Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV

Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner
welcome to the video guys, I’d like to thank Scotty Kilmer for giving me this
opportunity to showcase my car, this is my daily driver it’s a 2007 toyota prado
land cruiser prado, it’s a 4 liter v6 and i absolutely love it
so one feature I really love about this prado is the door like booth basically
so you open it up and you get this huge opening where you can just load
stuff and of course you got a lot of space here, quite a bit of space
here to load luggage and what not, you got a
few options like the rear spoiler over here which is a good option and you’ve
got the roof racks as well just in case you need a load stuff up there, I have of
course added these chrome accents to the car, running some dunlop 83s right now so
it is an all-terrain tire so gonna take the car for a little ride
now I should mention it is a Land Cruiser the second word pretty much says
it you should be cruising so it’s not a car you want to
be speeding and you know accelerating and braking really quickly
you’re gonna screw up your gas mileage completely, but let’s take it for a
little ride, it honestly is for me I find it is very comfortable it is a
very soft moving car the suspension setup is extremely soft, the reason you
buy these things is mainly because of how reliable they are, they absorbed most
of the bumps, the steering is decently
soft, and it does feel luxurious to me, it does feel very cool very calm in here
there you go it is yeah it is bloody faster, other features apart from that
that I like of course this one has the sunroof, and why I think this car is
perfect for Kenya see you got another prado coming up straight away that
just explains everything, but basically you see a lot of these in
Kenya and you’ll see a lot of Land Cruiser 100 series and 200 series as
well, and that’s because the roads are not perfect, the roads are just not
perfect, and you’re going to come across a lot of roads that are just unfinished
and honestly they’re quite challenging so these cars are just perfect here and
I love these cars because they really retain their value very well, because
they’re so reliable and because they can be running you know 300 400 500 thousand
kilometers without any issues whatsoever they hold their value very well this is the vvt-i so variable valve
timing and that really helps improve fuel efficiency
they had the 2.8 liter petrol, then they had the 3 liter turbo diesel, and then
they had this one which was the 4 liter v6 petrol, which I believe is by far the
best engine simply because of the amount of power it has, the amount of torque it has
you just feel like you got a lot of power under your foot at any point in
time, the car fits a lot of luggage 3 or 4 bags
no issue whatsoever, so Airport trips long journeys are just a breeze, so why
these cars are so good off-road is as I mentioned they’re built on a solid frame
as opposed to if you look at the other manufacturers and European manufacturers and
a lot of those cars that are just built in an aluminium enclosure, so this of
course is offering you a lot more strength, it helps when you’re going over
potholes or sort of speed bumps at a high speed, you don’t have to worry about
that, the full time 4 wheel drive and of course you can lock the
rear diff, and off-road capability these things are basically untouchable and it
gives you that confidence of the road that I can go anywhere and I most likely
will get out of that scenario, if you look at the interior a few things have
been changed of course, you can see here there’s a bit of carbon fiber trim I’ve
just added that myself gear cover and hand brake cover, the
seats are covered with of course some seat covers, nice soft
material, this is a functional vehicle that you don’t want to worry about
getting it dirty so those mats really help out, steering
cover because I realized the prado have got a kind of a thin steering wheel
and a lot of the shock when you go over a rough roads a lot of the shock comes
through the steering, so putting a cover on is really useful,
so one thing I really love about this car is the high driving position,
basically you sit a lot higher up than you would in other cars or smaller
cars and that really gives you a commanding driving position you really
do feel like king of the road, and I believe the only other cars that give
you this kind of driving position would be a Range Rover, everything else is
pretty much much lower down more sporty but this really lets you sit high up, so
we’re just taking a beautiful drive in sunny nairobi, so if we talk about
maintenance schedules on these kind of cars, basically it’s extremely simple, you
don’t really have to do much you don’t really have to worry about much, just the
standard stuff, if you change oil every five to eight thousand kilometers, oil
filters just about the same period, air filters every twenty thousand kilometers,
and spark plugs about every hundred thousand kilometers and you don’t really
have to worry about anything else this is a perfect example of what I mean
by some of the roads in this country are just unfinished and that’s why these
cars are so popular over here so in these kind of scenarios you got
long stretch of road, so comfortable so soft
and you could just drive like this for hours and hours
I want to thank Scotty once again for giving me this opportunity to showcase
my car love, the content love the videos and just keep it coming thank you so
much Scotty and here is the four liter 2007 prado my daily driver absolutely loved
it, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel check
this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Really enjoyed this video. It's not every day that you get an owner's perspective from Africa, which is where the Land Cruiser is particularly popular, especially with governments and commercial enterprises. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It would be great if the Land Cruiser 120/150 series could be sold here in Canada. The 4Runner TRD Pro is a great vehicle, but not as luxurious as the LC.

  4. This is a great video of an SUV in Kenya, what I'm angry about is how Kenyan pedestrians can be so careless, just look at that guy on your right at 7:20, the guy is literally walking on the interior side of the road without even worrying then when you knock him off boda boda goons and idle locals come to burn your vehicle. It's stupidity!

