Hot August Nights 2013 Classic Car Show and Shine in Lake Tahoe

Hot August Nights 2013 Classic Car Show and Shine in Lake Tahoe

Welcome to Fabulous Lake Tahoe, your local’s
guide to America’s Year Round Playground. I’m Jack Durst and I’m here at Hot August Nights 2013 here in the parking lot of the
Montbleu casino resort. We’ve got a lot of amazing classic cars and classic car owners out here at the MontBleu today and
I’m gonna show you all of them, but first check out a statement from the organizers
of the event. Well Good morning everyone, I’m Tony Marini
the executive director of Hot August Nights and welcome to Tahoe South and the montbleu parking lot. Once again, this is
our third year up here and as you can see behind us there’s a lot of fun cars and great entertainment today, and it’s a good
way to kick off our big event in downtown Reno. [car engine sound] Hi, I’m Dan Schultz, I’m from Petaluma, California
and this is my 1970 Chevelle. I’ve had it for about 8 years. This is my third year coming up to the Hot August Nights
in Tahoe. I have a great time every time we come up here. The car’s got a 350 in it with a turbo 400. Pretty much I havn’t
done much to it since I bought it. It was already painted but I’ve done some stuff to under the engine; and I just kinda go to
car shows with my friends. They all have hot rods and classic cars and we all just kinda go and have a good time. I’m Curtis MacLaughlin, I live in North Lake
Tahoe. I’ve got 6 cars and this one is one of the best I’ve got because I don’t have to polish it anymore. But I built the
car out of all the extra parts I had in the garage, and it was my tribute to being 18, having no money and just parts just like
we were when we were 18. So, everything you see on this car was in the garage except for the body and I found the body.
Then I put a new floor in it, put a new roll cage in the thing, and I left it just as it was because if I fixed one thing I would
have to fix everything and I’m not fixing nothin. So, this is my therapy: it’s a ’55 Chevvy 210 gasser. I had 2 in high school
and I couldn’t afford to paint them either. So that’s why it is like it is, but I did all of the graphics and I built the
car to go drag racing and to drive on the street. I’m Tom Gather, I’m from Skapoose, Oregon.
This is a 1934 Ford Cabriolet. We drove it down here from Skapoose, just outside of Portland; stopping in Grant’s Pass for a little
cruise in last weekend, and now we’re here and we’re going down to Reno for Hot August Nights next week, then after that we’re
going to Bonneville to watch the cars run at the track at Bonneville. I spent about 4 years working on this car. I took
over a project, an unfinished project, 4 years ago and after I retired this has been my job. I did most of the work myself, I did
everything except doing the paint and the upholstry and doing the top. I did all the body work myself and all the frame and
stuff like that. Hi, my name is Kevin, and we’re with Hot Rods
by Stith: The ledgends of nitro. We’re up here in beautiful South Lake Tahoe at the Hot August Nights car show. And, as you
can see, we have a full line of T-shirts and hats and a full line of women’s apparel. We’re just having a great time hanging
out and looking at cars and meeting people. Hi, my name is Dave, and I built this ’23
Ford. It’s 2 fiberglass bodies, reproduction scale model bodies cut and grafted. It’s a home bhuilt frame, and actually the
whole thing is scratch built. It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve got about 20,000 miles on it. Hi, my name is Gordon and this is my girlfriend.
