Here’s Why Your Car Runs Like Crap

Here’s Why Your Car Runs Like Crap

rev up your engines
Sam is Good says my 2001 jeep cranks but it won’t start and it backfires it’s
been running kind of poor lately anyway alright could be a thousand different
things you know you gotta always do the simple thing spark plugs make sure the
air filters not clogged make sure that the fuel filter isn’t clogged up it’s an
01 so it’s an old vehicle and here’s what I
always tell people to do if they check the simple things and it still doesn’t
take the spark plugs out it’s a six-cylinder easy take all six of them
out get a compression test or you can buy one of those autozone ones for 29
bucks or ebay whatever check all the compression dry then get a tablespoon of
oil and put it in each cylinder for one at a time put it in one then redo the
compression that’s a wet compression so you’ll have readings for the dry and a
wet and if you find that the wet compression is way way higher than the
dry the piston rings weren’t out in your engine shop because I did one of those
last year hey the compression was so low and the Rings were so worn out I told
him I said your engine’s just flat worn out and in that guy’s case ah he said I
don’t wanna rebuild this junky thing but I’m gonna drive it around so he went
to a junkyard got a used engine installed for like 800 bucks
parts and labor and he was happy it ran okay when he got it back, Ruska Stevie
says Scotty how do you properly ask the mechanic to go and check out a used car
at a dealership I’ve been doing that for years when you go to the dealership you
tell the dealership you’re bringing it to your mechanic that’s the end of that
you do not have the mechanic go to the dealership he doesn’t have those
equipment to take it there any honest dealership will bring the car to you
your mechanic checks it out I have that all the time sometimes
they make one of the salesmen come with them sometimes they
don’t you know you never know one way or another what they’re gonna let you do
but they gotta let you take that car to your mechanic or go somewhere else
that’s just the way that it goes now if you deal with a private individual and
your mechanics eight hundred miles away well that’s gonna be a hard thing but
even their most private individuals will come with you to the mechanic and let
check it out if they don’t look somewhere else
the madman says why are SUV so absurdly popular I went to the grocery store no
less than four rav4s and three CRVs they’re all over the place they’re
convenient for people when I was a kid the big thing with station wagons we had
Ford station wagon with Chevy station those things we’re great and then when I
was a young father we had a Toyota Camry station wagon one of the best cars we
ever had I bought it used for a couple of grand drove the heck out of it sold
it for $1,500 ten years later I mean station wagons are great but hardly anyone is
making station wagon where they want to make SUVs instead and people like them and of
course when it comes to popularity realize that humans are quite a bit like
sheep they follow each other around so if everybody has SUVs they all feel like
oh the next door neighbor has an SUV and the wife I have to have an SUV too so a lot
of it you know as a cultural thing but they
are handy vehicles I mean you can get a bunch of people and I got four doors but
then I have a big hands-free can throw a bunch of stuff in so they are actually
relatively handy devices but I mean so were the station wagons in a station
wagons had even bigger trunks on them you could sleep in them you could get
ten kids in there but days the station wagon seemed to passed us all by, Willie
Smith Ten says I got an 06 Ford f-150 the engines running poorly and it’s got
cylinder number five misfire and ignition coil primary secondary circuit
codes what you want to do is it’s saying number five is misfiring take the
coil on plug somebody for number five put it on number one and put the one on
number five and drive it and if it switches and now has a misfire on number
one you know it’s the coil of plug assembly just replace it simple thing to
do right now let’s say you do that and it doesn’t and it stays exactly the same
well I just fixed one of those a month ago and it turns out that it was a short
in the computer now you’re gonna have a hard time figuring that out I had to get
up my oscilloscope and measure stuff and it turns out that the computer circuit
that drove the number five was shorting out I’d see drops in the oscilloscope
readings and I had to replace the main computer for the vehicle and that was a
lot of money but if you switch the coils first pray it moves if it moves and you
know the coils bad it’s an easy test that you can do I always try the simple
things first and then work your way into more complex ones, new car guys I got
an 07 PT Cruiser AC compressor keeps cutting in on and off the
compressors good and there’s no air in the system all right if they cut it off
you got to put pressure gauges on the low side in the high side
watch them if you see that the high side pressure keeps going up high then it
shuts off then up high and then it shuts off you got a restriction somewhere in
the system that builds the pressure too high and then the switch turns it off
could be a bad expansion valve a crushed line clogged condenser could be lots of
things but you have to put both the low side and high side gauges to see what’s
going on is it restricted on a high side or the low side are the pressures right
you got to do all that you can’t just guess cuz once you have those gauges on
then you can get a really good analysis of what the system is doing is building
up pressure because or say there’s problem in the low side if the low side
goes into suction it’ll turn it on and off too and then when it builds up it
starts talking and when it goes into suction and negative pressure it’ll turn
it off same thing you got to do a pressure test first, back bugs345 why
do my lights randomly turn on at night when a car is off I got a Hyundai Accent
2008 I’m thinking you got a burglar alarm problem and it’s turning the lights on
and off so what you need to do is first thing if you got a burglar on relay or a
fuse take it out at night and if it stops doing it you know
there’s a problem the bird alarm system if it’s an aftermarket burglar alarm
system just disconnected if it’s the factory system though you’re gonna have
to pay a mechanic who’s got a Hyundai dealer scan tool to work on the burglar
alarm system because it’s part of the main computer you can’t just unplug it
it doesn’t work that way it’s a lot more complicated but most of the time that is
alarm system unless you’ve got weird friends that are sneaking and turn your
lights on the middle night just to freak the heck out of you, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. 323k now so I'll let it act up a little, 'cuse when it acts up a lot, it can be artifacted. I got the aftermarket burglar alarm system!

