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rev up your engines roy says Scotty I got an 07 honda
Civic LX coupe has 114 thousand miles automatic no codes I bought it
from a dealer as a daily driver one owner has a rough idle when the heat or air is on expecting the idle air control valve is dirty your thoughts
yeah definitely take that and clean it you want to pray that’s what it is cause
if it’s the compressor starting to go out the AC compressor will make it idle
right when you turn it out if it’s straining the engine too much it’s only
supposed to take a certain amount of strain of those the age they’re just
like people they get kind of tough and cranky and grumpy and rumbly and listen to an old man get up in the morning I remember my old man getting up and have him going to where he’d bumble and make noises, compressors could do the same thing Robbo says Scotty I know you don’t
like GM but I’m enamored of an 08 Cadillac STS with 85,000 miles for six
grand I’d lightly use any weak points and then find a mechanic to check it out
well definitely a mechanic check it out the first place but I’d say check out
your own brain go to a psychiatrist those sts are just rolling piles of
crap as they age I had a neighbor who had one he was a corporate lawyer and
even he said this thing’s driving me nuts it brakes cost me too much money this guy is making four five hundred thousand dollars a year and he said on
that and he went out and bought himself an Acura and he’s still driving an actor
he loves the Acura so I mean it’s your money you do whatever you want with it
but those things are rolling piles of junk as they age it’s 12 years old it’s
got 85,000 miles believe me things are gonna start to break on those things
especially those stupid silicone filled motor mounts that cost a fortune to
replace it’s just a poorly designed and poorly built vehicle don’t throw your
money away on that you want a car that looks nice you can drive around get an
old Lexus or something make it run forever
all right 71 says how do we make a car not start I want to dismantle it from my
teenage boy there’s lots of things you cannot plug but if you want plug the
fuse you might be smart enough to open it up see if fuse is gone plugging up
infuser take out the electronic fuel injection
relay or the fuel pump relay their marked to pick up the fuse box top it’ll say
EFI or to save mission and that’s the relay that right
the plastic black box and when you take it out the car won’t run but he’s not
gonna have a real hit lying around his pocket those aren’t common parts so just
do that if you don’t want it to drive the thing anymore mace says is an old
01 toyota spider 129 thousand miles a goof buy listed at fifty five hundred and
listening States the owners done well with basic maintenance good preventive
maintenance you know they’re good cars but that’s way too much money for a 19
year old Toyota spider the spiders failed they had the engine in the back
and they are kind of a pain and about to work on when they break they don’t break
all that often but a 19 year old car one hundred twenty-nine thousand miles it’s
not worth $5,500 it doesn’t matter I say the most I’d pay for that thing it’d
be maybe maybe thirty eight hundred dollars or something like that but if
it’s at a dealership I don’t always sell it if it’s a dealership they’re never
gonna go down cuz they’re just greedy and they just still sit on it forever
until they get what they want for it but if it’s just you know one of these
open-ended car lots and I offer him less money and see what they’ll take more
than B Scotty my aunt wants to buy 2016 hyundai Santa Fe ultimate for 13,000
bucks any advice thank you well I wouldn’t buy one unless it was really
cheap now it’s four years old if she’d get a really cheap deal on it go around
have she’s not gonna drive too many miles
they’re not like Toyota’s and Honda’s you can’t drive in two three four
hundred thousand miles but I had customer buy them and get a hundred thousand
miles is relatively trouble free of driving out of those things if she’s
happy with that I would definitely try to pay less because use young guys low
resale values I wouldn’t pay that much and if she’s not gonna put that many
miles on it it’s cheap enough but I mean for that kind of money
you know to 1995 says what are the best gas stations fill up what do you think
about y’all well show makes good gas on their high test cast as far as I’m
concerned it’s probably the best high test case you can buy United States it’s
all you some tons more expensive than the other ones but it’s a great guess
but realizes this in most areas the United States is generally only one
place that makes gasoline and then everybody else buys it from them puts
their color dye on you notice they’re different colors well they’re only
different colors because they put a diet they’d be clear or otherwise
and add their additive since shale oil from what I know is the largest
distiller of gasoline in the world odd times you’ll be using shale gas with
whatever additives the other companies add regardless where you buy it so
really not matter United States where do you buy your gases on you buy it from
some crappy old convenience store where there’s an old tank that might have
water and rust inside it they’re all pretty much the same you got a car needs
regular gas just behind the regular gas you’re wasting your money if you buy
higher does gas almost all made in one place and then
they put a different diet a little bit package additive so they all work
perfectly fine penny Killman how do I access TSB for my car mine’s a 2012
Camry 130,000 miles thanks use all data it’s a data system and for the
do-it-yourselfers they have all data and it’s like 20-something bucks
it gives you all the information in your car it’s a great thing to have but
if you want something free you can use www car complaints comm then you click
the tab that says tsp then you get all the TSB’s and they are very handy I
mean it’s a very handy thing to know it shows all the tsb for your car cuz if
something I don’t comes up a lot of times they’ll pick it up let’s face it
all machines are made by humans and humans who made robots that make cars
so there’s flaws that just are gonna show up in all budgets better know them
all then the gas when you got some kind of an oddball problem the TSB is really
good for that so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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