Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Mercury Grand Marquis

Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Mercury Grand Marquis

rev up your engines, engine says opinion on
the 1998 4.6 Mercury Grand Marquis LS it’s a great grandpa
car those are Grampa cars and those engines
could run freaking forever you know on the highway they weren’t that bad
you could get 20-something miles a gallon if you drove conservatively get
soggy in town but you know I got old guys that’s still driving on their own
so while I get some hipster that they like them and so they buy a used one and
had me fix it up and they drive around and they like the idea driving around a
grandpa car cuz hipsters like doing weird stuff so yeah if it was taken care
of it’s all now but they could still less than parts are readily available
it’s not not like you can’t get parts for the things Cody Jason Scotty what do
you think of a 2010 Hyundai Accent blue with a 5-speed manual and 78,000 miles
on for 3500 okay I’m not a Korean car fan as I said all the time but it’s got
a five-speed manual with only 78,000 miles for 3500 bucks why not it could be
a decent car that last for years you know I’ve seen some of those engines go
to 300,000 miles if you took care of it and if it had a standard transmission it
doesn’t sound like a bad deal but believe me I’ve been doing this for 51
years don’t trust anybody always pay a mechanic to check it out cuz we can tell
it’s been a wreck flooded or stolen in 20 minutes
and most mechanics charge anywhere from 50 to on or bots to check it out it’s
worth doing it if you want to have peace of mind I mean it’s only a smart thing to
do Caeser Santos says hey there Scotty I
got a 2010 Renault that wins in fifth gear only what could be the problem well
if you can drive any speed and fourth gear third gear but then when you go
into fifth gear at wines it means that fifth gear is going out
gears are unbarring so when the bearings where they start to whine like when your
wheel bearings go they start running and then you got to replace them well
replacing with fifth gear on a transmission standard transmission you
got a pull and take completely apart it’s like a Swiss watch my advice just
live with it and if it gets loud don’t use fifth gear
use fourth gear and you got a little bit worst analyzer but that at least it
won’t be wearing a fifth gear and then when it does break you can’t drive it at
all I’ve got a lot of customers in the past with standard transmissions fifth
gear started to go out I said don’t use it sometimes for five
years later they’re still working but if they don’t listen and they use a fifth
gear eventually it pops out breaks and pieces fly and that’s the end of the
transmission Georgia says Scotty what do you think of Lancia okay it’s Italian
car pretty much sense at all Fiats are known as fix it again Tony, Italians make
zippy cute looking sexy cars there’s no arguing it but they all tend to fall
apart as they age and the Lancia is no different you can get much better more
reliable fun to drive cars if you buy something Japanese the Italian stop yeah
it’s zippy it goes around I remember watching one of the top gear
shows where they had an Alfa Romeo and versus a Mazda Miata and yeah the office
fans got a v6 engine la-de-da but it cost so much more and it’ll fall apart
that you’re better off driving to me on around then you’re driving the stupid
elfin lot see it’s Italian company too so you know it doesn’t impress me I’d
never run here in United States you can’t get parts for him there’s no
expensive and hard to get but you want those nuts that wants to drive around in
a goofy Italian car and you don’t mind having a Toyota that you drive every day
and use that as a toy I wouldn’t advise buying one brick Carlo says Scotty what’s
your opinion on Nascar is it dead, it’s not dead but it’s dying, I filmed a
couple years ago at Charlotte at the speedway there and I noticed that grandstands
they looked weird and I look closely and they had like painted of colors like
baseball caps so it looked like people were sitting there when they weren’t I
asked the guys you know what’s going on here and the guy said hey they had to
tear out like 30,000 seats cuz nobody ever bought them anymore
and it looked bad everybody gets greedy you know the motel owners all whenever
race and raised their right everybody got greedy wanted more money I gotta say
car race in the United States is kind of a guy in sport when I was a kid it was
big everybody messed with their cars now the young kids don’t care about it
Millennials don’t care about that stuff and eventually they’re either gonna ride
money or they’ll die off and there won’t be anybody left to watch the stuff it’s
kinda like baseball baseball is a dying sport too you look at the games on TV
the outer outfield stands practically completely empty you know it’s there’s a
lot of dying sports going out there they still go by TV ratings and stuff for the
advertisers in there but I saw a lot of the advertisers were pulling on a NASCAR
cuz they wanted too much money and they felt hey we’re not getting anything out
of it so I don’t know since our dying down our race Drive in the United States
is pretty much a die in sports it has been going downhill for quite some time,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. No wonder nascar is dying…I don't see the appeal in watching 20 cars go around a circle for like 2 hours…

