Here’s Why This Jeep Compass is Crap

Here’s Why This Jeep Compass is Crap

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to buy jeep compass even though they look cool now one has to
admit that cool looking vehicles there’s no arguing that they got a nice look to
know this particular one is a 2017 so it’s three years after Fiat has taken
over Chrysler and as far as I’m concerned that’s three years into the
Chiefs being made cheaper and cheaper even though it’s a smaller vehicle you
can see the girls great stuff forty five seventy five pounds they are not
lightweight vehicles but if you look under the hood so we got a little
four-cylinder engine and you couple it with an automatic transmission
you gotta get that engine spinning pretty fast rpm before it starts
getting any decent acceleration you know it’s a small engine you can see down
there there’s not much working on you gotta work on these things they’re still
pretty hard to work on they put it on transversely and there’s not that much
working room now this isn’t all wheel drive vehicle as you can see when we go
under it’s got drive going in the rear and drive
going to the front wheels what is you can also see yeah it’s not
that high above the ground so even though it’s a jeep four-wheel drive it’s
not really a serious off-road vehicle it’s not high up in the ground
it’s more of an SUV with four-wheel drive as you can tell it’s got front
doors and back door so it’s pretty much an SUV style it has a kind of smallish
below average room in the backseat and it’s got a trunk that’s a smaller size
the Toyota matrix my wife has got a lot more space than this trunk and
it’s got a low luggage carrier on the top but it’s so small there really
isn’t all that much that you could hook up there this is a high end video
display navigation camera HID headlights and leather seats a serious
moonroof its superficially it looks like a good vehicle but it’s made
by Fiat Chrysler and there’s where the problem lies if
you want a long-term reliable SUV this is not the vehicle for you customer
lined the bottom invariably had problems some bought them new and had problems
from the get-go with electronics with transmission failure right from brand
new others bottom secondhand and saved a whole bunch of money there’s no arguing
that I’ve seen people buy them when ahead twenty five thousand miles on them
and they pay well under 50% of the original sticker price but there’s a
reason for that the quality just is not there no even though this only is a
four-cylinder engine it’s still pretty much a gas hog in town this car gets
about eighteen to nineteen miles a gallon because it’s a V and that’s
four-wheel drive but at the same time it doesn’t have that great acceleration
I’ve seen v6 engines that get better gas mileage than this that have much more
horsepower in let’s face it the modern jeeps are nothing like the old Willy’s
these things aren’t gonna last forever you might get a Toyota Matrix that about
the size they might last you three four hundred thousand miles easy these things
you’re lucky if you ever get anything over a hundred thousand miles on them
the compass says they were basically made because they wanted to cash in on a jeep name and make a small SUV that they can sell but that is such a cramped
market with such great vehicles already there a wise person they think twice
before they plop their money down for one of these things just understand for
that price you’re getting a lot lower quality too, I mean if you want to get
something you always wanted to have a Jeep and you’re driving four or five
thousand miles a year hey you might last a few years
what the Fiat technology just put into these things not known for a long life
in the least these things as I said they don’t have the acceleration and this is
the bigger engine this is the 2.4 they make a 2 liter that’s even slower and
with all the weight that it’s pulling around with the 4×4 system it just is
not a zippy vehicle to drive around and at the same time it gets pretty crappy
gas my so you’re really not getting the best of
either world it isn’t particularly fast and it doesn’t get good gas mileage and it kind of
makes me wonder what their engineering design was behind this thing other than
just another one a Fiat cars idea of well let’s make something look you’d see
if we can rush it out and sell it to people now they are selling a reasonable
amount the first ones that they made they only sold 60,000 of them but 2018
they sold 160 thousand of them so they’re banking on a jeep name it’s paid
in back some dividends they’re selling them but really the quality isn’t there
if you’re looking for a long term small SUV that you can drive without having a
lot of expensive repairs as they age and believe me the transmission repairs on
these things they’re expensive and are also common as the vehicles get older
and when you look onto the hood you can see little quality lock here’s the top
you can see that’s all corroding we’ll go to the back look all these nuts
and bolts are all rusted and corroded and that’s on a vehicle that only has
30,000 miles it could use better made metal could have better coatings on it
there’s no arguing that it’s a big reason I’d never advised one of my
customers to buy one of these if they really value their money over time know
when you’re taking consideration of the Italian designs and even actually Italian parts that they’re starting to using these Jeeps
the quality is nothing like they were back in the 50s or 60s or even the 70s
as the saying goes what’s in a name in this case the name Jeep often works to
sell things to people don’t over 160 thousand of them last year it seems to
be working let’s say you bought a load of 2018 four-wheel drive you’re talking
about $29,000 and if you are comparing that to and all-wheel drive toyota rav4
the same year that things about $38,000 so this thing’s almost ten thousand
dollars cheaper than the Toyota and yes is the cheaper made vehicle there’s no
arguing that which is one of the reasons that they can sell them price matters a
lot but if you’re looking for a long term reliability
low cost of up keeping it maintaining it I’d stay far away from this Jeep Compass
because you really want to never judge a book by its cover these things may look
great but underneath those looks look under the hood, but if you look under the hood, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Edit: the weight was wrong in the video, it’s around 3,400 lbs not 4,500 that’s the gross weight

