Here’s Why You Should Never Buy a Mini Cooper

Here’s Why You Should Never Buy a Mini Cooper

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you why not to buy a mini because their engineers I don’t know they’re
living in some kind of fantasy world look at this,
now it’s got a cracked fan belt but as you can see here you can’t even see the
fan belt from the top, certainly you can’t work on it, but you can’t even see
it so you got a Jack the car up in the air,
take off the tire, then go inside after you got to take all this stuff out of the
way, but look inside here first of all there’s an adjuster right here,
that’s a fulcrum that has to be pulled off to loosen the tension on the belt,
this is the tightening end, but the end that you loosen is hidden up there you can’t
even see it and it has this huge knut that no tool
that I have can even fit in the hole nevertheless turn to loosen it, but a
setup like this in this mini that takes the case is probably the worst
design I’ve ever seen in my life, I mean other cars they have fan belts and they
go around each pulley and they work fine why on earth did they make a system that
has a fan belt that does all of the pulleys except one, and then that one is
run indirectly by this stupid plastic tensioner device that pulls up against,
it which serves as a friction device to run that pulley, now I have seen dumb
things in my life but this takes the case, from a company that’s basically
German a lot of BMW and English, the most Mickey Mouse design I have ever seen in
my life, the only thing I saw that was dumber than that was, ages ago the mg’s
had two six volt batteries in them connected together to make a 12 volt
battery, mg was going from 6 volt to 12 volt systems, and I guess they had a
warehouse full of six small batteries, so rather than putting a 12 volt battery in,
they put two six volt ones and hooked them together to make 12 volts, I mean
only the English would make a car that bad, and would continued to do
something as crazy as that, you got this little wheel here that runs off the main
wheel, and then you got another pull here with the this little rubber thing
built on it that runs off the friction of this wheel spinning, why didn’t they
just make a belt that went around it like every other car maker,
now granted they’re cute cars, there’s one, here my neighbor just bought a brand
new one too, it’s got that cool dual sunroof giant sunroof, and cute little
double doors, cute little cars, they got decent handling, cool giant speedometer
in the middle with the tachometer right in front of you zoom zoom, and actually
quite comfortable seats, pretty good gas mileage this is getting 35.2 average
city and highway, but under the hood it’s just too tiny, it’s got a little
bitty 1.4 liter engine, barely gets out of its own way with an automatic
transmission, and the wiring don’t even get me talking about the wiring, I’ve
seen the headlight wiring be so thin that they all melt and start fusing
together because the insulation comes off and a bare metal touches bare metal,
just uncalled for these days, as you can see here it says made in EU,
hey maybe brexit it’s a good deal for the Brits if their getting this bad European
stuff and putting it in their cars, they’re better off without it if you ask me, look
at all the cheap plastic stuff, even way inside here the intake manifold is made
out of plastic too, a lot of plastic junk believe me with my experience on these
things, they get to be old like this one is nine years old, all that plastic starts
cracking, starts breaking and it may be made out of plastic but it’s not cheap
plastic, when you’re buying English or German made plastic parts for a mini, be
prepared to pay up the wazoo for them catalytic converters go out on these
things sometimes they cost well over 1,200
bucks for a new one, they just are not solid built, now the original Mini it was
a revolutionary car, after World War two British didn’t have much money, a lot of
them were riding around on motorcycles with side cars, some of those side cars were little
bitty cabins going down the road with people hiding inside them, but the driver
of the motorcycle still had to go through all the weather, so they came up
with a mini, front-wheel drive vehicle that was simple to fix, didn’t cost much
to buy and didn’t cost much to repair and got phenomenal gas mileage for a tiny
little car, but the new mini it’s anything but revolutionary, it’s just
using technology that other cars had and not building them all that well, the engines
that they use now, they’re not all that dependable either, I see them blowing
head gaskets all the time, or they got 40 50 thousand miles on them and they’re
burning tons of oil, burn a quart of oil every four or 500 miles just not built
all that well, and when you combine things that I built that well, with the
same things that aren’t designed all that well, like the ridiculous fan belt
system on this car, that’s just a recipe for disaster, so unless you’re into
disasters yourself my advice is stay far away from the minis, if you want a car
that’s gonna last and even hold its value over time, you can get these things
really cheap used, but there’s a reason for it, and it’s a reason that says don’t
buy it in the first place, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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