Here’s Why You Need This Truck for the Apocalypse

Here’s Why You Need This Truck for the Apocalypse

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner, hi
I’m Matt this is my 2013 toyota tacoma xspx edition
let’s talk about some modifications we’ve made to the truck since we
purchased it, put on some Cali raised LED fog lights
up front, put on some aftermarket headlights I darkened them so they work
less, but I compensate for that with light bars pretty much everywhere, the
number one question that I get asked probably on this truck is about the
snorkel will it clear 35’s without rubbing and that and the tie for has it gone
underwater, no one has not gone underwater but its flood ready the
differentials are all sealed up and we’re good to go, up top I’ve got another
dual amber and white floodlight for just kind of clearing out the area, I’ve got a
set of recovery tracks on the driver side, and a Pelican case with some toe
snatches and other recovery gear, there’s also some shower equipment up there so
it’s pretty easy to get to it, the rigid ditch lights have been excellent or
spotting deer and getting getting stuff out of your way on early morning drives
coming around to the side of the vehicle you can see that I’ve got Cooper
discovery tires there the a t-34s, their snow rated they’ve got the
little snowflake to tell you so, 16 inch wheels Toyota TRD simulated bead lock simulated
means fake, but man I just love how they accent the bushwacker flares and the
color scheme of the truck, color matched the center TRD used to be red and made
it the magnetic gray metallic, I had Goodyear Wrangler Duratrax on before
these and they were just awful in the Florida Georgia environment, they
hydroplane super easy, and they were only good when they were kind of muddy and
used off-road, they’re not a good everyday use kind of tire, the awning ARB
awning has been super fun for the family, we pull it out it gives us shade and
protection we use it a lot during the hurricane evacuations, it also is a great
place to just have lunch and take a break, I
also use it at work if we’re out in the field in training it just gives us a
little bit of relief there as well, moving it on to the back of the truck, you can
see I’ve got a camper shell it’s a Lear 100 XR it’s just been outstanding I was
lucky enough to find it used on Craigslist for nothing, put that on
because we had our second daughter and of course you need more gear when
you have more kids, it gives you the protection you need from the weather its
lockable, black out the windows so you know we’ve got some privacy in there as
well, I put pod lights in my bumper cut two holes there to give additional
lighting for when we go in reverse, you can see the taillights are blacked out
as well so they work less but they’re full LED so they’re they’re actually
pretty bright when we’re using them going inside the camper you can see it’s
built out for comfort really, I’ve got a Cali raised Molly rack on the side that
allows me to put in gear like a blowout medical kit a boo-boo kit, extra water or
sleeping gear, change of clothes, diapers stuff, I’ve got tools in one bag and some
recovery gear, Pelican locking case mounted to the rail in case you want to
lock up the keys go for a jog on the side I’ve got fuel tank as well as a
little chair because it’s always great to have little chairs if you’re stuck or
just playing around, light up I got LEDs pretty much everywhere just like the
whole truck, and of course you can put up some patches on velcro, anything with velcro
you should probably put patches on, if you have these trucks and you don’t have
a bed mat, I highly recommend them, it just made the truck just more usable when
you’re crawling around there, especially with the camper shell on you’re not able
to stand up you know like you were when it was off, I also have independently
wired switches for auxilary toys, I have a air compressor that I linked up to it,
for when I’m deflating tires or inflating tires, but it’s also been
helpful for filling up our inflatable pool in the summertime, inside you can
see the back seats really been eaten up by my kids car seats,
this is their their backseat it’s their area, and I kitted up my entire back here
with Blue Ridge Overland gear for my daughter, it stores all her fun stuff for
goldfish or snacks her extra mags it’s got our fans on it, the binoculars for
when we go exploring lots of fun stuff Southeast Georgia is very hot so you
haven’t done a headliner installation on your truck I would also recommend that
very very helpful in the Georgia heat inside the Tacoma you’ve got plenty of
room for four adults to be uncomfortable for two adults to be pretty comfortable
and two adults and two kids to be able to get along just fine the Toyota Tacoma
came with tons of cupholders and as you can see
nope nope yeah nope yes this is where you can store your
cups you can see we got the embroidered head rests on the xsp Edition,
all-weather seating is fantastic it’s easy to clean it’s great when you have
kids so it’s like one less thing to worry about we also have two wiener dogs
Rex and mr. sparkles and when they crawl around in here they don’t leave scratch
marks and things like that four liter v-6 it’s got just enough power to get to
where you’re going but you’re going to get there at a slow pace if you try and
do anything over 65 you’re you’re asking for it as far as miles per gallon this
toughest truck gets it gets no miles per gallon and just don’t even pay attention
to it because you’re not going to want to know generally I can keep about
sixteen point five miles per gallon and I Drive pretty conservatively but if
you’re late for traffic and traffic and you’re getting on it you’re gonna eat up
that gas mileage thank you again Scotty for the opportunity I look forward to
reading your comments and seeing the love in the hate on the truck and the
build and if you want to find me on Instagram I’m at 1 3 X s px I love
seeing what everybody does for their vehicles and their passions and I hope
you guys have a great week happy Mother’s Day to my wife take care I’ll
see you later, well that was
this week’s video and to have your car mod shown on my channel here check this out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. First step would be suspension. Second would be aftermarket bumpers and winches. Third would be deep cycle dual batteries. Then start to think about pretty lights.

