Homemade 3 WHEEL SCOOTER Baotian 50cc ?! PART 1

Homemade 3 WHEEL SCOOTER Baotian 50cc ?!  PART 1

When you weld, especially with these cheap chinese scooters, make sure to remove all the electronics just because they are really cheap and the materials used in them aren’t high-quality so you can easily destroy the electronics. So don’t just remove the battery, make sure to remove all the electronics. Now we’ll get back to the video! So I had already filmed the making of these forks so I’ll leave a link in the description and a pinned comment. So I suggest you go watch that video first and then come back so you can see how much progress we make. For now, the speedometer will be tied with ziplock ties since I don’t have a good way of fastening it to the build.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Prednje vilice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUKPiSGfTUA&t=78s
    Front suspension : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUKPiSGfTUA&t=78s

  2. Блин, здорово было бы работать со стекло-пластиком, он же легче на много и форму любую сделать можно

  3. on the edge of the road, at a three-wheeled vehicle, 33% of the wheels move off the side of the road and not 50% like a car – therefore a three-wheeled is safer

  4. Very Cool, Excellent Repurposing, going from a cheap Chinese scooter that would be a embarrassment to straddle to a Cool little trike that’s a great Run Around! Semper Fi, Doc

  5. а насрал полуавтоматом такое ощущение что он его первый раз держит! можно было и аккуратнее сделать!

  6. Nice! I've got a parts scooter with a good engine and have been thinking about putting something like this together with it

  7. Borec bude mit velky problem-absence vyztuhy svaru a dlouheho rovneho vedeni vinglu pod sedackou,nevydrzi otresy nerovnosti a casem brzo praskne…farmar

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