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  2. Well..I have 2014 Compass that I bought in 2016. Haven't had any problems yet. Back in June, I took it in for some preventive maintenance ( tune up, oil change, new tires, new battery, brake job, struts ). I'm at 99,500 miles right now ( I drive a whole lot ). If I ever do have some major problems, I'm heading straight to the Toyota dealer to get a 4Runner, V6, 4X4..

  3. I’d get one if you like it. If it has problems take it back. Believe it or not Toyota’s can have problems too right from the get go.

    Robots do the welding and painting on cars and press out the bodies. But the actual engine parts and assembly are still done by people. Why do you think they employ thousands of people ? And that’s where the problems come in.

  4. This is one of the good ones.2.4l is enough. The engine and trans was designed by Hyundai world engine, not fiat. My daughter has 80k on hers and runs and shifts great.

  5. We had a Jeep Compass I can't remember if it was a 16 or 17 talk about a gutless Wonder. We all lived in Laughlin Nevada every time we would have to go to Vegas we had no power going up those Hills gas mileage was just as bad. I'm sorry but piatt should have not emerged with Jeep.

  6. Want something new-ish with a Jeep badge that will give you the least amount of problems in their line-up?
    A Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with the hemi engine and a ZF 8 speed transmission. Pretty bulletproof combination. The rest of the vehicle will fall apart but at least the powertrain will be good.

  7. I have that car. You make me feel worried. With good reason I know. I did get it a year old for about 14k though. I will also take care of it and cross my fingers. Any things I should specifically watch out for?

  8. My 2014 V6 avenger gets 19 miles to the gallon…Chrysler you've actually managed to get worse in the last five years. 😂😂😂

  9. I think a big problem is that it is a 4,500 lb vehicle with a drive train designed for a 2,500 lb vehicle. My 1996 F150 with a V8 doesn't weight that much.

  10. I've taken Uber in some of these. I can confirm: they feel cheap and ride like crap. Even at only a couple of years old.

  11. Hey Scotty what is your opinion on a Chevrolet Tracker my dad just got rid of them last couple months and I decided to go with a better Off Road SUV in which is used and cheaper and lasting me for eternity and I think a Subaru Outback is better despite it being a station wagon

  12. do you're customers drive from new hampshire to texas to have you work on there vehicles. you live in tecas but. in 1 video you have a car from texas and this jeep is from n.h. there is another cideo with a car from n.h.

  13. I had a 2014 Jeep Patriot sport. Had 30k when I bought it. About 70 when I let it go. Never had an issue with it. But it was made in 2013 before Fiat took over too. Lmao

  14. I wonder if the people who bring their vehicles to him get a discount if he showcases (this is junk because) them on YouTube LOL? Or do they just take it there get it fixed at some point later go on YouTube and go “heeyyyy”

  15. My parents bought one in 2017… the transmission gave out this year 2019… they didn’t drive it much… I think it only had like 24,000 miles…

  16. This video is 3 and a half years late Scotty. I love my 2016 Compass high altitude but I’ve had issues already. My power steering pump is the current issue at hand. It’s making whining noises when I turn. It’s also starting to make the same noise when it turns over the noise disappears after a couple seconds

  17. Had a Comanche 4×4 4.0 litre straight-six 5-speed back in the 90s. "Eliminator" Awesome truck, could go anywhere, and thought it was a sports car on pavement. Wish I still had it.