  3. This person will die of cancer like 90% of humans and wont be able to test its abilities- waste-o -money

  4. Let's live for the day and drive whatever we want. Save the Apocalypse drama for yo mama. It ain't fo real; it's Hollywood!

  5. That thing will be rusted out or broken down before he needs it for an apocalypse…. maybe take it camping lol

  6. I never got the "apocalypse" thing….if it's the end of the world, nothing survives 😂

    Also you want non-computerized vehicles for the emp dream thing.

    16mpg is pretty good, I'm lucky if I get 10mpg….an upgrade from my 3-5mpg camaro.

  7. Are light bars even necessary? As long as your headlights aren’t foggy they are plenty bright enough… people getting all these light bars just cause they want everyone to think they are cool…

  8. The Toyota Land Cruiser would be my choice i have a 1993 with 457000 miles on it all I go Cancun twice a year with it

  9. Any car that has an electronic fuel pump or an ECU is no good in case of a solar flate, EMP weapons or nuclear attack (Each one because the emp plast will screw it up. Old cars with mechanical fuel pumps are the most reliable. Dont get me wrong this is a nice truck!! But best are 1980s hiluxes or safaris/patrols anything with no electronics

  10. If an EMP bomb is used that nice vehicle will not be going anywhere. Computers all cactus. Wher you planning to get fuel? Parts? Tyres? Oil? etc. Learn to ride a horse.

  11. until an EMP takes out all 5 computers that no expertise can help you replace or bypass without help from an operating dealership….
    of which will not be open durring the apocalypse…..

  12. If it has a computer in it, then it won't be any good for the Apocalypse. I would choose something with a diesel or ford/chevy engine in it.

  13. Hmm Scotty why are you outsourcing your channel.. your like a corporate business. Reeev up your videos on my chamnel. Why cause t they make their own channels

  14. It's a nice truck but anyone driving anything after the apocalypse is going to attract an awful lot of bullets. i.e., it's a death trap.

  15. Scotty. What do you think about a 2012 Ram 1500 Crew cab with a 5.7 Hemi. It has 110,000 miles. How much more life can I expect from it?

  16. Badass Taco dude 👍🏻
    Would love one with a 4.6 V-8 or even a 5.7 😍

  17. yanks and zombie apocalypse trucks like this and underground shelters, great to be ready for the end of time,

  18. Everyone knows that in the apocalypse you need a black partially rusted Dodge Charger that’s slightly lifted and has a bigass bugcatcher on the front and all broken windows

  19. I really liked the Tacoma I sat in at the Toyota showroom. It's a perfect car for those harsh Wisconsin winters up here.

  20. Probably need the Sequoia for more room in the back seats as your kids grow up and for storage. Otherwise pretty cool.

  21. Nah…..should get a nice diesel truck, bigger, more room, more power, crew cab long box with a Titan fuel system, you can get over 200 gallons of extra fuel with Titan's tanks and upgrades… the entire country from end to end if you had the right system with full tanks.

    I'm not a fan of diesel though, I like the power of gasoline, diesel is just better for long hauls and apocalyptic scenarios if that stuff even happens.

  22. So…it runs off ethanol or natural gas, right ? I mean, oil will be scarce in the apocalypse, right ?

  23. Atleast he's honest about the gas milage, anyone who buys a truck and complains about mpg needs to buy a Prius instead.

  24. Nice rig. But holy smoke you have many many $$ in this rig. My 1995 landcruiser will smoke you off-road. 3 kids, two adults BTW. 1hdft, you won't see that in the USA.

  25. Lol. Literally every other video Scotty puts up he's telling us about how this or that modification is a waste of money and will destroy your vehicle. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Now he's encouraging us to send our videos in to show off our mods. Make up your mind!

    As for the video, "the camper is built for comfort" umm..wut? You put a thin rubber floor liner in the bed and that's comfort? Lol.

    A bunch of led lights, wheels, snow rated tires(in Florida?🤔), window/headlight tint and a box cap don't make this truck anything special. That's a typical Canadian daily driver. Hell..the manufacturers are releasing trucks set up like this up here.

  26. I have almost the same truck 2013 Tacoma off road same camper tons off stuff Icon stage 4 shock set up BF Goodrich mt km3 Safari snorkle. hood hydraulics lifts. Pirite Mica color. brothers from another mother

  27. what a great truck for the apocalypse! Need to install a .50 cal machine gun. "TERRORIST APPROVED"! hehehe

  28. I wish Toyota were as cheap for us as they are for ISIS. They get base models cheaper than chips. And go fishing in them between wars. Lucky ISIS eh !

  29. Is your truck rated for an EMP event? This is an apocalypse that is most likely to happen. My '79 GMC C1500 Heavy Half has no electronics that would be affected by an EMP pulse, comm equipment isolated in a Faraday cage. It looks like crap, but there is a new 350 cu in and Turbo 400 plus a new drivetrain to the rear wheels. Going to the paint shop to get a new skin of matt olive drab next month, then coal black bumpers to complete the job with antennas installed to finish the look I want. Send you a picture when it is finished?

  30. Someone once asked Carroll Shelby what kind of gas mileage he expected to get out of one of his most powerful Shelby Cobra Mustangs. His reply was classic Carroll Shelby – "Who gives a s***"! What else would you expect him to say? Hey, if you can afford the truck, you can afford the gas. I'm poor. I drive a Corolla – gets 37 MPG…

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