Hero Destini 125 – Launch, Price, Quick Walkaround | ZigWheels.com

Hero Destini 125 – Launch, Price, Quick Walkaround | ZigWheels.com

Hello and welcome to ZigWheels and here
are our first impressions of the Hero Destiny 125 and the scooter might
look familiar because it was shown off at Auto expert 2018 as the duet 125 but
it was not put in here in Delhi as the Destiny now Hero is pitching the destiny
as a family scooter so it goes up against the likes of the Honda activa
125 and the access 125 from Suzuki so before we go any further let’s
take a quick look at the mechanicals of the scooter with starting with that
engine now this engine is a word why cc engine it’s been derived from that of
the duet 110 however there have been quite a few changes made so now it makes
about 8.8 PS of power and ten point two millimeters of talk which puts it at par
with other family scooters like the access or the activa but then it
doesn’t make a little bit more power in that category in terms of suspension
it’s got telescopic Forks up at the front and it’s got mono shock back in
there but you really can’t see it from here
and in terms of braking Hardware it gets a drum at the front a drum at the back
and it gets combined brakes as standard there is no disc brake even as an option
now one thing that hero is really happy on about this scooter is the i3 s
technology or idle start system now we’ve seen this system before on Hero
smaller motorcycles just like splendor Ismart it’s now maybe two scooters
then the first scooter in India which has got start/stop so how it works is if you
have the i3S system on and if you come to a stop see a signal or anywhere over
the throttle of the scooter will turn itself off in about five seconds the
restart all you do is grab either break and just go on the throttle and the
scooter will restart now it’s not saving too much effort in terms of starting
scooter because you also have the Startup button right there
however because it kept engine by itself you are saving on fuel and Hero claims
that they’ve seen about a 10% increase in efficiency thanks to the i3s system
now talking about the design of the scooter in the share of few panels with
the duet 110 but there are some changes especially at the front apron because
you get these massive indicators up there and there’s lots of room
especially at the front and the theme of this large sort of indicators how it
carries over to the back you can see these massive ones right h ere now the
Destiny doesn’t have any LED lights or so ever it’s all using standard bulbs
across the board and that isn’t a bit too rough keep the costs down
and then coming to the seat itself again since it’s a family scooter the seat is
quite large and I must say it’s quite comfortable and even the flow board
there’s a fair amount of space on here one thing right about the scooter a lot
is the riding position and I can’t show that to you from here but the flow board
is quite low in fact much lower than that on the axis and the handlebars are
quite high as well so when you’re sitting high your knees don’t go over
these are pretty much flat and the handlebars were i’m taking tight Newton
will not meet your thighs or your knees which is and think a very sort of good
thing to have on a scooter like this and seat itself again very comfortable for
both Rider and for the pillion in terms of its ride quality
well we found the front to be on a step aside a little bit now let me explain
it’s not a full-blown first ride review because we got the only for a half an hour ride around the hotel and first impressions and equality
is quite well balanced the front is a bit under step aside the rear feels more
plush for sure but with a pillion the rear gets softer however over some
sharp bumps you do get a bit of wallow on the back with a pillion on both
riding solo is just fine but overall that layer below also isn’t too bad it’s
definitely a lot better than something like the Honda Grazia however in terms
of the segment benchmark in the ride quality I think that has to be the access of
course and if you discount the Tvs ntorq and well you don’t have pretty much
friendly scooter with a fair amount of features as well now you get a semi a
additional instrument console here so you’re having you have an analog speedo
and this table digital cluster at here which shows you a digital fuel gauge and
barometer and our trip meter and also got a service indicator that shows up on
that but that’s pretty much it no clock nothing else so it’s pretty alright and
even looks like when it’s quite large it’s very easy to read but it’s not
gonna be in any award in terms of sake design now one thing we will say that
will be right over the scooter is it’s got the external fuel filler cap but the
beauty is that you can access both the filler cap and under storage with just
the key so if you turn it to the left it unlocks the seat and if you push it in
and it to the right it pops the fuel filler open now in terms of under seat
storage though yes that’s not really too much
you know hasn’t given us any numbers but this after a visual inspection we help
guess about 15 16 liters because compared to something like say the access
there’s definitely a lot smaller however it does have some good features in here
which is a boot light right there and of course you have this of oh came of USB charger for a mobile phone but of course not these features are
only available in this variant now the scooter has been launched in two
variants the VX and the LX the VX is the top-end variant now that gets that boot
light it gets a better charger it also gets this dual texture seat and it gets
all this extra chrome and the front and the sides and of course the wheels
these are alloy wheels which are only there on the VX variant the VX variant
is available at rupees fifty seven thousand five hundred a showroom delhi
the base variant with the LX now that we didn’t write that comes with steel
wheels at the front it doesn’t get all the scoop and it doesn’t get the boot
light nor does it get the charger in the boot so that’s launched at these fifty
four thousand six hundred and fifty ex-showroom Delhi now this quickly
touching on performance again we didn’t get a test ride a scooter like
thoroughly test it but it seems to have adequate mid-range grunt those are tough
enough to handle most traffic situations and even riding to up it did move fairly
easily so from from zero to sixty does pull pretty well and up to eighty it’s
not too bad of course beyond that it does start to lose a bit of steam but
anyways thats about it that as those are our first impressions of the Destiny 125
we will have a full-blown road test and a comparison of the scooter coming out
soon when we get the scooter for a full test in pune but as for now do let us
know what you think of the scooter in our comments do you think Hiro has done
enough to make a mark in this segment or do you think that you’d rather wait for
something like the maestro edge 125 which will offer say more performance
better handling and maybe and also of course a disc brake at the front so
that’s it guys signing off from Delhi with the Destiny 125 see you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Nicee वीडियो😊😊👍👍👌👌💐💐,पर लुक्स तो सिंपल है,activa125 ,एक्सेस 125 की तरह,125 सेगमेंट ma n torq जबरदस्त है😊😊😊😊

