Here’s Why this 2018 Ford Expedition is Worth $70,000

Here’s Why this 2018 Ford Expedition is Worth $70,000

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about why Americans have a love affair with giant SUVs, and I’m gonna
start with a little history lesson, we’ll use Ford as an example, after World War
2, Ford made its famous line of F trucks they were pickup trucks, people like the
pick up truck, they can carry a lot of stuff they’re still making them, they’re very
popular, but in 1957 Ford came out with the Ranchero, it was part truck, part car,
part station wagon, it had an open back but it was more stylish, and then in 1966
they came out with the precursor to all the SUVs, the Ford Bronco it was sealed
in the back, it was a partial off-road vehicle, you vould get two-wheel drive,
you could get four-wheel drive and it’s really the beginning of modern SUV,
standing of course for sports utility vehicles, many liked the
idea of the four-wheel drive option, so they could go off-road in them, they were
rugged vehicles but coming from trucks of course, they rode like trucks too,
when OJ was trying to get away in this Bronco you know that thing isn’t a
smooth riding machine, and they kept adding to the Broncos in 1978, they put
v8 engines instead of the original six-cylinder engine, so they had more
power and they increased the wheelbase to 104 inches instead of 96, so they have
better driveability, then in 1991 they had a game changer, they came up with the
first real American SUV, which was a Ford Explorer, it mainly came with a v6 engine
but it had a lot more luxury accommodation than any of the Broncos or
anything had, then in 1996 they came out with the first Ford Expedition, a large
giant four-door family carrier, because Americans like big, it’s got one, two,
three rows of seats, and even with three rows of seats it’s still got a huge
trunk that you can put a bunch of stuff in and generally gone is the four-wheel
drive, there’s no front-wheel drive only rear-wheel drive, at least on this model,
you can get four wheel drive ones if you want, but let’s face it,
hardly anybody’s taking these things off-road, but speaking of rear
drive, this baby’s got the new 10-speed automatic transmission, the same one
they’re using in the Mustangs, it’s a combination of power and the best gas
mileage you can get with ten different gears you can get a lot of power for taking
off, but on the highway you can still get good gas mileage, now in this 2018 the v8
is gone it’s a v6, but it’s a twin turbo that puts up 400 horsepower, so when you
combine the 10 speed automatic transmission with the EcoBoost engine
system, and the fact that it uses a lot more aluminum just like their pickup
trucks for less weight, this gigantic thing can get 23 miles a gallon on a
highway, which kind of amazes me, because my old Celica this tiny little sports
car, it gets 26 miles a gallon on the highway, they get something that big with that kind of gas mileage, it kind of an interesting technological achievement
for sure, so if you know Americans they love big things that are luxurious, look
the little step side comes out so you can get in easy, and it’s like being in a
living room and your own chair lounger, comfy seats, comfy seats in the
back even the third row seats are comfortable, and of course it’s got all
the modern technological features parking sensors, dual zone climate
control, super fancy alarm system electrically open tailgate assembly, luggage rack if you want to do one of
those National Lampoon’s summer vacations, let’s face it, this thing is
like a man cave on wheels, and that’s why Americans love these giant SUVs, many
Americans don’t want the image of being a minivan man, that they want to sports
utility vehicle like this gigantic thing because it’s more fun to drive, it’s got
a more macho image, it’s not here comes the man in the minivan, it’s got the more
agressive styling like the Mustang and it certainly is a sports utility
vehicle, you got a family you can utilize it to carry a whole bunch of people, and
fit a bunch of stuff if you take the back seats out and lower the panel, sure
it’s not the utility of the original ones, which was off-road, but it fits with
our modern society, it’s a utility thing for the whole family, and
you know why Americans are in love with giant SUVs, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Have you ever spent a Michigan winter without 4wd? Nah we need 4wd up here or else you can't drive in winter no one may need 4wd for off-roading in a family hauler but if you live anywhere where there is snow you need 4wd

  3. The ecoboost engines have countless problems. Only good thing on an expedition is the transmission cause GM helped them with it. Tahoe is the better buy by far.

