Hertz Car Sales- Affordable and Quality Used Cars

Hertz Car Sales-  Affordable and Quality Used Cars

Birds Tweeting Rusty: Hmmmm Rusty: Mmmm…Hmmm Hertz: Hi, welcome to Hertz Car Sales! How Can I help you? Rusty: Ma’am I’m here to help you Rusty: I’m Rusty, from Rustys Rides Rusty:…right there across the street (Electric flickering and cat screech) Rusty: Thought I’d come over and offer some neighborly advice on Rusty:..selling used cars Hertz: Ohh.. Rusty: For example, it’s crucial you have a great selection. Hertz: Actually we sell all kinds of makes and models just about anything you’re looking for Rusty: And That’s great, …but that’s second only to one thing, Pricing Hertz: Well, we have some of the most competitive pricing around and great financing solutions too. Rusty: Yeah I’m sure you do, but the number one rule is buy’em cheap and sell them fast, and there someone else’s problem Hertz: We offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile limited warranty Rusty: Uh-huh handy card to have up your sleeve when it comes to my favorite, Negotiation! Hertz: Mr. rides there’s no negotiating here at Hertz Car Sales Rusty: Huh!? Hertz:The price see is the price you pay pay! Rusty: Ahh-Haaa Rusty: Which is why the #1 Rule of Used Cars is Always take advantage of a great deal when you see it!! (Car Starts)

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