Here’s Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money

Here’s Why the Toyota Highlander is the Best SUV for the Money

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why you might consider buying a Toyota Highlander as SUVs become more
and more popular you’re looking for when it’s gonna last a long time you really
can’t beat a Toyota Highlander by the customers one that’s got four hundred
and fifty thousand miles nine original engine original transmission, the thing
still runs like a clock it really does matter what engine you get in it this
one’s got the four banger if you want more power you can get the v6 let’s say
you want to put a hitch and toast off I’d advise getting the v6 then versus
divorce under if you’re gonna do towing but for normal driving the four
cylinders got plenty enough power got 185 horsepower that’s plenty enough to
get this SUV going wherever you want to go and it gets pretty good gas mileage
on the highway and see there lots of room inside got a big back in this case
this one set up for its dogs they’re going on vacation they throw their dogs
in the back and at least the dogs with one two three four and five windows they
can highlanders are notorious for taking abuse and just keep rolling
down the road as you can see this one’s become a receptacle for a bunch of high
flying birds still goes perfectly fine and with the back open you can really
see the kind of space this thing has threw me you can carry a lot of cargo
with a tour if you want but the main aspect of the Highlander is Toyota
reliability my costumers with them if they ever do get another one cuz the old
one finally wears out with half a million miles on it and they go
buy another one this is this customer’s second and since
he’s now retired he claims it’s gonna be his last car it’s very well could be
he’s not putting the mileage on it like he used to this thing six years all but
it’s only got 34,000 miles so I wouldn’t be surprised if the car unless them and
of course they come with all the bells and whistles computer stuff like all the
modern cars do and it sits up high enough you have to worry about speed
bumps you can go through a reasonable amount of water if there’s flooding
going on it’s not an insanely high vehicle but you
vehicle that’s a little bit higher up in here check one of these out and if you
want third row seating that’s available on these two a lot of people I say to me
Scotty I want something with third row seating
I bought some GM stop it was junk it just fell apart what can I buy I tell
them to buy Highlander the ones that listen to me boy
they’re always thanking me not sure they’re not giving these things away
that’s why it’s a very good idea to buy one used we’re not talking about
something like a Chrysler vehicle that when it’s used it’s generally falling
apart is gonna be an endless money pit the Toyotas can last so long that
there’s nothing wrong with buying a used one say this thing’s gonna last 400,000
miles maybe it’s only got a hundred thousand on now you’re gonna get a good
price with a hundred times Mouse if you use your head just don’t pay whatever
somebody’s asking if you buy one with a hundred thousand miles on it say it goes
for hundred thousand miles that means it’s only used up 25 percent of its
lifespan and if you only have to pay say thirty or forty percent of what the
original sticker price was you’re making out like a gangbuster and in a case of
this 4 cylinder there’s all kinds of room if you do your own maintenance it’s
easy to do it’s not crowded in here there’s a lot of working room of course
being a child he probably would have too much work out I mean the major things of
the older ones were you had to change the timing belts every hundred thousand
miles or so but for ages they use timing change in these things now so odds are
you’re gonna buy one it’s gonna have a timing chain as long as you change your
oil frequently the change generally lasts just as long as the engines do I
really let’s face the facts these midsize SUVs they all look pretty
much the same I have a heck of a time myself these days trying to figure out if this
is a Toyota is that a Jaguar SUV they even make Porsche to me
they all pretty much look the same they got pretty similar styles know what I
like about this one even at six years old it’s got the old-style grill doesn’t
have that horrible scowl that they all seem to be just falling in love with
with cars these days it’s just these things have so much room I even have one
customer he lives in his he travels all over the country sleep, he’s got a
refrigerator he’s got all kinds of stuff power inverter hooked up watch his flat screen
TV and under he wants all my customers love their highlanders well except for one
and the problem with that was he bought it used from a car rental place and it
turns out it invented a gigantic wreck and they didn’t tell them about it
because a lot of these car rental companies they’re self-insured so if you
go through the record there might not be any record of the thing being totaled
and put back together again because they do it in-house another
reason not to buy a used car from a car rental agency if you’re worried about
that hack just buy a brand new one my son was looking for a toyota and i
started looking around for a nice shoes on for I finally said I did forget it
I’m just gonna buy a brand new one cuz I’m gonna keep the thing for twenty
thirty years or more what the heck I’m gonna get my money’s worth out of it so
I don’t care and you just went out and bought a brand new one but out Scotty
hey I’m cheap I still would buy a used one personally I just hate wasting money
and if you hate wasting money on a vehicle get yourself one of these
Islanders once you buy it you’re not gonna have to worry about much for quite
some time so now you know if you’re looking for a pretty much indestructible
SUV they can carry a lot of people and be fun to drive you really can’t go
wrong with a Toyota Highlander, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Toyota was my first car. A Corolla it was. It lasted me long and would of been longer if I didn’t let others use it who never took care of it. Looking for a new car to invest in for my lil family and this seems perfect. Thanks for the advice!