  3. I used to have a Grand Marquis and the paint started peeling off. I've seen this on other cars as well. Was a great car, but that was a terrible problem.

  4. The Ford Panther platform, ie, Mercury Grand Marque, Ford Crown Victoria are great well built cars… I still drive a 2011 Vicky a a daily driver. Big plus is they are very easy to work on and parts are cheap 🙂

  5. I have an 05 accent with an automatic. Has over 200000 miles on it and I beat the crap out of it. Still works fine

  6. Another tank of a car, was the 1980's M-Body Chrysler. Police loved them. Went from a slant six, to 318 V8, to a 360 V8 with the 727 transmission and slightly larger differential. You couldn't kill those cars. There was a mexican version called the Magnum that was a 2 door, had a 300hp 360 V8, a 727 transmission, and dana 44 differential/axle. Those cars were in a lot of 80's and early 90's cop movies.

  7. What a the best bet? Early 2000s Lexus ES or LS model? What year? What to bye a used Lexus not new obviously but not a clunker either 3or 4 k budget

  8. The 2003 merc grand marquis gs, had lots of wiring issues. Should have been recalled with the amount of money I put into it to fix the electrical.

  9. I remember in the 70 80s and 90s my wife and I always watched NASCAR and then the big stars which we started getting killed on the track some more and even not bid stars but it is a dangerous sport it’s much better now. I noticed lately and for the last few years the cameraman they focus so much on the track and the first two rows as they go around but they never really show you beyond those row except accidentally when something happens and are just nobody up here
    Even as a kid in the 60s I enjoyed stock car racing locally and otherwise now it’s all cookie-cutter cars. Back then you were chain the door shut but I’m better tires shocks beef up the engine if possible and go racing not anymore. It’s like a video game.

  10. I'd buy one in a heartbeat without anyone telling me to, if only they weren't that overpriced in Europe.

  11. If you live in a snowy environment the Mercury Grand Marquis is a terrible car.  Maybe not all models, but, the one I had was absolutely dangerous on a snowy road.  I grew up driving large rear wheel drive cars in Wisconsin.  The Grand Marquis I had was equipped with automatic tracking control which you could not turn off.  So, on snowy roads the car decided what to do.  Not at all safe.  On a snowy road I want to have the control, not a computer or sensors.  Damn scary at times in my Grand Marquis.  Not so with other rear wheel drive cars I have had because they didn't have automatic tracking.  This car may be great in Texas, but thoroughly unsafe in Northern Wisconsin winters.  I sold mine and got a Honda 4WD CRV, vast improvement, and will probably last as long.

  12. Been daily driving a 1997 Grand Marquis for a few years now and it is a great car. If you want something inexpensive, reliable and easy to work on they are hard to beat. The car floats and you feel no bumps at all even big potholes. The trunk is absolutely massive and the engine is very very quiet at idle. I have only had to do normal wear and tear stuff on this car like brakes, blend door actuator MAF sensor and exhaust work. The real world mileage with 2.72 gears is 25-29mpg on highway and 15-18mpg in town. The parts are very cheap and Ford can still get most of the parts if you need them. The car needs good winter tires on the rear in the winter. I have seen 10 with over 700 000 miles on them and lots with 500 000 miles. I tend to buy vehicles that go the distance and rack up miles because I like to drive, my car has 200 000 miles on it and nothing rattles or feels like it is worn but I have kept up on the repairs. The only thing I don't like is the car is low and hard to get in and out of and the car is not very quick.

