How can a new bike be cheaper than used? Weird MC buying tips

How can a new bike be cheaper than used? Weird MC buying tips

what we’re trying to do here is we we’re
trying to make a video showing you guys how to get the best
possible price on a brand new bike and we know this
might potentially hurt us as a dealership that only sells used but we
want to see what we can give you guys information on how to get the best
possible deal on a new bike we’re finding some very strange discrepancies
in the market almost so much that this could really hurt our business new old
stock is a motorcycle it’s olde r than the current year now it’s fairly normal
when it just turned 2019 that you might have a couple of 2018 no big deal
but when you have 2017 or 2016 or 2015 or 2014 that’s new old stock so what our
prediction is that you can buy a brand new bike a brand new old stock for
cheaper then you can actually buy it used with hundreds with
thousands of miles on it. It can’t be right there must be something
we’re not seeing so let’s uh let’s see what I said we
find out well what I’ve been told they get these waves like like from different
months from the manufacturers and given bigger rebates and kickbacks to get rid
of these old stuff I do it on certain bikes and they’ll do it on certain years
so out of 2017 that bike is two years old by now no dealerships have what they
call Matt pricey and this is across the board from all all the deals just for
Harley Davidson that everyone where they actually have to because of their
franchise agreement with with Honda or earlier or whoever they have to list the
price at a certain amount and then what will happen is you know Harley Davidsons
really good at this and they’ll keep it real strict they it’s very rarely on RC
Harley discount discount their prices or see them discounted what can happen is
Harley Davidson might come out and say you still have a bike this age range and
this model you can now discount the price and they’ll give that across the
board to all the dealerships so everyone’s on a level playing field now
they can sell the vehicle for cheaper I mean I guess in essence I could sell
the vehicle front for five bucks if you come in there if they want to lose tons
of tons of money but they can’t list the bike for that sheet because of because
the the arrangement they have with with though with the franchise in the
manufacturer no right man estate right I’m not dealing with this uh proof to
price plus Freight prep and all this other dock fees there’s no there’s no
documents off well it’s also it also really helps when you tell them like
something’s time-sensitive when you’re like I’m fine one day you want to sell
your old stock or do you know I’m common I’ll pay cash flow by which honestly the
whole cash thing just it’s not it doesn’t do anything anymore
because most people want to finance they want to they want to do all that stuff
so I just don’t know I think the only way a cash flow argument works is if
they know that there’s gonna be no hiccup like you’re gonna call the buck
will be gone yeah the only thing when you’re saying cash is just that you were
able to buy and there’s no question in their mind right you were able to buy em
it’s leaving that day right what there we go
3500 bucks do that’s that’s all relieving with two buddies 2014 really
two new bikes yo okay okay jump one here and see what a 2014 CTF 700 here’s a
perfect example of what we’re talking about
we just found a 2014 CTX 704 130 thought for for 3500 bucks and that is
significantly cheaper than what you can find a used one for on the market and
the most his youth ones are in the four or 4500 bucks $400 range and they think
it’s net worth that much is because when they bought it they bought it for you
know eighty nine or 99 or something like that it’s not it’s not unusual it’s not
the most common thing but it does happen and there’s actually instances where it
is it was the bike was cheaper new I remember with the instance the instance
of a in 2009 you could buy a 2008 Honda cbr1000rr and new bike
for $7,500 and if you if you had kept that bike and rode it and put a normal
man that’s a mile long you kept up I can you run it it would not be unrealistic
that eight years later seven years six years later that bike is still worth
$7,500 because now you’re not going because now all the old stock is gone
you’re not comparing it to that you cannot buy a litre bike for that kind of
money now you compare it to the brand new
bikes that are brand new or selling for 14 grand so stuff like this does happen
so this looks like a pretty killer deal too dude oh yes I wonder now how about
what do they use once do it they’re doing 38 for one with 1700 miles on it
49:44 forty eight forty four forty nine forty two forty nine thirty five hundred
ran it well it looks like you could totally buy that bike and then sell it
of course will be a profit like this is a doable you find an old enough new
stock by those dealers don’t want that junk on the floor anymore they’re
selling new ones ah here’s a big question though will
they wash off those fees running authors those freight fees but those fries of BS
them that’s the thing is they’re not the I I think they don’t lose any money
budging off those fees it’s just a fee that there’s some other key right there
not lose than eating them that service guide yeah got paid a different way
freedom prep in G ass man I think it is which press okay so let me explain
frighten prep and actually actually talking from one of my um one of my
secret Intel’s in Honda frightened website I actually look at freight and
prep a little bit differently and what I did before and if you look if you go to
Honda’s website it says a frighten prep a freight and prep cost now from the
dealer standpoint no different dealers will charge you a different amount per
freight and prep some might have big freight and prep $800 and they might
list the bike cheaper and and all it all ends up being the same
other places have a slower Freight and prep and they list the bike out a little
