Homeless and Living in My Car at 48 Years Old – What Happened? VLOG# 1

Homeless and Living in My Car at 48 Years Old – What Happened? VLOG# 1

Hello Everyone My name is Jimi Guess you can call me “Jimi The Tramp” ‘Cause I am homeless, I’m living in my car I’m 48 years old and I’ve been living this way only for a couple of weeks now, thankfully But my trouble started a long time ago I guess I’ll be telling you everything
about myself. How I got to the situation that I’m in and how I’m going to get myself
out of it and where I’m going to go from here as it all happens. I’m starting this
channel to give myself something to do, keep myself occupied so I don’t get too damned depressed. It’s depressing living in your car to say the least. A little
background, I’m in New Mexico right now. I’m here because my ex-wife lives here
with my two daughters. I have two kids, one is 16 and one’s 13, which I love them both dearly. We moved here in 2007 from California. I don’t wanna get too much into that right now since it’s just an introduction
video To sum up kind of how I got
where I am really quick, I had a car accident. I was on the freeway I was coming home from work I was
working in the oil fields they were two weeks on and one week off. This day
before thanksgiving and coming home from my week off and someone rear-ended
me, everyone slammed on their brakes on the freeway and I was basically almost
stopped, maybe 2-3 miles an hour. I was moving — and the guy that was behind me hit me almost full speed around 70 miles an hour ended up having surgery on my back. I had something called the laminectomy cut off bone off of three of vertebra in my
lower back, but I had a lot of problems I still have. I mean I’m screwed for life,
basically. I had herniated discs in my neck and in my lower back and I’ve never been the same since even after the surgery. My career in the oilfield obviously has come to an end. My heavy lifting days are over, but I get to a lot of that
stuff in later videos. So I’m kind of introducing myself. It’s kind of one of
the reasons how I got to the point where I’m at now, living in my car. So I’m not
take you through my daily life what it’s like to live on the streets and live in
a car, in case you’ve never done it before. I put an ad on craigslist last night in
Albuquerque and I got a number of responses from
people and they were all positive, which you know, I really kind of appreciated. I
knew that that the ad that I put up was just saying, basically, I’m homeless
and living in my car. I’m alone, I’m lonely and wanted somebody to talk to
and I got a number of emails which I appreciated getting from everybody, and they were all positive, or other people telling me about their experiences having been
homeless or going through tough situations, and I was kinda surprised because I
thought I’m probably going to get a bunch of trolls that are gonna you know
come talk shit and even making these videos i know that’s very possible. I’m sure will happen, someone’s going to come along and just got to say something. Whatever, i’m trying to stay positive and I’m going to get myself out of this. I want you guys know, too, right off the bat, I’m not in this situation because I’m a drug addict or alcoholic. I’m not doing dope, not drinking. I do like to have a drink, but that is definitely not the
reason why I’m here. All my things right now are moved out of my house that I was renting at the beginning of June. I put all my stuff into a couple storage units and…which the ranch is coming up due soon and I don’t have the money to pay it.
Anyway, so what I’m going to do today is I am going to do what i do everyday. I’m going to go over to the library, I’m gonna upload this video to YouTube, my first video, and I’m gonna search for a job like I do every day. I spend all day there, applying for jobs and you know take a little time off to surf the net,
but then later tonight when it gets dark
I’ll go find my dark quiet spot to park my car and go to sleep. I don’t know if i’ll make another video
today, probably I might start tomorrow and show you my daily routine, anyway so I hope everybody who is watching, will you know have something positive to say. I
mean don’t know what you can say you really don’t know me yet, but I’m gonna
be making these videos. It’s something I like to do I’ve got the camera so why not. Anyways, so thanks for watching and check back soon. I’m definitely going to be posting these daily, so like I say you
can get to know me, how I got here How I’m gonna get myself out of this situation, and
where I’m going to go from here. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Why aren't you with your wife and children in the home ? Best to stay there until you have a job. Or have I missed something.

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    It's all about risk management and you can start with any amount but I would recommend practicing with demo or start off small.

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  4. hello have you gotten your settlement yet? if so what did you decide to do with it? The reason I asked is because I have a lawsuit going on in Federal and State court. I plan to live in my SUV while traveling and staying in different cities for months at a time instead of being on vacation and staying 2 to 3 days not getting a chance to enjoy the moment or see all the sites to see. I have a house rented and a house my mom left behind. So i will be living in my SUV by choice. I hope you spend your settlement wisely because you have to remember its hard to work with an injured back… I also have a bad back. I became injured at work.