  13. I am from Saudi Arabia, and I have a 98 crown vitoria 270,000 miles, and it's still running like new, it's the best American car I have ever used I will never sell it

  14. You're on the money with this one, Scotty. I have a 2002 Crown Victoria, only 51K miles, and I can drive it for life granted I take care of it. It's garage kept and well maintained. They are durable, comfortable, unpretentious, and best part is, they are cheap and not the target of car thieves because most people hate them. Works for me!

  15. Wait don't they have intake manifolds that crack and an expensive air suspension which you will most definitely need to repair.

  16. I liked this video. I agree with the assessment of the Grand Marquis. I own a 97 Mercury Grand Marquis 255k miles on it. It runs smoother than my fathers new 2018 Forester.😂😂 Only issues I have with my 97 is rust, valve covers leaking oil and some suspension components worn out. Right after I bought it took it on a road trip down south. I was running 75 mph and getting 27 mpg.. Not bad for a V-8

  17. Hey Scotty about auto racing, I ate at the Cracker Barrel located right next to the Daytona International Speedway today! I've been to 3 races in my life, they are pretty fun to watch but the ordeal afterwords is not worth it. Parking lots, buses, and tens of thousands of tired and grumpy people all trying to beach each other to their cars. After the last one years ago I was done with it.

  18. The reason nascar is dieing is its gotten too safe. Now women are driving the cars, that's how we know it's too safe. People watched auto racing for the crashes, it's a blood sport.

  19. I get 26MPG in mine. It's fast and floats down the road like a cloud. And it was wrecked by the previous owner. $875 cash, 130,000 miles, and a clean title. Packing tape on the headlight, a new windshield and a couple ball joints later, I now have an extremely reliable daily driver.

  20. I bought my second one a few months ago. A 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis GS with 59,640 miles. An estate sale.
    Those cars(Crown Victorias, Grand Marquis, and the Town Cars)are regularly being driven on the streets here in Miami, Florida, by either older individuals, or younger ones.

  21. Eh, I'm 25 though I loved riding around in my mom's Grand Marquis when I was little so I want a Grand Marquis for nostalgia purposes.

  22. Scotty, I worked for Cormier Hyundai and Reno Hyundai for several years. We were taught; Sunday Monday, Hyundai (Hun-day)… The "Y" is silent, NOT the "H".

  23. I have had a grand marq before and Victoria the coil packs go bad in them, though that's really about it though lol… easy to maintain cars.

  24. I love big sedans
    But Scotty being the all knowing mechanic should be telling everyone about the horrible engine cooling design with own plastic plumbing in panthers and how they’re notorious for blowing head gaskets because people buy them as second owners and don’t maintain them

  25. I drive a 96 grand Marquis as you speak never had any major problems just routine regular maintenance repairs

  26. U say Grand Marquis is a grandpa car I say Toyotas Hondas ect R girl cars🚗 Grand Marquis,crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car R real American cars,this is America Scotty, u don't drive American cars Trump is going to come for u Scotty LoL, lets make America great again, lets drive full size American cars with V8s rear wheel drive and body on frame, and u Scotty take ur imported garbage back to Japan before u get run over by a real car in your egg shell on 4 sorryass wheels powered by lawnmower a engine

  27. I think Toyotas shouldn't be allowed on highways they R too small can't see them under mi the bumper of mi full size American sedan

  28. I have a 93 Grand Marquis. The paint on the hood, top and trunk is rough but the interior is fine and it runs great.

  29. Bought a used one in 2003 it was a 98 @ 50 000km… It was in our family till 340 000km ran great only ever asked for brake lines 600 bucks and I removed the rear air bags for springs when I got it because it felt floaty. It was stollen joy ridden. T Boned by a jeep and rear ended by a truck. This thing was a tank greatly missed it's final demise was at a demo derby where she finished second after huge show stealing engine fire after fuel line got sheared 💪💪💪💪

  30. Miss my 2001 Mercury grand marquis! Was just talking to my bf about how much I miss mine since it was so comfortable and had no issues with it

  31. USA is a dying country. No more Baseball and Apple pie. These sissies today are all about cell phones and man buns.

  32. They Find More ways & places to Start RUSTING out every day You own them. WORSE Than a F150. The Paint won't stay on the Roof longer than 10 Years.

