Here’s Why You’ve Never Heard of this Toyota Celica GT Panasonic Edition

Here’s Why You’ve Never Heard of this Toyota Celica GT Panasonic Edition

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner, hey guys my name is Laszlo from
Vancouver Canada and this is my 2002 Toyota Celica GT
Panasonic Edition, the Panasonic Edition was only available in Canada,
it came with decals all around it from the front here you have this white
stripe, and on the side says Panasonic Toyota, and also on the rear over here
all says Panasonic Toyota, from factory it came with the TRD body kit all-around,
spoiler, rear lip, side skirts, and front TRD bumper, the Toyota Celica GT has the
1zz engine, which is very slow the Toyota Celica did come in a GTS model which
produced 180 horsepower, the modification I have on this car are lowering springs, XXR 530
wheels, and a muffler delete, the seventh gen Celica was available from 2000 to
2005, on the hood you have the iconic Panasonic Edition stripe, and along the
sides here on both sides you have Panasonic Toyota, as well as on the back,
my car currently has 230 thousand kilometers I’m not sure what that is in
miles but you can calculate that, I’m gonna give a startup, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel, check
this out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. In the UK we have a Celica like this its not called a Panasonic but it’s still called a GT only a limited number of them were made from 2005 – 2006 it has the same body kit apart from the rear defuser and TRD badges / stickers, I think it’s a 30mm drop on the suspension, half leather and alcantara seats and slightly bigger wheels, front splitter and the biggest difference the UK version is the 2zz engine 189BHP I have one and mines done 166000 miles.

    Scotty if you read those comments I’m about to subscribe, love the channel. You should feel honoured you will be only the second person I’ve subscribed to on youtube!

    Being slightly negative on the car I was always a Ford person until I got my first Jap car it was 90s MR2 t-bar n/a mk2 and that car changed the way I looked at cars it was amazing I finally got rid of it with 275000 miles on the clock and hardly anything had gone wrong with the car where my current Celica has already had an alternator, secondary air injection pump and front shocks which may not sound much but after the last Toyota my expectations were much higher for this car. Both cars have had normal service components which I know a shock absorber is a service component but just expected a little more out of it.

  3. I owned a 2001 celica. Worst car ever. Road noise, cheap cardboard interior, tranny prone to miss-shifts that blew the engine. I sold it asap.

  4. I quite like the look of the late 90's early 00's Celica's. I've seen a few of them for sale in my area over the years, but they're either rusted into dust or require major repairs because they're easy for young people to obtain. Nothing worse than a young newbie driver trying to show off his puddle jumper to someone in a pickup truck. Then again, show-off's in WRX's are just as bad. The same goes for the snobs in Merc's, Beamers, and Audi's.

  5. I was waiting to see a 21 speaker complete factory-installed sound system with a 2000 watt amplifier made by Panasonic …He never even showed what kind of deck he was running lol

  6. -So guys we need a new edition for our celica,what are the possibilities?
    +So we got HKS-Panasonic-Alahaddin Bananas and TRD
    -Cool Panasonic celica sounds perfect,But what would be diffirent?
    +İt is crazy,just listen.We will have the same body from the TRD package and same slow engine from the other Celicas
    +Panasonic stickers all over it….
    -But thats sounds boring.
    +What about a random white tribial style stripe?

  7. Might be slow, but its revs out high, is lightweight and reliable. An amazing starter car for sure.

  8. This guy is going to get caught speeding in the Upper Levels Highway in West Vancouver.
    One week with out his fines and licence suspension

  9. dis suks…it doesn't even cone wit a Panasonic deck…im a put sony stickers on my toilet so I'll hav a rare sony edition toilet.

  10. i had a 2005 SILVER TOYOTA GT "TRD" PANASONIC EDITION, BONE STOCK, it was a dream to drive, not the most power but looked and drove awesome.

  11. Weren't there proplems with the Toyota 1ZZ engine loosing oil through the piston rings on Celica's up to 2004? The more powerful ZZ2 engines weren't affected by this issue….

  12. Hey Scotty I have a 1998 Toyota Celica and I was driving down the freeway at about 65 and suddenly I looked down and noticed both my RPM & Speed gauges were just going out of whack! I then noticed that when I was pushing on the gas the car was actually not accelerating at all, at that time I was just coasting with my current momentum. I was able to coast over 2 lanes and over to the side of the highway. I got my car towed back to my place and on the day after I started it up and nothing, car wasn’t accelerating. RPM & Speed gauge responds but the car doesn’t move at all. So I went under the hook and randomly touched a few things and now it’s working again but I don’t trust taking it out for an actual drive. Any chance you can possible tell me what’s going on with my car? Thanks in advance!!!!

  13. My friend 2002 celica gts came with the TRD package from the dealership and all Panasonic did was add a stickers 🤦🏽‍♂️ nothing great about this celica…

  14. No wonder why it was only available in Canada . It's gay lol
    The Toyota Celica was and still is a GIRL car just like the scion tc. Girl cars

  15. They had an version here that was an Action Package here in the USA. I was working for a toyota dealer at the time

  16. I owned a 2002 Panasonic GT 5 speed for 16 years!!!!!!! Such a great car!!! Put every mod on it short of forced induction

    Mine sounded way better though, light weight flywheel, Injen cold air intake and an Nvindia N1 exhaust.

  17. You would think that Toyota would’ve stepped it up to the 2ZZ for a super rare edition, how silly of me. Granted the 1ZZ is a serviceable motor, just lacking that lift is a disappointment.

  18. We never hear because never was a model named Panasonic celica……just his because he made it 😂😂😂😂
    Are only -gt 143hp
    -gts -189hp
    -ts 192 hp
    -England gt(2005) 192hp
    -Msport(england) 192hp
    -Tsunami edition 192hp
    -red edition 143 and 192 hp
    -Trd edition 192hp
    All japan edition are limited at 190km/h

  19. Yea this engine is slow, but definitely not that slow for 1.8l N/A. I can say that (and im pretty sure) she will outrun most european cars and some others with same N/A displacement of the same age.

  20. This video is a lie. The guy did not apologize for the car only being available in Canada… and he didn't apologize for being Canadian.

  21. I have a Toyota celica gt high in miles runs like a baby and it isn’t fast but it’s sneaky fast meaning it ain’t as slow as the average car but it’ll sneak by you in a sec

  22. If it wasnt for my accident I wouldve still had this beauty. Had TRD exhaust, TRD lowering springs etc..and a 5 star white 18" rims which complimented the red/white theme

  23. I have a bone stock 2003 TRD GT Panasonic Edition Celica in silver. But the car has none of those Panasonic decals. Like the one in this video it has the red steering wheel, red outlined carpets, red door panels, red seat inserts and what Toyota calls the action package body kit. The Panasonic part is a Panasonic head unit and a small 290 watt Panasonic amp driving 6 Panasonic speakers

  24. I have heard of it. And it's better than your shitty old 1996 Celica that has head gasket problems and does 0-60 in 10 seconds. What a pile of junk. Just like your opinionated videos Scotty

  25. These 7th gen models were notorious for bad engines /burning oil. I would avoid them unless you plan on putting in a new engine!

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