Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Lexus

Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Lexus

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why you should buy a Lexus, but strangely enough I’m gonna start with
why you shouldn’t buy a Lexus and that’s because it costs too much money I’m
cheap I would have never have bought one in the past, but I got this one for my wife
years ago one of my customers got it from his father, they were tired of it
and I gave him $3,000 for the car even though it only had 60,000 miles on it
yeah it was like 12 years old but I don’t care I know these things can last
so when it was new in 2002 it was just thirty four thousand dollar car, so
basically I paid less than 1/10 of the original price for a vehicle that, I’ve
had customers with es 300s that had 400,000 miles on with 60,000 miles
80% of its lifespan left I would never buy a new one regardless of the cost
because I think they’re ugly I like the old style front, those new one with those
giant scowling mouth plastic front ends I think that’s one of the ugliest
designs ever, and sure a lot of cars are all copy now a big scowly front grille
people think, oh that’s popular that’s cool
and they go out and they buy something they want it to look like that, me I
think it’s ugly I like the old ones they’re better looking, face it you want
a big mouth on the front of your car it just looks stupid, now the reason I love
this Lexus is because I’m getting older these things are really comfortable and
luxurious, now this car is 18 years old but the seats leather are still in really
good shape it’s amazing and being a Lexus things hardly ever
break now, in the interest of honesty yes I put lots of parts on this car but for
a rather odd reason, I use it as a test car to test out brake rotors all kinds
of car parts, I tell them to send me some stuff for a 2000 to ES 300
I’ll see if your products are any good and here’s something that I found out
they kind of surprised even me, couple years ago a company sent me brand new
front struts for the suspension, so I put hem on this car and at the time the car
was 16 years old with the original structure,
and lo and behold it rode much worse with the brand new struts, now they
weren’t original equipment struts they were aftermarket ones but it rode so
much worse with the new ones that I put the old ones back on, so here we’re talking
about a car with 16 year old struts that still rode fine the new aftermarket ones
rode worse than these old ones, they can last that long and tells me they’re
building these things right, check inside the door made in Japan
there’s just something about serious Japanese car manufacturers and
motorcycle manufacturers for that matter they take it seriously they keep
building the car quality you don’t see that with cars that are built lots of
other countries, now it’s not a race car it’s got plenty enough horsepower with
v6 you can cruise all day long when we drove to Big Bend the speed limit was
like 85 miles an hour we did 9000 and cruise control didn’t skip a beat,
it’s got the proven Aisin transmission I change the fluid a couple of times
that’s it, still shifts like a dream and sure I upgraded to headlights they look
cooler but that’s the advantage of a platform like this, a lot of the parts
that are newer style will fit out of the older ones especially aftermarket ones
so you can upgrade it if you want, hey I’d rather buy $250 you wear the
headlights then buy a brand-new Lexus for what forty-five fifty thousand
dollars these days and up, but even though it still kind of looks and runs
like a new car the insurance on it is dirt cheap, it’s
an eighteen year old car now they’re gonna pay like 500 bucks in insurance
on this thing, check out the insurance on a new car if it gets wrecked or stolen
and it’s a $60,000 car they got to put the $60,000 payout, don’t think your
insurance is gonna be cheap on that, they got big giant trunks with lots of space,
but really the main selling point this luxury and they can last so long many
luxury cars hey they fall apart they want you to buy
a new one every four or five years these things weren’t made that way, take the
engine it’s naturally aspirated doesn’t have a supercharger ,doesn’t have a turbo
charger, isn’t GDI high-pressure injector just a plain old v6 fuel-injected engine
like in a Corolla or and a Toyota pickups they’re known for reliability
they can last a long time, you don’t do anything them butchange the oil, I’m a
fan of the v6 ones I’m not really a fan of the big v8 ones yeah they’re a bit
more luxurious but as they age those engines are more expensive to work on
they’re much harder to work on, give you an idea you got a v8 engine in order to
change the starter on the later model ones you got to pull the intake manifold
off you’re gonna spend over a thousand bucks changing the starter, I change the
starter out in this thing I think it took me 15 minutes,
yes starts are going to wear out anyways but guess what I went to Autozone and bought
the starter been in there for six years works perfectly fine the advantage of
this is a lot of it is just Toyota Camry parts a lot of them are totally
interchangeable and there’s a big aftermarket for them, so you can do what you
want without having to spend a fortune at the Lexus dealer on their
outrageously overpriced parts, Hey look at me, when they’re dirty I haven’t washed
this thing in two weeks they still look good, of course a lot of
that depends on the color that you get in the car if you’re gonna get a black
car it’s gonna look dirty in two hours anyways, but if you get a color like this
it doesn’t show dirt all that bad so you’re not to wash it as much and like I
said the quality is just there take these leather seats, the previous luxury car that my wife had was an old Toyota Cressida and those seats got so cracked
it looked like the Grand Canyon inside so I covered them with these great New
Zealand pure wool seat covers, they were like 250 bucks a piece but one day she said
I know something’s weird in my car, so I took those New Zealand sheepskin covers
off and inside those Cressida crack leather seats believe it or not there
was a colony of ants with eggs and everything when I pulled it up, they
scrambled and ran all over the place, I don’t know what the heck they’re doing
on a mobile car that’s driving around but an entire colony of ants made inside
the luggage seats were just not made that well then, but hey these are 18
years old and they still look great that’s just what I call quality, I know
some people are saying Oh Scotty how much
did lexus pay you to say how great their cars are well I don’t think they paid me anything
considered and I said I would never buy a brand-new one because I think those
grills are as ugly as can be I’m telling you a real-life experience
from myself and my many customers that have all these things and I’ve never
shell out for a new one, heck that kind of money I’d rather send my grandkids to
college then wasted on a car, but if you want luxury in a car that is gonna last
a really long time I hardly ever break down and not be all
that expensive to maintain either, I mean you don’t go to the dealer just find a
regular mechanic like me that works on there to take care of the thing stay
away from hybrid Lexuses, my customers with hybrid Lexus they love them when
they were new but then they when they got 10 years or older and started to
break down man the parts cost a fortune for them, because there’s really no
aftermarket for that hybrid stuff you’re talking dealer then and the prices will
just astound you, but if you’re looking for a nice reliable long-lasting luxury
car hey get yourself a Lexus that’s got a v6
engine in it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. When i was going to sell my rx350 to my dealer and I told him it had 130000 miles he said “Wow man, thats really low”

