you about
products may or may not be good well you can see there’s no sponsors here I’m
just telling you the truth Pete says scotty love you work I got
a colleague who’s moving to Houston from Australia for a couple years he wants to
drive a high-end US made luxury car up to a couple years old and up to 60 grand
what suggestions you have well you said US made well realizes they make a lot
of Japanese cars in the United States you know some that are in Canada that’s
close enough to us but you know if you wants an actual American car out of the
choices they’re there I’d say you have to go forward just realize if he’s gonna
pay up to 60 grand he’s only gonna be here a couple of years he’s gonna lose
his shirt when he sells that thing because the resale value those things
just plummets when they get to be a couple years old so justly realize he’s
gonna lose a lot of money if I was him lease a car don’t buy it
lease it then he can lease whatever he wants even a Jaguar he wanted cuz what if it
falls apart he doesn’t care he’s leasing the car that’s their problem not his if
you’re leasing the brand-new car so I’d say for him at least whatever he wants
cuz he’s not gonna own it he’s only gonna be here two years what heck
you’d have some fun and not have to worry about horrible resale value let
the company worry about that, oris says Scotty I just bought a 2019
Jeep Cherokee latitude what’s your opinion of the start/stop system with
idles I hate those systems I think they’re terrible they say gasoline yeah the
worst wear and tear on your engine is when you start it up that’s when the
most wear occurs if he’s starting and stopping it’s gonna wear the engine more
now they claim that they put thicker ranging bearings in la la la la la but
to me it’s much hoopla cuz I’ve seen cars like that and then when they get to
have eighty ninety thousand miles the engines are much more worn than
comparable ones that just start running and don’t stop and start and stop and
start by themselves to save gas mileage parts you’re gonna wear it to start a
faster you’re gonna wear out the battery faster it’s just gonna wear
thing out faster I think it’s just a stupid idea that these guys did try to
cram higher gas mileage ratings out and try to make the government happy that
they’re trying to make cars pollute less but really I mean cars burn gasoline
they’re gonna pollute don’t try to get some mickey mouse thing like that to fix
it it doesn’t fix anything and it does wear them out faster I’d see it’s
Christian 209 says scotty I got a 2002 C240 Mercedes with 166 thousand miles won’t
go past 40 and the ony codes showing are cylinder misfiring three and smell like
gas of course you can try change the spark plugs but odds are it’s not the
spark plug it’s something else you got a leaky fuel injector there okay it pours
too much gas on the computer and a car is really sophisticated when it sees
problems it’s gonna limit the speed that the car can actually go down the road
they’re that complicated that they will turn things off and won’t run correctly
you want to pray of something like a bad injector on number three and not
something like a blown head gasket those c240s were notorious for blowing head
gaskets it could easily be a blown head gasket you want to check because if it
is blowing on a number three the spark plugs gonna smell like gas it’s gonna
have a little oil on it if that’s the case you’re probably getting the blowing
head gasket when you find how much money it cost to replace on that car you’re
probably gonna say oh I’m gonna get rid of this thing and push it off a cliff or
something, blue lights Scotty I’d like your opinion on my car how long do you think
it’ll last it’s a full-time 4×4 2018 MINI Countryman with a six-speed manual
Japanese transmission I drive 100 miles round trip to Charlotte three days a
week I’m a nurse I have 20,000 on it now and I’d use royal purple okay you’re
taking care of the thing there’s no arguing that it is ain’t mini has a
limited lifespan truthfully from my experience of customers once they get
maybe 80 90 thousand miles on him it’s not before they start falling apart in
front of your very eyes you are taking excellent care of the vehicle so in your
case I would say your chances the oil out using royal purple best oil out
there keep checking your and if you find that thing doesn’t burn any oil when
it’s got 80,000 miles on it you might continue to drive it a while you’re
really taking care of the thing and if you put in a hundred miles
than highway highway miles equivalent to 10% city stop-and-go driving so that
hundred miles is ten miles driving drive a thousand miles like that it’s like a
hundred miles and city so you’re not wearing the engine that much you take
really good care maybe you can get lucky but if it does start burning oil but
it’s got 80,000 miles having a lot of electrical problems get rid of it and
never buy another one, humpty-dumpty hope you don’t fall hey Scotty love the show
question is any API certified motor oil okay to use royal King as conventional
essence certified for nine dollars a 5 quart jug can I trust it, my car does
not require synthetic yes as long as it meets the requirements of your car the
API is American Petroleum Institute and it’s an independent Institute checks out
the oils and sees if they meet the certifications to keep coming out with
newer ones for newer vehicles but as long as the certification that’s the API
one rated for that job there’s a little circle with the rating numbers look it
up as long as that meets the certifications of your manufacturer and
that’s totally fine to use, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that bell

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  2. I own a 19992 F150 4X4 5.0 HO Automatic pickup I want to upgrade my truck to BBK chrome shorty headers and true dual exhaust and using an H pipe like used for the Mustang GT but the truck has one O2 censer will it be alright just to keep the one in it or will the other pipe need one as well?

  3. It's not toxic. It's Code 8 corrosive…
    A guy in my local F250 fb group, put low profiles on his truck with a 6 inch lift and spacers that make the tires stick out all the way, it's disgusting 😐

  4. damn scotty, whats gotten into you? has the celica finally given up? is this some sort of grief cycle? taking shots at all the channels.

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