Here’s Why the Toyota 4Runner is Worth $40,000

Here’s Why the Toyota 4Runner is Worth $40,000

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
hey guys what’s up my name is Jason and this is my 2016 toyota 4runner Trail
Premium, I’m gonna show you all the things that I like about it and all the
mods that I’ve done to it, but first I want to give a huge thanks to Scotty
Kilmer for allowing me to show you guys my vehicle alright let’s get started, so
like I said this is a trail premium model of 4runner, there’s a few different
trims you might want to know about there’s the sr5, sr5 premium, trail, trail
Premium, limited and TRD pro, this is the trail premium, some of the notable
differences from the exterior over the trail model is the front and rear bumper
valence cover and the hood scoop on top of the hood, the main differences are
gonna be on the interior of the vehicle for the crawl control and the a track
and all that good stuff which I’ll show you here in a little bit, the 4runner has
a 4 liter v6 engine with a 5-speed automatic with sports shift and
overdrive, and the 4-wheel Drive system is controlled by a manual shift lever
transfer case, alright so this is the bread and butter of the trail system
4-wheel Drive features, this is the crawl control it allows travel on extremely
rough road at a fixed low speed without having to press the accelerator or brake
pedal, all you have to do is steer, this is the multi-terrain select system which
has four terrain modes, when you select the mode according to the terrain the
engine power and active control system is controlled to enhance off-road
drivability, this is the auto LSD system which aids traction by controlling
engine performance and braking when one of the rear wheels begins to spin, this
is the active traction control system that automatically helps prevent the
spinning of four wheels when the vehicle is started or accelerated on slippery
road surfaces, this is the rear differential lock system and it’s
provided for use only when wheel spinning occurs in a ditch or on a
slippery rugged surface, some other notable features on the trail premium
are the turn signals inside the side view mirrors, as well as a sunroof on top,
in the interior you’ll find the soft Tech’s covered seats
with red stitching which is a much better upgrade over the cloth seats, the
door panels share the same design with the soft Tech’s with red stitching it
makes it look really nice on the inside it’s a great touch and it makes the
interior feel a lot higher quality, I really like the trim in the car also
it’s a glossy black metallic as you can see here on the door panel, it also flows
onto the steering wheel here as well as the center console and entertainment
cluster, another awesome feature that was an optional upgrade to my before runner
was the kdss which is the kinetic dynamic suspension system which is
technology borrowed from the landcruiser it’s a hydraulic system that reduces
body roll when driving on normal roads and increases wheel articulation when
driving off-road, all right now I’m going to tell you about a few of the mods that
I’ve done to this vehicle, up top you can obviously see that I have the windshield
light bar here with hidden wiring it’s really nice because there’s no crazy
wires sticking out it’s very well hidden behind the bracket and goes all the way
down the channel here into the engine bay which is pretty awesome, I’ve got the
LED ditch pods which help at night if you’re coming across a ditch like we
have back here at Canal, if you needed a little extra lighting out the side over
here to see how far you are close to the edge those are great to have, I also have
the hidden LED bar right here inside the bumper for a good straight beam pattern,
I pretty much have upgraded all the lighting in this vehicle, for my turn
signals I’m running a switch back LED which functions as white and as soon as
you hit the turn signal it flashes to Amber and then back again when you
release the turn signal, it’s one of my favourite mods right there, for the low
beams I have HIDs 6000k High Beam DRL and the fog light it’s the same type of
bulb it’s an LED 6000k LED bulb, so at night it puts out a great amount of
light all together, all right now I’ll show you my driving lights, first I’ll
show you the LED switch backs that function as white parking lights, and
then flash to Amber when you use the turn signal, and then back again when you
release the turn signal all right now for my low-beam HIDs, and
now for my LED fog lights, and now for my LED high beams
this here is my switch pros unit that I installed this controls all my lighting
on the exterior, I have the wind shield bar here, the bumper bar, spot lights
which are the ditch pods, I never got around to installing the rock lights and
I have an under glow kit which I don’t even really use it was just for giggles