  5. This truck is the same as the 4runner in the USA. He said he changes the air filter every 10k km which 6k miles. Unless where he lives is really dusty, I would change the air filter every 20k km and for spark plugs he said he changes it every 80k km which is 50k miles. Toyota recommends spark plugs to be changed every 120k miles which is 193k km

  6. Happy to see a country mate featured and an area mate. ISK area is my former area of residency-glad that road is almost complete. Will be taking my baby (Audi S3) that route soon to enjoy the new road

  7. The 200 series is the real land cruiser in my opinion. I have a 2007 sports edition 4runner and 2010 GX, which are essentially the same as this Prado

  8. Thanks for the video. I myself live in Africa and the Toyota Landcruiser is THE SUV by excellence. Toyota is probably number one in Africa because of the reliability of its models. I appreciate the fact that you have a petrol engine which is not so common for such a big vehicle. I think your Landcruiser Prado has an automatic transmission.

  9. Thanks Scotty for featuring one of our own. That's my neighbour.👍👍👍
    The Prado is a favorite here in Kenya 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. Scotty….loving your videos. We are currently prepping to travel in a year. We have purchased a travel trailer to live in full time, a 2007 Chevy single axle 1 ton for the tow vehicle, and now we are shopping for 2nd vehicle we will take with us. From KY and never ventured far…..but hoping to in our travels. Our 2nd vehicle needs to be my work car (travel nursing), and our exploration vehicle. We love camping and exploring. Not into big off road stuff, but want to get off the beaten path and into the outdoors. The Chevy is 2WD and we are considering second vehicle to be 4WD. Have driven a Toyota Sequoia — liked but seemed really big. 4-Runner — liked but seemed small (interior). Need room for camping gear, us, dogs, and I will be towing our kayak/camping trailer. After watching some reviews, now researching Land Cruisers. Looking in the used market. I am researching and seems the V8 is a killer on gas mileage. Did they make these in a V6 for the US? Would that be a better option, kinda sweet spot on 4WD but maybe a little better gas mileage? I appreciate all the great information you share. Thanks a bunch.

  11. Man you broke my heart… I had a Prado V6 4.0 for 11 years from showroom. 11 years of smooth operation, no problem whatsoever. I was crying like a baby when I sold it for relocation. LOVE !!! LOVE !!! LOVE that truck!!!

  12. Plus Two Five Four (±254) up in this house.

    What a surprise.

    Like if you survived the Earthquake.

    Tremour ni wewe.

  13. Love the J120 Prado. We have the Lexus GX470 which is the Prado prettied up and uses the 4.7 V8 (2uz-fe). But we also have the fj cruiser which uses that 4.0 v6 (1GR-FE). Love them both. 270k miles on the fj and 217 on the GX. And both are offroaders

  14. My 120 series v6 just clicked over to 280 000 km. Just normal services and replaced one rear oxygen sensor. Also added a bull bar..suspension lift..snorkel..roof rack etc. for over landing. Not selling it ever.

  15. The Land Cruiser is a very good 4×4 vehicle, but unfortunately in stock form there are much better and substantially more capable 4×4's available. The Dodge Power Wagons from WWII and current in stock form would eat that Land Cruisers lunch. The Jeep Rubicon is another more capable 4×4, the Mercedes G- Series 4×4 and I'll mention the Ford Raptor. I'm not knocking the Land Cruiser, but the Toyota isn't even in the league when compared to these off road bruits. The true off road Land Cruisers you see in Africa, are highly modified and not your garden variety Land Cruiser. Any vehicle can be modified, but if you want a true factory capable 4×4, Chrysler is basically the only American manufacturer that makes true 100% off road vehicles, besides the Ford Raptor.

  16. Hello Mr. Scotty, I have a problem with may double cab that maybe you know what I should repair. My car is a Nissan Navara turbo diesel double cab. The proble is whenever I drive over 90 KM/Hour, my steering wheel starts shaking and the body of my car also starts shaking. The tyres is still new, the car is 8 years old.😅

  17. Hey Scotty I have a 98 Camry and I love it. I would love to do a video for ya cause I know you love them too.

  18. Been watching SCOTTY for a few years now. As a retired
    Professional Driver I got to
    Drive several neat vehicles in my time. But never the PRADO. I wouldn't mind getting one to give my 2006 Infiniti QX56 a BREAK. Still
    L👀Ks Great and Runs Great.
    But I make a trip every year from Florida to TEXAS West to
    New Mexico, Arizona and Chicago before returning to
    Florida in the month of August. The PRADO looks
    Outstanding. Thanks for Sharing the video with US
    SCOTTY. Nice to see what the other side of the W🌎RLD
    L😊😊Ks LIKE.

  19. Now that land cruiser is trash you should’ve showed the American lc with the v8 that would’ve been better

  20. wish I could get this in the states, I also cant find a lot of detail about what is the best year/most reliable prado year/generation

  21. I have a major majorr major question and lease answer it in depth because Im sure many of us would want to have an expert answer on this. HOW dependable are an old car's – even if a Toyota, SAFETY systems, most importantly the airbag units. Firstly is the newer airbag system on latest cars that much evolved and therefore much better and how much and secondly if not better or lets say comparable, are the deployment sensors likely to hold up after all the years. What if the old airbag that hasn't seen action in ten years fails to deploy ? I will compare yours and Dougs answers THANK YOU

  22. Hi. I have a 2016 Invincible Land Cruiser 2.8 Diesel Auto. I have noticed that my car in Low Ratio only has 3 gears. Is that right?

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