How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

Well, that’s what I get for just turning my back and walking away. About had a wreck. Anyway, thanks for tuning back in this week to see how I’m gonna ship this wheel. I gave it a kind of a lot of thought, pondered long and hard about how I was gonna do this Initially, I thought I was gonna lay it down That was my intention, but a couple of things were kind of nagging at me one, that this is an 80″ wheel and the length of my forks are only 48 inches So I was just gonna barely get under the half way point of this wheel and I was concerned about keeping it balanced. Then I got to pondering, if I laid if flat it’s be pretty easy for the trucking company to put other boxes, or what other cargo on top, whatever, so that kind of bothered me. So I thought maybe I’d probably stand it up. And also I think it would be the most efficient use in the trailer, as far as space goes. So then if became the question of how do I stabilize it to keep it upright, cause it’d be kind of top heavy. Well, I had a little extra large pallet here. Most pallets are 40 by 48 I had one that was 48 by 50 so that’s the one I chose to use. And I put a half inch sheet of OSB on top of it to kinda give it a little better foundation And then, in the middle of that, after I got it pretty well screwed down, I put a lot of screws in this whole thing as you’ll see as we go. But, uh, underneath, where the wheel is gonna set, I put another 3/4″ piece of OSB underneath it to take the weight of the wheel itself. So, I hope it’ll work. We’ll see how it kinda goes. It took me a long time to crate this up, and there was a lot of stopping and pondering, and, well,, what am I gonna do next? So, not to say that I really had this all well planned out. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants and it kinda just evolved. So, this is what happened and we’ll hope it works. So, it’s supposed to be about a five day delivery time from Montana to Virginia So, sometime next week we should maybe hear how well it traveled. Yeh, we hope we crated it up sufficiently. So, once again, thanks for watching!

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  1. 16:23 Truck driver is thinking, "Oh Geeze, not this guy again with his bizarre pallets of heavyass stuff that clogs up my entire trailer and won't let me fit anything else in here. Man, I miss working at the autoparts store."

  2. Some lucky kid's gonna get a pretty good treehouse out of that crating job!
    I worked at a wood crating manufacturer for 8 years and have "seen some stuff"…wonder how many fork holes there will be in the OSB by the time it gets where it's going!

  3. Helt otroligt väl embalerat. Bara embaleringen visar på en perfektion och en uppfinningsrikedom som man bara beundrar.

  4. Sorry if I missed it but what was the actual shipping cost? Could a friend with a pick up not have driven it with just a few straps

  5. Nice job. Sure hope the trucking company does a better job than they did with Alex Steele's Monarch 10EE lathe that they delivered in Montana. Keep warm and don't eat to much turkey.

  6. This shows one more hat that you must wear. I am surprised you don't have an apprentice. It seems such a waste to think of all that knowledge to be gone when you are. In this regards I think the japanese have it over us. Fifteen generations at a single trade, and still passing along the knowledge of the masters.

  7. That is quite a large stash of wheels in need by the door at 16:10. I have not noticed them before, are they fresh meat for the grinder? (Future videos?). So what do plan to do with the second giant wheel you made? Museum? Glass topped dining room table? Just curious. 😀

  8. An awesome wheel. It is so beautiful I would have had to build a frame around it. But what do I know. Hopefully, you'll mention if it arrived safely and possibly see it installed…thank you

  9. interesting. whoever gets it can build a shed out of the crating materials. Frankly though, I think it would truck better if you had put it on the pallet the other way, or used a pallet that could be lifted from any side, as putting it in the truck long ways would probably be better than wide ways. Then again, you'd need much longer forks for that. Welders come in handy sometimes, lol.

  10. Brilliant…the only thing I’d be concerned about is the removal of those nails on those inner supports….you have to help with the uncrating to guarantee no one ruins that piece of art

  11. 5 days to ship, 1 day to unpack. Was waiting for the trailer to up end when the wheel was loaded!Very informative video as always.

  12. I work for a large trucking company and we move large granite parts heavy too. You should of used a tri frame it would of stayed up rt but at a slight angle and had plenty of so port for the weight..

  13. "We hope we crated it up, suffienciently."

    Meanwhile, it looks like a part built for SpaceX or NASA!

    Good Job, as always Dave.

  14. Nice job! I think I would have placed the wheel the other way on the pallet and made an A-frame and mounted a round piece of wood where the axle would go. Then strap and block it the way you did. But I'm sure hit made it to where it was going .

  15. I hope the crating was figured into the wheel cost. After you have that much time in the wheel, the last thing you want is shipping damage.

  16. Good work putting that cordless drill too the test…. thought i seen smoke rising up at one Amen for decking screws. Once again Mr Engels you have done a magnificent job. Thought you did a wonderful job crateing up such a odd size item. I've hauled over sized items for years in the trucking industry. Would had no problem hauling the wheel too it's destination. Keep up the good work sir. God bless 👍😇

  17. Cost as much to ship as it did to make the wheel and only 3 more to go.
    Can't wait to see what they go on. Good work and thanks.