more expensive so I’m kind of assuming that all dealerships are gonna end up
being this same price and the end and they’re just showing you different hands
of different points that’s actually not true some dealerships well until you the
right you can choose how much you would sell Freight and prep for and what
happens is the flight comes in on a crate and the service center will
actually charge the dealership an hour of Labor for freight and prep some
dealerships you know they make it real cheap and they’d actually charge less
than what Honda Honda recommends some dealerships trying to make money on they
charge more than one hunter hunter recommends so it’s actually exact it is
a real thing it is a real cost for them but the fact that when there’s always
shown in the beginning you do have to ask for Freight and prep and see how
much that cost I don’t want to like really play up the fact that you can
channel tell them to think like I don’t want anyone think I’m negotiating with
added value of the YouTube channel right support but there is added value for
them and if you think about it but I’m like I don’t want to use that as like a
negotiation record here’s the thing though you know most people most people
when they’re gonna buy their first buy if they have any type of wits about them
they’re not even looking in the new market like it’s more like you didn’t
mean like I’ve never thought about price shopping or rebel I’ve always thought
rebels are right around like 2,500 bucks and that’s what I’m gonna get it for I
would’ve never thought of new ones like 30 100 bucks so what you have going on
here is you only have a certain amount of people that are actually willing to
buy new and it’s much smaller than the amount of people who are willing to buy
use let’s do a very simple example yeah 10 people who are willing to buy that
bike when it’s a brand new because you only have this amount many people who
are buying new stuff the use market is much bigger because you’re buying a much
different broader range of year and a broader range of prices so you might
have a hundred people 200 people who are willing to buy those bikes when they’re
in the used market but you have and when they’re in the use market it’s a you
only have so many yellow you make a finite quantity when it’s in the new
mark they can always aware and build more
when it comes to this new old stock it fits somewhere in between because
we’re looking for new you’re normally thinking courier current you’re a couple
months old from the year before when you’re thinking used you’re thinking
used so these new old stock kind of falls in a lot of people don’t know
about them and they don’t know how to search form
so for what he’s saying it’s not that these are bikes I’m sitting that they
shot for two years or two and a half years you know maybe he’s saying on his
a lot of animals well he’s saying that yeah he’s saying that they bought it one
of their auctions right where they’re hunting all the auctions so then there’s
no way and easy to do they just got them right so why would he just get them and
then we’re in the break even on it and right it makes no sense they must’ve got
it for cheap when I wish I paid for yeah so what does all that mean does that
mean that’s like a been a demo bike or something like that no I think that they
know I think that some other deals who couldn’t sell them so then they sent him
to the places I can she’s a big pool and then everyone bids on him and takes him
so in another misconception that I’ve had about these new old stock bikes was
that I thought they were actually sitting on there that that dealerships
floor for the past three years just collecting dust that’s actually not true
it’s very unlikely that was happening now I may have came I this is not been
confirmed but it may have came from another dealership that couldn’t sell it
but most likely these things are coming from Honda Honda warehouse or Honda
actual Honda manufacturing and they still had extra ones and then they go to
Honda only auctions and that’s where the Honda dealership buy them and a much
discounted price that’s out there they’re able to sell them for much
cheaper so it’s not it’s not as simple as a Honda sneezing or a dealership is
losing $3,000 on this bike they probably bought it they most likely bought a
cheaper at an auction a fraction trailers
really 2015 frame you rebel $2,500 2015 brand-new CBR 300r LF 2500 bucks dude
that’s stupid cheap man yeah what else do they have so to prove to actually see
if this is possible if you actually can get a deal because a lot of unknowns
they list a price online but you have these of these unknowns a freight and
Pratt that how much they’re gonna charge in taxes which should be known and dock
fees you’ve got these unknowns that I know as me as a consumer I’m a little
concerned about that’s why I said that SRK cycles we don’t have any extra fees
it’s very very clear and transparent but these get unknown so we’re gonna
actually go buy one we’re gonna go buy one we’re gonna see what it’s actually
like and whether you can actually buy a bike new brand new cheaper than what we
could buy this bike use for on the retail market all right so once again like I said
before multiple times it is not above me to run I guess we’re all missing against
each I don’t do any were pretty low we started
pegging the light is on keeping going the speed
limit the entire time the kale looks over to see how much gas
me out and now it’s the only thing I can look at I just double check sometimes it’s the bike we came for not here oh you know so the bikes not your warehouse
should we be trying to figure out what she was trying to the deal with that
bike just for this they go with me to go and then get that of a bike 19 other
bucks I just not paying the other bike back right just find out buddy you can
do that coming to bella sale the bike yeah just gonna be like South Florida
now let’s go still try to it let’s go see what the dealers ever do Mike so we
drive about two hours we get to the dealership nice place tons of bikes and