I bought this car back in the ’70s and I’ve driven it for 3,000 miles and replaced everything twice, but it’s still
stock and looking like original to me. I’ve had it painted twice, green both times. I did the motor recently, I had the balanced
351 Cleveland, and that’s the special thing about this car with the motor, and then the regular Mustang coupe. There’s nothing
fancy, I only paid $500 back in 1979. How’s it going? I’m Jim French. I’m from Sacremento,
CA and I’m here at the Hot August Nights in Tahoe. And this is a ’30 Model A. I bought it and did a lot of the
work myself, repainted it. It was a project that was partially done and I finished it up. It’s got a 383 stroked Chevvy motor
in it, and I painted it with the rattle cans in satin black, and I did all the redneck art on it myself by hand. Hi, my name’s Bill Powell, and I’m from Ana,
Texas, which is north of Dallas. We drove up from there to up here, it’s about 1700 miles. The car is a 1956 Crown Victoria
Ford with a 302 high-performance rotary engine and an AOD automatic transmission. It’s a completely restored car. Hello, I’m jack Dunblow from Pottsborough,
texas, which is a little bit north of Dallas, and I’ve got a 1957 Oldsmobile. We drove from texas up here in it. It’s been
upgraded to modern drive train and stuff. It’s a nice ride and we enjoy coming up here. I’ve been here five years in a row and
am planning on six. Hi, myt name is Brenda Ashby, and I’m from
Marietta, Georgia. This is my car, a 1960 Corvette. Uh, my husband has the sickness of cars, and so I finally reached the decision
that “if you can’t lick ’em, you might as well join ’em.” So, I jokingly call this the “white trash” of all the cars he
owns, but technically, I own all of them, as it goes. But, we started from the ground up and had this built. A gentleman by the
name of Mike Walker in Macon, Il did the work and he did a great job. Lot’s of comments, it’s a beautiful car, and we love
it because it’s fun to drive. Hi, my name is Pete Davies, and this is my
’63 Chevvy pickup. When I got it it was pretty much a complete rust bucket. I took it all the way down to the bare frame, brought
it all the way back up. Everything on this car was done at home in the garage, except for the upholstry on the front seat
and the sun visors. Everything else was done by family members and by myself at home. It’s been on the road now for about
10 years and it’s starting to show a few signs of wear, but other than that it’s a good truck and it’s been a lot of fun to drive.
It’s a lot of fun to come to these events and meet a lot of really great people. [car zooming] Hi, my name is Tony, and my company or business
is called “Got Balls?” and we sell car antenna balls. We have all the sports related balls, I have different styles of
antenna balls. Some of them come with a string just in case you don’t have an antenna, you can hang it from the mirror.
So I have all the baseball, basketball, and football pro teams. I also have seat belt covers that cover your shoulder for your
seat belt and car flags, and, uh, I have lanyards. Hi, I’m Bruce Beamer and I’m the owner of
this 1969 Mustang Mach 1. I am the orignal owner of the car. I bought it and took the liberty of it on May 2nd, 1969. I was
in the United States Air Force at the time, flying combat support missions in southeast Asia, and I never thought that I’d
have the thing 44 years later. I’ve altered the suspension, but other than that I’s original. It’s never been repainted, the
interior has never been redone, it’s all original. It’s still got its 44 years worth of door dings, rock chips, and what
have you. It’s been used, but it’s still a fun car to drive. I’m enjoying it, and it’s great being up here at Lake Tahoe with
all the other people with the old cars who enjoy old cars. [motor revving] Hi, I’m Jim Matthews from Redding, California,
and I’m here at Hot August Nights Tahoe having a good time. This is my ’39 Chevvy coupe that my Dad and I built. It took
4 years to build and it was the last project that he and I had before he passed away. It was ’92 when we finished the car.
The car has an all corvette drive train, Mustang suspension, air conditioning and all the comforts of home and we drive it everywhere. I’m Jim Gonzales from Castro Valley, California,
and I’ve been building cars for most of my life — more race cars than street cars. This is the last one I’m gonna build
because I’m 70 years old now and I enjoy the cars. This one was a 1940 Ford, and three years ago I purchased it and put it
together. I did all the painting and the building and I pulled the frame and just did all the work on it, the upholstry included,
and I had a great time doing it. The 40 Ford is going to be, in two years, 75 years old, so I thought we’d represent it with this
plaque. It’s gold, and it represents 1940 ford. [crowd noise, people talking indistinctly] Hi, my name is Ted and I’m with Happy Soles,
and we have a cushy massaging insole. Can I have that insole, Mary? It’s very thin, and inside your shoe that’ll feel half
an inch thick, there’s that much cushion to ’em. They’re filled with ions now, we’ve had these out for 3 months now. It helps
block the pain signal back to the brain, and the glycerin works on the root cause. It massages and gives you a great arch
support – it massages that fascia tendon so for plantar fasciitis it’s a wonderfull product for that. Hi, I’m Dwight Mullins, and I’m from Eureka,
California. It’s about 10 hours from here up close to the Oregon border, and this is my 1968 Chevelle convertible SS. It’s hugger
orange and it’s got a big block in it and positraction. It’s about a 5 or 6 year old restoration, but it’s been a good
one and we really enjoy the Tahoe show. This is my 4th year and we come to Tahoe every year. Hi, I’m Fred Gallup and I’m from San Jose,
California. I’ve got a 1955 Chevvy here, 210 post. It has a 350 in it with a 6- speed transmission and a 370 posi rear end.
