Honda S2000 | What Wheels Fit

Honda S2000  | What Wheels Fit

(intense percussive music) (shattering) What’s up, everyone? Giles from Fitment Industries, FI Garage, and we are back with yet another episode of What Wheels Fit, and today, we’re going to be covering one that has been well requested, and that is the Honda S2000. Now, before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe, and also, you can check out wheels,
tires and suspension, a whole lot of it, over
at That being said, let’s
just jump right into it. For the Honda S2000, we have
a recommended fitment range of 17 to 20 inches for the diameter, seven to nine inches for
the width, and offsets landing right around plus 35 to plus 50, all with the bolt pattern of 5 by 114.3, which is a very common bolt pattern for tune cars of those years. So, if you’re looking
for wheels for your S2000 and they are landing within
that recommended fitment range, you should be set to go,
without having to worry about a whole lot as
far as fender rolling, or removing liners, or anything like that. However, let’s step
out of the comfort zone just a little bit, and look at some specific
setups on these cars. First, we’ll start out
with the tucked fitment, because, believe it or not, it is actually more common on these cars
than you might first imagine. So, first, we have a 2006 S2K running some 17X9 1/2 plus 57 wheels on a 245/40 tire. That is a pretty high offset. Now, sitting on some Ksport
air suspension, as well. Now because of this high offset, there is some rubbing at full turn, and to get it to sit so low, there was some fender modifications needed to allow this car to fully air out. So, just rolling the
fenders was necessary. Next up, we have another example on some air suspension, again
very common with tuck setups. This time running a staggered setup with and 18X8 plus 25 in the front, and an 18X9 plus 13 in the rear, on some 215/35 tires, all around, on Air Lift Performance air suspension. As we can see from the pictures, the rear does come very
close to being a flush, or fender to lip fitment,
but still is tucking the entire wheel with the
amount of camber that is on it, so that’s why it falls into this category. And then, on to our last
example of tucked fitment, We have a 2005 S2000
running a square setup, of ESR SRO7’s. With a size of 18X9 1/2,
plus 35 and a 245 tire, again sitting on Air Lift
Performance air suspension. We also see this car have
its fenders rolled, as well, to allow it to air out fully. Moving on to our next tire
fitment on these cars, we have the more popular flush,
or nearly flush, fitment. First, we have a lovely example
of this 2007 Honda S2000, with some NKNTO3’s, and a
size of 18X9 1/2, plus 40, square setup, running some 245/40 tires on some coilover suspension. Now, I actually really
like the setup on this car, because it looks simple, yet
aggressive, at the same time. Quick note, that the fenders
are rolled and pulled on this setup, to get everything to fit. So, maybe 18’s aren’t your thing, so, if you wanna go with 17’s, here’s an example for that as well. 2007, on some 17X8 1/2 plus 45 wheels, with a 245/40 tire, on some
KW suspension coilovers. Still needing those
fenders rolled, however. Our last example of a flush fitment we’re gonna look at
today is a classic 2004, on some NKR PF1’s, probably one of the most
popular setups on this car. With a size of 17X9, plus
45, square setup again, rocking a 235/45 tire, on
some Buddy Club coilovers. No spacers, no nothing, but still needing those fenders rolled, a very common trend that we see, especially with this type
of fitment on these cars. And then, on to our last
type of fitment for today, which is going to be our
stance slash fender to lip slash sizes that you
probably wouldn’t think would fit this car and
this type of fitment. Just to show that it is possible to run these kind of wheels on these cars, with a pretty extensive amount of either fender modifications
or suspension modifications to dial everything in. So, with that being said, first up, we have a 2004 S2K on some Art in Motion MA27s, staggered setup, 18X10
plus 15 in the front, 18X11 plus 20 in the rear, with 215/40 and 225/40 tire, sitting static on some coilovers. Next we have a beautiful 2007, on some Work Emotion CR Kiwamis, 18X10 1/2 plus 22, square setup, 225/40 tire on some Aero
performance air suspension. How about some more 11 wides, huh? Yes, they even can fit on these cars. A 2005 on some SSR SP5’s,
18X10 plus 5 in the front, with an 18X11 plus 6 in the rear, and some 215/35’s and 225/35’s, all sitting on some
Universal Air air suspension. So, as you can see, there
are a lot of different widths and offsets that these cars can run, but as far as diameters,
we mostly see everything sticking around 17 or
18 inches in diameter. As far as the style or design, NK’s are very, very common. Wheels like the RPF1 or
the NTO3, Advan Racing, Work, Rays, all very common
on these cars as well. And if you’re not running coilovers, then you are running air suspension. So, there you have it, some examples of what wheel, tire and suspension setups fit for the Honda S2000. If you didn’t see anything in this video that really suits what you’re looking for, you can hop over to the gallery, over at,
and check out all the S2000’s on there for yourself. There’s plenty of different
options to choose from, plenty of different fitment types and plenty of different wheel and tire setups. And it’s actually where
we gathered all the data for not only this episode, but all of our previous episodes, as well. So, don’t forget to check out wheels, tires and suspension over there, I’m Giles. We will see you later. Peace.

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  2. Need help, can’t decide between Kansei KNP Textured Bronze or Konig Ampliforms for my 03 S2000. Thanks for any input!

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