Honda Dealership | League City | Houston | Texas | This Indian

Honda Dealership | League City | Houston | Texas | This Indian

This dealership gave me an opportunity to make this vlog Ajay here Right now I am at a Honda dealership. As you can see behind me As you can see behind me The name of this dealership is Honda Of Clear Lake This dealership is located in League City Texas. I will start from the outside So what you are seeing now is their Express service Express service means if you want to get an oil change or if you want to get your transmission fluid etc changed. You would go there. This is the other service department. Where you will see a service drive. I will make a separate vlog on it So todays vlog is going to be on this building where the sales side is located which I will be showing today I am going to show you’ll where the cars are parked. All these cars are their new cars even these are new cars there you see a freeway. Which is 45 Interstate 45 and their used cars parking is there all of their used cars are on this side even there is their lot Here is the entrance even there is the entrance This dealership is huge. It has 2 stories They actually have an elevator to go the 2nd story now we are going to go inside this is the seating area he is David who is a sales manager here I will show you the price of this car It’s on sale $16,895 plus tt&l the owner sits upstairs and this is knows as the sales tower where all the managers sit this is their certified car. certified car is a pre-owned vehicle which has a warranty this is a area where they sit with their customers to work car deals sales persons desk this is the are where customers would sit and watch tv now let’s go to the sales tower where the managers sit so when you would negotiate a deal with a sales person. They bring the offer here then it is the managers decision to approve it or not so luckily it’s slow thats why I am able to do this video shoot for you’ll I will show you’ll the finance managers here Angel, Karim and Donny. Hello So once the sales manager will approve the deal the deal comes to the finance office the one of the finance manager will proceed with the deal and complete the deal If you are paying cash or financing you still have to come here and complete the deal. Because the titling etc paperwork needs to be done here so whenever a finance manager needs paperwork to print they have everything ready for them here. So now I will take you’ll where they print the car window stickers etc I’ll show you’ll this room I’ll go ahead and show you’ll this. It’s a key machine if someone needs a key they have to use their finger. I just got mine programmed to give you’ll this demo so look if you look here. The key machine will recognize the finger and then for example checkout select get key and then here one would select what they would do with the car then click ok this is what opens all the keys are here and the one you selected it will start falshing. So now let’s go somewhere else as you can see currently it’s slow time This is Jesus. He is one of the sales person So here is where they make calls and do several tasks for the day this is where it’s done. This office here is the owners office there are few more rooms this is the conference room. When there is a meeting it happens in this room In this room. People come live and talk on the TV screen. And people on this side communicate with others online live this is the main conference room where the managers get together for meetings I personally am visiting this place for the first time so many rooms are located where I have no idea here is another room in front of me this is their lunch room so this a lunch ( break ) room of this dealership so now we are going out this is the elevator door this is the area where a customer would want to look at a car the salesperson will pull up a car here or Even when a customer wants to take delivery after a detail Like this car. It’s about to get delivered Let’s go towards here. Even this is a waiting area Customers sit here and watch TV even here there is some more seating area usually the service customers come here and sit it’s the service department on that side

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  1. Ajay bhai how r u..bahut dino baad video aya aapka..bahut knowledgeable video bnayi aapne..aur ye dealership bahut badi hai…ye vale cars k model india mein available he nhi hai abhi tak..

  2. Hello Ajay, your videos are amazing, you explain everything in detail and from your heart, it feels like I am walking with you and not watching a video/vlog and your speech feels like I know you from ages as if you are my family member, and later some time if you get time to make a video on what you do a job, business and about your family. If you are comfortable because we have seen your house cars and your german shepherd and every other thing.
    All the best for your future videos/vlogs you are doing the best thing for someone who is shifting or travelling to the USA

  3. सर किसी भारतीय ट्रक ड्राइवर से बात करो और वीडियो बनाओ की ट्रक चालक की जॉब कैसे मिलती है पूरी प्रोसेस क्या है इस पर एक वीडियो बनाओ जल्दी pls सर 😅😙

  4. Look at those car . So amazing muscular and sporty but back in India Honda sold Fat car crap with blended Aluminium and gave it weird name. Look at the quality of those car .