we’re walking around and we’re looking and we’re looking and we act we actually
don’t see the bike that we’re that we came here for and at first this is kind
of concerning us and then we asked him about it
they assured us that they do have the bike it’s just at their come into the
shop was packed it was packed know you could fit any
more bikes in there they shorts they do have the bike it’s at their other
warehouse location 20 minutes down the road all they got to do is pick it up so
at this point we’re thinking you know times get in time we want to get back to
the shop by five o’clock this is gonna push everything an hour back so for a
while we were thinking maybe we’ll just buy this other bike that’s a pretty good
deal but it doesn’t really that doesn’t really you know prove the point we’re
trying to make so we were thinking well we can get a print up well haven’t give
a print up of what it would cost we bought that we bought the 2015 new old
stock that’s like what we’re gonna we were going to do but then when we
started talking a guy and working with them he actually made the process really
easy man enough just going to pick up the new old stock anyway and we ended up
on wearing a bunch of bike like like we had planned oh look at that you see what they put me
do we put them there for good reason I love you you know anything about me and all this pain is given some pretty
pumped we got a pretty good deal on this bike we actually thought we bought a
block from but we got black with yellow stripes I think instead of cool and
they’re always just there just decal so you could always gave so to be honest
with you when I started this idea we started this process I really had a lot
I had a lot of assumptions and a lot of these friends a lot of these assumptions
have been broken down and changed and you know what I thought it’s actually
not what it is and and I’m actually pretty uh I’m pretty pleased with how oh
I think things turned out I am the proud new owner so the first time I ever
bought anything any motorcycle or a car and you have a brand new I’m the proud
new owner of a 2015 Honda CBR 300 here’s the actual price sheet so we kind
of sum the guys at TRACON trial the treatise great and we they were very
upfront about about freight and set up freight 199 bucks
set up 199 bucks we walked out the door twenty nine five seven we paid less than
three thousand bucks still under so that’s what we expected walk it into the
deal still under what a / what a used one is selling for with a couple you
know up to five thousand miles and I’m actually pretty pleased now because we
are a dealership we don’t do pay taxes or register the bike so that if you were
if you’re gonna pay taxes you’re gonna pay six percent on that and then
registration and dock fees so it’s gonna be run another 200 bucks for
registration of dock fees and then six percent on the twenty five hundred
dollars but you would also pay that on a use point to right here you go right
you’re still writing the register paying that on any bike so um you can still get
the I’m pretty pleased I’m pretty pleased with how things went and it did
kind of change the way I think of things there there is another bike that’s
actually coming on the market that we were gonna buy that’s doing the same
thing and I’m actually more interested in then this bike and that’s actually
the police 17 Honda Africa Africa twin which we were actually gonna pile of
those bikes they’re amazing bikes I love the Honda tried to make them in
the US market and but we did we end up getting this one so I just want to say a
shout out to the guys at TRACON trail they treated us awesome we had a great
experience and I work with these guys again we actually uh might buy some more
bikes in them so I’m pumped I hope that gives you guys a little more information
about buying a new bike and it definitely gave me a lot of more
information and I want to see I want to see more people in the road so we’ll see
you guys later they keep a nice see what we’re gonna do
it this thing next hey guys showing from SRK cycles and I’m
so incredibly blessed to be have such great friends and awesome people around
me and a lot of people I wanted I want to share with some of you guys a lot of
people sent me some really nice birthday wishes and I want to share the the
nicest ones and the most appropriate ones hey I’m still mad at you for that
time I went up on the roof to get that frisbee down and you kicked my ladder
over and left me up there for three hours I just want to let you know it was
pretty scum of you to take the tail get off my chalk Wiles and Duncan grabbing a
coffee stop bending all the spoons and use an ice cream scooper hey Shawn so
you pushed my kid down at the playground the other day that’s messed up I know
that was you that took off of my sneaker that time I was in the Attic and my foot
fell through the ceiling I want my Nike back gee thanks Shawn at
SRK cycles John thanks with five broken ribs next time I can walk your daughter
you feel ten cents of rock salt on your walk so I don’t fall break my back yo
Shawn remember when you asked to borrow my car because you had to take your dog
to the vet I said you don’t even have a dog and you said yeah I do and I said
you better not take that stupid smelly goat in my car and you said no no no I
won’t do that and then you know what I know you took
that girl in my car because I walked into my garage the next day and you left
the goat in my car and it was true of my seats
come get your goat don’t be else my plate and don’t break my drink
Shawn every day for three years you’ve brought your dog to my lawn to take a
dump I’m tired of that Johnny I’m gonna need
you to stop stealing the blankets all night hey Shawn stop stealing my lunch
money first we can tank straps man and here are some of the nicest things that
you guys that you guys who couldn’t figure out how to properly use their
phone or a video camera said to me on comments off my videos I really
appreciate you guys too and bloating because we don’t want to grow love you guys I’m for real though stop
trying to steal my shoes

