Here’s Why this Cheap Military Truck is the Best Vehicle for the Apocalypse

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
today I’m right here right now, arguing why this huge behemoth is the best way
to go in case of a zombie apocalypse it was a product of the kaiser-jeep
corporation back from the 60s all the way up until the early 80s when they
produce these, they call them Deuce and a halves because off-road they can carry
2.5 tons, hence the name deuce and a half this particular one is a 1968 and they
were used as troop carriers and equipment carriers to basically take
things to the battlefield that they needed, and as you can see by these 46
inch tires, that was most often off-road instead of on road, now in terms of space
this thing has a 14 foot long bed and a 17 foot wide bed, so essentially any type
of guns any type of zombie repellents you could possibly think of this thing
will carry, but let’s say that you’re pretty empathetic and you want to carry
survivors, well as I mentioned earlier this thing was used as a troop carrier,
so it has fold down sides that about nine people can fit across and on the other
side to carry about 18 people in the back, in Georgia where I’m from you can
ride on roads legally in this thing, so the next time at Thanksgiving when your
step mom talks about her new Honda Odyssey with its eight passengers, you
might want to show her this, but enough about the exterior, let’s talk about the
interior a little bit, so firstly you’ll notice that this is a 50 year old
military truck, you’re probably not going to have a shortage of rattles, squeaks or loud noises,
but there are a couple of pretty cool things in here that most people’s cars
won’t have, first thing is that there are pretty much no electronics that can go
wrong in this, if there’s ever a flood, if you’ve ever hit something really hard,
there’s not going to be a lot of stuff that you have to worry about in terms of
wires coming loose, your radio not working, or anything like that, everything
is really basic and there’s a lot of metal around here, the two things in
particular that’s pretty cool are first off, there is actually an
onboard air compressor built into this to assist with the brakes and with a
lot of the other functions including the windshield wipers funnily enough, there’s
actually a port underneath the dash to plug in an air tool if you need to that
runs off the onboard air compressor another cool thing about this interior
that might be my favorite is the push button start, that’s right this 50 year
old military truck has push-button start how it works, essentially there’s a red
button right down here and neatly enough it says start, you push fuel back
to the engine, because this lash makes sure that there’s no fuel going to the
engine that’s how you cut it off, this is the switch to turn on accessory power to
the fuel pump and everything, and then after you do that, just push the button
start it right up but I know what you’re thinking though,
we talked about the bed, we’ve talked about the drab interior,
well lets talk about the off-road functioning of this truck real quick, first off probably one
of the coolest things is the snorkel this is an extended snorkel most Deuce
and a halves have their snorkel end right here, but the guy I bought it from
had an extender on it to make it about ah I’d say maybe seven feet tall, to
where up until this point water can safely go up to the truck, so you’ll see
all kinds of people on YouTube running this thing kind of like a boat actually
through creeks through rivers and it’s totally safe because like I said this is
the air intake for the engine the oil dipstick screws on watertight, so up
until at this point you can use this thing as a boat, it also has a two-speed
transfer case, the low gear is obviously for off-roading and for towing a heavy
load, and then it also has a high gear obviously for normal driving conditions,
another awesome off-roading feature is the winch, not every deuce and a half had
one, but mine does so if I ever get this thing stuck, I’ll be able to get unstuck
pretty quickly, I can hear you say yeah this is cool and all, but why don’t I
just get a Silverado with a 12-inch lift and an aftermarket snorkel like that, and
at least have air conditioning, a soft ride, basically any type of modern
creature comfort in cars, but I have an answer, 3 specifically which are the best
reasons why you should get a deuce for an off-road vehicle, in a zombie
apocalypse situation, the first thing is price, now let’s break down what it would
actually cost to get a silverado, most nice little Silverados that you would get
with working AC, a nice suspension with a 12-inch lift, aftermarket snorkel,
would probably hover $10,000 or above the price of a 12-inch lift is going to
be pretty expensive, probably above $5,000, so already just with a good
silverado and 12 inch lift you’re already looking at about 12,000 dollars
worth of modifications and we haven’t even touched the snorkel yet,
yeah you guys have fun paying almost $17,000 for a truck like this, we have
one on sale on Craigslist in Atlanta for $7,500, we have another one right here
for $6,000, you can really find these all the time under 8 grand, once you buy one
of these things for you know six to eight thousand dollars, the cost to
insure this thing is insanely cheap, I’m a 24 year old male and my driving record
isn’t as clean as it probably should be but I can still insure this thing as a
secondary vehicle with the restriction of five thousand miles a year for $30 a
month as an antique, you’re probably not going to find that with the Silverado,
also I have to mention one other cool thing about this, which is that it doesn’t
require any special license to drive, I picked this thing up with a normal license,
no commercial license, no class a license nothing I just bought this thing and
registered it as a normal street vehicle like any other Honda Civic, but now it’s
time for the last thing that is probably the best on this truck, totally
disregarding how dirty the engine is it’s been off roaded quite a bit, the
engine in this actually isn’t your average engine, this is a multi fuel
engine that can run on pretty much anything, just as an example I pulled up
the technical service manual for a Deuce and a half that they released, and as you
can see it has several other fuels besides diesel fuel, so we have obviously
diesel fuel but we also have marine fuel oil, which is basically highly filtered
motor oil, so in the case of the zombie apocolypse just go to the side of the
road, drain use motor oil out of a car and filter it and throw it in the gas
tank, it can also run on gasoline as well if you want a zombie apocalypse vehicle
do you want a normal Chevy that can run on gas and you have to go to a gas
station or go to a diesel station or do you want something that you can just go
to a random car on the side of the road drain the oil and run it in this thing,
well that was this week’s video and to have your car mod shown on my channel
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