  18. I can pretty much promise: no one is stacking anything on top of that assembly.

    And if the unboxer arrives with just a raggedy old claw hammer, he is going to be pretty much out-of-luck.

  19. Nice vlog on sending wheel by wagon will you get any photos from the person who commissioned the wheel for the light if show can/will you post show it when you can it would be great to see it light 💡 up What is the weather like now 😀👍

  20. Its a pleasure to see how you build the wheels but its also very nice to see how you build the Cover for the big wheel
    The same precise work and love for the deatails
    Thats how a Stellmacher 🙂 do his work
    Greetings from Germany
    Good bless you
    Yours Frank

  21. NAILS?! Why….such a dick move…now when they disassemble it they have to dick around with prying it around the brand new nice finish

  22. You built 2 wheels did you not ship them at the same time and not show us the second wheel or did it not ship at this time

  23. One alternative was how a water wheel is mounted onto its frame at the axle point because it's angled legs transferred any side forces to the base like a pyramid. How it's going to be hung/lighted would be an interesting video unto it self since the ceiling/mounts holding strength should be at least 3-4X the wheels weight just for safety. Kudos on another Borax Wheel build and will look forward to knowing what it's twin will be used down the road for because a Unicycle for Paul Bunyan comes to mind 🙂

  24. Did you clean out the screw inventory at the Home Center building this master piece shipping container for the big wheel. Just sayin.

    That really was a cleaver idea how you created it for shipment, the “rafter” idea, made a lot of sense.

    Enjoyed the vid. From Missouri

  25. mr Dave, this is why they call it i got to work today, everthing is a job isnt it some less envolved than than others ,but youll handle it thanks for taking time to make videjos boy the installers who uncrate this will really be crying like a bunch of snow flakes wont they, great job!!!!!!!

  26. and another bit of tremendous craftsmanship is released into the world!!
    it always strikes me as a little surreal when you get the forklift out. After watching all the 19th century techniques and even tools you use, then…….forklift!! (not faulting you in anyway, some of your things are undeniably huge!!)
    I have always wondered why you don't have one of those beam-rail cranes that runs the length of your shop though….seems like it would very handy fairly frequently…..

  27. How do you ship that? Simple! You make 3 more, and a carriage, hook it up to a team of horses, and there you go! You work in a coach shop ffs… Do I really need to explain this?

  28. It’s amazing but I think next time putting it 90 degrees (perpendicular to the truck) would have been even safer. You now loaded it into the truck the way the trucks steering wheel is orientated. So on sharp turns it could tip over since the base was smaller than the wheel itself. It looked like those angled beams kept it nice and ridged so next time those beams should be on the side I think. To add strength while turning.

  29. A nice video to watch, as always.
    I would have considered keeping the winch attatched to the wheel until you at least had one of the side supports up, as an extra safeguard. If it had come tipping down it would have been a very bad day.

  30. Brilliant craftsmanship even with the crate. However, I would be concerned that the guys un-crating it wouldn't be careful about removing the nails. The screws would be easy to unscrew, but unless they are craftsmen themselves, prying out the nails could cause damage to the wheel. I am not a craftsman myself, so if there is a safe way to remove the nails, I would love to hear about it. If I lived next door to this shop, I would be there every day offering to help just to be able to watch this guy work.

  31. Dave, have you ever seen a rendering of what the James Reed Palace Wagon looked like? This was a super sized wagon that was in the Donner party. I expect that it was based on a Borax or freight wagon of that period. According to legend, it had two decks. Because of it's weight it was left in the Great Salt Desert. Supposedly, a man ran across it in the 50's buried out there. It had these gigantic wheels that were 8 inches wide.

  32. @EngelsCoachShop Great craftsman ship.
    So with all the request's for an unpacking/final product video will you be able to get the client to send you a short followup video of the final product being lifted into place and "First Light" ? Always nice to see the final product at it destination.

  33. Post pictures if they sent you some. Beautiful work but overkill for a chandelier, in my opinion. But if they want to spend the money for as authentic as it is, whom am I to say?

  34. Dave, I don't know who the guys will be to unwrap this thing, but I bet they will think that you have a half interest in a screw factory. Nice job.

  35. I …. Respect the Professionalism… and The Dedication towards the Accuracy and Care of Freight and Shipment .. 👌

  36. Beautiful work, and fun to see the kind of awkwardness that comes from trying to ship something so ridiculously sized. Held my breath at a few points because I was worried it'd tip over, or you'd accidentally catch it with a saw. Making wagon wheels is absolutely harder than I imagined it would be!

  37. Treat yourself to a nice Makita impact driver. Will make driving all those screws so much more efficient and put way less strain on your wrists.

  38. I recently retired to Virginia. Any chance of letting me know where this wheel is? I'd love to see it. Amazing workmanship. You are a master of your crafr.

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