Here’s Why Toyota Should Be Sued

Here’s Why Toyota Should Be Sued

rev up your engines today I’m going to
tell you the truth about Toyota oil sludge problems and their engines and
oil burning problems now sure Toyota makes great cars but like any
manufacturer they’ve had screw ups and they had problems with boast oil sludge
that led to engine damage and plain old fashioned oil burning because the
pistons and the piston rings were poorly made and were not too fast now the first
thing I to talk about is the oil sludge problem engine oil after prolonged
exposure to heat and the explosions and chemical reactions inside an engine can
break down and create sludge gunk now when I was a young mechanic this was a
big problem because they started out with just plain old oil
it had no detergent in it and so the sludge at all going on bottom and clog
everything up but for ages they’ve had detergent oil and the purpose of the
detergent is to keep all the crud in suspension so instead of making sludge
it flows through the system and stays in the oil that you change when it’s dirty
now the Toyota oil sludge problem occurred in some of the engines before
2003 building up too much sludge and I personally have seen v6 Toyota engines
go bad because of this and in respect to this in 2007
Toyota Suttle a class-action lawsuit they said that they would repair Toyota
engines for free which if you ask me was kind of
sleazy deal because if you had a 97 that was 10 years before this agreement so
you wouldn’t get anything out of a man and the last one covered 2002 since that
was 2007 basically you were only getting three years more warranty honda thing
got a raw deal if you ask me how’d you can sear it covered a whole
range of vehicles you can read them as they go down here you can even look it
up yourself if you want it covered quite a few Toyota and Lexus vehicles and
realizes in Toyotas behalf the vehicles that people did complain about are less
than 1% failure so it’s not like they all do it even if you bought a used one
I’ve had many customers buy those used ones on the list they had no problems
consumption personally on the soil sludge thing I think quite a bit had to
do with the owners not properly maintaining their cars in my own
personal experience of customers cars that I maintain correctly
change the engine oil filter every 5,000 miles none of them had sludge problems
now if you do have one of these engines and you’re worried go by the extreme
service precaution like some of them will say change it every five
thousand miles, well me I do mainly stop and go city driving so
mine’s always extreme I actually change mine every 3,000 miles or once a year
and usually it’s once a year because I don’t even drive that anymore now the
second problem I’m gonna talk about here is Toyota engines and excessive oil
consumptions now as they age all cars are gonna burn somewhere even my old
94 Celica hey it burns a little bit well but it’s got 240,000 miles on it it
burns about half a quart every 3,000 miles but I never added because I don’t
even drive 3000 thousand a year anymore so I just changed the oil once a year
and leave it at that now since the Toyota engines are used to
near perfection in their vehicles I’ve seen them where yeah they’ll burn a
quart of oil maybe every thousand twelve hundred miles their not like the Chrysler
or mitsubishis that you see don’t burn two or three quarts of oil a week
because their really worn but for a Toyota even that’s too much oil
consumption now even I’ve had customers that they’re driving and when it’s idling
their oil pressure light comes on they find out the oils too low you burn a
quart of oil so every 1200 miles or so and you go to the dealer and they say oh
that’s normal or GM’s been saying that for years it may be normal for a
particular vehicle as it wears but it’s not normal for a well-built engine to
use that much oil sure it’s a minor pain in the butt and oil every once a while but
it’s worse than that because modern cars have catalytic
converters oxygen sensors that’s all on the exhaust system and if you get a lot
of oil burning the oil is going to burn and that residue is gonna clog up the
oxygen sensors it’s gonna ruin the catalytic converters and let’s say you
got a car that’s got three catalytic converters it can cost you two to three
grand to have them all replaced not a cheap fix so you really don’t want an
oil burning engine these days it’s not like the old days and early
seventies a friend of mine got the neighbors car for a dollar and they gave
it to him for a dollar and that thing went through a quart of oil every 50
miles was an old Ford so he just carried four or five quarts all on a trunk and
when he needed it he’d pour in the oil and no catalytic converter a simple
carburetor those things could run quite some time the only thing you had to do
was when the spark plugs would carbon up and get all clogged now to fire you just
take out the eight spark plugs and put eight new ones in but modern cars
there’s so much more complex you really can’t drive them when they’re burning
oil especially that type of oil now for this oil burning issue in 2011 Toyota
issued this bulletin 2006 to 2011 Toyota’s with the 2az-fe engine
have excessive oil consumption and may have misfire codes because of the
oil consumption now that’s a four-cylinder engine you see a lot of
them in a 4-cylinder Camrys but their warranty again was kind of a sleazy one
it wasn’t a recall was a TSB a technical service bulletins their thing
was you could bring it in and they test your engine and as you drive your car
1,200 miles and bring it back and it’s more than a quart low on oil then they
decided they’re gonna replace the pistons and the piston rings on it this
only lasted for 60 months or 60,000 miles the original factory warranty
which is kind of a sleazy deal really they wouldn’t even do it on this whole
thing that has 240,000 miles it only burns half a quarter every 3,000 miles
and they were saying it has to burn more than a quart every 1,200 miles
kind of a raw deal there again now I did have customers that had piston rings and
the Pistons replaced on ones that had less than 60,000 miles and were less
than 60 months old but I also have customers that are still driving theirs
and they burn oil and they burn a quart every thousand or 800 miles toyota
didn’t fix it for them they say no you’re out of the period I recently had
a customer of mine bring one in to service and she said it’s making this
noise when I started up and it goes away so I checked the engine oil and there
was nothing on a dipstick and when I changed that only half a quart of oil
came out instead of 4 quarts the only have a quarter oil after she said oh
well you know I just had the oil change in June which was July August September
October four months ago so she thought it was good I said no you got an older
car now well past any other warranty period I said you gotta check the oil
every once in a while for burning oil she’s lucky it didn’t destroy the engine
so if you had one of these vehicles that’s got a lot of mileage you want to check
your oil every once in a while put it in as it
goes out and here’s a list of the engines that are covered on the top and then on
the bottom and like I said Toyota on these piston and piston ring engines
decide that they’ll replace them for five years or 60,000 miles the original
factory warranty but that’s kind of raw deal they’re pretty much admitting they
weren’t built correctly and they’re not standing behind them all they should say
hey you want one of these things we’ll replace some free regardless that’s
something they should have done but I guess due to the millions of cars they
made with these engine they don’t want to give away billions of dollars fixing
them for free just saying well it’s under the factory warranty because
legally that’s all they have to do now in the past I used to tell people when
they ask about car warranties I said don’t worry about the car warranty
itself worry about whether it’s built or not go buy a Toyota then since they
don’t break you don’t care about the warranty well in this case you do after
worried about the warranty on those engines now they don’t make those
particular engines anymore new ones haven’t had any problems with excessive
oil consumption they redesigned them and they built them better but they did make
mistakes done and although they made it a little bit there too admission was hey
yeah we kind of screwed up and we’ll fix them for 60,000 miles after that it’s
your buck that’s going to pay for it and really there they did a miss service to
their owners I mean my son has a 2007 Camry and yes
it burns oil Toyota refused to fix it for free because it had too many miles
on it it’s got less than half of what my Celica has what would your I have an old
one like this that burns half a quart every 3,000 miles or one that today is
burning about a quart of oil every 900 miles so now you know the truth about
Toyota oil sludge and oil consumption and especially if you’re looking at a
used toyota check out that list don’t buy it used or take it to a
mechanic to do a wet and dry compression test to see if the engine was still in
tip-top shape or whether it’s an oil burner and you’re not gonna buy that one
used 2007 211 Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007 to 2009 Toyota Camry 2009 Toyota Corolla
2009 Toyota Matrix 2006 to 2008 toyota rav4 2007 to 2008 Toyota Solara 2007 to
2009 Scion tC and 2008 to 2009 Scion xB of course if you’re do yourself type of
guy since most of my 4-cylinder engines just take out all the spark plugs and
look at them and if they’ve got carbon buildup on the spark plug tips and it’s
all black don’t buy the car it’s that simple so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I will stay away from these Toyota's with excessive oil consumption and it is also recommended to everyone who plan to get one of these vehicles with that problem. I will get a 2009 Lincoln MKZ AWD sedan instead, because it has the 3.5 L Duratec V6 engine with 263 horsepower and it has the six-speed automatic transmission. These 2009 Lincoln MKZ's with AWD and only FWD had not had any problems with oil consumption, other than these four-cylinder and V6 Toyota's from 1997 to 2011.