  33. My first car was a 1999 Sable. Got it for $100 from my aunt. Then my moms friend had a Monterey that they were selling and that’s what I’m driving now.

    I seem to always end up with a Mercury, but they’re not bad cars.

  34. The Crown Victoria and Marquis sedans are tough cars that can take a lot of abuse. You can ask any veteran police officer. I drove a Crown Victoria as a patrolman and they can take a beating and keep going.

  35. I have a 1996 grand marquis. Bought it 17 years ago with 51,000 miles on it. Now, 201,000. Engine & transmission run as good as the day I got the car. Recently replaced shocks. Rides like a new car!

  36. with ticket prices being extremely expensive it is called legal segregation the rich dont have to set with the poor people

  37. I had an accent manual and a veloster automatic drove em both as my commuter to work 120 miles per day. Accent is over 300000 and veloster is over 175000. Gave both to my kids they are still kicking. My hondas from days pass never went over 150000 with out having engine or tranny problems.

  38. Scotty you blew me away after saying your not keen on Korean cars. They are popular in Australia. I even had a Hyundai Terracan and while it was under warranty Hyundai fixed it no issue. Toyota replaced my dash free of charge and it was way out of warranty on our Toyota Prado 120 series we still have.
    I would most definitely buy a new Kia or Hyundai brand new. I was hoping for another Prado, but Toyota can’t get a fix on the regeneration system…so that’s the end of them.

  39. I have a '98 Towncar sitting idle for 3years now. Michelin tires, a little raggedy looking interior, 178k, with an entirely replaced front end with 300 miles on the front end work. Runs and drives smooth as silk and super quiet. 25 mpg on hiway, 19 in town.
    Needs the $20 part ,AC blend door, replaced for AC to work. But have to pull the dash off to access this part… $600 job due to labor time.

  40. Scotty with. a hard on over the marqui lol alot of people dont realize ford makes some of the best cars trucks in the world at my job we have fleet vehicles 300 400k original miles. Their is ppl on the internet with over a million miles more than honda and toyota.
    Long live ford love it.

  41. Almost 200k in my Grand Marquis. Scotty….I do need help with the parking brake pedal, it's not making that ratcheting sound anymore. It seems like a headache to replace it.

  42. I bought a 2006 Dark Toreador Red Metallic Mercury Grand Marquis LS with 27,000 miles in September 2010 for $10,600 and drove it 42,00 miles . I sold it in May 2012 for $10,000! The "L" of the "LS" on the trunk was missing so I ordered a complete emblem set and made it into an "SS"! I also added the "POLICE INTERCEPTOR" badge so people thought the driver was a detective! The standard Ford police car was the Crown Victoria until 2011.

  43. I've had several panther platform cars. Great results. Really cheap to fix. But they really never broke! And they can be had in great shape for pennies on the dollar.
    Actually buying another one next month LOL

  44. Scotty, I don't know if you'll ever read this… but I bought a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis because I watched your video and saw how reliable they are and I trust your 5 decades + of experience. I'm 17 and it's my first car… I LOVE IT.

  45. Just bout a one for 450$ runs perfect interior looks brand new. Lady i bout it from got tboned and can no longer drive. Driver side door needs to be replaced and it will be good as new. Blew my motor in my 98 gt 2 days ago and ended up getting this the day after. Gods grace:). Plan is to pull the motor and swap it into my 98

  46. Never trust anyone who wears sunglasses inside. NEVER trust anyone who wears that type of sunglasses period.

  47. can i put copper spark plugs in the Marquis? I know they do not last as long as the other spark plugs but they do give best performance.

  48. I’m 28 years old and I have a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis and I love it fun car to drive cheap too buy suck in the snow though

  49. The 1980s grand marquis are awsome cars.. especially 79 to 87 models.. especially if its fully loaded all options..

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