Honor 5X – Screen Repair, Charging port fix, Battery Replacement Complete video

Honor 5X – Screen Repair, Charging port fix, Battery Replacement Complete video

Today we’re going to be taking apart and
fixing the Honor 5X from Huawei. I’ll show you how to replace the screen, the charging
port, and all the different components inside. You will need a size T3 bit for this. I will
link all the parts down in the video description, as well as the tools that you’ll need. There
are two screws at the bottom. These are the only two screws that you’ll need the T3
bit for. Remove the SIM card trays from the side of the device. And then once those screws
and trays are out you’ll be able to take a pry tool and pry between the back metal
frame and the screen. Make sure you do evenly all along the outside. You’ll see all the
clasps here in a second. Here’s the back panel of the phone. You can see a little bit
of foam around the back panel for the battery and for the fingerprint scanner. It is a metal
and plastic mix. Another nice thing about Huawei is they put little arrows on all their
metal components so you know what direction is up when you’re repairing it. There’s
one screw at the side for the battery port and the screen port. They’re just like little
Lego connections where you can just unsnap them from the motherboard. There are two screws
holding down the metal bracket for the extension ribbon cable that goes down to the charging
port. Unscrew that and remove it. Make sure that you keep all your screws organized. There
are 6 screws down here for the plastic bracket; remove those and lift that up. This is also
the loud speaker for the phone. There are the two contact points that just rest on top
of the charging port so it’ll get its signal. There’s one wire cable also attached to
the charging port. And then the bottom of the extension ribbon cable. Now that that’s
snapped off, we can set that off to the side. The charging port itself is glued down to
the frame of the phone; lift that off. On the back side of the charging port you can
see the microphone that’s also there. Now for the battery, it is interesting, there
is one pull tab that will remove the adhesive from one quarter of the battery, but there’s
still permanent adhesive on all the other three corners. So it’s interesting that
they would have the pull tab there in the first place. Lift that off. Make sure when
you’re prying it out, do not damage that screen cable right there, I’ve unsnapped
it from the motherboard, especially if you need to reuse your screen or if you’re just
doing this repair to replace the battery. There are five screws on the top of the motherboard.
And then the power button and volume buttons are plugged in here to the side. You just
lift up the back of the little clasp and then you can slide out the connector for the volume
and power buttons. There’s one plastic bracket up at the top of the phone; set that off to
the side keeping your screws organized. And then the top of the wire cable unclips and
the motherboard can slide out of the frame. It also has a funky little hat just like the
Nexus 6P. And then the front facing camera can unclasp from the motherboard just like
a little Lego. Same thing with the rear facing camera; just unsnap that. The top camera,
the front facing camera is a 5 megapixel. And then the rear camera is a 13 megapixel.
I’m just going to snap those back into the motherboard; placing them over the connection
and pressing them gently in place. You’ll feel them click down just like a Lego. Now
here is the screen of the phone. It has the plastic back, then the LCD, and then the glass
on top. So this is the part that you’ll buy when you crack your screen or your LCD.
You’ll just have to transfer over the vibrator and the ear piece to your new screen and then
put them back into place. Luckily for the Honor 4X right now, the screens are only about
30 dollars so hopefully these prices are the same for the 5X when they become available.
I will link those down in the video description as soon as they become available. I’m going
to go ahead and put the motherboard back into place, snapping down the screen ribbon cable
and the wire cable onto the bottom of the motherboard right there. And then plugging
in the power and volume buttons. Make sure you do this or else the power button will
not function. This is the only communication it has with the motherboard. Lock it down
into place with the plastic bit. Then there are those five screws. Get those back into
the motherboard as well. Then down here at the bottom of the phone we’re going to set
the charging port into place. And then I’m going to connect the bottom portion of the
extension ribbon cable and then set the battery down underneath the fingerprint scanner. And
then I can set the extension ribbon cable on top. You can see here that I forgot to
plug in my wire cable. Make sure you do that on your phone. Before you set the back plastic
bit down in. There are 6 screws down there along the bottom. And then the top of the
extension ribbon cable needs to be plugged into the motherboard as well as the battery.
Get those two screws and bracket in place. And then the one screw and then this bracket
over the battery connection. Then I’m going to turn on the phone to make sure everything’s
functioning before I put the back cover on. Everything looks good. Now my back cover’s
a little bit bent from a bend test video I did a second ago. I will link that here as
well. So I’m going to bend that back into place. Since metal’s bent it never goes
back perfect, but I think I got it pretty close. I’m going to put the screen and phone
back into the metal housing and then clasp it down around the outside. Everything looks
like it’s working. If you have any questions leave them down in the comments. Make sure
to “like” if this video helped you. And all the behind the scene stuff is on my Instagram
and Twitter. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. is the link to the replacement screen for the honor 5x an original part? i read that it is but's hard to believe since i've only found genric

  2. user get a like! Your video was instrumental to me fixing my own broken screen; also note that I didn't buy the frame along with the screen but a toaster oven toothpicks and a pair of needle-nose pliers took care of that.

  3. hello, +JerryRigEverything. i got a question. I dropped my honor 5x and the glass screen shattered. LCD and touch screen are fine. i wanna know where i can purchase just the glass and if theres a way to replace it without disassembling everything. Sorry, im a bit ignorant but i appreciate your help.