  4. How reliable can one expect this engine to be with regular maintenance? This Expedition has version 2 of the 3.5L ecoboost — improved engine internals including both direct and port injection.

  5. I bought a 2017 Expedition MAX Limited with 35k miles for 36k. It is a beauty, very few blemishes, and you have to look to find them. There is no way in hell I would buy one of these new. I don't understand who is buying these at full price.

  6. I still don't understand folks attachments to these big vehicals. Funny thing is 80% of the time they just driving to work or to the store and wasting all that space and gas. Have you ever tried to park next to one of those in a small parking lot -_-……… Lol cant wait for the next gas crisis 😂

  7. I love Scottys voice…. I wish I was a DJ. I'd mix Scottys voice with my family members voice and put a rap beat in the back. It would sound interesting I think.

  8. Sorry mistake in the picture it's showing a 2011-2015 Explorer and not 2018-2019 Expedition

  9. What the Ford EXPEDITION (not Excursion) has that Scotty's Toyota does not.

    The 2018 is supposedly a slightly different design then the 2017 and under.

    An engine with two turbos (price out the replacement $$) with the high pressure direct injection $$$, and to top it off, an INTERNAL water pump.

    When the water pump leaks, sometimes it leaks coolant directly into the engine. Of course this takes out the engine. There is a class action lawsuit going about that one…

    To replace the water pump is about $200 for the pump and $600+ for labor. Because you have to remove the front of the engine and put on camshaft locks on both sides (set of tools $250) to remove the water pump from the timing chains.

    I can see getting this done at Meineke or PepBoys 😅

    I told my neighbor if he traded in his 2006 Expedition 5.4L (which is bad enough – hard front brakes lines are gone – still have them in my 1985 Bronco II) for the 3.5L turbo he better get the Ford 150,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty!

    As I am not doing water pumps, plugs, brake lines, or anything else on the new beast.

    Plus, i do not think my Torque Pro will even properly work on the 2015+ 3.5L ecoboost.

  10. Thanks Scotty,I got my 07 expedition RSC,2 years ago,love it so much when the timing jumped on it last year,instead of getting another one,I got a brand new ,warantise v8 triton put in at my local Ford dealer ,keeping it forever .

  11. Just got a 2010 Ford Expedition XLT a few weeks back, and really is a nice vehicle. Yeah, the 5.4 wasn’t their greatest work, but I bought it with all the timing components replaced. So far I’ve put plenty of highway and backroad miles on it, and it runs and drives like a champ! Even for a 2010 big suv, it gets 22.5 on the highway at 70 mph. It’s not the gas hog I was completely expecting!

  12. 3:40 "Man-Cave on wheels" … its true, that's exactly why I have an Expedition. I really love it. Worth every penny. I went driving yesterday in my Expedition for two hours… just cause.

  13. Love the channel but I bet my “junk suv” 07 aspen Hemi would yank the frame out from under that expedition 😘

  14. 4WD isn't just for off road my friend. In northern Michigan its a MUST in the winter. Rear wheel drive gets you nowhere.

  15. I have a 2008 Expedition EL, it is a great vehicle! I agree you don't go off road with these SUVS but the 4×4 is handy in the snow. It is great not having to chain up going up Donner Pass.

  16. $70,000 for a Ford Expedition?! 11 years ago I purchased a brand new 2008 Cadillac Escalade fully equipped for $63,305.00.

    There’s No way in hell that thing is worth more than $60,000.

  17. Funny you say this I just got my wife a new 2019 Ford Escape the EcoBoost and FWD. She loves it and im happy in my older car with none of the new fancy gadgets in it lol. I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu but my next veichal will be a Toyota with any luck!

  18. Who paid off Scotty? I just watched a video where he told us to “never buy an eco boost” or anything overly complicated, but now he’s saying the greatest thing is a twin ecoboost with a giant complicated transmission. Something’s fishy.