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  1. My all time favorite bike was a 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot. For some reason Honda couldn't give them away. They were a single cylinder. 10 years after they came out my local Honda shop had them stacked in their basement in crates and were selling them for $700. I have recently seen ads on motorcycle pages that say they are still out there in the crates. I have seen 3 different ads but they are asking $3000 for them. 2 of the ads are in Texas. If you could find me one of these I would go up to $1500 for it and drive there from central Ohio to pick it up. I don't care what color. [email protected]

  2. My last two bikes, 1998 Vulcan A, 2007 Vulcan Nomad, were both purchased as "New Old" stock. A friend of mine does a lot of window shopping and clued me into these deals. People were shocked at the price I walked away with. The A model I put 115k miles on. The Nomad currently has 82k. Money well, well spent.

  3. So it’s like buy a new old stock drive it around for few thousand miles then sell it for a profit so you basically get to enjoy it for a while for free and make money doing it once you sell it haha.. that’s insane.. I wonder if that works the same for cars..

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  5. I got a new ctx 700 n 2016 for 2999.00 but I still had to paid dealer fees freight and prep.if not no deal still got it cheaper than used . Retail for 7380 with freight

  6. I just bought my first new bike. Ive owned 60-70 bikes in my life. bought and sold a ton. I moved from SoCal to Utah last year and was dreaming of a 2018 KTM 300xcw 6days for single track in the mountains. Findings: used market here is higher (supply) and there were very few local XCW's because its a popular local model.It was October 2018 and i had just sold my clean 05 XR650L (450r plastics and clean and about $1500 into it) for $3300 and clean 08 CRF450R for $3k (which i paid for it in 2011). So with $6300 cash i started calling large volume dealers and got ridicululous prep and doc fees (I was paying cash and offerred to take bike crated)

    MSRP was $10,600 plus fees. I found dealer in Salem Oregon (no sales tax state) and paid $9k cash ($2700 net out of pocket). Dealer said they never chage prep fees and I had no doc fee because it came with MSO not title. Paid $300 to ship. Handled the title and tax in UT myself with MSO and got it plated as well. Seriously thinking about buying some 2 stroke motos in CA and reselling them in UT. Lotta folks (like my XR650l)get jammed up with bikes because if tags expire in CA buyer can wind up owing several hundred in back fees to register and UT didnt care. They grabbed the title and registered it