  3. 😂 scotty you keep playing with my head ..other day u said don't buy and I miss out on a old one now I'm seeing this and I end up with a 2013 Nissan altima..sigh but that's like I'll jus try working with it. And rev up.the engine

  4. Great video Scotty! Sub'd. I never knew what luxury and reliability was until I bought my 2012 Lexus LS 460! Sorry Scotty it does have a V8 engine. Still just oil changes and go!

  5. I got the same yr 03 Camry, same motor. I love my car, fast an so reliable. Only thing I've done is battery an breaks done the timing belt and water pump. Owned it since 08 and it now has 230,000. Can't beat that, try that with any other car maker.

  6. What years were the Lexus"Made in Japan" only? Their equivalent in pianos, are the Yamaha. But only the ones "Made in Japan"

  7. After 16 years later you will find BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars in a demolition centre. But lexus is a Japanese extreme engineering benchmark. Durable, reliable, dependable, cost effective, cheap maintenance, fuel efficiency everything mean Japanese awesome technology.

  8. Hey Scotty, I live in the UK we don't have es300 but we do have GS300 here, same motor I think. We also have the Acura RL here but it's called the Honda legend with a 3.5l v6 just shy of 300 hp.

    I'm debating between the two same year same mileage same price. Funny thing is, the Honda just seems better at first glance.

    Something I'm missing here? Or is the Lexus still the clear better choice

  9. Scotty i want your opinion, im buying my first car next month and i am between lexus ct 2015 with 20000 miles and a honda civic hatchback 2018 with 11000 miles, both same price around 15000 pounds, what would you choose??

  10. I own a es 300h, use it for Lyft and Uber, runs perfect. I beg to differ on the look. I like Lexus' grill. Its different, cutting age style.

  11. These are dumb videos strictly from the view point of reliability!!
    1. Toyota makes the shitiest car seat, if you are into Japanese cars, at least buy a Honda. Their seats are lot more better on your back. You can't beat European cars comfort, safety and handling.
    2. I drove Toyotas for 30 years and wife still has a Prius and Highlander, but I learned not to drive either one for long trips (over 5 hours).
    3. I recently bought a 2015 Volvo xc60 and it drives like a dream. Extremely safe car. I can drive to lake Tahoe non stop and my back is fine.

  12. Your 2 gas meters in the back ground the 1 on the left is old it might need replacing.Sorry I'm always looking at gas meters I work for a gas company.

  13. A couple years ago, I was looking for a car to buy. I knew Lexus made a great car, but I couldn't find one that looked good to me. I bought a BMW that I loved the look of. I would rather pay more to fix it, than hate my car.

  14. Hey scott i have a 2012 toyota avalon it has the same engine as es 350 what do you think about that ? Thats a poor man`s lexus .

  15. I bought a 2007 Lexus ES350 13 months ago on Scotty's recommendations… best darn car I've ever bought. 13 year old car and not 1 single problem with it. Changed the oil, transmission ATF, power steering fluid, and coolant. The thing truly does run like a clock!


  16. I got a 2001 Lexus RX 300 with a V6 and it is THE BEST CAR EVER, never broken down on me in the 4 years I’ve had it, and it’s almost at 200,000 miles!

  17. As a luxury car Lexus Has better reliability than any crappy German car but they are also expensive to maintain but not as expensive as any German luxury car money pits

  18. Hi Scotty, your right I’m done with the many MB money pits I’ve bought…. what years of ES Lexus models would you buy? I’d like to not spend more that $10k .. thanks for your videos… YOUR GREAT LOVE THEM

  19. Hi Scotty can you please use your wife's 2002 Lexus ES 300 to demo some routine repairs and maintenance for DIYer as I'm considering to buy a 2002 or 2003 Lexus ES as well. Thanks!

  20. I owned the gold 2003 es300 from 64k to 99k but she needed a timing chain & motor mount work and the engine light was on I was reading up coolant issues so I traded her in on a 2 year old Camry XLE V6 with 27k on it & after 7 years it’s at 99k & doing much better in wear and tear than my old Lexus, but I do miss that pioneer stereo & memory seats and that wood grain steering wheel.

  21. Just bought a 2007 LS460 with 105,000 miles on it. I LOVE it! I’ll take plain design with superb comfort, incredibly reliable, and easier infotainment system than the newer models. I’m sold on staying with Toyota and Lexus unless I want a sports car, then it’s a 3 Series all the way.

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