  19. I thought you hated the economy boost engines!! Now their OK if it's in a suv….??? No one is paying that much for a suv!!! My company even makes the door panels for it! Numbers are that just numbers. Can they prove everyone they make has separate buyer for each one built??? Nope they sit in huge parking lots and rot the more they make…the more $$$ they get. They aren't selling every car they make since 2000 they sit I'm huge lots and rot away!!! TRUTH!!!

  20. Tight tolerances and efficient engineering sure makes for a great engine. But as with all things dependent on micro parameters if you dont meet or exceed the maintenance intervals your mechanical items will degrade EXTREMELY fast. You pretty much need fresh oil in todays engines at all times, try going 8-10k on full synthetic oil between changes and you will hear your engine grumbling and your MPGs suffer. Sure its supposed to be every 3k, but lapse in that and you will very likely cause severe premature engine wear as compared to engines of yesteryear.

  21. One thing I don’t like Scotty is proping up Ford all the time and dishing Chevy I’ve owned numerous bow ties 2Z-28s 2corvettres 4 sedans 4suvs loved them all
    Ford has had numerous serious issues that have killed people ie the blow- up car(Pinto) roll over SUV
    (Explorer + Bronco ll) and the fall apart car Mustang GT(80s early 90) Also dumping the only good part of the car the 5,0 L for 4.6 multi-valve and was sued by Mustang owners in a class action suit for fudgeing the HP ratings

  22. To Hell w/that, Scotty. $70K for an Ford SUV?? I can buy a really nice OTR tractor for that kind of money. Ford pickups n SUVs are pricing themselves right out of the market.

  23. I’m glad we’re all making shitsloads of money and are willing to keep paying these exorbitant prices no matter how high they go! It’ll look good sitting in the driveway of my McMansion waiting for me to take it to the mall for some pleated khakis 😉

  24. Got a buddy with with 09 Lexus GS 470, 280k on the ticker, it will run circles around this thing, AND he'll even let you use it to drag this Detroit bucket of bolts to the boneyard when it pukes for good.
    Use wisely your power of choice people.

  25. Scotty, Is no longer a car mechanic, but is now a Ford Car Salesman!!! Great Sales Pitch Scotty, but you forgot to tell the potential customers that in another one of your Ford Truck video's, the Twin-Turbo V-6 needed 9 computer software updates, turbos shorten the engines life span, water pump is driven by the timing chain, and a potential host of other problems. Be aware of smart students that remember what you say in previous videos. Please make your next video of you and the wife driving down the highway in your new free Ford Expedition provided by Ford for selling their large SUV. I want a free Mahindra Roxor for my next vehicle.

  26. I drive a lot of them for work and they are amazing! They ride like clouds and you feel like a king while driving them.

  27. At least Scotty didn't discourage us to buy it this time 😀
    The all new 2020 Explorer ST and Platinum will equip with the same 3.0L V6 engine and 10-speed transmission under the hood. Excited about this new model!

  28. 70S term was Special Utility Vehicle////////// Insurance class or use offroad..pipelines power line right of ways

  29. the main problem with suvs is that your squished in the front seat and they are super ugly..
    wich they would bring back the old roadmaster buick wagons of the 90s, or Caprice wagons> They were very roomy and comfortable, and still got 24 miles to the gallon minus all the tech hype baby toys….far more practical and were not eye sores

  30. This guy tells u not to buy an f150 with an ecoboost cuz its complex system and high fuel pressure but then says this expedition is worth 70000 and how great it is when it has the same ecoboost power plant in it lol

  31. Hey Scotty I’m thinking about buying a 2013 Ford Explorer xlt V6 with 96,000 miles for $14k just wanted to see if it’s a reliable suv or will I need to replace the engine or transmission before I even finish paying it off?

  32. But Scotty in another video that you made you said the eco-boost six cylinder is not a very good engine because it has a Tennessee the breakdown because of all the components. You said to get the V8 because they're in the most dependable so I'm confused which is it?

  33. I have over 227,000 miles on my 2007 Ford Expedition. It looks and runs like new. I tow a 31' Airstream trailer easily. Love my big SUV.

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