  7. In Germany it’s required by law to state the price including fees and tax. Only if you want to get it shipped door to door you can expect additional costs for freight. You can choose the dealer or a free service to ship to you

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    2019 Ford Everest Titanium – $74,000
    2017 Ford Everest Titanium with 600 kilometres (NOT a demo) – $56,500
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  20. I can not believe people buy new from dealers with the mountain of used, extremely low mileage and aftermarket upgrades used bikes out there today, I bought ‘12 HD Roadking with upgraded pipes, foot pegs, luggage rack and front end lights, 11,500 miles for $9500 from a retired cop last summer. I’ve put 7000 miles on it, runs like a Rolex. AND people still buy new? Must not like their money like I LOVE mine 😁

  21. $3599 is not ~$3500. It's $3600. Why do people neglect the "95/99" at the end of prices so often? It's actually a big and senseless roundoff error :T anyway. I'm still intrigued with the tips you've been throwing down. Thanks

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  50. Fun fact the Statue of Liberty is modeled after the Greek god (fallen angel) ISIS. The mini idol in video made me think of this. I love that you guys pray nice to see all the Christians didn't run into the closets when they were emptied. See you guys someday when I buy my 2nd Harley

  51. Thats just insane prices in the states for bikes !!! i just bought a Suzuki Vt 700 Intruder 1989 for 4.433$ in Denmark

  52. I bought a 2018 MT-07 in February 2019 for sticker cost only (no shipping, prep, doc fees, titling or license fees). I just asked and they said sure. I also bought a 1982 CB750F brand new in 1985 for $1,800. I missed the last new old stock CB900F.

  53. Saw a couple of years old Suzuki C50 at the dealer for $5499. Decent price. But with tax, license and ADDED DEALER MARKUP of almost $1800, the otd price was $8500. They kept their bike and I bought a Shadow.

  54. Suzuki built too many GS850 shaft drive bikes in the 80's, you could pick one up for half the price of a new GS750. They had warehouses full of them, probably still some new old stock around somewhere. People hated that bike. I put 100000 miles on one, excellent bike.

  55. The dealerships do not get to choose what bikes they want,, it's whatever comes in on the truck,, motorcycle sales are extremely low this year,,. No one wants motorcycles anymore,,. You can hardly sell a used motorcycle unless it's under $1,000,,. The cbr300 is a beginner's bike,, what few beginners there is goes to school and rides 250 Honda rebels,, after they get a little experience they buy a 883 Harley,,

  56. prep should be a customer courtesy like when you buy a car and "freight"? seriously? You mean we need to pay extra for an employee to do their job and open up a crate and unwrap a bike? Whether its the delivery driver that opens it or a dealership worker, its someones job and it shouldn't be the customers problem.

  57. you are right… i bought a 2017 road glide ultra as they where unpacking the 2019s…. just traded for a 2020… and that bike is for sale for more then i paid for it new and i put 10,000 miles on it… i did get a very good deal on it though it it's priced about 3000 more then i paid for it brand new

  58. cash doesn't work at harley because if harley sells one for cash they get one to replace it if they finance it they like 1.4 bikes for their stock grows if they finance

  59. This what I look for when buying a motorcycle. Bought my 2016 Yamaha r6 60th anniversary edition in yellow for $9k otd, 0 miles. A brand new 2018 r6 I believe they were asking $12k. I thought that was a win for me 😁

  60. Hey Sean…….in your video about New Old Stock Motorcycles for sale. You had a middle age moment in your rambling. You never got to the point about where the average Joe is supposed to be looking for these great deals on new old stock. I know when it comes to new old cars there are big chunks of land in foreign countries where you can find all kinds but not available to the public. They are litterlly rotting somewhere.

  61. Just bought a NOS 2018 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 for $6500 OTD. Had a 2014 Dorsoduro 750 that was totaled 3 years ago when some asshat cut me off. Fractured right femur and kneecap. Loved it soo much I bought same bike but newer 900 version that has ABS and Traction Control and some other new tech. Glad I waited and got such a good deal!

  62. Massive plot hole , you mention that people dont know how to search for new old stock ….then you proceed to NOT TELL US HOW TO SEARCH FOR NEW OLD STOCK !!! i mean what was the point of the video ?

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