Honda Brio Discontinued | No Replacement, Buy Used? | CarDekho | #in2mins

Honda Brio Discontinued | No Replacement, Buy Used? | CarDekho | #in2mins

Welcome to CarDekho, where we help you pick
the right car, right now. Today, we take a look at the Honda Brio. Once, Honda India’s most affordable car
that’s now been discontinued. Why’d it happen, where does this leave Brio
owners & is it still a car worth buying? Time to find out, just in2mins. The Brio was first launched in India back
in 2011 and received its first and only update 5 years later. Even then, it was only a refresh and not a
brand new generation. Fresher rivals like the Swift & Grand i10,
and the availability of more modern, yet, more affordable alternatives like the Tata
Tiago, meant that even after an update, the Brio didn’t find many takers. With low demand for the car, it didn’t make
sense to update the Brio to meet the upcoming crash test norms, so Honda decided it’s
best to lay the Brio to rest. Additionally, with launches like the new CR-V,
the new Civic and the new Amaze, Honda is going back to their original game of offering
premium cars for India and staying away from budget-focused segments. As of now, there are no plans to launch a
replacement for the Brio. Nope, no plans to bring the 2nd generation
Brio to India either. So, now, the most affordable Honda car is
the new Amaze, while the main hatchback offering is now the Jazz. Production of the Honda Brio has stopped but
a few units may still be available with dealers. If you wanted the Honda Brio for its fun to
drive nature, or wanted an extremely easy to drive small car for city commutes, most
likely as an addition to the main car of your garage, you can push for heavy discounts and
incentives, since dealers will be looking to clear stock. This also means that used Honda Brios will
get even cheaper to buy. While it wasn’t a hot selling car, the Honda
Brio is extremely reliable and pocket friendly to own. If you’re looking to buy one or already
own one, you don’t have to worry about spare parts either. Will you miss the Honda Brio? Let us know in the comments. Subscribe if you haven’t already, share
this video to help other buyers stay aware and thank you so much for watching.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Brio was a good peppy car, fun to drive. Honda makes good engines. But boot space was lacking making the brio less practical . Probably why it did poorly in India.

    The front of the amaze is so ugly, like from a horror movie.

  2. We also own a Honda Brio 2016 model car. It is an awesome car, great peppy engine, awesome mileage of around 19kmpl in the city, great reliability of Honda, turning radius of 4.5 meters but the ownly drawback is the boot space.

  3. I want to know how ground clearance is , I heard in potholes it could touch road ?

    I wanted to buy a used automatic Brio , wondering what can I pay for it ?

  4. It's a superb car with superb handling , one who has used can only judge or know about its drive quality, rest will speak in air .

  5. Honda Brio is my first car…And she is still with me now… It was my dream car that I owned… Honda Brio White SMT.

  6. I bought my honda brio in 2016 …now, is it a problem of worry about spare parts as it is discontinued

  7. Honda Brio failed for the odd looking hatch and the car cannot fit into the narrow lanes due to the width.

  8. One of the most affordable yet a fun to drive city n highway friendly car.. Having been drivin in one of this beauty i can definitely say tat honda cars r always a gem puts a smile on ur face, smooth as a butter,silent tat even oue wisper cud be audible/loud… Damn gona miss ya cute pie…
    I really wish if honda can bring the all new generation brio back on our shores…
    Glad i found the last few uncleared stocks to replace ma old one..

  9. I am owning a albaster silver Honda Brio SMT. I have been using this car since 2013. So sad to hear that the production is stopped for Honda Brio 🙁

  10. 2015 I brought brio ralley red.. Amazing car.. It's my first car and I will take care it like my child.. Love u brio

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