  2. Hero Destini's design has been inspired from hero duet, Activa 125 & TVS wego. It's design is pretty much how an ideal scooter should look. If hero had offered 12 inch wheels with a disc brake , LED lights & an LED instrument cluster it would have become the best scooter on paper

  3. That technology is shit, imagine using that in Delhi slow moving traffic and the effect of it on battery. Not at all innovative.

  4. Maestro(front head part), duet(rear part) +honda aviator(grab rail, turn indicators)+splendor's i3s =destini…. A mixture of product… 😦.

  5. Nice Review very informative.
    For the manufacturers why are they releasing these mini tyre scooters why not go with something like Aprilia 150 **only in terms of the design the big wheels and good suspension setting on both ends would really help on the bumpy Indian roads.

  6. Hero means peace of mind
    Best after sales
    Hero continues to buy tech from Honda
    Hero gives 5 years warranty on engine
    Spares cheapest
    Overall build quality BETTER than HMSI

  7. Another patent from honda .
    Jab honda apney kisi patent ko ghis ghis ke istemal karr leti hai tab wo usey hero ko de deti hai . or Hero bhi usse badi shaan se Chamkaakar fir se logo ke saamney le aati hai
    ab issey he dekh lo .
    Hero xf3r concept = Honda cb honrnet
    Destini124 = Aviator.
    Ignitor = Stunner
    or na jaane kitney or kab tak .

    Ab hero ka sirf Cycle banana he sahi rahega . Becoz log kab tab ek gaadi doh alag companies se lete rahenge .
    Ya fir Hero ko achche Employees rakh lene chaahiye jo achche Designes banaa sakey .
    Hindustaaniyo ka itna paisa loot ke kahaan le jaaogey Hero . Thoda paisa kharch karrke apna khudka kuch banaao . taaki fir se India ke best bann jaao .

  8. Rear tail light design is bad and due to this it may be flop .Looks is bad. Hero please make a classic scooter like vespa & new sujuki access.

  9. Hero destiny scooter start karne ke time pe light on ho jata hain…din ka time pe start hone ka baad vi light jaal ta hain..kaise off koru??

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