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  1. Tooligan is definitely one of my favorite cars you guys have designed in the last few years. I actually used the car to work on my skateboard today. I needed a wrench that exact size! Keep up the cool content.

  2. The '70 Dodge Charger showed off some sweet tricks at Emoticar's Craziest Experiment. What kind of stunts do you like to take on with your Experimotors mini-collection?

  3. "The Dumb Truck" ha! Although not showing off in this video, The Carbonator is one cool tool Hot Wheel that could probably "pop" all their tops off, LOL Love the stop motion videos!

  4. Hot Wheels Experimotors Leaderboard

    1st – '70 Dodge Charger Fast & Furious (20/20)
    2nd – El Viento (18/20)
    3rd – Sky Dome (17/20)
    4th – Fast Cash (15/20)
    5th – Tooligan, which was a basic Treasure Hunt for this year (11/20)

  5. 2:32 There is no way he made that loop. The weight of the car plus the tires can make him heavy, making him fall down halfway.

  6. some cool stop animation…Gotta Go the "little dump truck" is a funny creation…I might have to get that Emoticar….the only one I have at present is the winning Dodge Charger with its awesome suspension….

  7. OMFG For your info the Tooligans are compatible whit most of the dremel tool series and hexagonal screwdriver tips. Coolest wench ever 11/10 go like buy a gazilion of them

  8. Great filming! Can’t even begin to figure out how do you stop shoot a loop the loop or a car jump. Amazing work 👍x 1 million likes

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