Honest Tesla Model 3 Review 6 Months In

Honest Tesla Model 3 Review 6 Months In

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  1. Glad I watched this. Everything they discussed are deal breakers. Nuances that shouldn’t even exist in any car really. Some are just frightening. Was surprised just how far the Model 3 has to go before it’s fit for purpose.

  2. It's incredible that people complain about this absolutely massive car being too small. I guess everyone gets huge SUVs nowadays but that's a new trend and kids have always been about the same size.

  3. Love how you guys start this video saying you're definitely not going to compare the 3 to your S. Then you spend the rest of the video either explicitly or implicitly doing exactly that. Of course a 50k+ car is not going to measure up to a 100k+ one. Anyway, we get that you still like it, and thanks for the interesting review. But I'm amazed Elon has resisted the urge to fire off a point-by-point Twitter rebuttal 😀

  4. The girl in this video is really pretty. I'm going with the girl who played Mallory on Family Ties. In real life she is the sister of Jason Bateman. She didn't age well. But the girl in this video reminds me a lot of a young Justine Bateman.

  5. this is what I don't understand about Tesla and families.. Elon has two kids.. there is no room in Model 3 / X for kids..

  6. It sounds like a lot of the problems you have would have been solved by the model X, hopefully Tesla really works with their customers on the X because there's clearly a market for family EV's.

  7. I have to say the no "cockpit" screen is the big off put for me, If there was a head up display that could resolve it and be cheaper.


  9. Worst review ever she thought they are buying a washing machine 🤣🤣 although i hate Tesla because most luxury cars like S class they have kind of auto pilot also you can feeling drive a real car

  10. Feedback: keep the videos under 9min and you will have more subscribers!!!
    too long = too boring!! if you cannot pass your message in 9min then for sure you cannot in 30min!!!

  11. You are obviously very nice people! But by no standard you are reviewers, you are biased users. That’s a big difference.
    I don’t thing you ever owned or even drove a comparable ICE car. While the drive train of the M3 is great, the car is way to expensive in EVERY other respect.

  12. I mean at the end of the day this is the affordable version of a tesla, Obviously its gonna be less impressive than the tesla model S and X. Great review and honest, but the problems really shouldn't bother me with the price at all you know?

  13. Slacker has been awesome. Recommendations are great. Maybe you should try a different channel. Also I dont hear any buzzing and it never freezes.

  14. Great review, but it would be nice to know which model 3 you went with and what model s are you comparing it to. The years etc. I mean when these things came out only RWD, now they had AWD, and AWD performance, which will set you back nearly70 grand. Honestly I'm thinking about waiting. Thanks to you, range is everything people are telling me. Not the lowering, it's the 20" wheels, sport wheels. Same problem with my gas burner.

  15. It's sad that SO MANY of the comments on here are virtually hitting on Ben Sullins' WIFE! Yes, she is attractive and engaging but we should keep such comments to ourselves.

  16. Question, I ordered a Model 3 Performance and they're trying to give me an 18. Am I crazy to want a 19? I understand how Tesla works but later for resale, a 12/18 will be worth less than a 2/19 … right?

  17. If you wanted hatchback you should have bought model x, or wait for model y! Model 3 is 4 door sedan,,what else you expect??

  18. Love to find out what has been updated from this review. The lack of a key fob is kind of hard to get over, plus the mini fob is so cool.

  19. 5000 or 6000 vehicles a week is mind-boggling. Just thinking about that many cars coming out. Where do you put them, sure straight on to trucks to deliver but that's a crazy lot of trucks. Logistics dept must be in overdrive.

  20. I’m so used to having my phone mounted in the middle and using that for navigation I don’t think having it on a big screen in the middle will bother me at all. I am bummed there’s no Spotify, since I love Spotify and I pay for premium for the family.

  21. I felt bad for her not getting enough Model 3 time until I heard she was driving a Model S. Hahaha. I wish I had those problems! 😀

    The problem with choosing a black car (to save money) is the heat and it's super hard to keep it clean looking. I'm someone who washes my own car, so I will never choose a black car. Plus, I like white cars better (with black wheels). I also love the Model 3's minimalist interior. I rented a white Model 3 for two days via Turo (middle model, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, AWD).

    I have no trouble ignoring a phone in a car, and would disable all interruption via the speakers (for texts). I don't want people calling me whilst driving or at least, I don't want to know about it. Phones for me are a way for me to call out for something, not a way for people to distract me when I'm driving. I guess it's good that I'm an artist, not a day trader or real-estate agent. 😉

    I love the seats too, and the seating position. I find the right center console to be super comfortable as an armrest. The frunk is fab. Overall, I love the look of the Model 3 too. The thing is a spaceship, and it's the car that convinced me to go EV (I bought a 2018 LEAF until I can afford a Model 3).

    I tried autopilot once and hated it, but wish I had tried the auto-parking.

  22. “Buggy”? I don’t think it’s safe to just have the screen shut off. That should not be considered acceptable.

  23. Great video informative also good for the eye obviously. As regard to the center display is because they prepaired the car to be autonomous then it doesn't matter.
    The keycard though I understand the frustration also you can't open it from the right side crazy.

  24. If it wasn't for the styling of the exterior of the Tesla I would get one but I really hate the model 3 design

  25. "Sometimes the software turns off and you don't have a speedometer or anything."

    . . . Umm. Excuse me??? Waaaaat????????

  26. Your talking and all of a sudden your describing the model y as your perfect family can just an observation

  27. We’ve found our Tesla 3 has plenty of space for a family car (we have 2 kids); however, they don’t need the strollers or car seats anymore. If they did, I could see the need for the extra space.

  28. I like to listen to Amazon Music from my phone so if it can link to my phone I don't think we will have a problem. Great detailed review.

  29. My Prius is too quite when I Uber people and I have to crack the window just to have background noise or it's awkward…music gets teens roundy so I don't put it on…anyone else Uber with window down to cover the awkward?

  30. The key card is annoying. I do like that you can replace them for $25; a replacement key for my Audi would be over $500! The mobile phone app is the best option. The only problem is it's easy to leave your phone in the dock, leaving the car open and driveable.

  31. Sounds like you still prefer the model S. I was on the fence between the two. I really like the looks of the model s, but ultimately purchased the model 3 because of the price. It checks all the boxes and my kids are older now, so do not necessarily need the extra room – Great reviews. Agree your wife makes a lot of good points.

  32. I want everyone to realize that the lack of space isn't a negative because it isn't meant for a lot of space, it's just a daily driver. Want a self driving affordable car with space? Buy a model y

  33. i want Tesla to give all of their electric cars a E-Charge mode in the next Software Update so that way you can turn E-Charge mode on when you go on long trips in your Tesla and the car will charge it self

  34. Best family on YouTube ever bless you all the three of you
    You can make anything interesting by discussing it with your family keep it up !
    I hope you do the tesla model Y review first i would like to see your opinion on it

  35. So nice review! I also had planned to get the black interior to save money but when my wife wanted the white one, we went for the white upgrade. And we love it!

  36. You are a blessed man, you married upscale! Your wife is a total sweetheart. Down to earth, practical, good business sense, great input from her. Nice video!

  37. Whenever making a video about your Tesla, put right in the title exactly what version, ie SR, SR+, LR RWD, LR AWD, etc etc etc…We don't want to do a bunch of research to find out what model it is from your other videos. The version makes all the difference.

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