  3. Stop! Stop! I just spoke with Toyota, and they said they said that your 14% pay increase has been approved. They are also offering unlimited trips to Toyota Headquarters in Japan.🇯🇵😁

  4. I had 2000 Celica and I had to replace the engine. Mechanic told me that I didn't change oil that's why sludge was building up in my engine.

  5. At 220000km my 2009 XRS 2.4L Corolla has oil consumption 1L every 1000km! I’ve had that oil consumption test done 4 years ago and dealer said it was normal!
    😤 Really I thought 💭 but who am I to argue with them they have the big end of the stick!! 🤷🏻‍♂️
    I´ve had the 97 & 2000 Camry and neither had any oil consumption issues… only had to do the oil changes every 5000km and the oil was like practically clear!!
    Now my Corolla has dirty oil every oil change!! Frustrating!!!

  6. Hyundai carries a 5 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and a LIFETIME warranty on their Lithium Ion hybrid battery (only to the original owner of the hybrid auto)

  7. Just traded in our 2007 Rav4 with V-6 with about 200k on it. It had the "rattle" when it started cold (cam phaser), but I always changed the oil at 5k and and did all the required maintenance as required. Absolutely no sludge issues. However, like clockwork, the stupid water pump would blow up every 80,000 miles. The pump is inexpensive, but it is NOT easy to replace.

