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  1. My gears work perfect on new kickr but the noise in certain gears is so loud that it makes you want to not use them (brand new chain last week when I got my kickr)

  2. I have to adjust my rear derailleur barrel adjustment every time I use the trainer, compared to my road adjustment. SO I used some fingernail polish and put a dot on the barrel and a corresponding dot on the derailleur it self, this way each time I switch between the road and trainer I just have to line up the dots. It takes a few mins but save lots of time later.

  3. The problem is the cassette may sit farther outboard (or inboard) compared to your wheelset. The distance from my dropout to the first smallest cog was different on my bike by nearly a mm.

  4. Hey guys , why is there no Campy adapter for the 2017 kicker but there is for the Gen 1/2 versions ? seems a bit odd and a complete pain in the ass

  5. I can never get my gear to properly index on the kickr core; especially in the small cogs – I’ve never had this issue on wheels. Also the resistance created by the trainer makes it very hard to turn the pedals with the hands while adjusting the barrel adjuster. Any other tips ?

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