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  1. You guys the one who commit on this should go and look up Volkswagen n Audi's r the same car n look up some fast cars n not these slow cars

  2. Having a fast honda is like comming out of the closet, everyone is suprised, but you're still gay.

  3. And I bet none of these know any driving techniques. Just 1/4 mile races psh. None impress me. They all look the same to me.

  4. Here's a tip. Nobody thinks this is cool. I don't mean people. I mean nobody, as in poor people that don't matter, like every kid that does this dumb shit to their car. Notice they're all cheap old hondas? Notice they all do it for attention? Negative attention. Everyone is laughing at the kid who paid money to fuck up his car. Their parents ignore them, they're day laborers. Nobody thinks this shit is cool except other retards. Notice how the only cars with real performance modifications are shop cars showing up to advertise? All of these kids are better off dead.

  5. Why does that fool have tape your car ain't even all that its dope but really niqqa its a waste of time and tape the nsx is nicer and he didn't do that cause he got balls

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