I have them programmed to strobe also and you can even control these while the
vehicle is off and through Bluetooth which I’ll show you here in a little bit
at night, so my main driving lights are off I’ll go ahead and turn on the
windshield light bar, then the bumper bar, and the ditch pods
so those are my off-road lights there, you have no trouble seeing in the dark
with this setup here, so on my iPhone here I have an app for my switch pros
unit that’s controlling all my off-road lights, here and it’s connecting via
bluetooth, I can actually now control all my lights from my iPhone right here, so
here’s the windshield here’s the bumper bar, spotlights, so yeah that’s my iPhone
controls through my switch pros that’s inside my vehicle, I also upgraded all
the interior lights to white LEDs as you can see here at the bottom of each door
has this white LED as a courtesy light, and here are the map lights this is the
dome light in the middle of the vehicle, these are the cargo lights and these
make a huge difference when camping, I don’t know if you can see this but
inside my windshield you can see my wreck Singh v1p dashcam, it’s a front and
rear dashcam, a great little camera because when you have a hard wired like
I do you can have motion sensing and shock sensing, so if somebody hits your
vehicle it’ll start recording and it also if somebody walks in front of your
vehicle it will sense the motion and will start recording then as well, for my
suspension I’ve done a three-inch old man emu lift with Springs all around
and toy tech spacers in the front to keep it nice and level all the way
across, I also have the Nitro charger shocks and SPC upper control arms
for the tires I’m running a 285 7017 Cooper s TT Pro tire and for the wheel
it’s a method roost 17 inch wheel and bronze-colored
I’ve also got the in fab nerf bars on the side these are side steps to help
you get on top of your vehicle like this in case you have any luggage or anything
up here, it’s also great for my children so that they can easily get into the
back they use that as a step so that they can get inside, I got the windows
tinted as well I’m running 18 percent all the way around and I did tint the
windshield 35 percent, in this Arizona he in the summertime it makes a world of
difference, my 4runner also came with navigation
as you can see here, and it’s a pretty cool little system here, this is a cool
feature here in the trail premium you have dual front heated seats, and here is
the OneTouch powered sunroof which is great for cruising on nice days, I really
like this switch here it has an auto up or down feature to control the rear
window, another cool mod is to the key fob here, it’s something that the dealership
has to do, they reprogram your key fob so that when you press the unlock button
twice and hold it it will roll down all four windows, check it out here, that’s
friggin awesome I love that feature there, after my last off-roading trip I
decided to go ahead and get the all-weather Husky Floor Mats it’s a
great improvement and they’re easier to clean, this is my diode dynamics tail less
turn mod, it converts the stock turn signal into an extra backup light and
makes your brake light your turn signal, the brake light still functions normally
as a brake light it just has an extra function of a turn signal, I really like
this mod because it gets rid of another amber light on the vehicle, and here’s
the added reverse light, it makes a huge difference at night especially with my
tinted windows here’s a different angle so you can
see it a little better the stock reverse light is actually the one on bottom and
it provides very little backup light these are very high quality LEDs and it
makes a world of difference, I’ll go ahead and start up the engine so that
you can hear what it sounds like at idle and when revving it this vehicle is very special to me
because I worked very hard to get this without any help from anybody,
I bought it brand new in 2016 with only 11 miles on it, I put a lot of working
doing all the mods myself and I even made youtube videos to show how to
install each mod that I’ve done, if you’d like to see some of the videos of the
mods I’ve done, go ahead and check out my website the Ronin Chronicle com, you can
also find me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook at the Ronin Chronicle, I
started watching Scotty Kilmer videos about 10 years ago and it’s a huge
incredible honor to be on his channel, I hope you guys like my video thanks for
watching, thanks again Scotty well that was this week’s video and to
have your car mod shown on my channel here check this out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Based on the title, never was explained what makes it worth $ 40,000.. A great dual threat ride, but WHY is it worth it wasn't discussed.