  8. dammit i have a 2007 camry just bought it. i thought your car only burns oil if you see your exhaust smoke? can someone tell me how i know if my camry burns oil here?

  9. My Scion TC 2006 burns a quart of oil every 400 to 500 miles! Well, its has over 240K miles on it, its obviously out-of-warranty. Oops! This 2AZ-FE car is not even in the list range!

  10. I just bought a 2017 camry and it has engine code p1604 Startibility Malfunction. In 2nd gear sometimes it surges up. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this code?

  11. Ford should be sued for the 5.4 exhaust manifolds & bolts rotting. I've NEVER had a manifold rot, generally they stay on for the life of the vehicle without so much as a gasket leak.
    That & crappy metal. The only thing not rotten on mine is the aluminum hood.
    The triton engine was just a bad design….the 302 & 351 were just fine.

  12. I often wonder if his neighbors know that he’s talking to a camera and not just rambling on about cars in the driveway

  13. my sister had a Toyota Prius the brakes went out while driving on the expressway and almost had a accident $ 3000+ cost brake actuator i think was the part should be a class action lawsuit and fixed for free could not belive they charged her for it and had a slew of complaints from other drivers with the same problem

  14. I am a technician and have had customers come in with excessive oil consumption and engine damage and since they didn’t want to fix it and gave me permission to put what ever in it to help oil consumption and valve tapping and engine knock and I try using that dexos 2 valvoline full synthetic MST and if they had really bad oil loss or damage I would change the operating viscosity, like if their vehicle normally ran 5w30 we would ran 5w40 or a 0w40 by I never understood why people would change the first weight say from a 5w30 to a 10w40 I guess because the 5w40 and 0w40 only are offered in the more expensive full synthetic weights of oil. But I explain to the customer that the first weight is what the oil is during a cold start up and the thinner you have it the quicker and easier it is going to make it on the oil pump to get that oil to the top of the motor where you are hearing the engine wear come from. But anyway I have seen some promising results come from dexos2 type oil it’s main designed for small diesel cars and trucks but is safe and compatible in gasoline vehicles as while. It has strong anti friction additives package and stays crispy clean golden longer than mostly anything I have ever seen and reduces emissions better than dexos1 oil’s so it resists evaporation long and slugging up long. I run Pennzoil dexos2 euro full synthetic 5w30 in my mustang
    And it seems to restore some of the lost performance like maybe it gained 5hp or something but it could just be my bias opinion towards the latest and greatest thing. But Valvoline stopped offering dexos2 and down graded the formula and no longer has the dexos2 label on mst they call it euro formula now. I think it’s because it cost to much to make and they have to pay GM royalties for testing it and endorsing their product as badass. The only one side is most people aren’t OCD about maintenance and going above and beyond oem specs. Same thing happened when mobil1 back in the day made a 100% synthetic Esther core with additive package oil and it was like $20 dollars a quart or more I just think they did it for pissing rights to show AMSOIL they could bit them at their own game, but the funny thing is AMSOIL still is selling the best 100% synthetic oil with a additive package, but pennzoil squid by in a every close second so that’s why I use them and I can get it at Walmart and you can only get AMSOIL if you are a dealer or know a dealer and I you have to still have to pay a premium price like $75 to a $100 for oil and full synthetic filter. I can get pennzoil and Mobil 1 full synthetic filter for $33 and change my own oil at the shop. But customers get charged a $30 service fee for putting in customers own oil and filter.

  15. I've definitely seen more Prius oil burners ironically, one came in with less than a quart of oil. The week after it was in for service it blew a head gasket, another common enough Prius problem.

  16. With some of the cars we had in the old days we’d pull up to the pump and tell the attendant to check the gas and fill it up with bulk oil.

  17. Scotty, i got a 99 caravan 4 cyl. 3 spd automatic. At a 100,000 miles the tranny wouldnt shift into 3rd gear. I got the van free. Got a rebuilt tran put in. The people who owned it made hundreds of trips to the mountains, summer home, so i figured it was all that mountainous terrain and no basic knowledge of car care. The entire brake stuff was shot. Now at 190,000 it still runs and shifts fine. And last 1 yr oil change only 1/2 qt. low. I dont drive it much. So what ya think if I baby the thing is it gonna last much longer?

  18. Great info Scotty. But I have a 2010 camry with the same problem. Can you just tell me if it will still run forever if I keep putting oil in it or is it slowly destroying itself? (Do I keep it or ditch it while it's still running?)

