Honda Civic 2019 Pros, Cons and Should You Buy One |

Honda Civic 2019 Pros, Cons and Should You Buy One |

The Honda Civic is finally back in India. Sporting a completely new design, new powertrain
options and many segment first features, the new Civic is looking to make a big impact,
especially for thousands of existing Honda Civic owners and even Honda City owners who
haven’t had something to upgrade to for far too long. But has the wait been worth it? Here’s there complete picture to get you
that answer. Welcome to CarDekho, where we help you pick
the right car right now. What strikes you first about the 10th generation
Civic is just how unique it looks. This Civic will stand out on Indian roads,
thanks to its super sharp styling, the coupe like stance and dazzling highlights like the
all LED exterior lights and unconventionally styled alloy wheels. The Honda Civic feels meticulously well put
together. Everything feels like it will easily stand
the test of time and feel good as new even after years of ownership. The plastics on the inside for one, feel tough
and durable. To top it off, there’s soft touch material
on the dashboard, the leather upholstery feels rich and smaller touches like the leather
inserts in the doorpads round off the experience nicely. Yes, you will be happy to note that the Civic
is still a precise handler. The Civic enjoys attacking corners and inspires
confidence when you’re looking to have some fun. Even the steering feels communicative enough
to call this a good driver’s car while the sharp brakes drop speed quickly too. Fun to drive as the Civic is, it’s also
a very easy car to use on a daily basis. So, while the ride is flat and stable when
you’re pushing the Civic hard, it’s also capable of dealing with India’s unpredictable
road conditions, which wasn’t the case with the old Civic. In fact, this Civic gets slight revisions
specifically for India, such as the suspension setup, which has been raised by 20mm up front
and 15mm at the rear. As a result, you don’t have to brace for
impact over bad speed breakers anymore. Also, whether it’s the petrol engine or
the diesel, both versions of the Civic are very easy to drive and comfortable. While the petrol CVT is smooth to drive, the
diesel manual offers great driveability and efficiency as well. To top it all off, the noise insulation in
the Civic is quite praiseworthy, so there experience as a driver or passenger is peaceful. The new Civic comes with a long list of features,
including segment firsts like the lane watch camera, side marker lamp, a remote engine
starter that will let you cool the car before stepping in and the walk away lock, that automatically
locks the doors when you walk away from the Civic with the key fob with you. Other features include a 7-inch driver information
display that looks distinctively Japanese, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with
android auto and apple carplay, an 8-speaker sound system, a sunroof, dual zone AC with
rear AC vents and all LED exterior lighting including the front fog lights. Fortunately, even the base V variant gets
niceties like halogen projector headlights, LED tail lights, 16-inch alloys and more. It’s not just about nice to have features, the Civic also scores well on safety. Features available include 6 airbags, ABS
with EBD, all wheel disc brakes, agile handling assist, vehicle stability assist, hill hold,
rear parking sensors and a rear camera. While these features are all offered in the
top-spec model, the base V grade gets many of the safety features as standard, including
4 airbags, ABS with EBD, VSA and hill-start assist. Now, it’s time to look at the cons of the
Civic beginning with one that could be a deal breaker for some. While the Civic doesn’t suffer from the
scraping problem it once did, it still is a low slung sedan. That gives it a sporty stance but the low
seat height also makes it less than ideal to get in and out of for the elderly or those
with joint pains. While getting in or out, you do land up having
to put some pressure on your knees so if you see older members of the family being ferried
around in the Civic, be sure to take them along to the showroom and get their approval. Feature loaded as the Civic is, there are
some misses like a powered front passenger seat, a rear charging socket and front parking
sensors that would genuinely add to the Civic’s usability. It also misses out on the split folding rear
seat that is offered overseas. Given just how capable the Civic’s chassis
is, you can’t help but ask the first part of this question. The Civic’s rev happy 1.8 litre petrol engine
works well with the CVT for driveability and daily commutes, but isn’t the enthusiast’s
choice because even with the paddle-shifters, it doesn’t feel particularly engaging to
drive. Offering a manual transmission with this engine
would’ve added to the Civic’s credentials as an enthusiast’s car and we hope Honda
offers it at a later stage. Also, since the Civic diesel is likely to
be the version of choice for city users, the option of a diesel auto is certainly missed. The Honda City is arguably the benchmark when
it comes to cabin space and practicality in its segment. So much so that while existing City owners
will like the in cabin experience of the Civic, the cabin space itself doesn’t feel like
an upgrade. The Civic offers adequate knee room for 6
footers to sit one behind the other but the City does well in that aspect already, so
if you’re expecting more square footage for the price premium, you will be disappointed. The City also offers a sizeably larger boot
and it’s also more accommodating as a 5 seater. That said, standalone, the Civic scores very
well when it comes to practicality and space. Honda couldn’t afford to mess things up
while bringing back the Civic and fortunately, they haven’t. In fact, Honda has priced the Civic quite
well, given the kind of equipment it offers even in the entry-level variants. Yes, it’s not a car that’s ideal for the
elderly and we would’ve liked some more transmission options but overall it’s a
rich, reliable, well-loaded, safe, strikingly styled and sporty sedan that’s worthy of
the name Honda Civic. And to find out which variant we’d pick,
stay tuned for our variants explained video! Don’t forget to hit subscribe if you haven’t
already and thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Good try, honda did…but I would prefer the Skoda Octavia because it's just a lot better value for money 😀

