How a Simple Hex Bolt Defeats a $100 Bike Lock

How a Simple Hex Bolt Defeats a $100 Bike Lock

>>This episode of the Modern Rogue brought to you by NordVPN. They got a special Black Friday deal. Head on over to Get 84% off a three-year subscription, and four months for free. Now eat that turkey. [record player crackling] Back again with the LockPickingLawyer, what are we exploiting this time?>>LPL: Well, [sighs]
we’re going to use a tool that is supposed to be used on cars. This is called a manifold spreader. It’s used for installing exhaust parts, but we’re going to use some bolts
that I modified a little bit, and we’re going to use it to
break open this bike lock.>>BRIAN: Okay, so it looks
like you put a little bit of a groove in there. I assume that that is meant to line up with this?
>>So it doesn’t slip off things. The original screws, there’s
one with normal threads, one with reverse threads. So when you put this in between something, and turn this, it will spread apart.>>JASON: So this is your
own bike lock-cracking kit that you’ve cobbled together.
>>That’s exactly what it is, and with the different bolts here, I can span a wide range of distances.>>JASON: Oh sure, you
just see what you need, and then pick your weapon.>>LPL: Yeah, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to put it right in between these two ends of the shackle, and see if we can crack this thing apart.>>So I assume from the variety of sizes that we’re going to have
to, well I guess, [sighs] it looks like it’s lining
up pretty perfectly as is. So at this point, we’re snug in there, obviously if you’re finger-threaded
as far as I can get it, and so what, just keep on cranking?>>LPL: Just keep on cranking.>>BRIAN: Jason, did you notice that this is bolted to the table? It’s that a vice is more
useful when you do that.>>JASON: It’s like we’re
adults or something.>>LPL: That’s crazy talk.>>BRIAN: Look at them,
they grow up so fast. [light jazz music] All right, I can feel it getting tight. It’s funny because I have to
not over-extend the rotation. Oh it’s getting way tight. Here, Murphy, pull that. You feel that on there?>>JASON: Oh yeah.>>BRIAN: Hey, safety goggles. That’s a thing.
>>Oh, good call.>>BRIAN: Because I assume at some point, there’s going to be a crack
or a flash or an explosion.>>LPL: I’ve done this before. I’ve never had any parts fly, but if this were to fly out of that, it would come out with a lot of force.>>JASON: And you can see
the bar giving over there.>>BRIAN: It is astonishing
how little effort this takes. I’m, [chuckles] this is far
from a workout. [chuckles] [lock snaps] This, it’s cracking, it’s doing the thing.>>LPL: Keep going.>>BRIAN: All right.>>JASON: He’s standing over here, so I’m going to do the same thing. [Brian laughs]>>LPL: You’re good Brian. We’ll watch from here. We got the cheap seats held down.>>BRIAN: [laughs] So at this point, it looks like it’s almost
all the way popped out. I mean it’s all down hill from here.>>LPL: Does it feel
like it’s a lot easier than it was before?
>>Oh way easier, yeah. And I’m hearing the
cracking of the plastic as I continue to go for,
I mean look, look at that.>>LPL: Oh okay, are we done? There we go.
>>Yeah. Pretty sure we got it,
pretty sure we got it. Holy cow, that’s astonishingly simple. Is this an original hack
that you came up with?>>LPL: This, well the
concept of using a screw to spread these apart is not new. Using this particular tool
was my own idea though.>>All right.
>>People want to see all your other exploits, they should head over to Lock
Picking Lawyer on YouTube. Oh, thank you so much
man, this is amazing.>>LPL: It’s a lot of fun. I enjoy doing this stuff.>>Ha! Look at that. By now everyone knows
what a VPN is, right? Hides your traffic, makes
it so you can teleport to different places, keeps
your business your own.>>Yeah, where I go on the internet, nobody needs to know about that. I mean, seriously, nobody needs to know.>>No I know, but people think it’s like, “Oh no, they’re going
to get your finances.” I mean truth is, your
finances are probably fine, your secret passwords are fine, everything has tunneled
encryption nowadays, but that’s not why I use it. I’m not afraid of some nefarious hacker. I’m afraid of my local IT
department just lookie-looin’,>>Yeah.
>>just gawkin’ at me.>>Yeah.
>>Every time I’m not running a VPN,
I just picture my IT guy standing over my shoulder, watching me, and I’m like, “No thank you.” It is dirt cheap man. You pay that once, you don’t even think
about it for three years. Plus, you get one month free. They’re even doing a
special Black Friday thing. Three years for 84% off. Just go to,
use Rogue at checkout, and you’ll get a free subscription to the NordLocker file
encryption app, sorry Roberto. I’m just kidding Roberto,
you’re great, I trust you, just not that much. [static hisses] [beeping]>>Hi, I’m the other
editor, who also realized that he didn’t have enough
extra content for this segment. So, I would like to remind
you that is having their Black Friday sale, and pretty much every dollar goes right back into production. I’m actually thankful for that. Never worked in a place
that did that before.

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  2. Guys please don't use Nord VPN they just got hacked and they didn't tell any of their customer until the sever came out and told it publicly

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  5. There are even ratcheting open end wrenches, so just imagine how fast this process can be.

  6. 3:08 There is no need to push Jason's hand away, as the bottom is gone, there is not much tension left and the metal is bent already.

  7. Protip: 2:19 when you're wrenching it, notice how every other turn was shorter? If you flip the wrench in between turns you can maintain maximum stroke on every turn.

  8. Hmm Nord vpn, been hearing a lot about that lately. Probably all good things and not a full remote compromise of the provider’s systems

  9. Someone should try to do a setup with the bolt having a circle of teeth and using a drill with a specialty gear bit to basically do this but motorized

  10. Pro tip to the guy in the first segment attempting to use that box wrench. Here's a hint. There's a reason why the angle of the box wrench heads are offset.

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  12. Always good to teach criminals easier tricks to steal from everybody. Good job. Maybe you and that lawyer should go to jail with the criminals.

  13. Pro tip from a mechanic: flip the wrench every turn. It stops you from hunting the flats. And thats why they are built at that angle.

  14. Informative video all the way and appreciated that they are offering such a good deal in this black friday. and you guyz take care of people's security (Y)

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    Modern Rogue: We'll just not make it sound as fool-proof as we used to. We still want the ad revenue.

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