High-tech car theft: How to hack a car (CBC Marketplace)

High-tech car theft: How to hack a car (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. They may use the door button to lock it but they have to use their file to unlock it unless they're is a key port on the door which mini manufacturers have deleted in manufacturing.

  2. If this dude needs 1/2 hr to hack this car, his system is not what we need to worry about, there are guys that can collect signals a lot quicker, those are the systems we need to worry about!

  3. Let's be serious, Car companies don't want to stop Car theft, they get to sell another Car every time one is stolen. Why would they want to stop that ? Maybe the Insurance Companies care but not the Manufacture.

  4. Watever
    I am going to make car jacking a history. I just need certification from a college here in Canada.

  5. Time to go old school again, and use a key. FOBs are based on wavelength frequency. Why on earth would you show this hack, breaking into cars on national news?! I guess you don't mind propagating, what you report against. You are making the problem worse…good job.

  6. I had a 2003 mustang 5s-peed manual for 14 years. I would leave it unlocked everywhere . the factory alarm made it so you had to relock then unlock the car again with the key remote fob before you could start the car. Once a guy tried to take it but as soon as he saw it was a manual he jumped right back out, it was caught on camera.

  7. My 🚗 car is all manual with tripple lock with hand break lock system by key but not computerized. As well as string wheels can remove too 😁..
    If thief steal my car then he will be his most worst bad nightmare of his life 😁😁😁

  8. Just a few things I do.
    I have a dash cam
    I have a "club" that I lock unto my steering wheel when I park the car.
    I rarely use the F.O.B. to lock and unlock my car. I do it manually.
    I try to park in high trafficked areas.
    When parking in a parking garage I like to park near the entrance, exit, stairwell, or elevators and also pay attention to where the security cameras are.
    In outside parking lots, I park away from the pack and at night I park under a flood light.
    As I am walking away or to my car I have situational awareness and pay attention to who and what is around my car and who is walking around me.
    I support local law enforcement and have stickers showing my support displayed on my car that are easily visible. Those stickers combined with the steering wheel club, my dash-cam, and that I keep my car looking nice….(meaning I care about it) I believe would make a would be thief think twice about stealing my car…….who knows what else I might have installed on that car and who I may know.

    So far I've had no problems just doing those simple and inexpensive habits.

  9. Real world, they want a car to fill an order, they locate, observe, then back up to it with a flatbed and winch it on after pouring some oil on the tires.
    Then reprogram, repaint and substitute numbers from another state. Easy, done every day.

  10. Proximity vehicles are being stolen using the relay method.
    Key programming tools take time to program a key.
    Relays utilize the original key to start the vehicle in less than a minute.
    Investigators need to do their homework!!

  11. It's easy. One method is a key tag cracker. Second method is a code grabber. Third and most available method is a phenomenon called "cross keying" my real world advice to all people. Never ever leave anything you value in your car. It's the easiest way to lose your stuff. This news story is focused on code grabbers.. They are really easy to make. I won't say how because that's irresponsible. Just know the technology is real and the auto industry is moving very slow to do anything about it because it's something they don't want to pay for. Even if it only takes one dollar in upgrades to their software or even hardware they aren't trying to pay because it's that dollar time a few million cars. Yeah it adds up. They are in Denial. They don't want to know about this because consumers are already making lots of noise about it. Good luck and stop leaving valuables in your car.

  12. Another NSA and british security program got outside the walls, and then used to scam and steal for millions, nice done, and worst thing is you can buy it on the net.

  13. General motor just care about how much profit they can make and how they can keep the investor happy hahaha safety of the customers that is optional.. the safety rating of the new Mustang says it all.

  14. I have a Jeep Liberty, that can be locked by pressing the door lock button before closing the door and without using the FOB.
    However with my 2014 Chevy Equinox LTZ, this is not an option. The only way to lock it is with the FOB or remotely through the OnStar App, if the interior door lock button is pressed with the door open it will lock and then unlock before one can close the door. Doors will only remained locked after the interior lock button is pressed if the lock button is pressed when the door is closed (someone in the car).
    You should have tried to get the GM cyber security guy to talk about the other possibilities that exist once your car has been hack, for those possibilities are far more serious than the thief of ones car or contents.



  17. Almost all modern car makers are to blame. They introduced all this keyless entry stuff. Thieves now have gadgets to open and steal most luxury brands.

  18. Code grabbers used to be eveywhere, designed to like pop cans. It snatches the car or garage door opener

  19. Just image the guys stealing the car…watching this video…and commenting …yeah i did that…i mean can you imagine

  20. This problem may be new but the idea/theory definitely is not. Car manufacturers knew about this weakness in the system but refuses to address it because (1) it would mean less profit, and (2) its not as widespread as yet, meaning that there is no incentive to do so.

  21. The last tip is useless, at least to my Nissan pick up. I tried it several times today and whenever I try the passenger doors, it unlocks all 4 doors. So I'm gonna keep using my key fob

  22. Hello most of our electronic stuff put on the new cars is made overseas, so of course they would know how to work around it's short comings

  23. $30 to build and $400 to replace a key fob set. You gotta love technology. Never use your key fob to lock your car.