  2. Which is better New i20 sports plus or new beleno zelta?, So Amit sir if you have time pls reply .
    (Since i20 has also updated aal the safety features like Abs, Abd, parking sensors in all the models , so I am little bit confuse between these two),

  3. This car is overpriced, pl speak the truth. & how can u say dat a newly launched car is durable. Hav u tested it for months before saying this.??

  4. Sir pls suggest me a car that is seven seater under 45 lakhs luxury and premium comfort and feature loaded pls

  5. not providing led headlamps throughout was a deal breaker for me, I mean 20 lacs and still halogen projectors. It's headlights are the USP and they are only providing them on the top end trim, no touch screen in V models. I mean what is that all about.

  6. I think one of the main competitors of the Civic would be the Honda City itself. You see, the sibling rivalry is so intense here because when it comes to some features, the Civic misses out on features that even the CITY gets.
    A behemoth of a boot. (510 L)
    Petrol manual as well as auto in the top trim.
    Dual rear power sockets, whereas the Civic gets none.

    As if the market bias of SUVs wasn't enough of a challenge already.

  7. In china or usa honda civic costs around 14 to 17 lakhs inr .. are we paying Japanese Labour charges here !!!! Sooner or later honda will regret and either they trim the prices down or face the same fate like before it had faced with civic ! With this price point i would better go for elantra 2019 or octavia.. i was planning to buy civic actually before its launch but now dropped that idea..

  8. Well this car has few cons which may be note worthy:
    1. You will never be able to adjust driver seat to make it comfortable.
    2. The accelerator pedal makes your right foot uncomfortable in long drive.
    3. The steering wheel again is not comfortable for long drive .
    4. Seems to be based on flop 9th generation civic.

  9. My biggest annoyance her is your getting the old dirty 1.8 vtec engine which have been replaced in developed nation by a 1.5 and 1.0 turbo petrol engine and a 9 speed cvt. How can be get developing nations to clean up it carbon foot print whenbthey are uding dirty old engines

  10. Honda Civic petrol engine without manual grears shifts mean "Haat aaya muu na laga". Great petro engine cannot be enjoyed. Kai Rao. …

  11. Reliable and good for A to B transportation. This car doesn't come near octavia in terms of power and driving pleasure. Not sure why this car is priced very high. It doesn't deserve that price.

  12. Even if I try justifying myself with the grille, civic still lacks the mt.. there is no fun in a cvt to be a bad boy..

  13. I saw this car, sat in it and want to buy it. I have driven an Octavia and own a Rapid, which is a maintenance nightmare.

  14. Thought all 2019 civics came standard with Honda Sensing. I know my LX did. And only 18% of US buyers drive manual transmissions, so there’s really no market for it.

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