  3. You should see the working room under the hood of a '69 camaro with a strait 6 & no a/c!
    Room for another 6 in there! lol

  4. Thanks Scotty!. I've got a 2011 Highlander. 135K miles on it. The only issue is that the central armrest wears out too fast!. That's it, no other issue. Love the video Pop-ups!. Cheers

  5. My 2011 highlander sucks more gas then my dads 2007 highlander. Talking about 17-18 mpg yeah ya think thats good, thrs suvs out there nearing 30mpg toyota?

  6. Does anyone have experience with a Highlander Huybrid? I have a Camry Hybrid now and love it but never something with a little more room inside. Any advice welcome.

  7. I have a 2007 Toyota Highlander V6 with almost 200,000miles on it. I've only had to change 3 wheel bearings, one set of tires and the fuilds on it. Still drives amazing!

  8. If you drive around neighborhoods, you can actually see driveways with old Toyotas and a modern one. I saw a house with an older Camry and brand new one right next to it. Scotty is right about people on their second Toyota’s. I’ve owned 3 Corollas and never had a problem. Recent upgraded to a 2018 Corolla SE sedan and it’s a great car.

  9. I got a 2018 toyota highlander,have had it for like a year and a half "bought it back in December 2017" and hasn't given me any problems,if i ever decide to go for a more luxury vehicle well you know I'll go with lexus

  10. I have a 2018 Highlander and it runs pretty good, but I still have my 2011 Honda Pilot which still run like a champ.

  11. Does the 2016 Lexus RX350 have the same reliability as the highlander?? I really like that the Lexus has LED lights and I prefer the roominess without the 3rd row

  12. I work at TMMAL and I can tell you that Toyota takes quality very seriously. Toyota makes great cars and trucks.

  13. Scotty i have a 2010 highlander with the 3.5 V6 and i gotta tell ya, it definitely takes all the abuse i throw at it. Mechanically it's perfect, but it is starting to show its age. AC is acting up, interior dome lights burned out, radio is spotty and the rear seats fold-down lever is broken but i dont even care. i beat the heck out of this thing and it runs like a champ and i still get 350 mils per tank in it. And the cargo space is fantastic too. Alas, i think it's time to part ways with it and get me a very impractical sedan with a V8! because racecar! 😉

  14. I got a highlander 4 months ago it’s a 2009 limited 3 row,Nav, roof, dvd, all the goodies… 100,000 miles and people think it’s new when they get in… 5 star Lyft driver supports this message! $11,500 I paid

  15. Thanks, Scotty. What do you think about the 2011-2013 Toyota Highlanders. I have a 2017 but the lease is up in 4 months and I want to start buying cars with cash. I hope to have about $10k – $14k to spend. With that budget I see cars with about 100k miles. Do you think this is a good car to buy for that money, with those miles?

  16. My wife drove our 2003 2.4 Highlander to 289k miles with all original stock drivetrain and minimal maintenance and still drove like new. I finally sold it at 289k mile and i sold it for $1000 ovwr my asking price. I never thought i would ever do that. These are just plain great cars

  17. Everything Scotty said is right except for 5 things as I sold my 2014 to my brother.
    1) three row is useless
    2) dashboard is too high in this car just like 4runner and FJ cruiser. This makes front windshield smaller. More claustrophobic.
    3) front looks real ugly
    4) no support for Appke play
    5) Seat (lumber) support is horrible
    I enjoyed the car but after test driving Volvo XC60, I fell in love with Volvo…very safe, solid car. You have to compromise between safety and reliably, looks and luxury. Go try them both. You have to put some value on your life too not just reliability.

  18. We just traded in a Highlander for a 4runner. I did like the highlander but the 8 speed transmission shifted all the time on rolling hills. On every little incline it would down shift. Not very relaxing on a trip. The highlander has a car (camry) frame. It still drives like a car. The v6 was a beast with almost 300 hp. It was a rocket ship for sure. It had more computorized stuff than the space shuttle. The 4runner is back to the basics with a proven long life drive train. Set the cruise and forget it. Visibility is better in the 4runner too. If you want a robust SUV, the 4runner is what you want.