    R.I.P. Jeep

  18. Hey Scotty,
    I have a 2018 Ford Explorer fully loaded. Beautiful suv but the transmission is terrible. I brought it in for transmission service but it still slips or doesn’t engage when I need it most. What’s has your experience been?

  19. I work at a CDJR (chrysler dodge jeep ram) dealer and honestly, the compass is actually a very reliable crossover. Yes, this company is not known for their auto transmissions. The biggest problem vehicles are the dodge dart/chry 200, and the ecodiesel ram (fist diesel) the ecodiesel engines fail extremely often. Avoid the ecodiesel. If you want a reliable vehicle from FCA, both the 2018 ram 1500 and also the current grand cherokee are very good. The only issues I've seen with these are all the uconnect radios fail and go black screen; and the grand cherokee ac systems fail and leak freon. I do not own or drive any fca vehicles and probably never will. I think the main issue with fca is quality control, we see some vehicles go 200-300,000 miles without issues, and we have brand new vehicles come off the truck with failed cooling fans, no brake fluid, no freon, all sorts of issues, and the car one vin off will be flawless for years. Improve your quality control FCA!

  20. Any thoughts on a 2016 (last year) Town and country? I’ve hit 70K (bought used at 60k last year) and the only problems I’ve had was one power window cable. We buy a town and country about every 4 to 5 years and usually rack up about 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Everything’s changed about five years ago so I’m only driving about 10,000 miles a year now. So I’m hoping that I can easily hit 150,000. I just wonder what you recommend to watch out for.

  21. 2011 jeep grand cherokee, replace head two times. condenser two times. alternator two times. yes it will rust FAST. had the valve covers off and the cams went FULL RUST over night. have videos. total garbage. avoid !

  22. I'm diggin the new outtakes at the end of your videos, Scotty! Make them longer! I bet you have a few wtf moments that would give a giggle.

  23. Sorry Scotty, that is the old generation of the vehicle made in Belvedire.

    The current generation of the vehicle is made in Toluca.

    Note that the VIN starts with a 1 for USA instead of 3 for Mexico. The rear doors are another instant giveaway.

    The current Compass has more to do with the Renegade. They are almost the same vehicle.

    Additionally, the GWAR is not the weight of the vehicle either. That has more to do with maximum capacity of the vehicle.

  24. 0:30 umm scotty? As much as I hate Chrysler,, you a mechanic I'm surprise you didn't go by the curb weight? You can't seriously think that thing is 4500 pounds, That's more than a Highlander scotty,, And you never describe anything mechanically wrong with this specific vehicle,

  25. Seems the only thing FCA makes that's any good is the Hemi V8. Otherwise, everyone I've known who bought any Chrysler or FCA otherwise, has soon regretted it. Even when my father had New Yorkers back in the late 60s and early 70s, they were at the dealership on a weekly basis. Then a 1973 Dodge Dart my mother bought new. Everything that could go wrong with it did. The only decent Chrysler was a 1969 318 CID Barracuda with 3-spd torqueflite. Only options were PB and PS. Even the windshield washer pump was foot operated. It was the most reliable Chrysler my family ever had….a scary thought…because even that car had it's own issues….Frankly, I don't like SUVs or CUVs…they don't seem to do anything really well. Except make the manufacturer a nice, wide profit margin.

  26. I will never get a Jeep Compass or Patriot, because they are way too small and they are extremely garbage, same with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (RVR in Canada) or the Eclipse Cross. I will either get a 2011 or 2012 Hyundai Tucson GLS AWD with the 2.4 L or a 2017 or 2018 Nissan Rogue SV or SL AWD instead, because they are a lot better than these two ugly and junk crossovers and others like the Chevrolet Equinox and Trax, Ford Escape and Ecosport and the Honda HR-V as well.

  27. Scotty: "You'll be lucky if you make it over 100,000 miles in this thing."

    Also Scotty: "If you're only gonna put 4 or 5,000 miles a year on it….it might last you a few years."

    The math isn't right there at all. Hahahaha

  28. Holy Cow that thing is heavy an mpg is terrible for something you look at an think hey must be great on gas it's small with 4 banger , my 81 1/2 ton GMC with a scrap rack on it is over 700 pds lighter an gets better mpg with an old 283 an qjet lmao

  29. My friend had a ‘16 compass and he’s already trying to get into another vehicle because at 80k kilometers the transmission is doing some weird jerky motions

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