  24. Yet the corrupt liberal justice system allows this to happen by not allowing the cops to take action and arrest these criminals, or the cops just don’t want to be bothered. It happens daily where I live and I’m sure not going to live here much longer

  25. HACK RF ONE would be the device used to steal these modern day cars.
    I work for an insurance company and often have to take back cars, when the finance deal stops, and/or the customer stops paying for it.
    With the HackRF One, once I locate the car, I can be in and driving away within 60 seconds, and 40 of those seconds is tracing the radio frequency.
    Once you have the correct RF, you simply open the door and start the car with the electronic start, just as if it was your own car.

  26. They are recording the signal sent by the remote to the vehicle and duplicating it (just as the driver signals with a key fab to open it.) Thieves should just be shot.

  27. To defeat this device, your fob should send a signal to the car. the car then sends a random message back. The fob encryts it and sends it back. If someone captures any message, it does them no good.

  28. Bluetooth or cellphone switch after recording there car alarm remote with program play back. open car door and shut down alarm as well as hack there Computer DS the program.

  29. lo wow is this waaay behind the actual game … iv got an old (as fark) HP ipaq palmtop and some clever guy wrote code for that old bad boy that does exactly this (and has been for oh i dont know TEN YEARS) Nothing new here … want to be secure ! GO ANALOGUE steering wheel lock or wheel lock

  30. You can just wait for someone to lock their car and record the radio frequency and code then wait for the person to leave and replay the recorded code and your in. Although that only works on older car as modern Oners have a self changing code so only works once. You need some gadgetry to do this though. But much older cars that were the first to use the remotes some apparently would work with something as basic as a tape record er

  31. There called code scanners , anyone that wants to be a car thief it's like taking candy from a baby , this is the teck world boys and girls , information on this is available , a bit scary , not my bag, just remember ur are at one point going to be a victim, protect yourself, the cops only make a report will some one rips u off

  32. Its like stealing ur information off ur now required chip bank card if u use it at any retail store u just put ur information on the net for these types of theives

  33. Who leaves that kind of equipment in a car unattended? Seriously. I never even leave an empty bottle because in my town that can end up in a broken window.

  34. It’s why I have a garage and my cars are inside. The Nigerian prince running out of victims? Electronic lock picker, GM guy shits pants!

  35. the new keyless cars are easy to steel, one main key that u just keep in your pocket and push button in car and it starts, no problem!!

  36. That's messed up! You think Devon ebays CEO cares? It's about the money to that overpaid CEO. I like how macguver used to tell you how to do stuff like stealing cars.

  37. 1990 at a high end hotel in Mill Valley, I was looking out the window and saw a car with 4 men/thugs in it cruise through the parking lot and as they got to the other end I noticed all the cars in their wake had their trunks opened.This is 3am no one around. I know your already wondering why I didn't call the cops, cause this took place in about three minutes and remember I didn't even know what I was looking at, well until daylight .So I would just say they sure are telling this a bit late, I mean the horses are already out of the barn, right ? Well, better late than never.Know that your car is not locked, ever.

  38. NOT ALL PEOPLE LOOKING FOR KEY PROGRAMMERS ON EBAY/ONLINE ARE "NOT LEGIT"! Some are just looking to save 100s or 1000s at a repair shop by doing it themselves. I've purchased two model specific programmers for one of my cars and a friends. We saved a lot of $$$$ and weren't looking to steal anything! It sounds more like he wants them removed from Ebay as it might prevent someone using his service.

  39. the one who speaks for general motors saying that car owners should feel safe he says it so he does not loose sales….

    on the contrary cars owners should be worry

  40. Lousy system that reuses the same code. Even a garage door opener should be better than that although many mfg use cheap old stuff.

  41. I love how they show exactly what you need to build this… looks like an arduino 0, an RC transmitter/receiver, a breadboard, some jumper wires and a button or two. Time to go try and hack my car!

  42. Great what a evil world ,loves to show this or hoards of web info on most stolen cars, BUT TRY TO FIND INFO ON LEAST STOLEN CARS !! its like asking to meet god..that would really help people and insurance companys too..oh but thats to simple and kind for the screwed up web and world..SHAME

  43. the GM guy or any car manufacturer are such liars…. its all about money for them, if they want to fix this problem, they can….

  44. My neighbor across the street got his new truck stolen. (YAY! He was always blocking my driveway!) He had the premium anti-theft system. They never found the truck.

  45. Since a car is a driving computer why not add firewall. antivirus, antimalware and password protection to your vehicle when you purchase the car. When you purchase a used car you should be able to "factory reset" the vehicle's computer and install your protection.

  46. To help fix this problem is that cars need to use not only electronic lock but also the physical high security keys to enter on another way also is designing (not mentioned as in research this minute) lock unlock devises where needs narrow more accurate position codes not only at the door locks but also at start up. this can be done as this would then be a three way security. harder to bust with infinite codes.

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