Here’s Why the Toyota Corolla is the Best Selling Car of All Time

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk
about the best basic car ever made Toyota Corolla, and to understand why
here’s a little history lesson, Ford made the Model T, saying you could have it in
any color you want, as long as it’s black and old Henry, he proceeded to sell 15 million
Model T Fords, and things were certainly different in those days, my grandfather was
a mechanic in those days, and he said, you couldn’t go 20 miles without
having one or two flats that you had to fix, and you had to continually be
working on the engines, and the old hand Crank ones are hard to start, but hey
they were basic transportation, now the next big basic car was the Volkswagen Beetle,
the folks wagon, people’s car, the Germans eventually sold 21 million VW beetles,
but there’s a really interesting story about the origin of the beetle, because
amongst the many bad things that Adolf Hitler did, he was also a cheating car
salesman, he had the idea of the people’s car, Ferdinand Porsche designed it for
him, and they sold millions of Reichsmarks worth of credits for building
Volkswagens for the average people, but sadly old Adolf never built a single
Volkswagen for the people that put all their down payments on, he took the money
and he made military hardware in an attempt to take over the world, but
strangely enough after the war when the company started mass-producing
Volkswagen Beetles, the Germans that could prove that they put their deposit
down, they all got and applied for new Volkswagens after the Reich had fallen,
and strangely enough, the Volkswagen a car built upon fascism, ended up being
the hippies mode of transportation in the 60s, the world turned upside down on
that one, during this heyday of the Volkswagens in the 1960s, Toyota a little
somewhat known company in the United States started producing Toyota Corollas
in 1966, they’re still making them today and as of 2017, they sold over 44 million
of these Corollas, and you might well ask, how did they sell so many, well the things
hardly ever break and can run hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of thousands of miles, pretty much trouble-free,
and I know people say, oh they’re such boring cars, well if you want an exciting
car, one that you never know if it’ll start
when you turn the key, the Corolla is not for you, because every time you turn the
key, these things start up, this particular one is a 2004 Corolla and it’s only got
one hundred and ninety six thousand miles on it, so the engine is basically
broken in on this thing, now I’ve never personally seen one that had a million
miles on it, the most I’ve ever seen on cars that I worked on was over six
hundred thousand miles, but hey that’s a lot of miles for a car that doesn’t cost
that much, and we Americans being somewhat lazy when it comes to driving,
this one has an automatic, most of the one sold in the United States are
automatics, pretty dependable I rarely see an automatic transmission in a
Corolla break down, and this one has four doors, that’s plenty of room inside,
both of my sons are born in hospital here in Houston we brought them back in a
Toyota Corolla, and with the same Corolla we drove them to high school too, then
they drove themselves later Christmastime, we stuck the Christmas
tree on the top and just tied it down with twine, and my favorite all-time work
car, was a 1981 Toyota Corolla sr5 hatchback, that I could fit all kinds
of tools in by popping the seats down, I could get jacks in there, I get all kinds of
stuff in that car, I had that thing for 30-something years, then I sold the car one
of my customers who had a Ford that blew an engine, and she drove that thing more
mileage in three years than I’d driven it in thirty years, and they really don’t
require all that much maintenance, I got customers with them, some of them have
three four hundred thousand miles, bought them used with two hundred thousand miles for
very little money, all they would do was change the oil and filter, and if
anything like the brakes and stuff would wear out, they’d bring it over here and
I’d fix them, but the engines transmissions, all original and still
running fine, so if you’re the type of person that’s not really into cars, you want
some basic transportation that’s going to be reliable, get good gas mileage, not
break down anywhere you’re going, you might think about getting a Toyota
Corolla, it’s a wise move for one who thinks that cars are to get you from here to
there, that’s they’re main purpose for many people, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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