  19. Where can I buy a car with a Honda engine and Toyota transmission? Toyota and Honda should team up. Toyota and BMW is a crying shame

  20. My friend purchased a used ‘08 Camry 2.4L from Toyota of Renton couple of months back which is consuming oil. Looked like a dealer checked the car before selling it and knew that it consumed oil but sold it of the lot to my friend anyway. We emailed the salesman about the issue but of course no response. Don’t trust even the so called premium dealership. No idea what can be done now except bad mouth Toyota, shameful of them.

  21. I’ve owned cars since the early 70’s none of them ever burned a large amount of oil. Had some leakers though.

  22. literally 1 hour ago i just realized my car was really low on oil and i put a whole quart in and it still wasnt enough. has 133,500 miles on it, 4 cylinder that i redline every day to work. muffler broke off one time when i hit a curb. manual tranny. 2006 honda civic coupe. still runs like a clock even without oil…

  23. Strange. The picture remains black – I've gone back and forth to this between Scotty videos and it's had no picture each time, though it has audio.

  24. scotty: "hmmm they think toyota pays me to make these videos? what to do…hmmmm.."
    also scotty: 5 reasons why toyota sucks!
    scotty: "NAILED IT".

  25. FYI Scotty, Toyota rebuilt both my 2007 and 2009 Camery 2.4l engines with over 125k miles for free. They expanded the rebuild period to any car that was within 10 years of original purchase date that failed the oil consumption test.

  26. main reason for the engine sludge in Toyotas was the 7500 mile interval oil change recommendation. mistake on their part. 3500 – 4000 k on the oil change interval if you want the engine to last.

  27. My 2008 Camry Hybrid had that oil consumption
    test done. I was told that my car passed. I did the same test twice myself and the test failed both times. Of course I was over the mileage allowed to have the test done by another dealership. The first dealership blatantly lied to me. I found out that the dealership was known to be shady. I contacted Toyota and of course they did nothing.

  28. 1994 Camry, dealer blamed Castrol but the car was service maintained by the Toyota dealer. Haha Toyota had to pay for a new motor.

  29. Wow..Scotty you scared me for a minute..when I saw the picture of the 2015 Camry. ..I bought that model..Then when I watched you didn't mention that year of Camry so I guess I'm ok..right??? 🤔

  30. There's another pending lawsuit for those 8-speed transmissions in the newer Toyotas. They still jerk around even after the TSB "fixes" and Toyota is saying that "it's normal, you just have to keep driving it." I think they're gonna do what they did with the oil-burning issue and choose profits over their consumers.

  31. 2009 Camry Hybrid failed excessive oil consumption test on December, 2017 with 155K in it. Toyota fixed it for free. I think it was exactly the expiration date of enhanced warranty from Toyota regarding EOC TSB. No mention of miles expiration.

  32. Hi Scotty, I am a retired older man. I have a 2002 Buick. I have been thinking about buying one last car or pickup for myself. I have been looking online at the Toyotas. Which car and pickup would you recommend? I will use them for transportation. I will not be hauling anything other than peace of furniture now and then. I will use it mostly around town. Which car or pickup and motor would you choose. I like your videos. I watch them every day. I hope you give me some good advice. I hope you are having a blessed week.

  33. five reasons to never buy a Toyota its a Toyota never buy a Toyota what do you think your gana get when you buy a Toyota from japan

  34. Big sigh 😱 and here I was thinking of a Camry. So, I guess I'll be driving my 2020 Accord Ex-V6 until I'm outta here…🙏

  35. hey Scotty, I had a 1999 Toyota Camry solara v6 with a manual transmission. It was about the time that the sludge issue occurred. However, I changed my oil every 3000 Miles religiously, so when I had the car taking into my dealer. They say they saw absolutely no evidence of sludge because of my frequent oil changes. So I have kept up that practice on all cars subsequently.

  36. Subaru and Audi actually consider a quart of oil between oil changes to be normal not GM. I have had several GM vehicles and none have burned any oil between changes. Even my dads 99 C1500 with 265000 miles only burns about half a quart between oil changes and the transmission shifts very smoothly.

  37. Toyota just joined my never again list, with Nissan, I swore off all the US majors 40 years ago, and saved enough money to drive anything, drove honda's for over 21 years with no issue, but today I even doubt they would pass their own QC of the past. I will engineer and build my own, before I buy any auto made in the US, Canada, or Mexicon. I may be pedaling a bicycle before it's over, and live a extra 40 years for it. Mr. Scott when can we expect your wisdom and input on the best bicycles to pump?

  38. If the owners had used AmsOil there would have been no sludge. Using 20 weight oil doesn't help either. Of course if these engines did last longer Toyota wouldn't be selling as many vehicles as they do.

  39. I think pretty much any engine will last 300k miles with regular oil changes….The Honda Crv 1.5 di engine is known for fuel dilution though. All my new domestic car engines have run great mostly because I use synthetic oil …conv oil is ok too

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