Here’s Why the Hummer is Garbage

Here’s Why the Hummer is Garbage

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about why Hummers are terrible vehicles I have to admit Hummers are interesting
vehicles because they failed twice they failed both in the commercial
market where they sold them to the public and in the military market where
they didn’t meet the needs of the army they weren’t armored enough people got
injured even the army isn’t gonna be using them for much longer
the Army’s replacing Hummers with the joint light tactical vehicle take
explosions better so the people inside aren’t injured and could carry more so
it failed militarily but it also failed commercially GM lost money on the deal
now the reason they sold them to the public basically because of Arnold
Schwarzenegger the story goes as told by Arnold that he saw a bunch of money was
driving around in California and said I want to get one of these so back in 1991
he went to the company said hey can you build me a legal civilian version of
your Humvees well I guess Arnold was really persuasive so they built him
one he had the first one then I guess they decided hey we’re gonna build them
for the public one can only wonder if Arnold would have seen an m1 Abrams tank
driving down the road perhaps they would have tried selling
that to the public and if GM had hindsight they probably wish that they’d
never listen diurnal because they lost money I never had any profit on them and
they were gigantic gas guzzlers right at the time when people started talking
about hey we need higher gas ratings things are gonna get better gas mileage
hey the large H1s the military version will get like three miles a
gallon in a city and like seven months ago on a highway I didn’t go all that
fast their top cruising speed was like 55 they could go 74 once in a while but
the top cruising speed was 55 so it’s not exactly an American Cruiser and of
course their size the H1s are so big they don’t fit in some parking spaces
and they’re not that easy to work any of they’re so big you need heavy-duty
equipment you can’t go autozone buy cheap a little Jack and think you’re
gonna Jack that thing up to work on so of course GM tried making h2 and
the h3s making them smaller trying to turn them into SUVs but ultimately the
Hummers they were a commercial failure now the military version only have
diesel engines and they started selling them commercially with diesel engines
but Americans they’re not that into diesel engines so then they put v8
gasoline engines in them but really those v8 gasoline engines weren’t made
for pulling a vehicle like that the diesel engines have a lot more torque
for a heavy thing like that so of course the ones with the gasoline and just they
end up getting even worse gas mileage plus they had problems with the engines
breaking down the transmissions breaking down on such a heavy vehicle I assume
that’s why they came out with h2 and h3 to make a smaller vehicle it wouldn’t be
strained as much but still the whole idea of it it’s kind of flawed a couple
months ago one of my customers went to one of those auctions where they were
selling all the old military stuff he got himself a military Humvee for $2,500
so we towed it over here and I looked and I
said man this thing is in rough shape why do you think the military got rid of it
now he showed me his receipt which I took a picture of on my phone and on his
receipt that legal document and some of the things that said fuel leaks not
checked cooling system missing hoses not checked, limited function check the
engine could not be started on the very end it says disputes this has an
ironclad assurance if a buyer discovers the item is not substantially in the
condition is representative the buyer may submit a written dispute claim well
since it said they couldn’t check the fuel system the cooling system that the
engine did not start yeah the guaranty isn’t much of anything
it just says as they described it and they described that this thing didn’t
even run it was missing a bunch of pieces so if you are a real weekend
warrior and you want to get yourself a Hummer and you have decades of weekends
in front of you that you want to play around with this thing and have it as a
toy be my guest go right ahead don’t think you’re gonna
buy one of these things and use it as an everyday driver because even if you
spend a lot of money spend 30 or 40 grand on one that’s been all fixed up
they are not very reliable vehicles after all they
were made by General Motors and we’re originally made for the military where
gas mileage means nothing they burn up fuel like mad and all their vehicles
from Humvees the tanks the Jets fuel doesn’t mean anything to them and also
longevity they spent a lot of their times having their battle vehicles being
repaired it’s just a normal expectation of anything the military is if they’re
gonna spend a lot of time fixing the things and fix them with guys whose only