  5. Sorry for what you're going through but seriously dude your white and well spoken come on..use it to your advantage and cut the non sense.

  6. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but where is your wife, why doesn't she help you and let you stay with her?

  7. People seem to think everyone gets a fat settlement check in a car crash. People only hear about the big checks very few people get. The insurance companies will come up with the most unbelievable baloney about why they don't need to pay much. I got so little from my car wreck where a semi truck smashed into me full force, that I ended up paying out of my own pocket. The insurance said I had a wreck 15 years before so these neck spine injuries were already started.

  8. I am ashamed living in this wealthy USA, our government spends more than any other in the world on military, corporations, and wealthy people tax cuts, while throwing the elderly, veterans, disabled, and medically ill, people out into the streets like worn out machinery, not humans. Big companies not even owned by an American, like G E , got a billion dollars tax refund without paying taxes, while we tell injured Americans, your on your own. The heartless greed disgusts me.

  9. Keep up your spirits and positive attitude. You're doing great considering what you've been through with that accident and all. Believe me things will get better. It takes time. I was once in bad shape too, and it's rough. Don't give up hope though. The Lord will bring you through. He's with you all the time. Lean on him; he is faithful and hears the voice of the broken–hearted. You have opened my eyes to the plight of the homeless and how this can and does happen much more than we care to think about. God bless you, Jimmi. I will be praying for you. 🙂

  10. This video was made. Almost 2yrs ago its august 21 2018
    I hope. Dont make videos about 50 and living in your car. In a few says

  11. Huh. What a healthy and educated" based on the Your speech " white person ending up homeless. Wow! I must stop crying because I'm not alone. You far better than me because, right now, I am wondering and thinking of a place where to go and sleep.

  12. Yeah once they operate on you, you will Never be the same.. Just like if the put metal in Your body it actually makes your body always in an unhealthy state…

  13. These days you would just say that your car is your one a lot of people way older than you are living like this! As for me I’m a lot older than you and, I’m getting my Jeep Renegade ready to live in and travel for a few years maybe forever?

  14. This is sad. This is becoming a norm in America. Why have we become so cruel and insensitive to allow people to exist like this. Your in my prayers

  15. I wish you the best and that you find a positive solution to your situation. It may come sooner than you think.

  16. I thought the vows included "in sickness and in health". Women like to play the sympathy card when things happen to them but geeez the reality is that as soon as things get uncomfortable women tend to be the pieces of shit. Not all women but a overwhelmingly large majority.

  17. Sup jim. Im homeless to and living on my car while maintaining a job. I'm very depressed, specially in the morning, I only make 236 a week cause I gotta pay child support. I'm so sad. I just woke up outside on a side st. I dunno what to do. Well time for work.

  18. Keep positive. Cup half full my friend, you have your own condo. Some folks don't have anything but a cart full of their possesions. Some, not even that. Im just prepping for life on the road and Im calling my car my condo. Its Mine. Clean and it will get me everywhere. Just stop smell the roses or the fresh air and say "thank goodness I'm alive!". My friend put it out to the universe. Everything you need and want and it will be yours. Enjoy your moment whatever it may be. Live! Don't waste energy on the negative. Take good care

  19. Watch this sad bastard… an excellent reason to go MGTOW (men going their own way) save time, money and energy… stop being a simp. Stop being the "nice" guy…they get raped in prison

  20. Don’t listen to the trolls my friend. Some people are just miserable human beings with nothing better to do.
    I’ve been there before and all I can offer you is this: Don’t be picky about work ok. Take whatever job you can do physically and take life one day at a time.
    SELL all of your stuff in storage ASAP. You don’t need it and if you miss enough payments at the storage facility they will change your lock and auction your stuff off anyway. Your better off with a bit of money to live on then a bunch of stuff you honestly don’t need.
    Go to your storage facility and advertise a garage sale on the premises. Most places will let you for a small fee. One less thing to pay and think about.
    Secondly, get a small dog to keep you company and to give you a reason to keep going. Get rid of the car anyway you can and get a used camper they are a dime a dozen. They have all your needs in one place. Fridge, shower? Kitchen, couch etc. you can crash in the parking lot of just about any WAlmart in the country.
    Try and get a job on line or even walking other people’s dogs. It sounds like a crappy job but the pay is crazy good and super easy. You can make it, just stay happy and don’t let the negative notions take up any real estate in your head.
    There are thousands of people living the van life from coast to coast.
    Make it your adventure instead of your nightmare.
    Good luck , God bless you.