  3. If I am not mistaken, station wagons have to meet car safety and emission requirements. SUV's and minivans only have to meet truck safety and emission requirements, which are less strict. Hence, there are not many station wagons these days even though the need for that kind of vehicle still exists.

  4. CAFE and car seat laws are what killed the popularity of station wagon. CAFE makes exceptions that allows truck like SUVs to have bigger, more powerful engines that the car like wagons cannot.

    Then car seat and seat belt laws mean that to seat more than 5 people there has to be a third row. To get into a third row requires some headroom that a car doesn’t offer so SUVs and minivans take over the role of carrying more people.

    My first car was a Corolla wagon so I have always had a soft spot for them. My daily is a Subaru wagon we used as the family car before we outgrew it. Manual transmission, AWD and wagon makes it almost perfect to me.

  5. My parent had a 87 Toyota Camry wagon when I was a kid. Great car! One time my mom hauled 15 50 Lb. Bags of rocks with it.

  6. I work at a dodge/chrysler/jeep/ram…. and we know the Chryslers are crap, we havent sold one in 9 months! Jeep and ram is the only thing keeping us alive

  7. Scotty I have a 62 Ford fairlane with a 6 cylinder thinking about putting a 302 in not sure what to do what is your opinion

  8. I have a 1995 VS Holden Commerdore 3.8L v6 with 150000 miles and the engine keeps cutting out when its going over 15mph I'm not sure what it is.

  9. Station Wagons are still fairly popular down in Australia. they haven't gone away yet. Yes there are plenty of mid sized SUVs here too but most manufacturers still make wagons for the market. All the V8 Holdens had wagon variants up until they were discontinued. I've seen Audi wagons, Skoda wagons, Infact I just bought myself an 06 Mitsubishi Lancer wagon! 2.4L with a manual transmission. hows that for unusual?

  10. I bought a SUV just because if l get into a crash the other vehicle would most probably be a SUV too.
    It's simply an arms race.

  11. I’m more of a wagon person than a suv person but I’m gonna get a suv
    Only because it’s higher off the ground and my city streets are full of potholes that have just my oil pans twice

  12. Scotty or anyone knowledgeable please help! I have a 1998 Escort 2.0 Auto. It has a low idol in drive with foot on break and (possibly unrelated) the biggest problem is once warmed up if in park the idol will rev so high I turn it off real quick so it doesn't blow something. I feel like I've done everything. I cleaned the old throttle position sensor (no difference) then put a new one on, then cleaned the old IAC valve (no difference), then put a new one on, cleaned the throttle body, cleaned injectors, cleaned valves and still same problem. I also replaced the Control Module relay which gave me my A/C back but did nothing for the idol. Please also note that after testing 4 Control Module relays, I found the only one that mostly worked as my A/C now comes on with regular air and the regular settings blow hot air. I was just happy to have A/C back any way I could get it. Any more ideas? Cuz I'm tapped.

  13. I remember the station wagons well. I own a small SUV now. It gives me 2 fundamental advantages you could not get in a station wagon now, or ever. Ruling out all the new safety stuff. Small SUV can haul small camping and utility trailers, now, safely. Regardless, of the terms you want to use, todays small SUV's get better traction! The old station wagons I remember with great love were all rear wheel drive.

  14. Scotty, I hear a lot of talk about oil catch cans (from pcv back to crankcase). I have a 2016 f150 5.0, should I put one on it?

  15. Scotty I see you're using a 4k camera from you're description yet you don't upload in 4k. Any reason why this is?

  16. F150 problem / the primary problem go to check connector (wide open or loos) or short on a wire but secondary problem changes the coil but first make sure its connector and wire are good. it happened in my ford crown victoria.

  17. What has 2 thumbs and was always the one stuck in the reverse facing rear seat in the Pontiac station wagon? THIS guy.