  3. I have a limited coz i wanted the 3 row seats for my kids and when my parwnts visits us from another country. I love it! It runs like a tank. 1 week after i got it we had a bad snow storm and my workplace located on top of the steep hill. So many cars went on the ditch and spinning but mmy 4 runner drove like and felt like it wasn't any snow at all. Did not spin one bit!!! Mine cost almost more or less 49k. Bought 4 runner 2019 in october 2018. A little pricey but really worth it.

  4. That was a great video to watch. Thank you for taking the time to make it, and you're right, Scotty is an addiction. 🙂 A wonderful one.

  5. Update the drive train,(more HP and an 8 speed tranny),give it rear disc brakes(if it doesn’t have them,)and I’d gladly shell out $40k for one.

  6. Nice 4 runner but after building up a Rubicon Jeep I found better to just buy an older used 4WD don't care if it gets banged, and scratched up at least here in Arizona everything gets scratched up plants here are all thorns. Eventually end up in some situation where the corner gets crunched in. My next one be a 4 runner ill just go basic 4WD save money for aftermarket mods.

  7. C’mon, buddies. The most awarded SUV ever is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, copied by Toyota, as always,, as well as every other car maker.

  8. I love my 4RUNNER but DO NOT get the KDSS (or XREAS if buying used). They are a nightmare when they go bad and they will if you plan on keeping your 4RUNNER more than 10 years which most do.

  9. What some people do when they get money. Lol, i bet you blind people innthe road and dont care. Lol, offroad the suv doesnt have a ding or anything, pretending to be a offroad guy.

  10. Good thing you got those heated seats, for those chilly AZ summers. Young men used to modify the engines to get more speed, but now they are so complicated, they just put lights on them.

  11. My Toyota Tacoma 2005 does not mark any check light. but sometimes it does not mark the beauty or stays 5 0 10 mph while stopping. the same way if I stop and I want to continue my path by asserting, it only resolves the motorbike but it does not give up and suddenly feels when the change comes in.

  12. I still have my 1674 toyota 4runner with 1,568,247,998,274,267 miles on it and only the spark plugs has been changed.

  13. Clearly "Scotty Kilmer" has a love for "Toyota", rightfully so. Toyota Hilux's and etc. are great mid-size trucks and suv's. Scotty, you really like your Toyota products, but "Jason" has a higher car than most and the light sight and strength of the lights are probably blinding people. And the driver doesn't know it until someone is flashing them with there brights. And I didn't watch this for "Lifted, Lighted, and some wheels."

  14. Scotty Kilmer. It isn't worth $40,000 if you don't buy it from the dealership. Always cheaper to get the aftermarket mods install than paying $40,000 for a lifted 4runner.

  15. Let's just remind you the hood scoop is absolutely not functioning totally just for show like thanks for slowing me down. I thought it was real..

  16. Imma be honest if Toyota offered a manual option for this generation 4Runner, l’d scrap every other car I ever wanted dead serious.

  17. Do the rock lights in ultra violet with images of busty gals in florescent……..all while bouncin down the road……..

  18. Hi Scotty, I am planning to buy a 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro but I am hesitant. Do you think it is still as reliable as it has ever been and is it worth buying one? I know you have an in-depth knowledge about this vehicle and please provide me with your opinion why I should go for 2020 Toyota 4Runner (TRD Pro). I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much for your effort.

  19. 4 Runners 4.0 liter, Not Enough Power!!!

    More power please! My 2019 Camry has 203 hp and its lite,Tacoma/4 runner is a much heavier vehicle !

  20. In Tucson you would need all of those extra lights for how poorly lit that city is. Plus a 4×4 anywhere in Arizona is generally a good idea but you don't have to go far outside of Tucson to find the road quality deteriorates very rapidly to which some areas don't really have what you can call roads, it's more like trails for access to some developed areas. Desert life.

  21. I love Toyotas, I own one myself. But simple, reliable lockers absolutely kick the crap out of an overly complex crawl control/trac control system by FAR. Most of the Toyota vehicles outside the U.S just have selectable front and rear lockers from the factory.

  22. In a world without morons and corruption a Toyota 4 runner would be worth 130k and a range rover sport would be worth 40k if that !! We live in a weird weird world I tells ya !!

  23. How does the 4Runner compare to a Sequoia.
    I have a 2014 with 80k miles. Real nice almost all all options. Rear wheel drive not 4w.

  24. Yes, but are you actually using those light bars off-road? Aside from all the equipment and aftermarket mods, it's interesting to hear (at least a little) about people's real adventures and experiences with their trucks rather than how much stuff they bought. Videos of the mods you have done… how about videos of your wheeling adventures? Tinted windshield… lol…
    Rev up your wacky Wednesday!

  25. Hey I have a question for anyone who may know the answer! I recently bought a brand new 2020 Toyota 4 runner. It’s the SR5 premium with TRD wheels. It’s 2wd and I thought it was 4wd which is very frustrating since I didn’t know until after I signed. I am up in Colorado a bunch and need to be able to drive through snow and such. Will it be okay with the TRD tires? They’re big and look like they could help me get through a lot. I’ve been stressed about the fact that I dropped all this money on a brand new car and didn’t realize it wasn’t the 4×4 but it’s too late now. I’m going to have to hang onto this car for a long time. But I do enjoy off roading

  26. Had about 60k on my white 5th gen 4R before I sold it for a 3rd gen Taco and a 3rd gen 4Runner. I miss it but my 3rd gen and taco are much more fun

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