  21. I stayed up watching your videos last night. It has been quite the journey for you. I am glad everything has worked out for you. I am homeless in Florida and living in my truck. I am disabled and unable to work. I have filed for disability but was denied as most people are but have appealed. https://www.gofundme.com/HelpTomLeach

  22. Im in my work van now My wife is not attracted to me anymore but I pay ALL the bills. So I have to pay the bills and live on the street while I work so her and the kids have a home without her having to be with someone she doesn't love. I'm not looking forward to it. Btw, I'm a home Improvement contractor making around $40,000 annually, which is enough to maintain that home for them and at least I know they are all ok.

  23. Jimmy I have sent prayers your way my friend. You seem like a nice guy that fell on hard times. Let YouTube work for you. You've got plenty of followers that are seeing you and will help. There are people listening that can get you hooked up to resources and jobs etc. Some gas, hotel donations until you can get on your feet. Be patient and stay positive. Your situation will change soon. Keep posting videos…it helps connect you with people and gives hope. I've been where you are…before kids and living in my car. You WILL get through this my friend.

  24. Hey Jimi ! Just found your channel so I have a lot of catching up to do! I am almost to the point of being homeless myself! LONG story! I also have had several spinal surgeries so I get it!

  25. Hello Jim. I was in a car accident like yours. It was not nearly a bad. Thank God. A bad car accident can ruin your life.

  26. Im 26 im gonna start living in my car this friday i make minimum wage i break my back to earn a check and don't feel like spending it on rent my back is also mess up from heavy lifting thays why i want to live in my car and save money while im young i don't when my body will give out

  27. Hey Jim, I can really feel the heavyness in your heart… 2 to 3 wks out.. In the beginning adjusting to your new reality, being bumbed out, feeling isolated, cut off while still having to press forward.. can be a real challenge… I lived in my truck for two years…rain, heat and snow…
    For now this is your new reality, turn it into an opportunity, to learn and experience…. Their so many who have no idea what it's like … Make it a discovery channel where you and your followers discover together a whole new world together…
    Rediscover life that which is priceless, things in the past I took for granted I'm now so thankful and appreciative of…

  28. Hi Jimi i was homeless because of war and thank God for bringing me out safe, I believed and trusted in God to help me overcome all my troubles and he strengthened me. I hope you will trust and believe that you will find work because you're still a fighter, also please, find a church to go to on Sundays.

  29. it can happen to ANYONE! to all the ppl saying negative things with a arogant attitude! you could talk your nasty opinion on hear today and get hit by a car tomorrow! watch what you say! God 👀 and 👂 Everything no one is above what he allows to happen!

  30. Thank you for this. I appreciate your spirit and drive. Keep your head up. I thank God for libraries and little resources we do have to get by because the city could be anal about that too if they wanted to ..ill be living in my car this weekend and moving forward until I get a move in date with this apartment..but then its like do I want to waste money on an apartment that isnt the greatest in the first place ?!?!? So frustrating but you can't park everywhere in the city comfortably which makes me want to get an apartment when i get the chance..but if I can make it through 1 year and save all that money then I'm be a step ahead and its better than nothing.

  31. google Andrew Yang, get your freedom dividend(UBI) $1000/month till u die. #yang2020
    and i recommend the podcast of Joe Rogan interview Andrew Yang,check it on youtube.

  32. Chin up Jim. Most of us are a paycheck away from living in our cars. You're not alone. Anyone who has anyone negative to say about you should remember that "karma is a fickle bitch". Youre in my prayers my friend & I sincerely hope things get better for you soon. 🙂

  33. I would say, a huge percentage of people are so close to living in their cars and having no choice in the matter. I actually wish I would just grow a pair already and make the switch. I would love to not have to pay rent and utilities.

  34. Please someone tell me what you use as a "residence" address if you are living in your car ? I need a "residence" address so that I can go to the UPS Store and rent a mailing / street address. I have 8 months to figure this out. Any advice ?

  35. Sometimes life throws a curve ball that we can't dodge,,, I hope and pray you come good,I wish I had the means to help you and others in a similar situation,keep safe☺️

  36. I’ve now been living in my car for 1 week now. I did this voluntarily, because I’m thinking of quitting my job and moving to a less expensive part of the country. Meanwhile I’m saving some money while I give away or sell all of my possessions I no longer use. Living in a car is not fun, I only sleep in it, I try a use the rest of the day to stay busy when I’m not at work.

  37. Brother it takes a very tough person to go through what you're going through now, I wish you well and I have become a subscriber and look forward to more videos…

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