  19. My first car was a 1990 Toyota Corolla and it lasted me a long time. Now I own a 2017 Toyota Highlander and it’s a great vehicle, and very happy with my Highlander.

  20. Scotty is soooo right about Toyota, Honda etc, globally!
    I feel bad that GM has chosen to reduce their quality for increased profits, impressed by Pontiac and Buick in the pass.

  21. I have had five vehicles in my life so far. My first car was a hand me down from my pops, a Plymouth Acclaim–it was a gas guzzler. Then I had an 89 civic that didn't start too well in the winter. Then I had a 94 camry coupe. Went on to replace it with a 04 camry solara. I replaced that with a 2011 highlander that I have driven until now. Can't go wrong with toyotas.

  22. Can't go wrong with a Highlander. It has a ton of space and I got mine at a good price brand new. $27,000, for a V6!

  23. Hello Scotty I just bought a 04 hilander with 173k v6 auto, not sure if tranny fluid has been changed. Fluid appears darker than fresh fluid. If it hasn’t ever been changed is it safe to?

  24. Hi Scotty! I like your channel, your's videos are realli informative. What is your opinion – Honda Pilot or Highlander? and why? tnx!

  25. Having listened to Scotty's opinion on hybrid cars, is it a good idea to buy a used 2010 hybrid highlander with 77k miles?

  26. Just bought my 2018 V6 LE about 3 weeks ago, it drives great. It has 29,000 miles on it and I hope to keep it as long as it will keep me. I had a 2003 Honda Odyssey EX for 16 yrs until someone crashed us, that was a great car but now the kids are bigger so I ventured out to a SUV. I saw this video after my purchase, but I did my research and glad that it’s “Scotty” approved, not cheap but I wanted another long lasting vehicle ?

  27. Thanks for all you videos, Scotty. So the made in U.S.A. Toyotas are reliable? The 2009 and up Highlanders are made in Indiana, is that a good manufacturing facility?

  28. I bought a 2012 Highlander Limited with 134,000 miles about 6 months ago. Love this car! Clear Carfax report. Drives great, parks easily. And with 3rd row seat, can comfortably transport my family of 5. I hope to drive this car a long time.

  29. I bought 2 Corollas 2014/2017 from a rental company Hertz to be specific and both were great purchases. Saved over $3500 from the two purchases. And Hertz sells its used fleet very quick because of high demand.

  30. Scotty is it the same drive train as the Sienna van? Is the Sienna as good as the Highlander ? Thanks for your wisdom

  31. I use my 4WD SUV to go on the beach in the summer and in Snow in the winter. It seems like AWD is useless in deep soft sand. Ive seen quite a few stuck. All of these new SUVs are changing from 4WD to AWD with their new models. Whats your view on AWD vs 4WD? In my view, an AWD suv is just an SUV shaped minivan.

  32. Can I tow a small camper like a Tab 400 with a Highlander V6 or would I be better off with a 4Runner V6? I love Toyota! I have a 2007 RAV4 with 130K and a 1994 Camry with 180K that runs great.

  33. 2015 Highlander XLE (V6) owner here. Ours only has about 55K miles on it but aside from a battery that only lasted two years (replaced for free under warranty), ours has been problem free. It feels pretty underpowered for having a V6 so I can't imagine what the 4 cylinder feels like, but the build quality is great and it rides really nice and quiet on the highway. My only other complaint is the clear plastic covering the speedometer scratches/swirls very easily and our seems to wear through tires fairly quickly despite having tire rotations and alignments.

  34. My son-in- law is a mechanic. When we started looking at the Buick Escalade he told us GMs have timing belt issues. I said what about a Toyota Hghlander he said it's one of the best cars on the market. My brother as driven toyota for 30yrs. and never had any issues other than replacing tires and brakes and scheduled oil changes he never took them in for anything more. We bought a new 2018 Highlander with the 3rd seat for our grand kids and we love it!!

  35. I had a 2007 and 2014. I hate Toyota seats!! Gave me horrible Backache. Engine and reliability is great but the rest is crap!!
    1) horrible seat
    2) high dashboard
    3) not a smooth ride or handling as Volvo
    4) not safe and solid like Volvo
    5) options were terrible unless you buy a Limited but now you are over $40K
    6) Ugly front face( but better than 4runner) unlike a nicely designed Volvo with LED's.

    I wish I had bought the Volvo earlier to save my back. If you are afraid of buying European luxury, go test drive a Honda passport or Pilot, they have a much better supportive seats.

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