Honda CR-V (2007-2012) buying advice

Honda CR-V (2007-2012) buying advice

The crossover or SUV is a popular genre.
This Honda CR-V looks very tough. It has AWD, a dual sump pump system.
The Japanese come up with hilarious names. It means the power normally
goes to the front wheels. When it loses traction, the rear
wheels are powered as well. That is nice for the fuel consumption, among others. The Japanese didn’t offer much choices.
Only 2 engines were available. A gasoline or a diesel engine. What a surprise. Both were about equally powerful. The pre-facelift diesel engine (138 hp) has
10 hp less than the gasoline engine (148 hp). After the facelift they both have 148 hp. You did have a choice in transmissions. We’re driving with an automatic transmission,
but there was also a manual transmission. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel Not a lot of CR-Vs are for sale on Marktplaats.
80 of this generation are for sale. There’s a new CR-V and an older one.
When we add these, over 200 are for sale. There are not many diesel cars,
which is surprising. An SUV is perfect for a diesel engine,
but most buyers chose a gasoline engine. Most were private buyers. Only 10%
of the cars for sale has a diesel engine. The ratio automatic-manual is exactly 50-50. The prices start at 9,000 euros. PRICES
minimum, maximum There are things to watch out for. Honda has an image of reliability
and this is not a bad car. One thing to keep in mind:
Honda parts are a bit expensive. If something breaks, you’ll have
to dig deeper into your pocket. Another thing: cars with 18 inch rims
look good, but snow chains won’t fit. That’s inconvenient. Another small thing:
the silver coating on the handles wears. Not much can be done. You could replace them,
but that’s pricy and they’ll wear again. The 2-liter gasoline engine
could have burned oil in the past. The head gasket should have
been replaced under warranty. Keep an eye on it. If it uses a lot of oil,
consider visiting the Honda dealer. The rear differential, the smart one that jumps
into action when losing grip, contains oil. That oil gets old fast, causing extra sounds. If you keep ignoring this, the diff can be damaged. You need to change the oil
earlier than the book says. The clutch of the diesel car wore fast
in the beginning; a production error. This has probably been solved
under warranty already. You should find this in the maintenance history. There are 2 issues with
the A/C pump or compressor. The coupling can switch on and off. If you hear a rattling noise
and don’t get cold air, it is broken. The A/C pump can get stuck as well,
causing the V-belt to come off. The dynamo is no longer driven and you
get cooling problems, which isn’t great. These things can happen with the A/C. If, in a diesel car, the warning light of
the particulate filter regeneration process blinks, (gasoline cars have no particulate filters yet)
it means you’ll need to go on a long drive. The car had to many short drives
and can’t regenerate well. The regeneration process will be activated.
If not, visit the dealer to prevent more problems. We found this car among other SUVs
at Jan Hop in Roosendaal. It is a 2-liter Elegance automatic with satnav,
parking sensors, and a hitch. Also, it keeps my dry today,
because it’s raining quite a lot. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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