  4. Неандерталец. Погнул ножом корпус!! Мастер блин. Иди на кирпичный завод работать!

  5. thanks for the easiest way to replace the battery or the screen this helped me alot thanks again 💜

  6. Thank you for a great video. I'm thinking about buying the new Honor 6x. I was concerned about the non-removable battery. How long do these batteries last? 500 hours like a typical battery? Will I have to do this every 18 months? It seems like a lot of work to replace the battery, but it looks like a good phone for $250 so I'll probably get it anyway. What do you think? Should I get the Honor 6x?

  7. Help replace the screen, thanks. Though, I had to replace the white screen with a black one because the white screen was like, 41 bucks, without shipping…

  8. just so people know my honor 5x had t2 screws and not t3. so if youre ordering the screw driver(s) might want to try a t2

  9. Good video. But then you left me in lurch when it got to the replace of the display. I had to find another video.

  10. I replaced the battery and usb connector, still doesnt charge. Whats the problem? The phone functions otherwise properly.

  11. Hi guys, I bought a new whole screen (screen + digitizer + frame) for my Honor 5X to substitute my broken one. I replaced it easily and it looks good, but I've one last big problem the touch doesn't work at all… Some website says that exist two version of the screen one for 2GB version and another one for the 3GB. I don't know if the new screen is faulty or not but before to send it back I just want to make sure about possible incompatibility issues. Thank you all

  12. I ordered two brands of Torx screwdriver sets. Both have t3 as the smallest size… Both t3's are too large for my phone.

  13. Does anyone know where I can get the whole metal backplate from?
    Can I buy it from ebay or something? I searched it but it's kinda hard to find

    And another question – Are the metal button covers included with the backplate?

  14. I didn't expect apple to make an android phone. Even with how complicated it is just to open the sim tray, it's still one of the best phones I've ever had.

  15. I can confirm, some honor 5x were made with t2 instead of t3 screws. If it looks really small double check if its a t2 before buying a bit kit

  16. Hi Jerry, do you buy from fixez.com? I need to replace an Honor 5x screen but have never heard of fixez.com. Would you say they're reputable? Many thanks in advance.

  17. Bought a replacement screen for my cracked one off eBay, £13.99 shipped from China with tools. Wasn't very optimistic of being able to do it, but actually seem to have managed it.

    The replacement screen itself was not the full unit with plastic cover frame as you suggested it would be, but the old one had to be pried out from the front (it is glued in) after removing just the battery, the lower board cover and the ribbon cable (I actually removed the motherboard but this was not actually necessary). The battery has to be removed in order to remove and replace the ribbon cable from the screen to the motherboard.

    The main issues encountered were getting a lot of glass splinters as prying the glass out obviously involved some mild force on thin glass with cracks in it, and needing to relocate the earpiece grille at the top of the screen which just sits unsupported in the cutout, next to the front facing camera. All seems satisfactory after getting it back together (beware slightly bent metal back panel not relocating in all the catches), fingers crossed that it stays that way. Thanks for your help.

  18. Broke the phone. The screwdriver I used broke after one twist and the back also had actually glue…
    It's not as easy as it looks.

  19. I have the honor 5x for about 4 years now, after countless of instances of dropping it, exposure to heat,cold, throws, etc, only thing wrong is the same dent on the side and the screen only has one single unnoticable crack. However, the heat did turn some pixels yellow and it did stay like that, but it is rather unnoticable

  20. Thank you, my battery wont hold a charge but with this video I can wait to buy a better phone now. off the Ebay I go, you are the best!!!

  21. Help, I followed all instructions but when I turned it on the display just shows black bars and nothing else. I can tell the screen is on but thats about it. Is it the lcd or something else I did?

  22. I need to know what they used to glue down the battery. Sliced open the plastic cover. Need to buy new battery now.

  23. Interesting to see the thermal paste on the motherboard… no wonder as the snapdragon 615 is a very hot running chip

  24. I wondered if you might be able to inform us also where to find a replacement battery for this phone. Thank you!!

  25. Hi jerryRing i want a honor 5x body please honor 5x body how to shop online please sent a description in your video

  26. I recently bought a screen and the ribbon marked FHD U K while the old screen marked FHD C K. Is this a fundamental difference as I'm having difficulties attaching the ribbon. Please help

  27. I like your video. I have purchased this phone in Germany. I have used maybe a week. I don't like it. Because maybe is not for American market. This phone getting hot when you using. Purchase Honor 6x in USA. Don't have any problems. Maybe I have defective phone don't know.

  28. Silly me, I jammed a 2G card into the small SIM SD port (underneath 4G card long port). I know how to get the phone apart thanks to your video,
    but can I access the jammed card and get it out? Where can I get the small door with hole cover for this phone…it's gone missing.

  29. Great tutorial, thanks a lot!

    Bought the complete replacement-kit at Amazon (West Dragon) for 25,99 € and it took me about half an hour to exchange the whole touchscreen-unit. Your video helped a lot!!!

  30. Hi Jerry
    After reassembling my phone I cannot make make my Wi-Fi and bluetooth work. I have tried to look if the white RF cable was bad assembled but it doesn't look so. Do you have any idea on what can be the reason for the Wi-Fi not working after reassembling this phone?
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  31. Thank you, your video was really helpful to change my battery. I've only had my Honor 5X for 3 years and wasn't about to replace it if I could help it. So thank you

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