  18. Hi, scotty. I've been following your channel for quite some time for quick fixes and tips in car maintenance and repair. I've recently had a problem with my 05 civic. I was driving above 90mph the other night and when I got home and was about to park the in the garage my idle is stuck above 3000 rpm when I shifted back to neutral. Now my idle shoots up above 3000 everytime I start the car. I haven't used the car for a couple days now. Do you have any suggestions on what I should get checked out first? Thank you very much and I hope you'll be able to read and answer this.

  19. I went to a dealership recently and they lost their minds when I said I wanted my mechanic to check out the car. I walked out and have no intention of returning.

  20. Scotty,
    I have 2018 Honda Civic, it has system that shows life of oil (in percentage), problem is this time my next oil change is going to be after 18000 km. Dealership want me to wait till that number as I have a free oil change with them.
    What should I do ?

  21. Scotty, not sure if you watch your own videos but YouTube seems to put advertisements for all the junkiest cars you hate at the start of your vids, Hahaha

  22. Do you recommend engine oil additive on a older car namely a 1984 230E Mercedes Benz W123 sedan with a mileage of 310 000 kms? On startup when cold the lifters are ticking real bad.

  23. I asked before, didn't hear back. Many people on Craigslist won't have it taken to a mechanic, they just don't respond. It is frustrating.

  24. SUV/Crossovers are fads. They will begin to flatline in 2021. Everyone that wants one, will have one.

    The 80s/90s Stationwagons
    The 90s/00s Vans
    The 10s/20s SUV/Crossovers
    The 20s Trucks

  25. Hey there Scotty, I have a 2011 Silverado z71 with a 5.3 which I do not beat but it has 150k mostly highway unloaded driving with a Leer cap. Lately when it's very hot when I get in my truck to dive home from work sometimes the Traction Control and ABS off lights and warning come on when I'm driving. When this happens I can tell the rear end is lagging it seem and something feels slow to engage. The problem will go away when I restart the truck later. Is this something I can fix or can you point me in the right direction? Thank you, William

  26. i will always like station wagons (especially when they came from executive cars) more than suvs
    for example, the rover 75 estate
    suvs are too tall, can't go under some place
    and i prefer station wagons to regular sedans
    station wagons have more space

  27. I didnt even watch the video I'm gonna give it a good guess, your car runs like crap because it's not a Toyota. Am I right? I bet I'm right.

  28. My wife will NOT drive a Station Wagon, but I cain’t convince her that her 1999 Chevy Suburban is nothing but an overgrown Station Wagon. I appreciate the diagnostic tips, Kilmer.

  29. Another great video. Not only was the content informative, the picture inserts made me laugh repeatedly, and God knows that I need humor in my life. Thank you.

  30. A few more easy, but perhaps tedious things to do about the Ford F150 with the misfire in the #5 cylinder. Make sure that the low voltage wires back to the computer are in their plastic tube. If one is out or the plastic tube is broken/missing, a spark plug wire that is near by might induce current flow in the wire. Also look at the back of the circuit board, and see if there are any bad solder connections. Vibration can crack a solder connection. You can use a small soldering iron to touch up any bad connections.

  31. Can you show me a video on how to replace a thermostat Lexus ES 350 2008 I need to replace mine to much at the shop it my mom car . Thank you hope you can help

  32. I grew up with station wagons as a kid. It was our modern day wagon like during the wagon train days. Dad was in the military so we moved a lot. My first family car I drove was the ‘62 Buick Invicta station wagon . It had the “ Nailhead” V8. I still like wagons.

  33. Hey Scotty, my ford ranger 2004 has a engine light and the code read up po171-system too lean bank 1 . What should I do ? It uses more gas and runs rough while pressing on the gas, the rpm go high way then it should be to 3 . On the high speeds 60-70 the truck shacks not the steering wheel just the whole truck and even when I'm just driving regularly. Message me back or who ever sees this comment . What should I do .

  34. It usually says in your description an auto mechanic for the last 51 years and in this one it says 46 years and further down says 50 years, which is the real McCoy?

  35. Man l wish you would do one of these thing the you did not talk about a Toyotaaa….For crying out loud man…!

  36. I've been carting my grandkids around in a car and I can tell you exactly why people with small children are driving giant vehicles. It's those huge car seats and every year they get bigger. I guarantee a small child and his seat take up more room than the fattest adult you know.

  37. Long time ago, my car started running like crap. I changed gas stations. It came out of it and runs like a champ now.

  38. SUVs are popular because the are exempt from increasing emissions requirements. We are being marketed to. It is sad. Good info Scotty. Love the show.

  39. SUV's…I call em shoes cause that is all what they look like…. they all look like the modified golf carts from the documentary movie "Ideocracy" …a must see

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