job is to fix them so they learn quite a bit about it as I said even GM realized
while the songs are the public we better put a gasoline engine and I’m because
Americans don’t know much about diesel engines of course putting the gasoline
engine and something that heavy that was a step backwards not a step forwards and
as I said it was a commercial failure selling to the public but it was also a
military failure it turns out that the thing is basically too big for the
public driving around but it was too small and lightweight for the army
people were seriously injured or killed because they didn’t have enough armor
and then guys in the army were saying hey bring us some stuff I’m sure they
were welding stuff on in a field too to try to make them safer so too big for
the American wrong too small for the army to me it’s just another GM product
that failed not enough research done on what it’s gonna be used for and how it’s
gonna be used, it’s an image thing for most guys they wanna be like Arnold
Arnold driving his Hummer around so it’s got the image of real he-man driving
around these giant vehicles but really my son was in the army two tours in
Afghanistan when he got out of Afghanistan he said I’ll never ever go
on another one of those Humvees so the real man once they were in them in the
war they’re like no we don’t need those things anymore we’re staying far away
and some have very bad memories of them too so they don’t even wanna look at
them but the guys didn’t want to play man huh maybe they’ll go out and buy one
of these things and if they see it as a toy they want to play around with it hey
it’s their money there’s a whole bunch of endless money pit Humvees out there
in junkyards Salvage auctions I mean you can get them pretty cheap just realize
that time and no money you’re gonna have to put into one of those things to get
it running and what you’re have to spend to maintain the thing if
you drive it any serious amount of mileage each year now coincidentally
enough GM stopped making the Hummers after they came out of that big
bankruptcy they had cuz they said hey then I’m making us any money so we’re
not gonna make them I guess the bankruptcy shook GM up a bit and they
realized hey it was a fantasy gone wrong so they stopped making them and when they
came out of bankruptcy and as I said from 2005 to 2010 they were making those
little H3s in Shreveport Louisiana but they were a failure to their quality
control was garbage I had a customer with one
he was always coming over here because he used it as a regular vehicle he was
driving 20,000 miles a year on that once he got 40,000 miles on it pretty much
started to fall apart the electronics were garbage and even though it was a
smaller vehicle it’s still got horrible gas mileage now he bought his h3 semi
loaded for $42,000 and we got rid of it when it was four years old man did he
lose his shirt he only got $18,000 for it so didn’t have a resale value either
I mean it’s not you the h3 they were like they’re not as macho looking so you
got the macho image kind of disappeared their quality was actually
worse than the earlier ones it’s time went on they just started to make things
cheaper like GM always seems to do and interestingly enough the factory in
Shreveport Louisiana I made the h3 it was leased to that
crazy guy who makes the three-wheeled Elio well I should say is planning on
making a three-wheeled elio they’ve never actually produced on a production
line every year they say next year now they’re saying next year and next year
they’ll say next year eventually the guys got to go bankrupt because you
can’t just keep pretending you’re gonna make something I never do anything about
it but at least hey it looks like it’s not gonna lose a whole bunch of money
cause they’re not gonna make any probably so if you don’t make it he
can’t lose that much money who ever invested in a company well they
lose their money there’s no arguing that but it’s not like GM that lost a lot of
money making those Hummers made a bunch of them and just was not profitable endeavor
after all General Motors only made eleven thousand eight hundred and
fifteen of these H1s at that low production level and they had
make them right they had to have all the machine and everything set up it was a
money loser for GM because it’s one thing if you’re making vehicles from the
military where it’s pretty much cost plus they can charge whatever they can
get away with versus selling it to the public where there’s competition over
what people can buy and lower quality for lower price it kind of bit them in
the rear end as they got poorer and poorer made people realize that the
few that actually bought them so in my opinion if you want to be a he-man and
buy yourself a Hummer h1 go right ahead it’s your money real man like my son
he’s driving a Toyota Tacoma so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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