How Dealers Can Improve Inventory Turn Rates While Eliminating Waste In Digital Ad Spend

Dealers, if you’d like to increase your
inventory turn rate while eliminating the waste in your digital ad spend, this is the
video for you. LotLinx is a digital marketing technology
developed specifically to give dealers the advantage over complex and ever-changing digital
media options. The LotLinx process starts by making sure
each VIN on your lot is getting the VDP views it needs to sell. Because we all know, if a VIN isn’t being
shopped, its travel rate is going to suffer. To identify which cars DO need more VDP-view
attention, you can use the LotLinx VIN View Optimizer to track and measure the views,
by source, for each of the VINs on your lot. Industry research shows conclusively that
VINs need 30 VDP views to turn on time. LotLinx dynamically targets your Digital Spend to
make this happen for every VIN on your lot. Better turn rates are the best way to better
margins. Next, LotLinx technology optimizes your digital
investment in 3 important ways. 1: Since the fastest way to sell a car is
to get it in front of the people who are already looking for it and nearing a purchase decision,
LotLinx connects a dealership’s VINs to low-funnel car buyers who are ready to choose
a dealership to buy from. In today’s world, the “win/lose moment” for the dealer plays
out online, NOT on the showroom floor. So you’ve got to be in front of buyers with
your inventory during that crucial micro-moment. That’s why they call it, the “Zero Moment
Of Truth.” Nothing gets you there like LotLinx, because
Car Shoppers send out clear digital “buying” signals when they’re down to making a purchase.
They declare their intent in the form of year, make, model, and zip code searches in key
moments across the Internet. LotLinx has engineered the industry’s most
advanced data management system to detect those searches in not one, but nearly every
crucial online automotive -, from automotive research and review sites to inventory search
sites, Google, and social sites like Facebook and more. We reach 63 million qualified car
shoppers per month on our platform, 3 times more than any other digital automotive provider. 2: When we find a low-funnel car shopper,
we serve a dynamic inventory ad that – when clicked – goes directly to the vehicle details
page for that specific VIN on your website. No 3rd-party web pages or lead forms in the
way of your relationship with the buyer. The buyer shops your car on your site with
outstanding, VIN-specific intent. That’s why LotLinx delivers up to 10 times the conversion
rates of leading digital advertising programs. If the Shopper leaves your site, we saturate
them across the Internet with VIN-specific retargeting ads to keep your car and your
franchise front and center. 3: We analyze the performance of the traffic
we send your dealership using our proprietary advanced Google Analytics platform. Every
day, we look for the conversion actions that indicate a sale, and we optimize for those
actions the next day. And we do this car by car, for every car you’re advertising with
us, whether you’re advertising 200, 500, or 1,000 or more. Continuously and real-time,
your results just keep getting better and better, because our targeting and bidding
algorithms are continuously optimizing for conversions. Anyone can deliver traffic. It’s the buying
actions that matter, and that is what LotLinx is all about. All of this is why it takes only 1-2 LotLinx
VDP views to sell a car. LotLinx was built from the ground up to optimize inventory turn
rates, and it is by far the highest value digital marketing technology a dealer can
buy. Would you like to find out how well you’re
doing against your competitors? Visit us at or call us at 1-800-625-5469 to
request a complimentary market velocity report for your dealership today!

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