Here’s Why Toyotas Break in the Philippines

Here’s Why Toyotas Break in the Philippines

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods and here’s this week’s winner,
rev up your engines, oh it’s a diesel, the Toyota Innova was launched last 2004
replacing its old brother the Toyota rebel it’s about 4.5 meters long and 1.7
meters wide and it can also see seven passengers, what’s great about this
vehicle is that it has the imd platform made by Toyota, that means it shares the
same engine chassis and even parts with its brothers the toyota hilux
making my Nova beater friendly, back when I was younger we used
this car that daily from home to school now it’s around twelve years and it has
a hundred thousand miles in it, I can’t believe it still runs,
we changed parts of the engine, the radiator also blew up, and also the
battery died, the starter, the fuel filters, but I can’t believe it still runs,
we also had various accidents with this car, don’t let looks deceive you, as you
can see the car looks pretty clean at the back but this car has been through
so much punishment, there was like a samurai slice the back of the car
somewhere around here, then the car also got rear-ended twice that was on the
left side right here, this big white SUV just comes along and rams this part of
my car, I was like why, but good thing he had insurance, so before going in front
I’m gonna go tell you some design features of the car, so here you can see
we have 16 inch rims looks pretty nice it’s on drum brakes, and it’s d-4d
signifying that it’s diesel and it’s weird here look at this at the front Yokohama
Tire and in the back aspec tires Philippine Jeepney right there very nice,
as you can see there’s the steering wheel
pretty nice and you have a two-tone black beige interior going out with some
fake wooden accents as well, has your standard analog radio and climate
control knobs, and you have your cupholders there and as well as down
there and under left side too, it sports a four-speed automatic transmission and
your standard handbrake, and while you zoom back right there looks quite
relaxing, and of course from the back there’s your climate control, fold this
this folds down then you go for this black lever here opens it up, then as you
can see the third row seat is only for children, but it has a cup holder there it’s
pretty neat, Toyota Innova and right off the bat you can see that it looks like a
diesel engine, it sports a 2.5 liter inline direct-injected turbocharged
diesel engine, and its output that’s about 100 horsepower and 200 Newton
meters of torque quite slow, but it’s OK for Philippine roads, one of the major
problems in these engines in the Philippines it’s not really the engine
itself, but the fuel filter this is because the Philippine fuel is
very dirty and that’s why we had that replaced so much times, and since this is
a hundred thousand mile car we also changed the batteries and the
turbochargers also a little bit rusted already, as well as radiator we changed
this one last year because it blew up on us, come on
Toyota, and as you can see in the cavities of the car
this oil leaks right there and also at the back of the injectors there’s some
spillage as well, but that doesn’t matter to this car because it still keeps on
running and you can see on top there’s also insulators, which is kind of cool
for a car this age in the country, so right now let’s see it start, but I also
have another beater car it’s funny it’s an old Corolla but if you guys want to
see it you can ask scotty I can feature it here as well thank you so much guys
well that was this week’s video and to have your car mod shown on my channel
here check this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Did he really pinpoint the cause of Toyota cars failed in Philippines???…it seemed that the Innova’s owner is very happy how his car still runs…the title is misleading to be fair the cause is not Toyota but the fuel quality in Philippine🧐

  3. Best car for reliability and price, go for the diesel if you buy the automatic transmission, go for manual for petrol since transmission response is sluggish in automatic version

  4. These Innovas are loved by large families and taxis in India and are known to run like new even at 1 million km. There was a time when you could buy a used 3-5 year old one, use it for a couple of years and sell it for more than what you paid for it.

  5. Toyotas dont break in the philippines lol im from the philippines, want your car to last longer treat it well.

  6. Mine's a 2005, type V 2.0 liter gasoline daily driver, loading heavy loads and thru off roads too sometimes. Close to 300.000 KM now, had piston rings and gaskets done at 230.000, as well as new radiator, water pump, tensioner, alternator bearings. Other than that, it's pretty reliable.

  7. I disagree that the innova is just unreliable, my Gramps kijang passed 350k km(200k miles)with just a rusty leaky radiator (had to change that)…

  8. The innova is a really really dependable car. Had the 2.7L 2TR-FE engine from the tacoma. Although i can only get about 5.5 km/ liter, it still is the-go-to, the most comfortable and dependable ladder frame mpv in southeast asia.

  9. My Toyota innova 2007 model already runs 670000 km… an still engine is in original condition

  10. I replace my fuel filter on my d4d fortuner after every other oil change. It only costs around 15usd. These things will run forever as long as you take care of them. Oh and mine has an at transmission dipstick!

  11. It does not break they don’t take care of it . And we have the one and only legendary Fortuner

  12. I'm so used to Scotty's rapid fire talking that I had to play this video at 1.5x speed so that my brain can process it. So I watched it like that, but when I got to the end, I forgot to return it to normal so Scotty ended up sounding like a chipmunk 😂😂😂

  13. Btw, Toyotas break in the Philippines because they are being treated like amphibian cars that can go through flooded streets, which are pretty common everywhere in the PH. 😂

  14. Dude we have the same car here in India one of my friend who has driven it over 500000 km. On the orignal engine and is still running fine

  15. Nothing wrong with the Filo Toyota, It’s just the dirty fuel there in Philippines fcks the toyota up speaking of being filo here from aus

  16. I have a Toyota Innova 2016 though
    It’s so freaking good!
    2.8 liters
    The G one
    Top Of The Line at Bataan.
    Love it

  17. Never knew people would actually use automatic 1st gen innovas. My family had one which was manual and my friend's also was manual

  18. Toyota Innova originated in Indonesia called as Kijang Innova. Part of Kijang. Iam proud of my country

  19. I just found out that my Scotty Kilmer subscription was cancelled without my permission!!! 😡😡😡 I just realized I hadn't had a video for awhile…

  20. Toyota’s don’t break down here in the phillipenes my family has a 2004 and its still hypeBEAST as it was back when we bought it

  21. I compared my family's Innova 2.0 gasoline 2004 which had run over 360000 with my uncle's innova 2.0 gasoline 2011 with 130000 in odometers. I've tried to compare both by drove them and suprisingly i felt nothing different (both are still running well) but only the steering (2004 is little heavier steering than 2011).

  22. Mercs and BMWs outlast Toyotas here in Phils. Keep in mind that those luxury cars being sold here are made in Deutschland. I've talked to several owners of BMWs and Mercs here and they said they really last longer than the Toyotas being sold here.

  23. I Saw A Taxi In The Philippines Overheated. It’s Not New For Me, Considering I’m A Filipino, But That Taxi Was Squirting Smoke And Water From The Radiator. (Not Sure Where The Water Came From) It Was A Toyota…

  24. overloading is the root cause on why most cars dont last long here in phils where 1 toyota innova or similar model car would fit 10 or more persons and travel long distances..

  25. Philippine Toyotas are made in Philippines and somewhere else while Philippine BMWs are made in Germany.

  26. Hi guys! Update: We sold our Toyota Innova… Kudos for the service and video mileage it gave hahaha

    Thank you also Scotty for sharing my video. I want to make another one

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