  5. Sir, please dont mind.. but you dont show your wife and kids on camera? Is it because they dont like to be on camera or are they in India only?

  6. very very very very very sorry Dear Ajay sir maine aapka vedio bhut late se dekha kyonki mai apne civil service exam ki preparation me busy hu , [ but aap to aap hai ….. aapke vedios hamesa se khaas hai ]. Bhai aapne to american bhai ko {namaskar} karna sikha diya, bhut hi garv hota jab aishe drisya dekhne ko milte hai .aur garv ho bhi kyun nahi aap jaise bhartiye hai wahan per . aapke continued next ka intzaar rhega good bye & namaskar.

  7. ajay bhai usa 🇺🇸 ki night life par video daloo night club party 🎉 night with hot chicks 🐥 iin delhi we do party rocks itna us ney bai nahi hota hoga

  8. Sir im in love with how you talk and describe things. Aapki baatain aapki clean soul ko reflect krti hain. May god bless you with all the happiness in your life 💖

  9. Bhai, traffic rules aur vaha ke loog kaise driver karte hai compere to India, please make a vlog, plz bhai, I request u

  10. Hello sir US mein job k liye koi website h ya koi way h?? jisse main US mein job search kr sku. I pursue post diploma in tool design. I request ki job search k liye koi video bnaye taki eligible person apne according wha ja k job search kr ske…

  11. दिल्ली का होंडा का शोरूम usa से ज़्यादा बेटर है

  12. हैप्पी धनतेरस अजय भाई जी उम्मीद वहां पर बढ़िया होंगे धनतेरस की लाख-लाख बधाइयां

  13. हैप्पी छोटी दिवाली अजय भैया छोटी दिवाली आपके जीवन में खुशियों की रोशनी भर दे उम्मीद है आप वहां पर सेलिब्रेट करेंगे अच्छी तरह से बेस्ट ऑफ लक 🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎍🎍🎁🎁🎁🎁

  14. I have Camry back in states and one Accord i love emmm basically i love Japenes Engien Technology they are so reliable

  15. क्या आप family के साथ America में रहते है। आपका अपना आशियाना है।

  16. आपके videos मुजे इत्ने अछे लगे कि मेने 5-6 एक साथ देख लिए.. यह आपको मेरे comments से भी पता चल जाएगा..

    When u said you are going to show us Honda Dealership then I thought you might be Visiting Honda Laura I am a fan of her and have seen many videos of her.. Have you ever got chance to meet her?

    U said you do something related to cars so can you answer my question please.. (I have already asked this question to you on another video)

    I want to buy a used cheap car in US for few days so that I can use it to travel in US but when I return to India I like to sell it @ depreciation value.. So is it possible? I don't want to rent a car as that will be expensive.

    I have many friends their but if I ask them then they will give me their car which I don't want..

    I have friends @ New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, LA, Texas.. Chicago, Dallas etc. Now u ask me how come I have too many friends there and the answer is I am a Gujarati from Mumbai if you help me with the answer then I will promise to come all the way to meet you if you are free of course.

    I am also a youtuber and have more then 100s of video on youtube… But that's not my hobby / job / source of income or i m not doing it for fun.. I m a professional and we upload video to reach out more number of audience.

    A waiting for your reply

  17. Wow!! They let you make the vlog even when you went there for the first time!! Normally kahin or bhi aisa hota nhi h!! Especially when you are Indian American and you make vlogs in hindi!! Very nice!!

  18. Do vlog on how do local people behave with common black indian i heard they usually bully, harass,hate and beat outsider

  19. Hello sir Mein naam se laga hai main aapse Kuch Nahi Jata Hoon Yeh gaadi scan karne ke Jahan Honda Car underbody full battery service charge Kitna

  20. Ajay bhai ap apna car showroom banate ho to job par Rakha na hame . Bodyshop dentar in volkswagen Gujarat .

  21. Ajay Bhai
    Ye Dealership To Apne Yahan Ke Manufacturing Plant Se Bhi Zyada Bada Dikh Raha Hai…LOL…😊

  22. Absolutely LOVE this new location! Mom owns two honda oddessys! Im looking to get a used 2008 honda accord v6 or xl, hope you guys have them in stock

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