I’ve done all the cosmetics and about half of the running gear, and we’re happy to be up here at Hot August Nights, it’s a lot
of fun. Hi, I’m Steve, this is my 1966 Mustang GT.
It has 36,500 original miles on it. The way you see it is basically the way I got it, I repainted the car and that’s basically
the only thing I’ve done to it. I’m the second owner, the original owner was an LA sherrif and he took it to the jail every Saturday
and they ended up waxing all the corners off of the paint. I was going to use it as a survivor car, but I decicided I couldn’t
stand driving it around that way so I had it repainted. It’s kind of a rare car because only 1% of the Mustangs came with
what they call a “K-Code Motor” which is the 271 horsepower solid lifter 281 motor. It’s a 4-speed with a pony interior
and once again it has the GT package. Hi, I’m Ed Cosby here in South Lake Tahoe
at the Hot August Nights. This car here is a 1949 Cheverolet Deluxe coupe. It has a 6-cylinder motor in it, beefed up a little
bit, with a 3-speed M-20 transmission and an Impala rear end. [Jack] So What have you done to this car so
far? Uh, this morning I brushed it off. I haven’t
really done anything, I bought the car on eBay, so the car came pretty much as it is. I did put white walls on it. Hi, I’m David, and this is a 1937 Chevvy touring
model. It runs a 350 engine, it’s a classic car. We’re here in South Lake Tahoe for the beginning of Hot August Nights.
Uh, let’s see, it’s been in my family for a while, my dad originally owned it and now me and my brother take care of it. It’s
actually a Cadillac Rosewood color. It’s all custom, custom everything: custom dash, custom rear end, custom engine… You
don’t see many 1930s model year cars, so it’s real special and it’s really fast. Hi, my name is Calvin Fisk, I’m from Benecia,
California. I got a ’53 Ford pickup with a 4″ chop-top and a 460 Ford motor in it. It’s got a C-6 tranny and a Chevelle front
end clip, a Lincoln Continental seat from a ’67, a ’57 Ford station wagon rear end in it, a 1976 Cadillac tilt-column stearing
in it, one piece window and a vintage tailgate. And we’re enjoying the show here at Tahoe. It’s very pleasant. [cars idling, crowd noise.] I’m Jerry Meri from Auburn, California, and
this is a ’67 Chevelle SS 396. It’s an original 396-138 code car. I’ve pretty much gone through the motor, drive train, and everything.
It was painted when I got it but I’ve done pretty much everything else to it. It’s been a lot of fun, I enjoy it a lot,
and take it to a lot of these shows. Hello, my name is Anthony Henriot, and I’m
the owner of Bio-Chem. Our product that we use is a non-toxic, biodegradable product that is safe for the environment. It replaces
most any cleaner in the house. It’s a work in progress of 30 years. I’ve got 30 years in the business of blending products
and the one that I’ve developed over the last 30 years has been able to remove most any stain from any fabric or surface. So,
I guess we’re going to shoot over to the demonstration now. How you use it on carpet is that you take just the foam off of the
top and you work it in, it dries in 5-10 minutes and then you vacuum it up. There’s no rinsing. And instead of buying products
like these in the stores, over the years we’ve found that these products don’t do much good for some of the heavier stains:
you take a cleaner like this and it just smears the stains and embeds it deeper, and they run you about $4-5 per container. With
our product (That’s oil, grease, and paint on the rug) you take the foam off the top and work it in, it dries in 5-10 minutes
and then vacuum. Hi my name is John and I’m from Sacramento,
California and this is my 4th year up here with my 1959 Cadillac. It’s a 2-door, it’s all original: original paint, original
interior, it drives real nice. It didn’t look that way when I bought it, I’ve got about 500 hours of polishing and waxing it
out. But it’s a real nice cruiser and it runs good. I’m really glad to be up here again this year. [car noise] Wasn’t that awesome? Now stay tuned to Fabulous
Lake Tahoe because there’s gonna be a lot of great stuff coming up on Fabulous Lake Tahoe in the month of August. I’m going
to be going to the Lake Tahoe air show later in the month. I’m also going to be covering the Tahoe Show bodybuilding competition.
So, thumbs-up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to Fabulous Lake Tahoe to see my upcoming videos. Thank you, and
Keep Tahoe Blue, bye.

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